Out with the Old, In with the New, Problem is that they are the Same

The 114th Congress will be no different from the 113th. Leadership positions and appointments to committees will be based on party loyalty. Adherence to party platforms and party loyalty are the key to success to politicians. If a congressional member is seen as a problem to the leadership or to the party they can forget high-profile committees and will find themselves safely tucked into corner. Where they remain unknown and obscure, until they come around to the leaderships and parties way of thinking. Back-rooms are where committee memberships and leadership positions are assigned after an understanding is reached. The leadership protects itself from rivalry and in-fighting by insuring the minor leaders will not stray. Arm-twisting and coercion, a sort of political blackmail. The outside will never be allowed inside.

Political corruption runs much deeper than just the politicians and their respective parties. Is it really the leadership that names who to the committees? What role does the political party have in committee appointments? The political parties control the politicians, but who or what controls the political parties? Political parties survive on money, donations. The donations to the political parties come from lobbyists, PACs, and special interest groups. The donors see their donations as investments and want to see a positive return on their investment, no positive return, no more investment. So, who really controls appointments to committees and leadership. With-out the appointment to the right committee the politician is never introduced to the right people. So, which politician will sell him or herself out to get on the right committee to meet the right people?

The Republicans were handed a huge victory in November, yet they acted as though they had lost. Rather than a continuing resolution to fund the government until February, they pushed through a massive 1.1 Trillion dollar omnibus bill to fully fund the government, except one obscure section of DHS, until the end of the fiscal year. There are only two reasons for this to happen. 1. You establishment Republicans could not trust that the new members of Congress would continue doing business as usual, they may cause a wave upsetting your apple cart. 2. The 113th Congress were all of the same party. Not to mention the fact that not only did the omnibus bill pass before the new Congress convened none of you bothered to read it, but you each made sure that your donors were amply rewarded.

I can do math, your vain attempt, in the House at passing the Keystone XL pipeline bill and sending it to the Senate hoping that it would pass and go forward to BHO was for what purpose. This was another back-room deal, but it back-fired and died in the Senate, missed by 1 vote. Now you will try again, even if it is a clean bill, which I doubt, BHO will veto it. You do not have enough votes to override a Veto, and you know it. In order for BHO not to veto you will have to give him a lot. This is more likely, you know the veto pen will come out on the pipeline, and the crying begins anew. When the republicans gained the house, nothing got done and more crying ensued. The republicans controlled the House but need the senate to get anything done. The veto by BHO will lead to more crying we need the White house too. This bull-shit crying began in 2010 and has not stopped, nor will it. Excuses will be given for why the Congress failed to do anything and BHO did everything either by executive order or memorandum. News for you, you had the House, the Senate and the White House at one time and nothing but spending occurred and the government grew then as it grows now.

In all actuality you have no desire to stop BHO, you have no desire to stop the amnesty by executive order and you have no desire to stop Obamacare. This is best illustrated by your passing the omnibus spending bill before the new Congress. Some of the new members may have been serious about their campaign promises, even if you were not. The fact that it passed without being read speaks volumes about your character and you ineptness. The speed at which it was done only serves to prove that you, the establishment republicans could not and can not trust the new members of Congress.

This is why you will not stop BHO. The establishment politicians have been patiently awaiting his arrival, it did not have to be BHO but one like him. You have been patiently waiting for things to come together. Some career politicians waited so long they died in office.

The three separate branches of government were never meant to work together, the original intent was to keep the others in check. The Congress was sent to work for the people and the states not to work with the president.


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