Staying independent on Declaration of Independence Day

Tomorrow we celebrate our Declaration of Independence from Great Britain and the British Crown and the tyranny associated with it. Some call it the Fourth of July, some call it America’s Birth Day, still others call it Independence Day. There will be fireworks displays, barbeques and family outings, but few will stop to give thanks to the brave patriots that won our freedom from a tyrant king. The best guess by the best minds suggest that only 3 percent of the colonials actually engaged in the fight to gain independence at the onset, and fewer than 12 percent actually provided financial and material support and only about 20 percent of the total population wanted to be free of the British Throne and the tyranny associated with it. The issue of being free or being subservient remains the same today.

Being Free and Independent comes with a massive amount of responsibility. The Free and Independent citizen must rely on his or her own skills and resources to provide for the family the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. They must be frugal never wasteful, living by the motto waste not want not. They also are the first to lend a hand when a neighbor is facing great challenges. They also know that they are responsible for the protection and safety of their home and family. They know and accept the fact that they are responsible for their lives including retirement and healthcare. They only want enough government to look after national business and even then as small a government as possible. They also live within their means creating as little debt as possible, if you can not afford it you do not need it. They never blame others for their failures, each failure is an opportunity to be successful the next time, living and learning. They are mindful of what is in their pockets and keep their eyes and hands out of other people’s pockets, while trying to keep the government out of their pockets. These are the people who understand Independence and deserve to celebrate and give thanks.

Being subservient has no responsibility. The subservient citizen relies on the skills and resources of others to provide the basic needs of food, clothing and shelter for themselves and their families. They are wasteful never frugal living by the motto of easy come easy go. They never help a neighbor in times of trouble, unless there is something in it for them. They rely on and call on others to protect their home and family. They expect others to provide for every aspect of their lives including retirement and healthcare. They want a large government to ensure that the big government has enough resources to take from others and give to them, the bigger the better. They live well beyond their means, if they can not afford it they look for yet another government program to provide it. They constantly blame others and call themselves victims. They constantly look in other people’s pockets to make sure they have at least as much, if not then they will expect the government to stick in its greedy hand and take some or all. They spend it even though they never earn it. These are the people who do not understand Independence and have no right to celebrate and will never give thanks. These are the people who celebrate every month when the checks come in and never say a word of thanks to ones who provided it, the government only sent it after they took it from the pockets of others who earned it. Talk about ungrateful, they should at least thank the Patriots for providing the Freedom needed for the productive to support the moochers.

If America was at this point in time fighting to gain independence and throw off the yoke of imperial tyranny, there would be more than 3 percent who would actually engage in the fight, but the support would be much less and the total number of citizens who actually cared one way or another I fear would be much lower.

What will you celebrate tomorrow and who will you thank? I will be celebrating our Declaration of Independence and giving thanks to the Patriots who wrested this great nation from tyranny, being especially thankful that our Independence was won in 1781 at the conclusion of the Revolutionary War and not trying to win it in these times.

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