A world threat that will impact America

ISIS is a terror threat that BHO did not take serious and at least at this time they are operating in The Middle-East and Africa, that is if the government intelligence agencies can be trusted to tell the truth. In fact BHO called the terror group operating in Syria at the time JV(junior varsity), second string and not a major player if you will, it now seems that ISIS is a major player, varsity if you will and their numbers are growing. ISIS, or ISIL as they were known then could have been stopped cold in Syria, but that would have been a foreign policy nightmare. BHO would have had to make an alliance with Syria and President Assad to destroy ISIL. But how could he, he had already threatened Syria with military actions for an alleged use of chemical weapons. BHO ignored ISIL because they were an enemy of his enemy.

ISIS is making huge gains in towns and villages captured, accumulating wealth and capturing and using weapons effectively. The ISIS fighters, soldiers if you will, seem to be well-trained and equipped. They seem to have a grip on military tactics and seem to always have someone who immediately knows how to deploy or operate captured military hardware. Who trained them? They seem to be very comfortable with small unit tactics and maneuvers. They are more than terrorists with AK-47s running amuck and spreading terror with no goal. Where did they come from? Could they be the “good” terrorists that BHO, some members of congress and the administration were siding with and willing to accept as legitimate? The remnants of the MB had to go somewhere when they left Egypt. Some may be former members of the Iraqi Military and some may be from western countries, even Americans. The foreigners who have joined ISIS have valid passports for their home countries and can return to their homeland when ever they want, bringing their terror with them. We already know where the equipment that they are using so effectively came from.

Watching the news and especially the Christian and other religious minorities fleeing the ISIS fighters seemed to be carrying personal possessions, but I did notice the lack of any means of protection, personal firearms, not so much as a simple bow and arrow. A check of the map of Iraq will quickly reveal how they made such early gains, the small towns that fell had a weak if any military presence and were overrun quickly and the Iraqi Military Forces and Police were rather quick to drop their weapons and run, even shedding their uniforms and trying to blend into the local population. With each conquest of the smaller towns and villages more equipment was gathered up as the Iraqi military ran from the fight. Never forgetting to rob the local bank and raid the local military supply depot. Now they are equipped with American weapons of war and are using them quite effectively and are poised to attack and dominate larger cities, already in control of the of the majority of the second largest city, Mosul and are moving against the Kurds. The Kurds should be armed at least they seem willing and ready to fight.

Now, to the big question, will ISIS come to America? Some pundits say yes, while others say they are already here, still others say no way. Me, I believe this, they will come if we allow or invite them to come. By we I do not mean the American citizens, I mean the American politicians, civil rights groups, lobbyists, community organizers and advocates. The flow of illegals across the southern border could be anybody from anywhere, the southern border is an open invitation for anyone to come into America.


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