Words and numbers got us to where we are today, if applied corectly words and numbers get us out of this mess

Two words have gotten us to where we are today, Electability and Likeability, these two words should be stricken from the American language. Numbers have also played a major role is getting us to where we are the numbers I refer to are Poll Numbers and are constantly touted by the media. The only polls that matter are the elections and the results. Government is a necessary evil and no politician should ever be elected based on popularity, it is not a popularity contest it is only a necessary evil.

Words that should matter and get this country righted are illustrated in the following:

Core Values. Core values begin to form from birth and continue through adulthood and become what you hold near and dear. They do not continue to develop till death, long before you die your core values are set, set in stone. They are what you believe to be true, right and just and never waver. There are not many, if any, politicians who have the same core values that I have. I make my selection based on their core values and how near they match mine and vote accordingly not by political party affiliation.

Accountability and Responsibility. Accepting responsibility for your actions as well as those you have entrusted by delegating them some of the tasks or functions they may be better suited for than you. Delegate responsibility but accept the blame. It is not accept the responsibility(unless there happens to be someone standing nearby that you can pin that on) but delegate the blame as is illustrated by the current administration. BHO seems to accept neither the responsibility or the blame, that is about detached as one can get and still get paid.

Disclosure. And by this I mean full disclosure, upon deciding to enter public service there is no room for secrets of any kind. Upon announcement of your potential candidacy for public office you must be ready disclose and reveal your life, college and university records including subjects studied, test scores and any affiliation with any group or fraternity, voting records if any public office was held prior to your seeking of a new office, tax records, real estate records, birth certificate, passport, arrest record, military service record if you served and any other document the public has an interest in examining or scrutinizing. The people will determine if you are qualified to hold public office and vote accordingly. We as American citizens have a duty, right and obligation to know who and what you are and about before entrusting you with any public service or political office. Upon taking office the disclosure must continue, visitor logs are a must if you want two fine, one for official visitors and the other for unofficial visitors, if you combine the two that is also fine. Not a shadow should cross the threshold without being in the log. They must be ready to present on request at any time, no one should have to sue for information that is not a matter of national security. Protest the request under national security if you must, but explain why a visitor is a matter of national security. Upon leaving office you must disclose your personal wealth and the manner it was acquired. Your visitors log or logs must be surrendered for audit. Your voting record must be revealed for scrutiny. Your personal wealth will be matched to your visitor log or logs and voting record. If you voted for or introduced any legislation that became law that increased your personal wealth or protected you in any shape, manner or fashion without being of the same benefit of the public at the same time the money any interest it would have accumulated would be forfeited and placed in the national treasury as well as facing possible criminal charges. Lobbyists must petition Congress as a whole not on a one on one basis. As to the matter of bills that are introduced make them simple and addressing only one issue at a time, stop hiding pet projects or other issues in the legislation and post the bill as written for the public to read if they so choose, many of us have an interest in politics and the future of America but have no interest in becoming a politician. There should never have been a time when these words were uttered “you have to pass it to find out what is in it”, but there was and those words should never be heard again.

There are many more words that could be applied, Moral Courage, Moral Character, Honesty, Loyalty, Allegiance, Faithful, Integrity, Trust are just some examples of the many traits that so many of the politicians of today lack, but that is the fault of us the American voter who keep electing and then re-electing them.

If you wonder why so few on the right and almost none on the left stand up to and against BHO, the answer is simple they have waited their entire political careers for him or someone like him to arrive, some waited so long that they died of old age in office. You may have noticed some on the right have just starting to stand up to challenge BHO and are doing so only because of public opinion and for no other reason. The proof is this if they truly objected they would have raised objection and took action when it started. What took so long BHO did not just start doing what BHO does? Face it, they were swayed by public opinion and public opinion alone.

If a politician has constant rising or falling poll numbers he or she does not hold true and faithful, they are merely changing with the wind and trying to be all things to all people at different times. If a politician is capable of lying to themselves what makes you think they will ever be truthful to the people. Poll numbers are a matter of opinion formed before the facts come in, opinions change with the facts, facts do not change because of opinion. Todays politicians are more concerned with what is popular than what is right and just or factual. Power is what they crave and will change to whatever is needed at the time to keep it and will even change right back if their old position becomes popular again.

Numbers that I really like:

One. The number of vacations taken during the year. The average American working a full-time job usually earns 2 weeks paid vacation a year, some more, some less. Very few Americans are given a vacation at company expense, that would be like being paid 54 weeks for 52 weeks work, most pay for their own vacation. That is the idea behind a paid vacation receiving 52 weeks pay for 50 weeks work, the extra two weeks pay is intended to help pay for your vacation. Some politicians seem to be on a permanent vacation stopping by the office occasionally. There is no such thing as a working vacation, working is not a vacation. Company cars, the average employee that has that perk is given just one not a fleet of them and it is for company business only not pleasure, vacations, fund-raising or just to get away from it all, if it is used for pleasure or personal business the employee is responsible for expenses. This is a good plan for the following reason, the politicians are sent to congress and yes even the presidency to do the will of the people, what is best for the country or state as a whole, representing the people and should not be treated or demand more than the average citizen. The politicians claim to be looking out for the middle class try living like them.

Ten. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution, known as The Bill of Rights are strictly off-limits to any form of limitation or restrictions by the Federal Government and no person should be harassed or intimidated in any way while lawfully exercising their rights.

Sixteen. Repeal the 16th amendment to the Constitution and effectively abolish the IRS. A flat rate tax is an option, come up with a percentage each person pays into the Treasury, no deductions no exemptions, but this is a tax placed on legal and lawful income. A better option would be to implement a consumption based tax, this taxation would cause all people to pay into the treasury no matter how they came by their money legal or otherwise.

Seventeen. Repeal the 17th amendment to the Constitution. Return the appointments to the Senate to the States and remove them from the political parties. The States would be able to recall and replace any Senator who failed to represent the State and its interests.

Twenty Eight. Introduce and ratify the 28th amendment to the Constitution allowing for the recall and of Representatives that have wavered from the intent of the citizens who sent them to Congress. This alone would return the House of Representatives to its original intent and purpose, which was to represent the interest of the people and mot the political party or their own special interests.

Fifty. The number of States to recall and replace any Senator if he or she places political party affiliation or their own personal ego and interests above the States interests.

One Hundred. The percentage of people who each law that is passed applies to, no exemptions or exceptions.

Politicians and Government Agency Employee Pay. This will be determined by the citizens in your Hometown, District or State. The formula is simple; Take the highest and lowest hourly wage earned, then add the two together and divide that number by two that will determine your hourly wage multiply that number by 40 and that will determine your weekly pay. Any overtime must be approved, if you can not get your job done in 40 hours see numbers 17, 28 and 50. I like this part best, since you are a public servant and are supposed to be looking out for the people for every person who loses their job because of laws and regulations you passed or enacted will be fined one cent per hour to be paid into the treasury to help fund the programs that you voted for. The way you have managed the government and the country will soon have your sorry butts paying just to have your office. Raising the minimum wage will not help you, while one person may make more money per hour, others may lose their jobs, the best you can hope for is a net gain of zero. The only way you can hope to lessen the fines you will pay and quite possibly increase your hourly pay is to create and environment that spurs more people to work and possibly increase their hourly pay. We win you win, we lose you lose. This is perhaps the best part if you sponsor, introduce or regulate any measure that causes a person to lose their job you must pay their unemployment checks directly out of your personal wealth, the unemployed become a personal leech on you and not on America. Not only must you pay the unemployment checks you must pay for all the social programs they will qualify for and receive, food stamps and the rest. Why should American citizens pay for your choices and blunders. By the way, abandon your retirement system and join the one that you forced us into. Good luck in your golden years, you will need it. If you can not or will not join the one we are forced into then at least give the common folks an opportunity to join yours or do you consider yourselves better than the common folks. By the way, can we join your healthcare plan the one you designed and forced on America really sucks?

Let’s just say the Founding Fathers got the Constitution right and quit trying to interpret what they meant. They meant exactly what they wrote. Read the preamble they did not try to create the perfect government, only a more perfect one. We can only imagine the kind of tyranny, abuse and hardships that were endured in Colonial America, and may God prevent us living here today having to endure such a life as the Colonials. But, I say this, if the American voters do not change their voting patterns and habits there may come a time when a man or woman is elected as president that will view themselves as above the law and can change the laws on a whim and view themselves as a king or queen.

Here we go again

It is the same old tired story with BHO, poll numbers drop and find someone to blame, this time it is the large corporations. If he really wanted to know why his poll numbers are dropping like a rock he needs to look no farther than the mirror, that is where the blame lies. Failed policies and a failing administration will be his legacy and his foreign and domestic policies can be summed up in one word. Destabilization.

Why would a sitting President of the United States of America even make the statement “the corporations of America based in foreign countries have effectively renounced their citizenship”? What was he thinking or was he? BHO has been in office since January 2009 and here it is July 2014 and he just realized that American corporations are based overseas for tax breaks. More than likely he is once again pandering to the base and the one’s that constantly have their hands out wanting what someone else has worked for and earned. Blaming a loop-hole for legalized tax evasion or avoidance is another instance of improper blame fixation, the tax codes and loop holes are the problems not the people or corporations who use them, but they were written by politicians. Concerning this the evil rich and the evil corporations are not paying their fair share, yet no liberal has ever said how much is a fair share and most politicians block attempts at changing the tax code. But as I said the tax code with all of the loop holes were written by politicians and politicians go to great lengths to protect and insulate themselves from the very laws the impose on the citizenry. Speaking of paying your fair share I have this question for BHO and the other politicians around the country, are you paying your fair share or are you using the tax code with all of the loop holes to protect yourself and wealth or are you ponying up? Be honest if you can. After all the politicians intentionally wrote themselves out of one of the most heinous, if not the most heinous laws ever inflicted on America, Obamacare. Based on that fact alone I can safely say that you are using the tax code with all the loop holes and not paying your fair share as you demand of others and at every opportunity remind the moochers that the wealthy and big corporations are not paying their fair share while you do not pay yours.

The latest closure of the Embassy in Libya was blamed on increasing violence near and around Tripoli, the real blame lies in the fact that the entire country was destabilized by the policies and actions of BHO and that is where the blame must be placed, at the feet of BHO. Libya is still unstable because no one had a plan after the ouster of Muammar Qaddafi. You plan for the future now not when you get there. The only plan was to topple the regime, there was no consideration for what would come next, unless what you have now is what you wanted. Given the continued habit of this administration jumping to conclusions before the facts come in, commonly known as sticking one’s foot in one’s own mouth, the chaos in Libya may have been the plan all along. BHO here is a simple fix for Libya close the Embassy, cut off diplomatic relations and stop the financial aid until those people can get their shit together. Let them establish a government to their liking and their choosing without any outside influences and if it goes against American morals and principles, not your own, keep them cut off until they come around to the true American way, again not your own, if they deviate later cut them off again. The same goes for Iraq and Afghanistan.

The escalation of violence and destruction in Gaza and the unprovoked rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas has shown the world how truly ineffective the Foreign policy of BHO and his administration is as if there were not already enough examples. BHO and his administration as well as the main stream media criticizes and chastises Israel for doing what any nation under attack would do. How would the United States react if Cuba were to take up shooting missiles into Florida daily or if Mexico fired missiles daily into Texas? Would we give them financial aid hoping that would end the hostility or would we pound them into puppy kibble? I would hope that we would pound on them until we got tired or they sank into the ocean whichever comes first. The United States provides financial aid to the Palestinians who are controlled, ruled and governed by Hamas, so by default Hamas is receiving financial aid. My question is this, is Hamas and the Palestinian Authority creating a better life for the Palestinians or are they using the money to purchase rockets and the other weapons of war to use against Israel? The weapons of war are neither free or cheap, the money has to come from somewhere. If the Palestinian Authority and Hamas would be as industrious in improving the lives of the Palestinians as they are at digging tunnels to attack Israel maybe there would actually be a country called Palestine. I am sure that the citizens of Israel would rather go through the day with each tending to his or her own business than waiting for the siren blast indicating incoming rockets. I am also sure that somewhere in Gaza there is at least some Palestinians who would rather go through the day tending to their personal business rather waiting for the next retaliatory strike from Israel because some radical Muslim fired rockets into Israel. More than likely American financial aid is being used to finance Hamas and their relentless and unprovoked attacks on Israel, the answer is simple cut off all financial aid and cease any and all relations until the attacks stop. As with Libya let the Palestinian people establish a government to their liking and their choosing and again no outside influences if they choose a government that goes against the morals and principles of America, not the president’s, keep them cut off until they come around. America should no more be helping to finance a war against one of our allies than Israel should be assisting the illegals across the southern border. America must stand with Israel, one day the tables could be turned. Who would you prefer to have standing by your side and quite possibly behind you, an ally or the enemy of your enemy? One more thing the areas that are normally avoided and immune from military action only retain that protected status as long as they are not used for military purposes including a storage facility for weapons of war or a safe haven for combatants, break the rules and become a target. If you don’t believe that check the number of normally protected areas that became targets during WW 2 including a famous Monastery. Use a church or a school as part of a line of fortifications or an ammunition depot and it quits being a church or a school and becomes a target even a hospital or an ambulance can fall into this category. There were even occasions where one religious building was torn down to erect a religious building as a symbol of victory during religious wars, even if the building was undamaged during the conflict, the intention was to erase all signs of the previous symbols of religious expression and to destroy the religion.

A new round of sanctions have been placed on Russia by BHO since the shoot-down of MH-17 are intended to punish or restrict who? The executive order which banned AK-47 rifles and their variants manufactured in Russia from importation into America will not be felt by Putin or the Russian people it was only a stunt and another step in the assault on the Second Amendment. The AK-47 is the most prolific weapon in the world the loss of one customer will make no difference and besides not many American own a true AK-47, the taxes and regulations of weapons capable of fully automatic fire make it at least a financial challenge not to mention the cost of the weapon. With all of the spy satellites in space today would produce a high probability of an image of the airliner in flight and the missile battery either before or after missile launch possibly even at the moment of launch, there should surely be an image of a launcher short one missile. BHO did his usual after the airliner was shot down gave a little speech, informed Russia that the world was watching. The world may have been watching but all they saw was BHO leave town to make it to two Democratic Party fundraisers. Russia was the first to be accused of firing the missile that downed the airliner, that did not stick so the Pro Russian separatists were blamed. There are former members of Russian and Ukrainian military in the separatists that is a given, but would they or do they have the knowledge and training to operate such a sophisticated missile system? The missiles themselves have been around for a long time but the launch and radar system like that of the U.S. are constantly upgraded. The Ukrainian military uses the same equipment as the Russian military. There may well be a satellite image of the launcher and possibly the launch if it is it must not support the narrative of the administration or it would have been released by now. The ban on AK-47 importation is supposed to punish Russia for supplying the Pro-Russian separatists with weapons and equipment. This the dumbest thing that I have heard this week, well nearly. Especially when the Afghanis and the Iraqis were using weapons and training provided by America to kill American troops, added to this Russia was awarded a no-bid contract to furnish weapons, equipment and spare parts to the Afghanis. The weapons were Russian but bought and given to the Afghanis with American dollars. No sanctions were placed on anyone for those murders. The new offensive mounted by the Ukrainian military against the Pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk can only bring Ukraine closer to a war with Russia, a war they know they can not win without help from The E.U. and the U.S., WWW 3 anyone. Here is where the labeling gets confusing and the lines become blurred. The fighting in Ukraine is between two factions the Ukrainians and the Pro-Russian Separatists. Why are they not called insurgents or freedom fighters or even militants as they are labeled in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan or even Syria? After all Donetsk is seeking freedom from Ukraine and to rejoin Mother Russia. Do not get me wrong I am no fan of Russia, Putin or Communism, but I am all for the right to self-determination. The answer for Ukraine is the same as the others everybody just pull out and cut them off no financial aid no military aid no nothing let the Ukrainians work it out, when they run out of bullets they will have to resort to beating each other to death and fighting like that will tire a person out. Long before they get to that point they will come to their senses and realize that they are only destroying their country, or not. Sometimes you have to nearly destroy something to save it, America itself went through that stage once and settled it and have since lived with the results. We now settle our differences on election day or at least try to, at least we can bitch, and wait until the next election for now at least.

ISIS is still making gains in Iraq and Syria, in fact they have done so well that they even staged a military parade to show off their newly acquired weapons of war. The majority of the weapons and equipment in possession and being used by ISIS was paid for and supplied by BHO and his administration though those in possession were not the intended to have them, however it is another case of the law of unintended consequences, arming the enemy of your enemy instead of an ally. You know you have arrived if you can stage a parade. Even taking time to re-establish a caliphate. Female genital mutilations have been ordered and reports have surfaced of an all female fighting unit, I had thought these people thought of women as property and basically useless, guess they found a use for them. There has not been one word of condemnation that I have heard from the liberals or the main stream media condemning the acts and atrocities leveled against women concerning the ordered and forced genital mutilation. There is also no or very little outcries or condemnation of the murders of Christians in the Muslim controlled countries or regions, the forced conversions of Christians to Muslim, the taxes that must be paid for not converting and the destruction of Christian religious symbols. Do you remain silent in order to not offend? You are only whistling past the graveyard. There is a cost to not speaking out as one group after another is assaulted and annihilated and that cost is no one will be left to speak out or act in your defense.

Says it all

Says it all

Marksmanship Part 2 getting to know your rifle

The best and most expensive rifle will not make a poor shooter a better shooter, but even a mediocre rifle in the hands of a person who knows and understands his or her rifle can produce amazing results. The next step to becoming a marksman requires you to do your homework, go to your local store, get some range time and avoid the urge to hasten the process. You bought your rifle because you liked it, now you must find out what your rifle likes. First I must clear this up, this post is intended for hunting rifles and not the modern sporting rifles, you know the ones that are often referred to as “assault rifles”. They are not assault rifles they are modern sporting rifles, most of the blame for the misnomer is the fault of the manufacturers, but I digress. As stated before I am a hunter and I can not eat it if I miss it.

To find out what your rifle likes you will need the following:

1. Ammunition with different bullet (projectile) weights but take only one weight with you.
2. Targets, good sturdy targets mounted on a backing board, I avoid the use of “bleeding” targets as they tend to cause the shooter to adjust the point of aim.
3. one inch stick-on dots.
4. A magnifying glass.
5. Notebook and pen, not a pencil.
6. A ruler.
7. A timer.

The first issue to address is the clean cold bore (ccb). The first shot from a rifle is considered to be a throw away shot by some but not by me. If I know where the bullet will impact I will know where to aim to achieve the desired result, you may only have one chance. There is no clean bore, some are cleaner than others but it should be cold. Run a clean lint free patch or two through the barrel to remove dust and any remaining oil and solvent used in cleaning, this will lessen the effects of a clean cold bore on the first shot.

Target placement and set-up. The first target placed no further than 50 yards away, I start at 25 yards. On the first place 2 one inch stick on dots, I use orange, one in the center of the target and one-off center half way between the outer edge and center. The reason for two dots is simple, it is to find out how the clean cold bore effects the flight of the projectile on the first shot. The off-center dot should be your point of aim for the first shot only. The center dot should be the point of aim for the remaining shots. Keep your point of aim the same, sight alignment and sight picture. There should be no less than 30 seconds between shots, but not enough time to allow the barrel to cool completely. If the shots are fired to close together the barrel will heat and have an effect on bullet trajectory. Retrieve your target and mark it with the weight of the projectile and which hand you used right of left. Place another target at the same yardage and use the other hand, remember you should be able to use both effectively. If enough time has elapsed for the barrel to cool repeat the process with two dots, run a patch or two through the barrel to remove loose fouling. Time permitting and if you choose try different distances, I prefer to take it one step at a time, but continue using bullets of the same weight. At the completion of this stage the work really begins. You can do the following steps at home or while still at the range, remember other shooters as this is very time-consuming. Now is where you will need the ruler, the magnifying glass, notebook and pen. First measure the distance from the point of aim to the point of impact of the clean cold bore shot, then measure the remaining impact points to determine the minute of angle, look for anything 2 inches or less. Using the magnifying glass look at each hole in the target to determine if the bullet was climbing or descending on impact, the tears in the paper will tell you what the bullet was doing. Record all of this in the notebook.

On the next trip to the range use the same weight bullet at a different distance and repeat the entire process. As I stated this is a time consuming process but the results are well worth the investment in time and money.

You will notice that no mention was made about adjusting anything, that is because this is not the time to adjust anything, not sights and certainly not a scope if one is mounted. It might just be that your rifle does not like that weight bullet.

On subsequent trips to the range try a different weight bullet and repeat the above process. Note any differences in feeding and extracting as they may help identifying what your rifle likes. Once you have found the weight bullet your rifle prefers that is the time to make any needed adjustments for accuracy. But what to do with the left over ammunition of the weight your rifle liked least? Save them for a rainy day, you already have notes on how they will perform. Practice with the same weight as your hunt with.

Good hunting, shoot straight, kill clean.

The tipping point and economics

Recently there was a post about a congressman who wanted to raise gas taxes, then abolish them and implement a miles driven tax, to this man I say lift your head out of the trough and look around then think about what you are saying. If you are unable to think let me do that for you, but the odds of you seeing this are slim at best, that is unless you have friends in the NSA.

This and no nation on earth can tax itself out of debt, the same as no family can spend itself out of poverty. What we have here is another government agency, this time the DOT that has run out of money and the account will be empty by the end of summer. I can not understand why the welfare programs never run out of money. The roads, highways, byways and bridges are used by every American at sometime or another even if just to get to a store to support the local economy. More importantly the avenues of travel provide the working Americans a way to get to work, so they can pay the taxes that support your welfare programs. I might as well clear this up for you now, Welfare is supposed to be a helping hand during times of hardship, it was never meant to be a lifestyle or a career. I may as well clear this up for you while I am at it, social welfare programs are not an entitlement, with the exception of true disability social security is an old age and survivor benefit program or at least that was the intention.

I never received a formal education beyond High School so I never studied economics, but I learned economics the hard way having more month than money. If you have more month than money you need to make some changes and prioritize your spending covering the needs, saving a little to cover emergencies and to hell with the wants if there is not enough to cover them. This is called having a budget, try making one and sticking to it. But you will not do that, since you landed your ass in congress you have done as all the rest have done, you stuck your face in the trough and began feeding on the sweat and labors of others and spend money like there is no end to it. The voters elected you to do the people’s business, if the business of the people was to mooch off the labors of others and spend money wildly you must be a splendid congressman.

Maybe this slipped past you there are still many Americans who are willing to work but your social programs have done nothing to spur job growth. If these people had jobs they would be going to work buying fuel for their vehicles and paying into the DOT coffers. So if you and your ilk truly want things to improve focus on the economy and loosen the stranglehold and let the capitalist system take off. More jobs equals more cars on the road which replenish the DOT. More taxes will equal fewer cars on the road which will equal less money for DOT.

Now back to your idea of a mileage tax. The goods people buy in the stores of America must first get to the stores, most come by truck from distribution centers. The distribution centers may or may not be near a rail hub either way they will a some point be moved by truck. The mileage tax paid by the trucking company will be passed on to the consumer in higher prices, then the consumer will be assessed a mileage tax just to get to the store to purchase the goods. Just think of the cash you will have coming in, or maybe not. The producers will only drive as much as necessary and your cash cow will start thinning down. To prove that you did not think any of this through before opening your mouth, what about people who fill gas cans to run generators during power outages, generators go zero miles so they will be gas tax-free, as a matter of fact a person could walk to the gas station to fill a gas can how would that be taxed again it used the roads zero miles to get to the gas station. Maybe you and your ilk should focus on getting more vehicles on the road by spurring the economy and job growth.

And finally think on this, I work now because I want to not because I have to and there are many like me. I have multiple vehicles because I want to and they all burn fossil fuels and each one uses the roads and must be refueled and you get highway taxes from me. As I pointed out I work because I want to, but how many people have a job because I support the local economy. They must get to work somehow most get there by private transportation and they to pay gas taxes. If the mileage tax is ever implemented my vehicles will be refueled before implementation, remain idle, placed on blocks so as not to flat spot the tires and started occasionally to keep things lubed. While they remain idle there will be no need to renew the tags so the county coffers will lose money. There will be no need for insurance as they will not be driven the insurance company will lose money. There will be not need to repair or perform routine maintenance so I will need no parts or pieces especially those expensive tires, and the automotive repair industry will lose money. And lastly since I will not be driving everyday doing my part to spur the local economy so the person who has a job because I have one will no longer be needed and then his vehicle will sit idle and the process repeats itself and there may just be a person who has a job because that person had one and again it all repeats. The economy will only sink farther into the toilet. The trough you feed from may have less in it because you took the wrong approach to keep it full. So genius you need to think on just how much one part of economics relies on another.. When I must go to resupply on the things I can not get from the land I will simply ride a “grass burner”.

The taxation on mileage will not lower the price of gas the price will remain the same as the fuel delivery companies will pass their operating costs on to the consumers. Paying the same amount for gas just to get to a job to pay taxes on my income and then paying a separate tax just to get there is not going to happen. I will simply leave my job and live off of what I have, making adjustments as necessary, you know the budget thing. I am taxed enough already. This is called checking out and off the financial grid, I know some that have already done this and will wait for better times and a more sensible government before checking back in.

So genius I close with this raising taxes or implementing new taxes is not the answer, getting America back to work will solve most of the problems. Another thing that would help to lessen the burden on the producers of America would be if you and your ilk could do a little some thing about securing the southern border, we already had enough people out of work and hungry. Oh before I forget quit saying its a humanitarian effort for the kids, you are from the side that is okay with abortion and don’t give a damn about kids.

An out of control and lawless government

BHO has set the dangerous precedent of not enforcing laws, changing laws on a whim, selectively enforcing laws and even worse encouraging and in some cases allowing unlawful behavior, not only BHO but his entire administration. America is supposed to be a nation of laws and citizens living by the rule of law. We as citizens are expected to obey and follow the letter the law 100% of the time or face the consequences for breaking the law. To prove this fact there are thousands of jails and prisons spread across this country to house and punish the law breakers. Forfeiting one’s freedom should be enough incentive to follow the law but it is not, the same as the possibility of forfeiting one’s life should be incentive enough but again it is not. This would be a good time to point out that we now live under the law of man because man stopped living under the law of God. The 10 original laws written on two stone tablets covered every thing that now consumes volumes and thousands of laws and are covering the same ground and yet the jails and prisons stay full.

Criminal behavior is not only tolerated by BHO and his administration it is encouraged and rewarded and possibly even ordered. The illegal immigration issue that has the nation consumed at the moment did not just happen, it was planned. The administration is dispersing the illegals across the country and even allowing them to fly without identification. When they get to where they are going there will be no accountability and they will simply be let loose on the cities and towns of America. The administration has no idea who these illegals are nor do they care, they are only a tool for BHO and his administration. Busing them can cause a problem as was demonstrated by the good citizen of Murietta, Ca. They will overcome this by flying them to closed military bases around the country where civilians have no access.

The problem and the question is if they were allowed, encouraged, and rewarded for breaking at least one law by being here illegally, how can you expect them to obey any laws especially if they follow the example of the president? Then add in the fact that BHO says they will begin deportations if congress gives the money to do it, that amounts to blackmail, especially given the administration created this mess to begin with. BHO even wants to be rewarded for bad behavior. Where will the money come from? Will one of the redundant and un-needed social welfare programs be cut or will the military take another cut to pay this demand. It amounts to America being taken hostage and having to pay its own ransom, but will not be released and there is no one to rescue us. As ugly as this illegal immigration, actually an invasion, is BHO set another dangerous precedent earlier this summer.

BHO traded 5 Taliban commanders from Gitmo for 1 military deserter without notifying congress as required by law, breaking yet another law, one that he signed. Trading 5 for 1 is to say the least a lopsided trade. There is one U.S.M.C. Sergeant being held in a Mexican prison, are the illegals being traded for the Sergeant. Since none of our allies can trust America to keep its word and no one outside the Muslim world trusts BHO, he may be taking the illegals first before the Sergeant is released, they probably set the terms. After all they saw the results of the last trade and he does trade lopsided.

The illegal border crossings may be providing cover for his next violation of law. Gitmo is still open even though it was one of his first executive orders to have it closed. Keep your eyes on Gitmo.

Dangers ahead and all around

Each passing day only exposes America to more dangers. We are seeing the effects of a failed administration and a narcissistic president that is determined to destroy America with one manufactured crisis after another, each one designed to provide cover for the last one and the next one. The ultimate goal of BHO and his corrupt administration I fear will soon be revealed and it does not look good for the home team.

What I read and analyze keeps leading back to two things BHO said. The first was on the campaign trail and it was about wealth redistribution. I must point out that money is not the only source of wealth. The second was the statement that we needed a civilian force just as well equipped and just as well-trained as our military. He never did say what that civilian force would or should be or where they would come from.

First I will address the civilian force. There has been millions upon millions of dollars spent training and equipping the moderate terrorist groups in the Middle-East and Africa under the guise of overthrowing rogue regimes. The terror groups have been provided with military equipment and arms and there have also been stockpiles of equipment, arms and ammunition left conveniently for them to steal. By definition the terror groups are a civilian force as they represent no established country or government and they are indeed well-trained and equipped now. As the terror group ISIS was overrunning cities in Iraq they were not only capturing arms, ammunition and equipment and robbing banks acquiring wealth they were also freeing the criminals from prison and growing their ranks. They have also captured oil fields and refineries, that were reported as being retaken by government forces. I have no confidence in the news media and believe the terrorists still hold what they have overrun. I also believe based on past actions and statements by BHO and his administration if ISIS takes Baghdad and indeed all of Iraq, the administration will recognize them as the legitimate government of Iraq, based on their recognition of the MB as the rightful and legitimate government of Egypt.

Now I must back up a bit and point out things that have happened right here in America in the past few years. It was not all that long ago that the country was abuzz with the law enforcement agencies being given and acquiring surplus military equipment and arms I for one was wondering why local and state law enforcement agencies were needing such equipment for, after all America is not a “banana republic” with a “tin pot” dictator in charge. There was no need to equip law enforcement in such a manner, after all the average citizen is no threat to government. Then there was the ammunition shortage that was created by the federal government placing orders for millions upon millions of rounds of ammunition.

Now I move forward to the latest crisis, the massive illegal border crossings that are being reported as unaccompanied children. We all know that is a lie. But regardless, even if the children are unaccompanied they must be reunited with their families. Will BHO and his administration simply deport them or will they bring the parents here to retrieve their rug-rats? The Border Patrol is so busy gathering up and caring for these rug-rats that they are unable to fulfill the primary duties of protecting the border. But given the reports lately the Border Patrol has been castrated and must run from anyone who throws a rock their way. There is no way of knowing who or what is crossing the southern border. None of the illegals are being screened for disease they are just being flown or bused to different locals. The federal government may be spreading disease and sickness across America by transporting illegals. There have been reports of U.N. vehicles on American soil, at first I dismissed that as not unusual all member countries donate equipment to the U.N. and it would not be unusual to repaint them and remark them prior to shipment and they would be moved by trucks that may or may not be covered. Then all the sudden the illegal immigration is being refered to as a humanitarian crisis and humanitarian crisis’ are the U.N.’s specialty even though every crisis has been worsened by their presence. Now I am not so ready to dismiss the U.N. vehicles as a normal course of support for equipment.

Now go back for a minute to the militarization of law enforcement. The average citizen here in America is no threat to government. That only leaves two possibilities the federal government completely distrusts the citizens and know that eventually they will push too far or they were preparing for a huge crime wave or even a third possibility is a combination of distrust and a huge crime wave. Either way the federal government and law enforcement agencies are arming up for something.

Now back to the border, we citizens have no idea of who or what is pouring across the border. Small arms and ammunition could certainly be moving across the border especially now that the Border Patrol is distracted. Didn’t BHO and the DOJ move weapons across the border the other way, during Fast and Furious, no one yet has said who they were intended for or for what purpose much less what types of arms or how many. There is not much talk about Fast and Furious of late, maybe because BHO keeps giving us new things and crisis’ to talk about. Even some crew served weapons could be moving across the border. Large equipment would be a different matter someone would notice a flow of equipment and sound the alarm. No one seems to scream too loud over a few thousand rug-rats even though no one knows where they are really from or what they may be carrying or leaving along the way for others to find and use. Since we have so few friends and allies to our south we have no idea much less control over what is arriving on cargo vessels from all over the world. Our friends directly to the south have vast amounts of real estate not under their control, it is controlled by gangs and drug lords, most that is under control outside of the large cities and tourist resorts is ripe with corruption and coercion.

Now go back farther in time and you will arrive at a place and time where America was at war with a people who moved their entire war making effort on their backs, bicycles and carts even using submerged bridges and trails, and were not above going through other countries to accomplish their goal which was to push America out and remove American influence from that part of the world. And they were not above using children if it would get the job done.

Now move forward in time and arrive in Libya where the rebel forces were given war making equipment to overthrow their dictator, they could not get it done so BHO intervened. The weapons and equipment they were given and gained in Libya are being used in Iraq and Syria with great success and enabled them to capture much more, now they are a force to be reckoned with. Some of the arms and equipment they acquired in Libya was strategically located for them to find and apparently steal.

Now return to America and the militarization of law enforcement. Since it would be difficult and a logistical challenge to say the least to move war making equipment through Mexico, a much easier way to do it would be to have them walk here carrying what would be needed immediately and just place the heavy equipment where they can find it, on our own land. Our government is no more ready to fight off a large-scale terrorist attack now than in 2001. Who is crossing the border and why? Why shrink the military?

The true wealth of America is Freedom and Liberty without them we could not enjoy the side effects which are money and possessions. What wealth was BHO talking about redistributing? To redistribute anything it must first be taken from the rightful owner and then given to another. Maybe I was wrong about that “banana republic” and “tin-pot” dictator thing.

Marksmanship part 1 the one behind the trigger

This is a continuation of teach them young teach them correctly. The process of taking a novice shooter to the level of a marksman is a long and arduous process. There are many that will disagree with my suggestions for various reasons running from that will never work to all that I write on this matter is pure B.S., to those who disagree, I say open your Mind and your Eyes and give what I suggest a try.

The majority of my marksmanship skills have come from years of hunting. The majority of my bad habits came from my time in the U.S. Army. Being right-handed and right eye dominate the Army only taught me to shoot right-handed, never with my left and to use only my right eye never my left. At that time in the Army they would break any bad habits the country boys brought with them. The first thing my drill sergeant said when weapons were issued was “that ain’t your hunting rifle”. It took years to drop the bad habits and retrain myself to be a true marksman.

Being a hunter and with knowledge of the outdoors and reading sign in the woods has taught proper placement of a portable tree stand to ensure success. The problem is that animals do not always place themselves in front of me and my rifle. If the animal cooperated and placed itself anywhere from my fight front quadrant to my extreme left it would provide meat for me and my family. However if the animal failed to cooperate and was any where beyond my right front quadrant to my extreme right side it was safe. I was hunting the same way I had been retrained to shoot right-handed only and had been doing it for years. I thought I had only two choices, 1 wait for the animal to move to a spot where I could shoot or 2 move around in the tree stand and that choice could have two possible outcomes 1 scare the animal away or 2 risk falling to certain injury, neither was acceptable. I had another choice and that was the course I took, I retrained my self to shoot equally well with either hand.

Not only had I lost the skill to shoot with either hand I had also developed the habit of squinting the non-dominate eye, I only realized that fact when I first tried to shoot left-handed, I could not see the sight, my eye was closed. I had not realized that I was missing half of the world all those years, sitting there with one eye closed behind the rifle.

Now I shoot with both eyes open and with either hand again, but I do at times catch myself squinting, but at least I recognize it and correct it now.

Whether or not you are a hunter these skills are important. If you already possess and use the skills and are passing them down, good on you. If you do not remember and pass this along, if you have two hands use them equally well and if you have two eyes keep them both open there is a world on both sides and it is not always friendly.

Teach them young teach them correctly

In a discussion the other day with the father of a 5-year-old boy he asked me how young was too young to teach his son to shoot. This is probably the best question I have been asked in a long time. The answer to the question is quite complicated.

I began my answer with a question. I asked him did his son want to learn how to shoot or did he want his son to learn how to shoot. His answer was that he wanted his son to learn how to shoot. My answer to him was his son was too young. When I asked the question I was hoping the answer was his son wanted to learn, sadly that was not the case. But all is not lost, I got the inspiration to write this post.

First I must get this out-of-the-way. When a young boy or girl expresses an interest in learning to shoot it is important to ask them why they want to learn. If they have no answer or an incorrect answer they should not be taught. Your gut instinct should be able to differentiate between an incorrect and a correct answer.

To answer the question of how young is too young. No two children are the same, and contrary to popular opinion children are no smarter today than when we were children. It only seems that children are smarter now because we live in a different time and children of today learn differently than we did, they have more gadgets at their disposal.

First and foremost they must be learn and understand the safe rules of handling a firearm and firearm safety. If the child can comprehend this then they are old enough to begin the process.

An age and size appropriate rifle, not a hand gun, must be selected. As always I recommend a single shot 22 cal. rifle, break open or bolt-action capable of shooting shorts, longs and long rifle. The parent must be thoroughly familiar with firearms and firearms safety, if any bad habits have developed overtime, and most of us have some, correct that before you teach bad habits. There will be times when the parent will find themselves being both a parent and a friend and have the patience of a saint. Many hours of familiarization will be required for identification and purpose of the components. Sight alignment and sight picture is an important lesson to be taught. Many more hours for teaching routine cleaning and maintenance. The child must learn to respect the rifle not only for what it is but what it can do, the child must not be taught to fear the rifle. Respect and fear are not the same thing and are never compatible. All of this before the first cartridge is put in the chamber. This is very important, NEVER dry fire a 22 cal. anything.

The child may or may not express an interest in hunting, but either way sign up for a hunters safety course, as safety is the main purpose of the course. Some even offer range time with a lot of supervision again safety. Whether or not the parent is a hunter the course will do you some good, call it refresher training. The parent and child can attend the same classes, some call this bonding, so sign up and bond.

Range time, a real range with a real backstop, not a can in front of a tree in the backyard. Remember the child is a novice shooter not an experienced marksman, missing the 10 is okay even missing the whole target is okay. You and the child can work on marksmanship skills at a latter date. Having fun safely is the goal.

Staying independent on Declaration of Independence Day

Tomorrow we celebrate our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain and the British Crown and the tyranny associated with it. Some call it the Fourth of July, some call it America’s Birth Day, still others call it Independence Day. There will be fireworks displays, barbeques and family outings, but few will stop to give thanks to the brave patriots that won our freedom from a tyrant king. The best guess by the best minds suggest that only 3 percent of the colonials actually engaged in the fight to gain independence at the onset, and fewer than 12 percent actually provided financial and material support and only about 20 percent of the total population wanted to be free of the British Throne and the tyranny associated with it. The issue of being free or being subservient remains the same today.

Being Free and Independent comes with a massive amount of responsibility. The Free and Independent citizen must rely on his or her own skills and resources to provide for the family the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. They must be frugal never wasteful, living by the motto waste not want not. They also are the first to lend a hand when a neighbor is facing great challenges. They also know that they are responsible for the protection and safety of their home and family. They know and accept the fact that they are responsible for their lives including retirement and healthcare. They only want enough government to look after national business and even then as small a government as possible. They also live within their means creating as little debt as possible, if you can not afford it you do not need it. They never blame others for their failures, each failure is an opportunity to be successful the next time, living and learning. They are mindful of what is in their pockets and keep their eyes and hands out of other people’s pockets, while trying to keep the government out of their pockets. These are the people who understand Independence and deserve to celebrate and give thanks.

Being subservient has no responsibility. The subservient citizen relies on the skills and resources of others to provide the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter for themselves and their families. They are wasteful never frugal living by the motto of easy come easy go. They never help a neighbor in times of trouble, unless there is something in it for them. They rely on and call on others to protect their home and family. They expect others to provide for every aspect of their lives including retirement and healthcare. They want a large government to ensure that the big government has enough resources to take from others and give to them, the bigger the better. They live well beyond their means, if they can not afford it they look for yet another government program to provide it. They constantly blame others and call themselves victims. They constantly look in other people’s pockets to make sure they have at least as much, if not then they will expect the government to stick in its greedy hand and take some or all. They spend it even though they never earn it. These are the people who do not understand Independence and have no right to celebrate and will never give thanks. These are the people who celebrate every month when the checks come in and never say a word of thanks to ones who provided it, the government only sent it after they took it from the pockets of others who earned it. Talk about ungrateful, they should at least thank the Patriots for providing the Freedom needed for the productive to support the moochers.

If America was at this point in time fighting to gain independence and throw off the yoke of imperial tyranny, there would be more than 3 percent who would actually engage in the fight, but the support would be much less and the total number of citizens who actually cared one way or another I fear would be much lower.

What will you celebrate tomorrow and who will you thank? I will be celebrating our Declaration of Independence and giving thanks to the Patriots who wrested this great nation from tyranny, being especially thankful that our Independence was won in 1781 at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War and not trying to win it in these times.