Once, Twice, Three Times

Will the third time be a charm? The U.S. Military will be headed to the lovely country of Iraq for a third time. BHO made it clear in his own way that they will only be advisors and not engaging in combat roles, and we all know that we can trust every thing he says. He never lies to the people, right. We already did the advisors only once and that cost us over ten years and over 50,000 killed in action and nearly destroyed America will internal strife, rioting and protests. Our Military won all of the battles but the politicians managed to lose the war. Ten years of blood and sacrifice was for what, nothing was gained and every thing was lost. Returning soldiers were spat on and called baby killers. Who was to blame? Politicians and the news media. From the beginning of that there was no clear plan to win. LBJ came up with the policy of Vietnamization of the war, letting them defend their own country, and the drawdown began, we saw how that came out in May of 1975, this country left behind many friends who had to live through, the few that did, the onslaught of the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong. The U.S. involvement in Vietnam began as far back as WW 1 by political and foreign policies and were set in concrete at the conclusion of WW 2. But the matter of Vietnam is for another post and another time. This post is About Iraq and our involvement there and the failure of politicians and failed foreign policies, and most importantly the political expediency that has our Military facing a foe for the third time.

The first military action against Iraq, in recent history, was brought about by the attack on, defeat of the Kuwaiti military and the occupation of Kuwait in August of 1990, by Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi military. The U.S. military was deployed to Saudi Arabia to defend that country from invasion by Iraq. The U.S. Military sat in Saudi Arabia training and preparing for war while waiting on the politicians and the U.N. to form a coalition of the willing to fight Saddam Hussein’s military. We were perfectly capable of defeating Iraq without any help, and it would have been better for the world if we had gone it alone. The coalition was formed, the U.N. set the rules and terms for disengagement and an attack was launched against Iraq. It all began with an air attack aimed at weakening and destroying Iraqi air defenses and ground equipment, then the ground war began. The Iraqi military was soundly defeated on the battlefield in pretty short order, we thought we were in it to win it and we set our sights on Baghdad. An early morning briefing was set for another day to face the enemy and objectives. A crisp and shiny officer came to the briefing an said that it was over, we thought Iraq had surrendered. We learned a short time later that Iraq had not surrendered that had only in fact met the requirements set by the U.N. and were leaving Kuwait. The army of Iraq was only to leave Kuwait and return to their own borders and remain in their own country. To make it short and simple Saddam Hussein got a sweetheart deal after leaving Kuwait. Not only did Saddam Hussein get to remain in power he was able to maintain what was left of his Military including aircraft. A senior commander was also dismayed by the terms set by the U.N. and simply said, we would be back in ten years, he was wrong about that it took, 12 years. Once again the American military won all the battles and the politicians ended up losing the war. The fact that Saddam Hussein remained in power and still had fighting assets, led to airstrikes on Iraq once again when he deployed his assets against The Kurds in repayment for their being disloyal to him. More airstrikes and still no complete victory and still he remained in power. The coalition of the willing was to satisfy or pacify the Arab world not to win a war. Failed policies, political correctness, politicians and political expedience will doom the civilized world.

The next military action against Iraq in 2003 was over alleged weapons of mass destruction and Congress approved the use of force resolution. Once the bombs starting falling and the U.S. military crossed the border the existence or absence of WMD’s no longer mattered the U.S. had invaded another country. The intention of this invasion was to remove Saddam Hussein from power and destroy his weapons. If the U.N. had kept their nose out of the first military action in Iraq and if the administration at the time had been less concerned about the feelings of the Arab world Iraq would have been totally beaten and forced to surrender and Hussein would have no longer been a problem to Iraq or the world, problem solved. The war with Iraq from 1990-1991 was for what purpose, it settled nothing and failing to finish that one led, to but did not cause the next one in 2003. The 2003 war with Iraq came to a close in 2011, fulfilling a campaign promise. The American military had once again won all of the battles, and again the politicians with their own agendas and promises once again failed to win the war. America had faced and beaten the same enemy twice and still nothing was finished.

Military Leaders and Kings of long ago had a saying, it went something like, One should not make war with the same people too many times, they will learn your tactics and use them against you.

As to Iraq the failures of 1991 led to the failures of 2011 and are leading us to repeat it all in 2014 all in the name of what, political correctness, political expedience and political agendas. The administrations abandoned the Kurds in 1991 and 2011, yet they still trust us. They suffered under Saddam Hussein and are now threatened by ISIS.

The failures of 1991 were not the direct cause of 2003, but the failures of 2011 are the direct cause of events in Iraq in 2014

As to the matter of the Iraqi Kurds, maybe the time has come to recognize who would be a friend and ally, and treat them as such. The Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites, will one day be a friend and ally once they overcome their religious differences and not until, and should be treated as such.

Now The U.S. prepares to send troops to Iraq for a third time, even if they are only advisors they are still American Military sent back to a country that had already been beaten twice. If you ask why, the answer is because of politicians, political correctness, political expedience and failed political policies just like all the other times in history. Politicians, political policies, political correctness and political expedience will doom the civilized world.

Kings and military commanders of times long ago recognized the dangers of fighting an enemy too often, they would adopt and use your tactics against you. In today’s world the presidents or prime ministers are the military commanders, or they are labeled as such though most if not all have no military experience. Our present administration may have committed the biggest possible military “sin”, not only is our military fighting the same enemy too often they are training them with our tactics and equipping them with our equipment.

If the U.S. is forced into another ground war in Iraq against the ISIS fighters the military will be facing an enemy using the same tactics and weapons, a little hard to win. Our military may be forced into finding out just how good our training and equipment is. With both sides using the same equipment and maneuvering in the same manner, many lives may be lost to “friendly fire” incidents.

BHO like LBJ previously, is sending out an aircraft with a pilot on board to bomb a truck. Many jets and pilots were lost looking to bomb ox carts in Vietnam. ISIS will acquire surface-to-air missiles and deploy them, again history may repeat itself, men and equipment lost looking to bomb trucks, not an army or a legitimate military target. BHO like LBJ previously, set about of forming a policy of Iraqization of the war. The war was started by the U.S. and should have been finished by the U.S.

The reason Kings and Military Commanders of long ago avoided fighting the same enemy too many times is that they went with their men into battle, and sooner or later they too would be killed by an enemy using the same tactics that were used to defeat him. The victor taught his enemy to be the victor, and soon the victor became the vanquished. It is real hard to beat yourself at anything.

Todays world is quite different Kings, Presidents, Presidents who see themselves as Kings and Military Commanders sit in a war room far removed from the battle make the rules and some even pick the targets for military action. They lead from the rear and never experience the dangers they order others to face. Few of the Leaders of the world have had any military experience and their children are too privileged to go into combat.

In my unit in Iraq in 1991 there were several Vietnam veterans, Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers, I looked up to those men. I came to a realization they had twice in one lifetime and in one military career, they had won all the battles but were denied victory, a victory they had fought for and seen many of their friends dying trying to achieve.

Some of the advisors now going to Iraq may have never seen combat, but some of them that will be going may have been there in 1991 and many times from 2003-2011 and like all previous they too have won all the battles and never achieved total victory.

It is time for the politicians to either pony up and go or give the Generals the order and then get the hell out-of-the-way and shut-up.

Saddam Hussein remained in power with what remained of his military in tact just by meeting the U.N. resolution and withdrawing and returning to his country. Imagine a world if the U.N. was in existence in WW 2 and only demanded Germany, Japan and Italy to go home and stop fighting and the war would end. While in their own country with the leaders still in power still developing weapons and then breaking out and being set loose on the world once again. What is your favorite foreign language? It doesn’t matter because it would be English as one of the three aforementioned would be your primary language. Wars must be fought to a conclusion, there must be a victor and a vanquished or you will meet again in battle. If this non-sense of a draw or a truce continues the shoe may be on the other foot, as they say.


One thought on “Once, Twice, Three Times

  1. It’s horrible how our government, president after president, uses our military almost in a game like fashion. When exposing our best people, they should be allowed to “break things and kill people”, who are our enemy. When this force is unleashed, we’ll always be the victor. We shouldn’t waste lives and times by some stupid, radical policies politicians come up with… especially those who have no idea what our service men are asked to do.

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