Donors, Hacks and Parties

Fulfilling the agenda of political donors, political hacks and the political party at any and all costs. It matters not which political party is in power there is no difference between politicians. It also matters not which candidate you vote for because you do not get the person you get the political party. Not only do you get the party and not the person, you get the values of the party and the agenda of the party. The political party exists and not the person. The political parties are powerful and the tentacles are far-reaching. Partisan politics have one goal and one goal only and that is to insure that the agenda of the party and the donors are fulfilled without regard to the general population or what is best for the country. If one does not think partisan politics are the problem, consider this, many times during political ads for candidates seeking to unseat the incumbent, I have heard the expression countless times the incumbent has voted with the president 96 or 97% percent of the time. The proof is, as they say, in the pudding. My question to the candidates who make this claim, how often would you have voted with the policies of the president if you had the office and the president was also in your political party. Would you support your party or your constituents? The answer, I fear, is that you would support your party, Toe-the-line so to speak, or your political career would be short-lived. Again the proof is in the pudding, check the voting record of your elected representative.

The other side of this equation is how many times did the opposition vote against the president or the majority, as well as how many times the opposition sided with the majority. More than that the real questions would be these. What caused you to vote in support or in opposition to proposed legislation? Was it because you, based on your core values either supported or opposed? Was it because your political party affiliation? I fear that in many cases it is the latter.

Those elected to a Constitutional office were sent by the voters, based on what the voters wanted, personal interests or national interests.

The political donors want to be rewarded for their contributions, the political hacks want to make policy, the political party wants the money. The whole political process revolves around money. One thing about political hacks is that they will use an event or tragedy to further their ambitions and agenda. Political donors and political parties are tied to political hacks. Political hacks use events and even tragedies to promote their agenda to get more donations for their cause to fund the party.

Speaking of donations. I am constantly receiving e-mails and news letters wanting financial contributions to help candidates. The only help you will receive from me is my vote on election day, provided of course that you are the best qualified, so stop asking, no begging for money. Spending millions on a job that pays thousands is insanity, but then again it is not money that you have earned. You spend the money of others instead of your own. The worst part is that when the politician leaves office or fails to win the money left over goes with them in their personal “war chest”, and not returned or paid into the Treasury.

As for politicians if you really want the office you seek sell yourself, don’t just point out the failures of your opponent, point out what you could have or would have done differently and what the outcome may have been. I already know that your opponent was a failure. Your task is to convince me that you will not be another failure.

Political manipulation and control are the goals of political parties. To manipulate and control a country the politicians only need one thing, a divided population. Many “tools” are available for use, willingly I might add, to insure the population remains divided. The politicians, political hacks and the political parties never have to look far or hard to find them.

As pointed out in previous posts the electorate, meaning the voting citizens, are to blame for the shape of America today, financially and morally. Government is about more government. More government is about more control. More control is about less freedoms and liberties. Less freedoms and liberties are about less self-reliance. Less self-reliance is about more government dependence. More government dependence is about more government.

The politicians can only do what the electorate empowers them to do, this includes using a political hack to do what the politician is scared to do on his or her own. Political appointees are just that, an appointment to government office in reward for support, financial or campaign. Any person holding public office should be the most qualified not one who is owed a favor. When a position is given in reward for a favor, and how far will one go to attempt repayment of a reward. Favors and rewards are another vicious circle. No government agency or department should ever be allowed to be used as a weapon against the citizens.

This coming Election Day while casting your ballot will you be voting for a politician from a political party or will you cast your vote for a person seeking a Constitutional office?


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