An out of control and lawless government

BHO has set the dangerous precedent of not enforcing laws, changing laws on a whim, selectively enforcing laws and even worse encouraging and in some cases allowing unlawful behavior, not only BHO but his entire administration. America is supposed to be a nation of laws and citizens living by the rule of law. We as citizens are expected to obey and follow the letter the law 100% of the time or face the consequences for breaking the law. To prove this fact there are thousands of jails and prisons spread across this country to house and punish the law breakers. Forfeiting one’s freedom should be enough incentive to follow the law but it is not, the same as the possibility of forfeiting one’s life should be incentive enough but again it is not. This would be a good time to point out that we now live under the law of man because man stopped living under the law of God. The 10 original laws written on two stone tablets covered every thing that now consumes volumes and thousands of laws and are covering the same ground and yet the jails and prisons stay full.

Criminal behavior is not only tolerated by BHO and his administration it is encouraged and rewarded and possibly even ordered. The illegal immigration issue that has the nation consumed at the moment did not just happen, it was planned. The administration is dispersing the illegals across the country and even allowing them to fly without identification. When they get to where they are going there will be no accountability and they will simply be let loose on the cities and towns of America. The administration has no idea who these illegals are nor do they care, they are only a tool for BHO and his administration. Busing them can cause a problem as was demonstrated by the good citizen of Murietta, Ca. They will overcome this by flying them to closed military bases around the country where civilians have no access.

The problem and the question is if they were allowed, encouraged, and rewarded for breaking at least one law by being here illegally, how can you expect them to obey any laws especially if they follow the example of the president? Then add in the fact that BHO says they will begin deportations if congress gives the money to do it, that amounts to blackmail, especially given the administration created this mess to begin with. BHO even wants to be rewarded for bad behavior. Where will the money come from? Will one of the redundant and un-needed social welfare programs be cut or will the military take another cut to pay this demand. It amounts to America being taken hostage and having to pay its own ransom, but will not be released and there is no one to rescue us. As ugly as this illegal immigration, actually an invasion, is BHO set another dangerous precedent earlier this summer.

BHO traded 5 Taliban commanders from Gitmo for 1 military deserter without notifying congress as required by law, breaking yet another law, one that he signed. Trading 5 for 1 is to say the least a lopsided trade. There is one U.S.M.C. Sergeant being held in a Mexican prison, are the illegals being traded for the Sergeant. Since none of our allies can trust America to keep its word and no one outside the Muslim world trusts BHO, he may be taking the illegals first before the Sergeant is released, they probably set the terms. After all they saw the results of the last trade and he does trade lopsided.

The illegal border crossings may be providing cover for his next violation of law. Gitmo is still open even though it was one of his first executive orders to have it closed. Keep your eyes on Gitmo.

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