A government out of control

There are many who say that America has lost her way, gone off track. There are also many who say that America is heading towards economic failure and societal breakdown. I say there is nothing wrong with America, she has not lost her way, instead she is being dragged off-track. Economic failure and societal breakdown are both real possibilities, and the order of occurrence is not important one will lead to the other.
If the current pace continues America will reach a tipping point, a point of no return. America at present has an administration that is hell-bent on continuing with the failed policies of LBJ. The “great society” which started in the 1960’s has done more to destroy society than it could ever have helped. The liberal progressives will not admit that the great society was and is a total and abject failure, rather they claim that more should have and could have been done. There is at present more people on government assistance than at any time in American history. The policy of government is to throw more and more money at a problem, when it should be to sit back and find the cause. Eliminate the cause and you eliminate the problem. Government instead wants to eliminate the problem leaving the cause in place. Leaving the cause in place will only insure the problem will resurface. This may well be the intent, a never-ending problem allowing government to come to the rescue again and again. This leads to government dependence, which is the intent of liberal progressives. Here is an example of fixing the problem but leaving the cause in place. A car has a flat tire because a nail is in the tire. Adding air cures the flat tire for a while, but it will slowly lose air and soon will be flat once again. True you solved the flat tire problem for a while and you can continue adding air at intervals to prevent it from continually going flat. Had you removed the nail and patched the tire you could move onto other things rather than dedicating so much energy and time to repeating one thing. The nail caused the tire to go flat not the lack of air. Eliminate the cause the problem is solved.
Now we have the “great society” part 2 or whatever number it is, two free years at a community college and the newest catch phrase “middle class economics”. No one much mentions the “war on poverty” any more. I would like to point out that nothing is free not even freedom, someone somewhere paid for it. America is the home of the free because of the brave. The “free” two years must be paid by someone somewhere.
Middle class economics is just the latest game of smoke and mirrors. It may look like a break for the middle class but it is intended to break the middle class. Hide and watch on this one, you will see.

At last check America is some 18 trillion dollars in debt. Not to mention there is a deficit. There are even rumors of unfunded liabilities. Debt is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as you can pay off your debt. Deficits on the other hand are a bad thing, you do not have enough money on hand to pay the bills. You may have enough to pay the interest but the principal never goes down and you spend a lifetime in debt. A shrinking deficit is still a deficit and is not a good thing, no matter how it is candy coated, short of funds is short of funds even if you are one cent short you are still short and you over-spent. Deficits are always bad. Borrowing more money to cover the deficit is about as stupid as it gets. If you do not have it now you will not have it later plus you now have to pay back what you were short. The problem with robbing Peter to pay Paul is that sooner or later Peter is going to want his money back.
The unfunded liabilities are down the road a piece but they will show up sooner than expected. It is on a collision course with the debt can.

I am no financial genius by any stretch of the imagination, but I do understand how money works. More than that, being somewhat mechanically inclined I understand how things work. I am also smart enough to know that if I am barely making ends meet I must make adjustments in spending. I also know that if I am not financially secure I can not help my neighbor if he or she experiences hard times. In other words I must help myself first before I can help others.
Which brings me to this point, if America is facing a deficit, meaning that there is not enough money to pay the bills, why the hell are billions of dollars being given, yes given to foreign countries. Some of the countries and governments receiving money from America could care less if America were to dry up and blow away. Are they being given money to keep them from attacking America or her interests. A form of appeasement, peace in exchange for money. They will not attack as long as they receive money. In other words they would not bite the hand that feeds them, sort of like a dog. What happens when the money runs out and it will eventually. A hungry dog will bite the hell out of anyone even its owner. Surely America is not paying a “tribute” to prevent attacks. It has been done before. It took military action to bring that to a halt, the money did not run out, they demanded more, and enough was enough. Check the words to the Marine Corps Hymn.
Could this also be the reason that BHO avoids the use of radical Islam, or is it something deeper. al-Qaeda are no longer called terrorists, they are now armed insurgents. Was Benghazi another appeasement? Just another stop on the apology tour.
Foreign governments and countries are not only being given billions of dollars they are being given arms, ammunition, equipment and training while limits are being placed on American citizens as to what weapons they can possess and limits on magazine size. Are we being set up for a take over.

The American government has become a government of political correctness, not using word or language which could offend political sensibilities. But what would one expect from a Politician, a person engaged in party politics as a profession, a person primarily interested in political office for selfish or other usually short-sighted reasons.

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