Merry Christmas

As we, meaning the entire Earth, celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. No other birth in history has so impacted the world, and the birth of no other is celebrated in so many nations on Earth. The birth of Jesus Christ was a gift to mankind and marked the beginning of Christianity.
Many millions around the globe will celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ in secrecy for fear of persecution from other religions, or perhaps from their own religion. Many more will celebrate in secrecy for fear that they will be exposed as frauds. Many more will not celebrate at all because of non-belief, yet they still participate in the festivities, even if only getting a paid holiday.
Many thousands tonight will not be with their families as the birth of Jesus Christ is celebrated, duty calls. Tonight there will be many, military service members serving in far and distant lands, some here in America will be performing some required duty and will not be at home during this joyous occasion. There will be many Law Enforcement Officers, Firemen, Paramedics, Doctors, Nurses and Private Security that will be on their posts instead of with their families. Many more will be at home as they are not required to man a post, but are ready to answer the call should it come. Selfless service and dedication to their fellow-man.
There will be some on their post tonight that were not required to be there, they will have voluntarily taken the place of another. Again an example of selfless service and dedication to their fellow-man.
There will be many Churches and Houses of Worship open tonight, members of the Clergy will be available to offer counsel and advice. Selfless service and dedication to their fellow-man through service to the Lord.
Today is Christmas Eve, and all of this will happen this year as in years past. Tomorrow, Christmas Day all of this will happen once more and there will be even more.
The Homeless Centers and Shelters will be brimming with activity. Meals will be prepared and served. Clothing and Food will be given to the needy. These people are all volunteers and voluntarily give their time and energy to anyone who even appears to be in need. Selfless Service and Dedication in action.
If you travel today or tomorrow to visit friends or family and happen to pass an open Church, stop by for a moment. If you see a fellow-man in need lend a hand.

The absence of “festive illumination” at or around a home does not mean that the inhabitants are not Christians or live in fear of persecution. It may simply mean that the inhabitants celebrate the “True meaning of Christmas”. Jesus Christ was the Gift to mankind. Have you opened your Christmas Gift?

Merry Christmas, and may the spirit of Christmas live in your heart everyday.

You have got to be kidding!

Just got another e-mail from a political party begging for money. They say we made progress, great progress in the last election, but more must be done, we must keep up the “good fight”. My question for you is what “good fight” are you fighting and on whose behalf are you fighting?

Now, let me think about that for a moment. Okay I thought about it, and here is my answer. NO!!!! and stop freaking begging.

While on the subject of you have got to be kidding. What the hell is all this noise about “lower fuel costs hurting the economy” and the “Wall Street and the investors are getting nervous”. These “knuckle heads” must actually believe that gas at near 4 dollars a gallon was good for helping the economy. WTF over.

My position is that lower fuel costs are helping the economy. Paying less for fuel leaves more pocket-money that can be spent in other sectors.

It is beginning to look like America may have hitched the wagon to the wrong team

I have said it before, I will say it again and I will keep saying it. America in general and the American People have no representation in Washington D.C. The only things that are Represented in Washington D.C. are, and they are in this order, The Political Parties, The Lobbyists, and The Special Interest Groups. The Candidate is not on the ballot, the Political Party is. This is easily proven by the order of name political party affiliation and the state, check for yourself. The political party is placed before the state, so just where do you think the constituents are in the pecking order. The constituents are dead last, if they make it even that far up the chain of giving a damn for a politician or their respective party. The politicians holding Constitutional Offices, now referred to as political office represents the party and the party platform and will vote accordingly, and along party lines. There are a few exceptions when it comes to voting along party lines, if there was not then the opposing candidate could say of the incumbent, you voted 100 percent of the time with the president. The political parties frown on politicians going against the party platform too many times, and may just primary the incumbent out in the next cycle.

There are those that say and claim that BHO was on the ballot, or a least his policies or agenda was, this past November. BHO himself even said it to be so. That alone should have been enough for anyone with any sense not to believe it, after all he would never tell anything that could be proven untrue now would be. He said it and the Main Stream Media and the Talking Heads ran with it. My ballot did not have BHO or his policies or agenda on it anywhere. This is how this lie gets started and perpetuates itself in every election, the opposing candidate usually says this, the incumbent voted with the president 90 whatever percent of the time, BHO even used it against his opponent in the his first election. Check the video archives and see for yourself. The only way possible for a person to vote nearly all the time with another is if they have the same agenda, same beliefs, same morals, think alike or belong to the same political party. It has been said that “If every one is thinking alike then someone is not thinking”.

The President is the President, Commander-in-Chief and the Head of his Political Party, but not necessarily in that order, I am of the belief that the political party is placed ahead and above all else, no matter who sits behind the “big desk”.

This is what I said and what I believe BHO and his policies were not on the ballot, what was on the ballot was the direction that America was going in. I can not speak for all but I can speak for myself, more than that I can think for myself. More voters wanted a change of direction from the one America was on, than those who wanted to stay the course, it really is that simple. Democrats and the Democratic Party were voted out in many locals and Republicans and the Republican Party were voted in. One was on the wrong path and the other promised a new course.

And this non-sense about the Congress and it’s leadership, if it can be called that, stating that they are willing to work “with” the President serves to prove my point. By the Congressional leadership openly saying that they will work with the President, they are actually saying that they will support the President. The only opposition offered against the president thus far has been lip service. They by default have given the president the upper hand. Maybe it is time for Congress, the President and the Courts to read the Constitution, and I mean read it in the Spirit and Context that it was written. It is also about time that they all realize or at least remember that they are all elected to Constitutional Offices and not Political offices. Maybe then they will realize why our government is divided into three branches. They each swore by oath of affirmation that they would uphold the Constitution, the entire Constitution, not just the part that covered their branch or the parts they agreed with. Neither of the three branches were intended to work with the other, the intention was for them to work together to ensure the success of America.

America is on a course towards self-destruction. If America continues on the same path, self-destruction will come as predicted in the past, “If America is to be destroyed it will be from with-in”.

The Republicans and the Republican Party won the last election big time, and as I said it was not for them to work with the president, it was for them to act sensibly and responsibly. I can not speak for the rest of the American voters but as said above I can speak for myself and think for myself. Personally I think every last one in Congress should have been replaced. I am of the opinion that the only reason the republicans won anything is because Congress had become known as the “do nothing” Congress. But it was not really a do nothing congress, the Democratic controlled Senate had been doing one thing and that was protecting BHO. If a bill were to be sent to his desk and it contained good legislation, but it went against his agenda and he vetoed it then he would have to explain why he did not sign into law legislation that was “wholesome and good”. If it never reached the desk BHO did not have to do anything, but it did provide a scapegoat. Come January when the Republicans take control of the Senate and have even more seats in the House do something, introduce legislation that is “wholesome and good”, and please keep it simple and short, send it to BHO to either sign into law or veto and let him explain his actions. Not only send it to BHO but post it for all Americans to see. Who knows, he may actually do his job if you force him too. Congress can continue being a part of the problem or become part of the solution. You can be voted out the same as you were voted in. I am thinking you will continue doing the same old thing as your predecessors did and put your party first, and out you shall go.

Truths about Politicians, Political Parties and government in general. Government either elected or appointed has one goal in mind, Power and Control. The more Power government has, takes or acquires the more Control it can exercise over the populace. It is now how it has been in the past one side seeks to grow the federal government and one side promises to shrink government, but in honesty when was the last time the government gave the power back to the people, name one. Politicians and the Political Parties rely on the voters that would rather be Dependent than Independent. Being Dependent on government frees a person from being Independent. For some, and I believe now for many it is as it has always been, they would rather a few or in some case one make the decisions for them. When a person has to make decisions for themselves they may be forced to choose, with choice comes sacrifice and prioritization. The basic priorities of life are the same now as they have always been, and they are Food, Clothing and Shelter.
An Independent person is Self-Reliant, practices Self-Sufficiency and understands the principles of Prioritization and Sacrifice. This type of person also understands that they are entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and nothing else, these are the only entitlement programs in America. These are the people politicians fear, therefore the politicians do not represent these types of people.
The Dependent person is not Self-Reliant, rarely if ever practices Self-Sufficiency and understands nothing of prioritization or Sacrifice. This person also has come to realize that they can vote themselves money from the Treasury by voting for a politician who will continue to call Welfare programs Entitlements. Welfare programs are not Entitlements. Welfare programs are Bribes on one hand and out right Theft on the other. Theft and Bribery are the best words I can think of to describe Welfare Programs. Taking by force or the threat of force, Theft, from one to be used as a Bribe to buy votes of another. This person has been bought and paid for by government and the social welfare programs, more importantly this type of person demonstrates that they can be bought. These are the people politicians do not fear, therefore the politicians represent these types of people.
The only fear politicians have is that the money will run out.

Now, we come to the point where I prove or a least try to prove that America may have hitched the wagon to the wrong team. The republicans in congress have been railing against BHO for his power grabs and his utter disregard for the Constitution and abuse of powers. Yet, BHO has been given even more power by Congress, but was the power given to BHO or was the additional power given to the Office of the President. BHO will be the immediate receiver of this power gift, but the effects will be long-lasting, in fact the true recipient will be succeeding presidents and will at some point lead to Imperial Rule. As pointed out above no politician has ever given back any powers gained, no matter the means in which they were gained, for that matter nor has any government office. The more they get the more the want and demand, spoiled children, not an adult in the room.
The establishment republicans either will not or do not understand why they have been entrusted by the People to right this nation. The election of November past was not a referendum on anything but partisan politics.
The wagon was unhitched from a team of blue asses and hitched to a team of red asses dressed as pachyderms. The only real change was the color. Doing this only delayed the inevitable.
As stated above the republicans and especially the establishment republicans are not that upset over the power grab by the executive branch, they are only upset that the executive branch is controlled by a democrat. If a republican was at the helm and sitting behind the big desk they would be okay with presidential overreach. I come to this conclusion and make this statement based on my own observations and deductive reasoning. The claims of presidential overreach and abuses of power must be okay with congress based on this if it was so upsetting and un-nerving why did they just increase the power granted to the executive branch and even fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. The budget, more accurately, the omnibus spending bill will now carry the government through the 30th of September 2015, but what else happens in 2015. The never-ending election cycle begins, there will be elections held in November 2016. The newly elected members of the House will instead of focusing on ways to trim government spending will instead have to focus on taking steps to be re-elected. Maybe it was all planned this way. Also the long-lasting effects of additional powers granted to or assumed by the executive branch will be handed down through successive administrations. BHO may be the beneficiary for now but the establishment republicans are counting on gaining the White House in 2016 and the new republican president will have all the power bestowed upon him or her by the previous administration and will enjoy the new powers bestowed by a benevolent congress.

What is needed in America is for people to seek, gain and hold Constitutional Offices based on the Spirit and Context of the Constitution, but this will require Statesmen and not Politicians.

In reading a recent post on another site concerning Thomas Paine and his contributions to American Independence, the author asked if there were any like Thomas Paine in America today. The answer is yes, there are and there has always been, you must only look for them. They will be where you least expect them, and their occupation may surprise you. The best two examples that come to mind are a Comedian and a Teacher. The comedian I refer to is Red Skelton, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the teacher I refer to is the Teacher Red Skelton refers to in his recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. It is on YouTube, I encourage you to watch it and if you have seen it watch it again and show it to the young, especially the young.
There are places where a Thomas Paine will never be found, namely in Washington, D.C.

What America needs now is to evict the politicians, political parties, lobbyists and special interest groups from government and send Statesmen to represent the People, the States and the Country. We need good Stewards of the country, not what we have now which is and are pitiful stewards of their political parties.

Law Enforcement How we got it, Why we need it and Who is ultimately responsible for it

As to how we as America came to have Law Enforcement was because we are a nation of law. Pretty simple explanation. What would be the use of passing laws if they were not to be enforced?

A short history of Law Enforcement and the Law Enforcement Officer in America.
Colonial America was much easier to police and govern due to the fact that there was no centralized government. Each of the inhabitants lived under law from their home country. Skipping forward a bit, the Colonies became united under rule of Great Britain and the Colonials lived under British Common Law. As the settlers moved out of the larger cities of the time and established new towns and cities they realized the same thing as people of times past had learned, government was needed and the towns and cities established governing bodies. These town or city councils began passing what were and are known as Ordinances, which were no more than Standards of Conduct, meaning the manner a person was supposed to conduct themselves while in the town or city limits. They also began passing Laws, which are no more than Prohibited Conduct, aka Crimes, which generally spelled out the penalty for breaking the Law. Now they had Ordinances and Laws and for them to be effective they needed enforcement, but who would or could do that. The towns folk were all busy at their occupations from farming to owning a store and did not have the time it would take to enforce ordinances or laws, basically they all had jobs and did not need another one. A man was hired as his full-time job, to enforce the ordinances and laws of the town or city, in the town or city and that was the limit of his authority in the early days. A simple business arrangement. This was the beginning of the Law Enforcement Officer in America, a man hired to do what the citizens would not or could not do, even though it was their responsibility. For brevity I will not go through how this simple business arrangement grew to what we have now. See, I told you this would be short.

Law Enforcement and why we need it.
See opening statement. This part was real short.

Law Enforcement an who is ultimately responsible for it.
Each and every citizen is responsible to Enforce the Law. The same as it was in the early days, if you can not or will not, just hire someone to do it. The easiest way for everyone to enforce the Law is simply obey it, even if you have to Force yourself. This one was short too.

Bonus material.
Even though I have the highest respect for Law enforcement Officers I am still against the militarization of Law Enforcement, especially when it comes to automatic weapons and military vehicles. Having some experience with automatic weapons I know this from experience, even the smaller calibers are a “bitch” to control. You may start on target but that does not last long before muzzle rises and stray rounds fly. But, I also realize that the “cops” need at least as good, if not better arms than the “robbers”. So even though I am against it I understand the need.

On a side note to law enforcement officers. This is especially if you work the streets, lose the polo shirts and the shorts, put your uniform back on, it just looks more professional and for God’s sake shave and get a haircut, and if you could hold back on the tattoos. After all you represent Me.

More bonus material.
This is for those who do not feel or think that Law Enforcement is their responsibility, even if it is only Forcing themselves to follow the law. If you break the Law then Law Enforcement Officers will come and Enforce it, after all that is what you hired them to do. They came because you shirked your duty.

Maybe, just maybe if “We The People” began following the law and the rule of law the politicians “They The Government” would do the same and the sanity would return.

Even more bonus material.
This is for the people who constantly “bitch” about Law Enforcement and the Legal system, especially when you do not get your way or when you have a negative encounter with a Law Enforcement Officer. If you despise Law Enforcement and the legal system so much them abolish it. Stop making law and get rid of the ones that are already in effect, without Law there would be no need in Enforcement. Everything would be legal there would be nothing illegal. Everyone could do what they wanted. You would be free to do anything to anybody and they you. We could empty out the prisons and jails around America, surely there is a more fitting use for that land.

No, I like living in a land of Law and I understand that Law must be Enforced.

Last One.
If it is so hard for you to do your part as a citizen Enforcing the Law(forcing yourself to follow it) and you are tired of others Enforcing the Law and you are tired of a Legal system that gives results based on Logic rather than Emotion go somewhere else. Check the world map and find yourself a place that has no laws, that is where you will truly be happy and a victim. When you finally become the victim you can not even call 911, the one and the system you so despise will not be able to save your sorry ass. There are no Laws so nothing illegal happened.

This Is What America Is Coming To…

Let the ones who criticize send a day or night on the streets

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Open letter from a police officer:

“Today, I stopped caring about my fellow man. I stopped caring about my community, my neighbors, and those I serve. I stopped caring today because a once noble profession has become despised, hated, distrusted, and mostly unwanted.

I stopped caring today because parents refuse to teach their kids right from wrong and blame us when they are caught breaking the law. I stopped caring today because parents tell their little kids to be good or “the police will take you away” embedding a fear from year one. Moms hate us in their schools because we frighten them and remind them of the evil that lurks in the world.

They would rather we stay unseen, but close by if needed, but readily available to “fix their kid.” I stopped caring today because we work to keep our streets safe from mayhem in the form…

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A Feudal Empire, the new America

The America of today is definitely not the America the Founding Fathers envisioned, but they knew the America of today was a possibility. They issued warnings and some even stated what would destroy the Republic. Some of them even offered ways to avoid the fall and destruction. The United States of America is degenerating into a Feudal Empire. The elections and campaigning in America have become non-stop as soon as one is over the next begins. This year it never took a break, the politicians were already posturing and positioning for the next one even before some of the elections were settled. The never-ending campaigning and election cycles have taken a life of their own, as a matter of fact, they have taken the form of a Feud.

The feud being waged across America is like nothing seen before in this land, not even the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s can hold a candle to this one.

The Feud being waged across America is not about defending one’s honor, defending the honor of one’s family or even defending the honor of one’s country. It is about control, absolute control. It is not about honor, as most of the participants have no honor to defend. The participants in this feud are the Political Parties, the Politicians themselves and the Special Interest Groups including the Lobbyists and the PACS with the major Media outlets providing aid, comfort and support. Power and control are what is sought, fulfilling the agenda is the goal.

As a matter of fact the ongoing feud is not only being waged across America, it is being waged against America. The weapons and tools used in the Political Feud include money, divisiveness, lies and deceit. When these weapons are used in unison with a population that either will not, or can not see the truth they become weapons capable of destroying the Republic.

Money used as a weapon and a tool. “The Republic is in Danger of Collapsing when the People learn they can Vote themselves Money from the National Treasury”. That was a true statement, but it took Congress and Liberal Progressives to make it true. The biggest danger the Republic faces is Political Parties and Politicians who realize that they can Buy Votes with Monies from the National Treasury. With the arrival of this realization the death of self-reliance and government dependence was born. Wealth redistribution did not arrive with Obamacare, it has lived among us for many years. The National treasury is tax dollars paid in by the working population and was intended to support the country, not some of the inhabitants. If one wishes to Reap the Benefits of Living in a Free Country and Enjoy the Liberties that come with such a life must Bear the Fatigue of Supporting it.
Practice self-reliance, do for yourself what needs to be done. Do not rely on government to provide for you that which is your personal responsibility. If you rely on government to provide for your needs you give government the power to rule your life. If the government has the power to give, the government has the power to take away. With power comes control.

Divisiveness used as a weapon and a tool. As I have written before, a divided populace is easy to control and manipulate. Government, at all levels, is about complete and utter control. America is now and has been divided along many lines. America is divided along lines such race, financial status, age and gender.
Division by race. Black against White against Black. Hispanic against White against Hispanic. Black against Hispanic against Black. In short every race against every other race. Discrimination, Bigotry, Hatred and Racism are all very much alive today. One would or more aptly should ask, How is this possible in a land that has passed laws to prevent such. In fact the laws have been so perversely applied that a new term was created, Affirmative Action, which gave us the reverse. The answer to this is quite often the same as with many other issues facing America, “Government is not the solution Government is the Problem”. In the case of Racism, Government not only supports it but encourages it and even participates in it willingly and voluntarily, though it claims to be against it. Normally this would be referred to as being Two-Faced, but in government this is normal behavior. To prove this let me submit the following, using the U.S. Congress as an example, and a “fine example” they are. Congress sets the example for America to follow by dividing themselves into racial groupings. There is the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Does anybody really believe these two “fine examples” of leadership represent anything but their race? I submit to you that they do not. If they have “exclusive sessions”( I wonder what are the requirements are to be a member of a group that claims in its title to be black or Hispanic) why would any believe that they conduct themselves any differently when they all get together. While these two “racial groups” appear to be leading the “fight” to ensure a better life for their particular races they actually do more harm than they can ever do good. In their attempts to secure advancement of their particular race they hinder and obstruct the advancement of all others. If America is to advance based on race and Governmental action, America will only advance as far as Government allows. I submit this to you in a country with the Freedoms and Liberties that all Americans are supposed to enjoy, they must all advance together and unite into one Race, and that race is American. I have often wondered why any person would belong to any group government or otherwise that seeks to promote advancement one race in America and not all races in America, after all we are all Americans and America was at one time referred to as the “Great Melting Pot”. A few final questions on Racism, are you being held back because of your race or are you being held back because of government? If Government Action is the answer, why are you stagnated in the position provided for you by big government? Have you already advanced as far as government will allow?
“The only limits on advancement an American faces are the limits one places on one’s self”. That should be a statement to live by, no limits should be placed on advancement by Government.
If you do not believe that the Government has been successful in dividing the populace into small and easily controllable groups consider the following. Check any form or application the government requires to be filled out and you will find the following, and you must disclose the information; There are several blocks that must be filled in or at least checked and they are, Race or Ethnicity, Age Bracket or Date of Birth, Gender and on some forms the Other block concerning race has been eliminated. The populace happily checks the blocks or fills in the information without ever wondering why this information must be disclosed. The Quota system is still alive and well thanks to Government.

Lies and Deceit used as a weapons and a tools. These are politics and politicians who rely on ignorance of the populace. Perhaps the best example of lies and deceit center around financial status. A politician will give a speech on income inequality to a crowd and get them all stirred up over how poor they are, and blame the rich for them being poor. The politician is being wee-paid for their appearance, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and them have the nerve to blame the rich for the poor. The next time you attend one of these events ask the speaker these three questions. How much are you being paid to give this speech? What have you personally done to fight poverty and help the poor? Who was the last person to be hired by another poor person? One of two things will happen after the questions are asked. The politician will lie on all accounts, because that is what politicians do best, or you will find your poor-ass being escorted out of the event.

The ultimate goal is the return of America to the level of a Feudal Empire, as one might say returning to its “Roots”. But it will be a little different from Colonial America. The feuding powers this time will be and are the political parties and one will win the feud and we the populace will be handed off to the next feudal winner. It will be just like the Serfs of old, passed along with the title and the land. If you do not believe this look a the election maps, what color state do you live in, red or blue. The individual no longer matters the state is claimed in the name of the political party.

Colonial America had its founding in Serfdom, the nations of Europe had Imperial Leaders and the nations of Europe were constantly feuding. One would lose and the victor would gain that territory and with it acquire the colony in America. The colony along with its inhabitants would be passed to the feudal winner. Without going through all the history of how the colonies eventually came under British Imperial rule, the following should suffice: By definition a Serf is no more than a slave, subservient if you will, belonging to the land and is transferred with the land to the Feudal winner. The citizenry was expected, no demanded to be obedient and compliant with the Feudal winner, the Master if you will.

There are some major problems with living in a Feudal Empire.
The first problem is that the Feuding never ends, it rages on from day-to-day, never-ending and never-ceasing.
The next problem is that the winners of the Feud begin to see themselves as Imperials, kings or queens even if only for a term. They no longer see themselves as elected to Govern they see themselves as elected to Rule.
The next problem is that when the elected officials, the ones who won the latest Feud, see themselves as and then act as Imperials they see the population as Serfs, subjects and subservient to the ruling class. This is a very big problem, but not an insurmountable one.