A Feudal Empire, the new America

The America of today is definitely not the America the Founding Fathers envisioned, but they knew the America of today was a possibility. They issued warnings and some even stated what would destroy the Republic. Some of them even offered ways to avoid the fall and destruction. The United States of America is degenerating into a Feudal Empire. The elections and campaigning in America have become non-stop as soon as one is over the next begins. This year it never took a break, the politicians were already posturing and positioning for the next one even before some of the elections were settled. The never-ending campaigning and election cycles have taken a life of their own, as a matter of fact, they have taken the form of a Feud.

The feud being waged across America is like nothing seen before in this land, not even the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s can hold a candle to this one.

The Feud being waged across America is not about defending one’s honor, defending the honor of one’s family or even defending the honor of one’s country. It is about control, absolute control. It is not about honor, as most of the participants have no honor to defend. The participants in this feud are the Political Parties, the Politicians themselves and the Special Interest Groups including the Lobbyists and the PACS with the major Media outlets providing aid, comfort and support. Power and control are what is sought, fulfilling the agenda is the goal.

As a matter of fact the ongoing feud is not only being waged across America, it is being waged against America. The weapons and tools used in the Political Feud include money, divisiveness, lies and deceit. When these weapons are used in unison with a population that either will not, or can not see the truth they become weapons capable of destroying the Republic.

Money used as a weapon and a tool. “The Republic is in Danger of Collapsing when the People learn they can Vote themselves Money from the National Treasury”. That was a true statement, but it took Congress and Liberal Progressives to make it true. The biggest danger the Republic faces is Political Parties and Politicians who realize that they can Buy Votes with Monies from the National Treasury. With the arrival of this realization the death of self-reliance and government dependence was born. Wealth redistribution did not arrive with Obamacare, it has lived among us for many years. The National treasury is tax dollars paid in by the working population and was intended to support the country, not some of the inhabitants. If one wishes to Reap the Benefits of Living in a Free Country and Enjoy the Liberties that come with such a life must Bear the Fatigue of Supporting it.
Practice self-reliance, do for yourself what needs to be done. Do not rely on government to provide for you that which is your personal responsibility. If you rely on government to provide for your needs you give government the power to rule your life. If the government has the power to give, the government has the power to take away. With power comes control.

Divisiveness used as a weapon and a tool. As I have written before, a divided populace is easy to control and manipulate. Government, at all levels, is about complete and utter control. America is now and has been divided along many lines. America is divided along lines such race, financial status, age and gender.
Division by race. Black against White against Black. Hispanic against White against Hispanic. Black against Hispanic against Black. In short every race against every other race. Discrimination, Bigotry, Hatred and Racism are all very much alive today. One would or more aptly should ask, How is this possible in a land that has passed laws to prevent such. In fact the laws have been so perversely applied that a new term was created, Affirmative Action, which gave us the reverse. The answer to this is quite often the same as with many other issues facing America, “Government is not the solution Government is the Problem”. In the case of Racism, Government not only supports it but encourages it and even participates in it willingly and voluntarily, though it claims to be against it. Normally this would be referred to as being Two-Faced, but in government this is normal behavior. To prove this let me submit the following, using the U.S. Congress as an example, and a “fine example” they are. Congress sets the example for America to follow by dividing themselves into racial groupings. There is the Congressional Black Caucus and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Does anybody really believe these two “fine examples” of leadership represent anything but their race? I submit to you that they do not. If they have “exclusive sessions”( I wonder what are the requirements are to be a member of a group that claims in its title to be black or Hispanic) why would any believe that they conduct themselves any differently when they all get together. While these two “racial groups” appear to be leading the “fight” to ensure a better life for their particular races they actually do more harm than they can ever do good. In their attempts to secure advancement of their particular race they hinder and obstruct the advancement of all others. If America is to advance based on race and Governmental action, America will only advance as far as Government allows. I submit this to you in a country with the Freedoms and Liberties that all Americans are supposed to enjoy, they must all advance together and unite into one Race, and that race is American. I have often wondered why any person would belong to any group government or otherwise that seeks to promote advancement one race in America and not all races in America, after all we are all Americans and America was at one time referred to as the “Great Melting Pot”. A few final questions on Racism, are you being held back because of your race or are you being held back because of government? If Government Action is the answer, why are you stagnated in the position provided for you by big government? Have you already advanced as far as government will allow?
“The only limits on advancement an American faces are the limits one places on one’s self”. That should be a statement to live by, no limits should be placed on advancement by Government.
If you do not believe that the Government has been successful in dividing the populace into small and easily controllable groups consider the following. Check any form or application the government requires to be filled out and you will find the following, and you must disclose the information; There are several blocks that must be filled in or at least checked and they are, Race or Ethnicity, Age Bracket or Date of Birth, Gender and on some forms the Other block concerning race has been eliminated. The populace happily checks the blocks or fills in the information without ever wondering why this information must be disclosed. The Quota system is still alive and well thanks to Government.

Lies and Deceit used as a weapons and a tools. These are politics and politicians who rely on ignorance of the populace. Perhaps the best example of lies and deceit center around financial status. A politician will give a speech on income inequality to a crowd and get them all stirred up over how poor they are, and blame the rich for them being poor. The politician is being wee-paid for their appearance, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and them have the nerve to blame the rich for the poor. The next time you attend one of these events ask the speaker these three questions. How much are you being paid to give this speech? What have you personally done to fight poverty and help the poor? Who was the last person to be hired by another poor person? One of two things will happen after the questions are asked. The politician will lie on all accounts, because that is what politicians do best, or you will find your poor-ass being escorted out of the event.

The ultimate goal is the return of America to the level of a Feudal Empire, as one might say returning to its “Roots”. But it will be a little different from Colonial America. The feuding powers this time will be and are the political parties and one will win the feud and we the populace will be handed off to the next feudal winner. It will be just like the Serfs of old, passed along with the title and the land. If you do not believe this look a the election maps, what color state do you live in, red or blue. The individual no longer matters the state is claimed in the name of the political party.

Colonial America had its founding in Serfdom, the nations of Europe had Imperial Leaders and the nations of Europe were constantly feuding. One would lose and the victor would gain that territory and with it acquire the colony in America. The colony along with its inhabitants would be passed to the feudal winner. Without going through all the history of how the colonies eventually came under British Imperial rule, the following should suffice: By definition a Serf is no more than a slave, subservient if you will, belonging to the land and is transferred with the land to the Feudal winner. The citizenry was expected, no demanded to be obedient and compliant with the Feudal winner, the Master if you will.

There are some major problems with living in a Feudal Empire.
The first problem is that the Feuding never ends, it rages on from day-to-day, never-ending and never-ceasing.
The next problem is that the winners of the Feud begin to see themselves as Imperials, kings or queens even if only for a term. They no longer see themselves as elected to Govern they see themselves as elected to Rule.
The next problem is that when the elected officials, the ones who won the latest Feud, see themselves as and then act as Imperials they see the population as Serfs, subjects and subservient to the ruling class. This is a very big problem, but not an insurmountable one.

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