Law Enforcement How we got it, Why we need it and Who is ultimately responsible for it

As to how we as America came to have Law Enforcement was because we are a nation of law. Pretty simple explanation. What would be the use of passing laws if they were not to be enforced?

A short history of Law Enforcement and the Law Enforcement Officer in America.
Colonial America was much easier to police and govern due to the fact that there was no centralized government. Each of the inhabitants lived under law from their home country. Skipping forward a bit, the Colonies became united under rule of Great Britain and the Colonials lived under British Common Law. As the settlers moved out of the larger cities of the time and established new towns and cities they realized the same thing as people of times past had learned, government was needed and the towns and cities established governing bodies. These town or city councils began passing what were and are known as Ordinances, which were no more than Standards of Conduct, meaning the manner a person was supposed to conduct themselves while in the town or city limits. They also began passing Laws, which are no more than Prohibited Conduct, aka Crimes, which generally spelled out the penalty for breaking the Law. Now they had Ordinances and Laws and for them to be effective they needed enforcement, but who would or could do that. The towns folk were all busy at their occupations from farming to owning a store and did not have the time it would take to enforce ordinances or laws, basically they all had jobs and did not need another one. A man was hired as his full-time job, to enforce the ordinances and laws of the town or city, in the town or city and that was the limit of his authority in the early days. A simple business arrangement. This was the beginning of the Law Enforcement Officer in America, a man hired to do what the citizens would not or could not do, even though it was their responsibility. For brevity I will not go through how this simple business arrangement grew to what we have now. See, I told you this would be short.

Law Enforcement and why we need it.
See opening statement. This part was real short.

Law Enforcement an who is ultimately responsible for it.
Each and every citizen is responsible to Enforce the Law. The same as it was in the early days, if you can not or will not, just hire someone to do it. The easiest way for everyone to enforce the Law is simply obey it, even if you have to Force yourself. This one was short too.

Bonus material.
Even though I have the highest respect for Law enforcement Officers I am still against the militarization of Law Enforcement, especially when it comes to automatic weapons and military vehicles. Having some experience with automatic weapons I know this from experience, even the smaller calibers are a “bitch” to control. You may start on target but that does not last long before muzzle rises and stray rounds fly. But, I also realize that the “cops” need at least as good, if not better arms than the “robbers”. So even though I am against it I understand the need.

On a side note to law enforcement officers. This is especially if you work the streets, lose the polo shirts and the shorts, put your uniform back on, it just looks more professional and for God’s sake shave and get a haircut, and if you could hold back on the tattoos. After all you represent Me.

More bonus material.
This is for those who do not feel or think that Law Enforcement is their responsibility, even if it is only Forcing themselves to follow the law. If you break the Law then Law Enforcement Officers will come and Enforce it, after all that is what you hired them to do. They came because you shirked your duty.

Maybe, just maybe if “We The People” began following the law and the rule of law the politicians “They The Government” would do the same and the sanity would return.

Even more bonus material.
This is for the people who constantly “bitch” about Law Enforcement and the Legal system, especially when you do not get your way or when you have a negative encounter with a Law Enforcement Officer. If you despise Law Enforcement and the legal system so much them abolish it. Stop making law and get rid of the ones that are already in effect, without Law there would be no need in Enforcement. Everything would be legal there would be nothing illegal. Everyone could do what they wanted. You would be free to do anything to anybody and they you. We could empty out the prisons and jails around America, surely there is a more fitting use for that land.

No, I like living in a land of Law and I understand that Law must be Enforced.

Last One.
If it is so hard for you to do your part as a citizen Enforcing the Law(forcing yourself to follow it) and you are tired of others Enforcing the Law and you are tired of a Legal system that gives results based on Logic rather than Emotion go somewhere else. Check the world map and find yourself a place that has no laws, that is where you will truly be happy and a victim. When you finally become the victim you can not even call 911, the one and the system you so despise will not be able to save your sorry ass. There are no Laws so nothing illegal happened.

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