Here we go again

It is the same old tired story with BHO, poll numbers drop and find someone to blame, this time it is the large corporations. If he really wanted to know why his poll numbers are dropping like a rock he needs to look no farther than the mirror, that is where the blame lies. Failed policies and a failing administration will be his legacy and his foreign and domestic policies can be summed up in one word. Destabilization.

Why would a sitting President of the United States of America even make the statement “the corporations of America based in foreign countries have effectively renounced their citizenship”? What was he thinking or was he? BHO has been in office since January 2009 and here it is July 2014 and he just realized that American corporations are based overseas for tax breaks. More than likely he is once again pandering to the base and the one’s that constantly have their hands out wanting what someone else has worked for and earned. Blaming a loop-hole for legalized tax evasion or avoidance is another instance of improper blame fixation, the tax codes and loop holes are the problems not the people or corporations who use them, but they were written by politicians. Concerning this the evil rich and the evil corporations are not paying their fair share, yet no liberal has ever said how much is a fair share and most politicians block attempts at changing the tax code. But as I said the tax code with all of the loop holes were written by politicians and politicians go to great lengths to protect and insulate themselves from the very laws the impose on the citizenry. Speaking of paying your fair share I have this question for BHO and the other politicians around the country, are you paying your fair share or are you using the tax code with all of the loop holes to protect yourself and wealth or are you ponying up? Be honest if you can. After all the politicians intentionally wrote themselves out of one of the most heinous, if not the most heinous laws ever inflicted on America, Obamacare. Based on that fact alone I can safely say that you are using the tax code with all the loop holes and not paying your fair share as you demand of others and at every opportunity remind the moochers that the wealthy and big corporations are not paying their fair share while you do not pay yours.

The latest closure of the Embassy in Libya was blamed on increasing violence near and around Tripoli, the real blame lies in the fact that the entire country was destabilized by the policies and actions of BHO and that is where the blame must be placed, at the feet of BHO. Libya is still unstable because no one had a plan after the ouster of Muammar Qaddafi. You plan for the future now not when you get there. The only plan was to topple the regime, there was no consideration for what would come next, unless what you have now is what you wanted. Given the continued habit of this administration jumping to conclusions before the facts come in, commonly known as sticking one’s foot in one’s own mouth, the chaos in Libya may have been the plan all along. BHO here is a simple fix for Libya close the Embassy, cut off diplomatic relations and stop the financial aid until those people can get their shit together. Let them establish a government to their liking and their choosing without any outside influences and if it goes against American morals and principles, not your own, keep them cut off until they come around to the true American way, again not your own, if they deviate later cut them off again. The same goes for Iraq and Afghanistan.

The escalation of violence and destruction in Gaza and the unprovoked rocket attacks on Israel by Hamas has shown the world how truly ineffective the Foreign policy of BHO and his administration is as if there were not already enough examples. BHO and his administration as well as the main stream media criticizes and chastises Israel for doing what any nation under attack would do. How would the United States react if Cuba were to take up shooting missiles into Florida daily or if Mexico fired missiles daily into Texas? Would we give them financial aid hoping that would end the hostility or would we pound them into puppy kibble? I would hope that we would pound on them until we got tired or they sank into the ocean whichever comes first. The United States provides financial aid to the Palestinians who are controlled, ruled and governed by Hamas, so by default Hamas is receiving financial aid. My question is this, is Hamas and the Palestinian Authority creating a better life for the Palestinians or are they using the money to purchase rockets and the other weapons of war to use against Israel? The weapons of war are neither free or cheap, the money has to come from somewhere. If the Palestinian Authority and Hamas would be as industrious in improving the lives of the Palestinians as they are at digging tunnels to attack Israel maybe there would actually be a country called Palestine. I am sure that the citizens of Israel would rather go through the day with each tending to his or her own business than waiting for the siren blast indicating incoming rockets. I am also sure that somewhere in Gaza there is at least some Palestinians who would rather go through the day tending to their personal business rather waiting for the next retaliatory strike from Israel because some radical Muslim fired rockets into Israel. More than likely American financial aid is being used to finance Hamas and their relentless and unprovoked attacks on Israel, the answer is simple cut off all financial aid and cease any and all relations until the attacks stop. As with Libya let the Palestinian people establish a government to their liking and their choosing and again no outside influences if they choose a government that goes against the morals and principles of America, not the president’s, keep them cut off until they come around. America should no more be helping to finance a war against one of our allies than Israel should be assisting the illegals across the southern border. America must stand with Israel, one day the tables could be turned. Who would you prefer to have standing by your side and quite possibly behind you, an ally or the enemy of your enemy? One more thing the areas that are normally avoided and immune from military action only retain that protected status as long as they are not used for military purposes including a storage facility for weapons of war or a safe haven for combatants, break the rules and become a target. If you don’t believe that check the number of normally protected areas that became targets during WW 2 including a famous Monastery. Use a church or a school as part of a line of fortifications or an ammunition depot and it quits being a church or a school and becomes a target even a hospital or an ambulance can fall into this category. There were even occasions where one religious building was torn down to erect a religious building as a symbol of victory during religious wars, even if the building was undamaged during the conflict, the intention was to erase all signs of the previous symbols of religious expression and to destroy the religion.

A new round of sanctions have been placed on Russia by BHO since the shoot-down of MH-17 are intended to punish or restrict who? The executive order which banned AK-47 rifles and their variants manufactured in Russia from importation into America will not be felt by Putin or the Russian people it was only a stunt and another step in the assault on the Second Amendment. The AK-47 is the most prolific weapon in the world the loss of one customer will make no difference and besides not many American own a true AK-47, the taxes and regulations of weapons capable of fully automatic fire make it at least a financial challenge not to mention the cost of the weapon. With all of the spy satellites in space today would produce a high probability of an image of the airliner in flight and the missile battery either before or after missile launch possibly even at the moment of launch, there should surely be an image of a launcher short one missile. BHO did his usual after the airliner was shot down gave a little speech, informed Russia that the world was watching. The world may have been watching but all they saw was BHO leave town to make it to two Democratic Party fundraisers. Russia was the first to be accused of firing the missile that downed the airliner, that did not stick so the Pro Russian separatists were blamed. There are former members of Russian and Ukrainian military in the separatists that is a given, but would they or do they have the knowledge and training to operate such a sophisticated missile system? The missiles themselves have been around for a long time but the launch and radar system like that of the U.S. are constantly upgraded. The Ukrainian military uses the same equipment as the Russian military. There may well be a satellite image of the launcher and possibly the launch if it is it must not support the narrative of the administration or it would have been released by now. The ban on AK-47 importation is supposed to punish Russia for supplying the Pro-Russian separatists with weapons and equipment. This the dumbest thing that I have heard this week, well nearly. Especially when the Afghanis and the Iraqis were using weapons and training provided by America to kill American troops, added to this Russia was awarded a no-bid contract to furnish weapons, equipment and spare parts to the Afghanis. The weapons were Russian but bought and given to the Afghanis with American dollars. No sanctions were placed on anyone for those murders. The new offensive mounted by the Ukrainian military against the Pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk can only bring Ukraine closer to a war with Russia, a war they know they can not win without help from The E.U. and the U.S., WWW 3 anyone. Here is where the labeling gets confusing and the lines become blurred. The fighting in Ukraine is between two factions the Ukrainians and the Pro-Russian Separatists. Why are they not called insurgents or freedom fighters or even militants as they are labeled in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan or even Syria? After all Donetsk is seeking freedom from Ukraine and to rejoin Mother Russia. Do not get me wrong I am no fan of Russia, Putin or Communism, but I am all for the right to self-determination. The answer for Ukraine is the same as the others everybody just pull out and cut them off no financial aid no military aid no nothing let the Ukrainians work it out, when they run out of bullets they will have to resort to beating each other to death and fighting like that will tire a person out. Long before they get to that point they will come to their senses and realize that they are only destroying their country, or not. Sometimes you have to nearly destroy something to save it, America itself went through that stage once and settled it and have since lived with the results. We now settle our differences on election day or at least try to, at least we can bitch, and wait until the next election for now at least.

ISIS is still making gains in Iraq and Syria, in fact they have done so well that they even staged a military parade to show off their newly acquired weapons of war. The majority of the weapons and equipment in possession and being used by ISIS was paid for and supplied by BHO and his administration though those in possession were not the intended to have them, however it is another case of the law of unintended consequences, arming the enemy of your enemy instead of an ally. You know you have arrived if you can stage a parade. Even taking time to re-establish a caliphate. Female genital mutilations have been ordered and reports have surfaced of an all female fighting unit, I had thought these people thought of women as property and basically useless, guess they found a use for them. There has not been one word of condemnation that I have heard from the liberals or the main stream media condemning the acts and atrocities leveled against women concerning the ordered and forced genital mutilation. There is also no or very little outcries or condemnation of the murders of Christians in the Muslim controlled countries or regions, the forced conversions of Christians to Muslim, the taxes that must be paid for not converting and the destruction of Christian religious symbols. Do you remain silent in order to not offend? You are only whistling past the graveyard. There is a cost to not speaking out as one group after another is assaulted and annihilated and that cost is no one will be left to speak out or act in your defense.

Says it all

Says it all

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