The Future of America and what is in store

The future of America and what is in store in the name of Politics, Religion, Terrorism, Wars, a state of Perpetual War, Denials, Division, Lies, Distractions, Political Correctness, Agendas and Firsts.

Terrorism has once again been visited on America. The latest terrorist attack committed against an American on American soil, the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma, by a Moslem has been labeled an act of work place violence by the MSM, BHO and the Justice Dept. The Ft. Hood shooting by a Muslim serving in the U.S. Army was too declared an act of work place violence. If BHO had been president on 9/11/2001, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 would most likely have been labeled as work place violence after all the victims were at work when the attacks took place. One has to wonder why BHO and his administration will not call things for what they are. One would also have to wonder how BHO and his administration would have labeled the above two terrorist acts if the roles were reversed. How would it be labeled if a Christian stood up in a crowded area full of Muslims, shouted Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition and opened fire on victims unable to defend themselves because of a policy of not allowing personal fire arms, or if a recently converted Christian walked into the business they were just fired from and beheaded the nearest Muslim and savagely attacked another? Would these acts be called workplace violence? I think not. They would be called hate crimes and the usual cast of clowns would soon be on the scene demanding an investigation to find out if the victims civil rights were violated. Hate crimes and civil rights violations carry a stiffer penalty, enhanced if you will, than workplace violence, which is just plain old murder. Political correctness and the fear of offending has corrupted the justice system.

The things that made and make America great is the People and the form of government, not the government. Government is a necessary evil and nothing more. The Constitution begins with We the People, not we the government. America became great because it was founded as a Constitutional Republic, meaning that the Supreme Power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law. The elected representatives are responsible to the people, but it is the Peoples responsibility to hold government responsible and accountable. The state of deterioration of government rests at the feet of the voters that either do not or will not hold government and those elected to govern responsible or accountable. If government has become too big, it is because the voters elected those whose agenda was to grow government. If government is too intrusive it is because the voters elected those whose agenda was to give more power to government and take away the power of the people. Government exists because of the people, the People do not exist for government.

Capitalism. This is the American system, and is basically defined as, an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. This is business by the people and for the people. Is this system perfect? Not by any stretch of the imagination. It is full of greed and corruption. Under capitalism we as consumers have the power to punish or reward business in the market place. We as consumers have the power and right to purchase what we want from whom we want. No one can force us to purchase or not to purchase. No one can force us to purchase from one and not another. We can even cause changes in price, but so can business, supply and demand. The value, price or cost of any thing money or precious metal is set in the free market by the people. This is called worth, an item is worth exactly what the consumer is willing to spend in order to attain the goods or services, nothing more nothing less.

Your other choice for a system to live under are:
Communism. Elimination of private property. A totalitarian system of government in which a single authoritarian party controls state-owned means of production. under this system the consumer has fewer choices and at time only one choice. The value, cost, price and worth of an item is set by government because they have ownership and total control of all means of production. The government owns everything but it is available for all if, and only if, the government says so. The individual owns nothing and can control nothing. The consumer has no choice in anything not what to buy or how much to pay. Every aspect of life is lived for the whole and the government.
Socialism. Again there is no private property. Collective or government ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods. The means of production are owned and controlled by the state. This system of society has unequal distribution of goods and pay is according to the amount of work done, basically a quota system. the individual is again left with few if any choices in the marketplace and pay received is directly commensurate with the job and how much work assigned was completed.
Fascism. You guessed it. Severe economic and social regimentation, government control. With the added niceties of suppression of any and all political opposition. Places nation and often race above the individual. Autocratic government with a dictatorial leader.

If you Legally live here in America or are an American citizen and you do not like Capitalism, choose from the above available systems of society, get a change of address kit and apply for citizenship in a country that practices whichever one that represents what you prefer and move there. You used the system of capitalism to achieve your dreams and yet complain about the system and do your best to deny others the same as you enjoy, pack your bags or STFU.

Religion in Politics, and Politics in Religion
The founding documents make several references to God or the Creator of the Universe and some even end in what could be called a Prayer, but in no way was religion a basis for the establishment of our government. The First Amendment even states that Congress can make no law establishing religion, or prohibiting free exercise of religion. Not only are Americans free to practice religion they are also free from religion and are not required to practice any religion. America would be a much lesser developed country, like much of the Middle-East if the government was based on religion. How much progress would America have made if each and every endeavor was required to pass a religious test or if each person had to pass a religious test before setting out on a mission to improve life in America or around the world for that matter. This is the confusing part about religion as government, some if not most of what is being done in the name of religion is against the principles and teachings of religion, unless the vile acts are committed in the name of religion and sanctioned by a religious leader. Some of the vile acts being committed in the name of religion are acceptable in that religion and serves the purposes of that religion. One thing for certain is that the fingerprints of GOD are all over the foundation of America, and perhaps even better GOD never made submission to Him as a prerequisite for founding America. America truly is Blessed, and definitely not cursed.

The division of American society by government, politics and politicians.
The American society has been divided into small easily controlled or manipulated groups. Black against White, White against Black, Hispanic against White against Black, Ethnicity against Ethnicity and it just keeps going. None of the division makes any sense, government just keeps opening old wounds and spreading discontent.
The poor are against the rich. The liberal politicians in general and BHO in particular are constantly saying that the rich need to “pay their fair share”, yet none say what a fair share is. So-called Liberal politicians receive donations from liberal millionaires and billionaires they same way so-called Conservative politicians receive donations from conservative millionaires and billionaires. The wealthy liberal and conservative donors make political donations for one reason and one reason only, they want their agenda fulfilled. The politicians, liberal and conservative accept these donations, but the liberals must be doing it begrudgingly due to the fact that they constantly attack the wealthy by claiming they do not pay their fair share. Here is the brutal truth, government and politicians placed you into a controllable and easily manipulated group for a reason. Here is another ugly truth, the poor are poor and remain poor because of government, not the rich. While it is true there are some people in America that are born into money, they are born into money because their ancestors used or in some cases abused Capitalism to acquire wealth, as pointed out the system is not perfect. But, there are many more wealthy Americans because of a choice they made, they chose to better themselves and their “station” in life with Capitalism. Government holds people back not the wealthy, the wealthy provide the avenue for others by providing jobs, no poor man has ever hired anyone. Government does not create jobs or save jobs for anyone except government. Government does however control the business environment with rules and regulations, some of which are needed and good, while others are harmful stopping or stagnating growth in the Private sector. Government is not capable of creating but is very capable of destroying.
Race against Race. Racism is not dead in America. One would have to wonder how a country that could even conquer previously thought insurmountable goals as space travel, deep-sea exploration, great medical advances and the like could not even conquer racism. The answer is simple government, the MSM, politicians and activists keep racism alive and well, they need it, they feed on it. Even more despicable they rely on and expect the population to feed in it and to buy into the dribble they pedal. Racism implies the supremacy of one race while seeing another as inferior. The best example of this is intentionally placing or forcing a person or an entire Peoples to live, Ghetto. The original Ghetto was an island where the Jews were forced to live. The second Ghetto was a quarter in city where the Jews were forced to live under Nazi occupation of Europe in the 1930’s and 40’s. The third Ghetto was what the areas in the larger cities where the Blacks lived were referred to as being. Somewhere along the line during the 1960’s or early 70’s the word Ghetto was replaced with the word Projects, so it went from I live in the Ghetto to I live in the Projects, no matter what or how they were labeled they are one and the same. By definition a Ghetto is a quarter in a city in which members of a minority live especially because of social, legal or economic pressures. One has to wonder how far race relations in America would have truly progressed if government would have kept their noses out of the people’s business. Any person who is forced to do something will only harbor resentment, hostility and anger. Government intrusion into the daily life of America did not begin with forced desegregation and forced busing but these two intrusions caused more harm than good. The labeling of Americans by race is what lead to the quota system and the very beginnings of affirmative action. Does a person deserve special considerations because they belong to one ethnic group or another or are one color and not another? absolutely not. The gains of a person should be based on his or her own merit. It is supposed to be Content and not Color.
Ethnic group against Ethnic group. This is and has also been caused by government intrusions and serves no purpose than to divide Americans into groups that are readily identifiable. Government even encourages citizens not to assimilate in to American society. This is where hyphenated Americans come from, the government and the MSM seems to think and promote the idea of dual citizenship. If you are a Legal citizen of America that makes you an American, period and without hyphenation.

Wars. There are two kinds of wars 1. Wars between nations and 2. Wars against things.
Wars between nations should not be entered into lightly and never if there is not an intention to win, ties are unacceptable. There must be a winner and a loser, final and complete, if not the war will be fought again.
Wars against things, again there must be a plan to win and a complete strategy to a complete victory. The problem with a war against things is that things change.

Perpetual Wars. Perpetual wars are waged against things or ideals. Perpetual wars go on and on with no end in sight as the name implies. The reason for that is that there was never a strategy to win. The two longest wars in American history are the wars against poverty and drugs.
The war on poverty was brought about by LBJ and his idea of a “Great Society”. The only casualties of this war were the poor, the poor are still poor. This idea of a great society is what created social welfare. The federal government began the habit and practice of rewarding bad behavior, poor decision-making and in some cases laziness. Self sufficiency was replaced by government reliance. The federal government would always be there in times of need no mater how often or how long. The Ghettos became the Projects became Public housing, often referred to as Section 8 housing aka the “Hood”. Public housing was so successful that it was expanded to all races, and it still provides the government one thing forced housing in the name of social, economic and political reasons. No matter the state where public housing exists it is always in a city, never in rural America. So you see it really is a Ghetto in the truest meaning of the word, the cities are still divided into quarters, not to mean a true quarter which would be 25% of the whole, if you do not believe this to be true try finding public housing in any upscale neighborhood or anywhere near a politicians home. The poor live in the poor quarter while the rich live in the rich quarter. The Liberal politicians are the worst, they claim to be for middle America, but middle America is not welcome in their neighborhoods. Then there are the myriad of government programs to “help” in times of need, food stamps(EBT), WIC, reduced electricity and water, free phones and the list goes on and on. These programs were meant for one thing and one thing only, to teach government dependence and reliance. This one sure way to tell that the “War on Poverty” has been lost, some schools are now open during the summer to provide meals for hungry children, and some even send backpacks home with the children with food to last the week-end or holiday. The war was lost even before it began and yet countless millions are thrown at it each and every year. The war on poverty was lost before it began for one reason, poverty was addressed not the cause of poverty. Poverty and its continued existence serve the politicians well, the continual throwing of money at a problem amplified by politicians is a guarantee of continued votes.
The two things in America that were never meant to be a career or livelihood are politics and welfare. Power and Money, politicians can never have enough of either, while throwing money at poverty and the impoverished and deny them the power to rise out of poverty.
If you live in public housing and are on government (taxpayer) assistance ask yourself this. Do you live where you want or are you living where the government wants you to live? Are you living the life you deserve or the one that the government has provided for you? If you had the opportunity could you provide better for yourself and your family? Could you be self-reliant?
The only way to end poverty is to end the war on poverty and re-establish self-reliance.
The war on drugs was and is another failure of government. Was the plan was to rid society of drug offenders or drugs?

Legal Immigration, Illegal Immigration, Immigration Reform and Amnesty.
The numbers of Legal immigrants applying for citizenship in a country speaks highly of the country, its form of government, way of life and the society. There does not appear to be vast numbers of people applying to immigrate to Mexico, Cuba, or North Korea, but there are many wanting to come to America.
Illegal Immigration. If you are here in America Illegally, you came here for a reason social, political or economic if you wish to become an American or live here legally go back to your home country and do it the right way. Get in line behind the others that are doing it the legal and right way. If your home country has a system other than Capitalism and that is why you came here illegally, then you are a coward and are only interested in self-preservation. You left your countrymen to face the same things you ran from. The Founding Fathers of America faced their challenges, they did not run away from the country they loved, America was their home. Rather than run away the men and women of colonial America fought for and many died to rid this country of the same thing you run from. The early Americans made a choice, a hard choice they waged a war to throw a tyrannical and oppressive ruler and government from this soil. The Founding Fathers took stand, caused change and made a difference. Like the song says “America the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Go back to your home country and consider your options, you have three,1. Continue to live under a system that you obviously despise. 2. Legal immigration to America. 3. Cause change in your home country socially, economically or politically. If you choose option 2 assimilate into American life.
Immigration Reform. If the politicians want to reform Immigration Law do this first, 1. Close and secure the borders allow no more in. 2. Resident Aliens, give them first consideration after all they have done the right things, paid the fees and work and pay taxes. 3. The people currently applying for admission allow them to finish the process they are doing the right thing. 4. Revisit the laws on the books and adjust if necessary based on need of the country and for the good of the country not for politics, political gain or political correctness or your personal agenda or your ego.
Those that are here illegally should be asking themselves a question. How can you trust the president of a nation who knowingly allowed you in illegally and in some case invited you in illegally? You broke the law and he encouraged it and welcomed it. Now you are being used as a tool with threats of amnesty if congress does not act on immigration reform on his schedule.
Amnesty. Not again once was enough.

Lies and Distractions. The telling of a falsehood knowing the opposite or something else is true. The one truth about a lie is that when uncovered for what it is you must cover it again or cause a distraction to draw attention from the original lie. The more you lie the more cover and distraction are needed to draw away attention. The latest distraction provided for the entertainment of America was provided by the fence jumper that made it into the White House. The question how was he not stopped can be answered by this, he was no threat and they knew it. There had been previous interaction with this man by secret service agents. Then the release of a story about the president riding in an elevator with an armed guard who just happened to be an ex-criminal. Oh please, but at least all the talk about the other scandals has ended for now.

Firsts. America has now had its first beheading of a non-Muslim by a Muslim. We also have our first case of Ebola, this particular mess just keeps unfolding and revealing more and more possibilities.

The elections are less than 1 month away. What are the incubation and quarantine times for Ebola? We were told this would never reach or borders. Is this just another lie or is it a distraction? Is this the transformation of America that was the real agenda? Was Ebola purposely allowed into America to prove that we are not exceptional? Is this political correctness run amuck? Was this to prove that we are one world and what effects one effects all?


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