Having it both ways

At this moment America is at peace with the world, yet with careful political engineering we live in a state of perpetual war. This is only possible due no longer calling wars and acts of war, war, instead they are labeled as counter-terrorism operations, or some other sanitized name.

By the careful splitting of hairs one could say, as BHO said, that the bombing and airstrikes were conducted in order to protect Americans, and therefore the actions were not and act of war but an act of self-defense. One could even further dissect the act of self-defense as acting to protect ones own life or the life of another, but this only applies to life outside of military operations.

Combat operations in Iraq ended in 2011 with BHO stating that he had, as promised ended the war in Iraq and what was left behind was a “safe, secure and stable” Iraq and Iraqi government. Sectarian violence broke out even before the teleprompter was turned off, and has been almost a daily occurrence since.

At this time and for several weeks the U.S. has been engaged in an air campaign against ISIS in Iraq to protect Americans and to protect the refugees fleeing ISIS, as pointed out above this could be characterized as self-defense if it was occurring outside of military operations. The airstrikes were expanded to aid the Kurdish Peshmerga forces fighting ISIS and to protect the infrastructure of northern Iraq. Protecting property can also be used as a justification for the use of force against an assailant, but again this does not apply to military operations. This week the airstrikes were further expanded to support Iraqi military operations against ISIS forces outside of Baghdad. One could say that the U.S. Embassy and American personnel were being protected but again this was a military operation. Attacking one force in support of another force can only be described as WAR, combat operations if you will, you have aligned with one against another. A war is a war not matter what you call it and act of is an act of war.

The rise of ISIL that later became ISIS and now just call themselves the Islamic State has caused a complex problem for BHO and his administration. Not only is this a complex problem it has once again proven the reluctance of BHO to follow through, although he has no problem playing through on the links. What was known as ISIL was seen as only a regional threat as was referred to as JV by BHO could have been easily handled by Syria and Iraq at the time, but that opportunity was squandered.

ISIL arrived on the scene a little more than a year ago but had its founding much earlier and were allowed to thrive and exist because of the policy blunders and practices of past administrations. They were allowed to exist much as the Taliban and al-Qaeda was allowed to exist in the 1970’s, they were an enemy of an enemy. They then as they are now armed and trained to fight an enemy, though they have and hold no allegiance to America or American interests.

The intervention and attack on Libya in early 2011 lead to the biggest foreign policy failure of BHO and his administration to that date. BHO was willing to assist insurgent fighters overthrow established governments, intervening in civil wars. Libya was engaged to say the least in internal strife, with government forces fighting several insurgent forces. The insurgent forces were made up of groups from Libya and many were non-Libyans. Administration officials and even some members of Congress said that they knew in fact which insurgent group was legitimate. The air campaign eventually led to the death of Qaddafi and the overthrow of the Libyan government. BHO began the insane practice of informing the insurgent groups the limits of American intervention in military operations. The American participation in the effort to overthrow Qaddafi would be limited to airstrikes and that “no boots would be on the ground”. Even before the smoke and dust of battle ended BHO and the administration set up an Embassy and installed an Ambassador, September 11th 2012 was the culmination of BHO and his practice of destabilization. The embassy was eventually reopened, but has since been abandoned due to increasing violence. Libya has not had a stable moment since the death and overthrow of Qaddafi. The rival factions, yes even the ones that BHO, his administration and some esteemed members of Congress recognized as legitimate have been in constant struggles to gain power. The justification of the airstrikes on Libya was what, because Qaddafi and Libya were sponsors of terrorists, if that were true we should be conducting airstrikes on half the world. The failure in Libya was due to taking action with no regard for the outcome. All BHO saw was a chance to oust a dictator and he seized it. There was no justification for the use of force against Libyan forces or Qaddafi, the internal strife in Libya posed no threat to America, at least at that time. BHO and certainly no one in his administration has ever said what kind of government would control Libya after the ouster of Qaddafi. The policy of arming and training the enemy of my enemy has garnered no ally and made no friends in Libya, but it has provided valuable resources to terror organizations in the Middle-East and Africa. Lately Arab nations have been conducting airstrikes in Libya to curtail, contain and limit the violence in Libya, recognizing it as a threat to their national security. Sooner or later someone is going to have to send in combat troops to clean up the mess made by BHO, his administration and a feckless foreign policy.

The Syrian civil war broke out in early 2011, again with insurgents attacking government forces seeking to oust a leader. My guess is that the rebel forces expected BHO to intervene on their behalf at some point just as he had in Libya conducting airstrikes against government forces. BHO could not run the risk of turning Syria into another Libya so nothing was done openly. The Syrian government forces were pounding the crap out of the insurgents. Another thing about 2011 is that it was followed by 2012 and BHO would be seeking re-election, BHO who had promised to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan could not be sure of engaging in and winning a war in Syria prior to the elections, having already lost Libya. Yes, I said lost Libya, as pointed out above picking a side and entering a war, even a limited air campaign, using military forces on behalf of another is going to war. In war you either win or lose, a tie is not winning. Having allowed the civil war to rage for so long took away the urgency for American intervention. BHO began seeking authorization to arm and train Syrian rebels, and again the administration and some esteemed members of Congress decided who were the moderates. The arming and training of insurgent forces was still not quite good enough for BHO who had been re-elected, he wanted more having already declared the Assad regime an illegitimate government. BHO still at that time wanted very much to be a part of the ouster of Assad and the overthrow of the Syrian government. The delay in involvement led the world to believe that Syrian government forces could shoot, shell and bomb the rebel forces to their heart’s content. The only way in was for a heinous act to be acted out against the Syrian population. BHO warned Assad and the Syrian government forces and informed the world that the U.S. would intervene in the event government forces resorted to the use of chemical weapons, a “red line” was drawn. Then the strangest thing happened, chemical weapons were used, at least the allegation of use, and the use was blamed on the Syrian forces. The problem I had with this accusation was that the government forces were handing the insurgents their asses a nearly every engagement and I could come up with no reason for the government to resort to using chemical weapons. If it was the government forces using chemical weapons, my question is this, why wait until BHO issued his warning to use them, they could have been deployed at any time by government forces. Saddam Hussein had used them against the Kurds after desert storm concluded in 1991 and the world did nothing but complain. Surely Assad did not want U.S. intervention on behalf of the rebels. I could, however come up with a reason for rebel forces to use chemical weapons and that was to bring the U.S. into the civil war on the side of the rebel forces. With the “red line’ crossed the rebel forces expected action by the U.S., BHO tried his hand a forming a “coalition of the willing” and struck out, no one was willing to go to war in Syria. BHO went to Congress to seek approval for “pin point” airstrikes and continue the practice of telling the insurgents that “no American ground combat forces would be used”. The mission was aimed at “degrading” the Syrian government forces ability to fight. The “red Line” was becoming as big a disaster as the foray into Libya. Help in avoiding further embarrassment came from an unlikely source, Russia. Allegedly all of the chemical weapons in Syria were turned over for destruction and allegedly destroyed. Only time and events will tell if all the chemical weapons were destroyed. BHO to this day still wants to be a part of the ouster of Assad and the overthrow of the current Syrian government. Again the arming and training of the so-called moderate Muslims is a high priority of BHO, his administration and some of the esteemed members of Congress. Let us not forget that ISIL sprang forth from Syria, well armed and well-trained.

As stated above dealing with ISIS has become quite a dilemma for BHO and his administration. In Iraq the U.S. is bombing and killing them while at the same time arming and training them in Syria. This is what I meant by having it both ways. ISIS will be armed and trained in Syria to be a surrogate for BHO and his foreign policy. Not one in this administration has given any thought to what Syria will become if Assad is ousted.

As the U.S. heads for its third combat action in Iraq BHO again says their will not be any ground combat role for the American service members deployed to Iraq. As for there not being any “American boots on the ground”, I wholeheartedly disagree there is at this time a least 1,000 pairs of American boots on the ground, that is of course, unless the American military has taken to wearing sandals. The military being deployed to Iraq are there only as advisors and trainers. Viet Nam began with military advisors and quickly escalated into a war that lasted ten long years. BHO and the administration say that we are not a war in Iraq, I beg to differ, check the Leave and Earnings Statement(LES) of the service members deployed in Iraq. If they are only deployed to Iraq in a non-combat role their LES should reflect Overseas Pay, if there is an entry for Eminent Danger Pay(Combat Pay)they are at war. The hasty departure from Iraq left a void that was soon filled by sectarian violence and gave opportunity for ISIL to break out of Syria, begin operating in Iraq change its name to ISIS, capture enough land, acquire enough weaponry and wealth to declare a caliphate and call itself the Islamic State. Did I mention that they were well armed and trained and now well-funded, on top of all that they seem to be able to recruit volunteers from many western countries including America, either as fighters or concubines.

Until BHO calls them for what they are there can be no effective strategy for destroying them. Yes ISIS is Islamic and yes the are extremists. Which brings this question. How is one terror group seen as moderate, while another is seen as extreme? ISIS beheaded an American journalist. Another terror group released alive a journalist they held captive. ISIS has since beheaded two more westerners one American and one British. The terror group that released its hostage must be a moderate and worthy of recognition in the eyes of BHO and his administration and a candidate for training. I say, No, a terrorist is a terrorist there are no moderate terror organizations all are extremists. They can not be degraded but they can be destroyed, but that will take more than airpower it always has, sooner or later ground combat troops will be needed just as they always have throughout history. Brave men and women will be sent into harms way to fix political blunders. Blood will be spilled to correct political expedience.


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