It starts again, already

I admit that I was more than happy that the Republicans will control the Senate and still retain control of the House when the next Congress convenes in January. At last count there were still three Senate races that were not settled, AK, LA, and VA.

On the early morning news channels it started with the Talking Heads, Pollsters, Strategists and Political has-been making their rounds on the morning news shows dissecting every contest and vote offering their opinion as to why the Electorate voted as they did, and has been going on all day, and will likely continue for days. The weekend news programs will only offer more of the same. The answer is actually quite simple, the Electorate either voted for or against something or someone.

The hard-core base of each political party went to the polls to vote for their respective political party, regardless of the person. The uninformed and misinformed voters went to the polls and cast their ballot for a candidate or an initiative based on fear-mongering, race-baiting or brow-beating all the while not knowing or understanding the issues, much less who or what they were voting for or against. The informed voters went to the polls to cast their ballots based on an understanding of the issues. As for me, when I go to the polls to cast my ballot for a candidate I vote for the one who more closely matches my values regardless of party affiliation. As to the Florida governors race I believe that Florida is heading in the right direction and voted accordingly, what is best and right for Florida may or may not be what is best for me.

The most dangerous elements of the Election process in America are the hard-core base voters, the uninformed/misinformed voters and the political parties themselves.
The hard-core base voters are dangerous because they may stay home and skip an entire election cycle if the candidate on their party’s ticket does not measure up to the party platform. I guess this is their way of showing them. The politician is forced to pander to them to get them to vote, both parties do it.
The uninformed/misinformed voters are dangerous to the process because they do nothing to educate themselves about the candidates or the issues. In this day and age there is no excuse for anyone to make an uninformed choice. The world is at your fingertips, yet you do not take advantage. There is a world of information available, you may have to sort through it to get the truth. Maybe this is the reason you remain uninformed, just to lazy to sort out the truth. If the uninformed remain uninformed the door opens for them to be misinformed. Politicians, Pundits, Talking Heads and other people who are in reality no more relevant than a gnat will tell you what they want you to believe. If you are told the same thing enough times you will accept it as fact, even if it is a lie. But because you would not find out the truth for yourself you accept lies as truth. Fear-Mongering, Race-Baiting and Brow-Beating are your diet, and you are fed daily, if you appear hungry they come again and again with another dose.
The Political Parties are dangerous because of money. Not just money, but the way the money is used and the “pecking order” on how the money is doled out. The RNC and the DNC do the same things, if the candidate is an incumbent and faces little opposition he or she receives less campaign money than a hotly contested race. Conversely if a candidate does not stand a snow ball in hell’s chance of winning he or she receives little if any campaign money. The candidates who stand little, if any chance of winning must rely on state or county campaign committees for campaign money or donations from friends and supporters.

In an election there is a winner and a loser, just think of all the millions if not billions of dollars that were wasted on the loser of every election. New records in the amount of money spent were set on this Senate election, and makes no sense. Who was the benefactor in this free-for-all in spending? How many millions did the Newspaper and Magazine publishing companies and owners receive for advertisements? How many millions did the Radio and Television conglomerates receive for political advertisements? How many tons of electioneering material ended up in the Mail Boxes of America? Who paid the postage on the mailed material? How many e-mails and news letters were sent?

As mentioned in previous posts spending millions to get a job that pays thousands is insanity. The only way to clean up American politics is to remove the money. Furthermore the PACs and Super PACs should be done away with, they only serve one purpose with one goal, and that is the interests of the group or person who founded it and their agenda. The only people who receive money from the PACs are the ones who fit their idea for a perfect candidate.

The original intent of the Senate was to represent the State and the States interests, they were selected by the State Legislature. Now we have a popular election to send 2 Senators to represent the Political Party, the states no longer have any representation in Washington, D.C. Repealing the 17th Amendment alone would save millions upon millions of dollars.

Campaign Finance Reform is and has been a joke, but what was one to expect politicians wrote it. Here is an idea for real reform of campaign finance, all you can spend in seeking Constitutional Office is the amount equal to one years pay. This will hold down the negative attack advertisements, you will need your limited resources to sell yourself to the voters. If you must attack your opponent, attack his or her voting record, not how many times he or she voted with the president. Donors should be limited to the amount equal to 1 hours wages, after taxes of course. U.S. Government equipment is for Official Business Only, not for personal use or use while campaigning.

Politicians are members of political parties and they vote with the party, it is not a crime to vote along party lines. If you want to eliminate political party voting eliminate the political party. A politician can not go against the party to many times before the politician is sent to the wilderness. If you do not believe that the politician represents the political party look behind their name for a letter D, R or I. The president also represents the political party first, and since he is the president he is the head of his party, not too many in the party oppose and not many times.

The President is supposed to represent America, the Senate is supposed to represent the State, the House of Representatives are supposed to represent the constituents in his or her district, politicians represent the political party. All are supposed to uphold the Constitution of the U.S., not the party platform. What do we have in Washington, D.C.?

As mentioned in the beginning the republicans will control the Senate next Congressional Session. I mention this for two important reasons, 1 vacancies in the Courts and the Cabinet, there are already enough activists filling some of the positions, the vacancies can only be filled with advice and consent of the Senate, that is unless of course BHO fills them during recess. 2 Maybe, at least now something will get done by the Senate, and BHO will be presented bills for signature or veto, his buffer to responsibility will be gone.

What I meant by the title. There was no electioneering crap cluttering up my mailbox today but I did receive e-mails and news letters seeking donations and contributions in preparation for 2016. Give me a freaking break this election is not settled yet and still you ask for money, hard-earned I might add. This on top of the fact that the new Congress has not even been sworn in as yet, add this to the fact they have not done anything yet, talking and speeches do not get it done. Show me some action and meaningful legislation that is good for America. If you want donations and contributions from me do something that increases the bottom line of Americans. You wont like the donation I send to you, if I choose to, using my idea concerning donations from individuals, one hours wages after taxes is not much, but I make do. No, on second thought I will make no donations or contributions because you did not see the congressional race in my district as important, well it was important at least to me.