The coming of the Fourth Reich?

The world has already witnessed three Reichs. A Reich is no more than a government, which is best defined as to put in order, set straight. The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire and is regarded as the First German Empire. The Second Reich was the German Empire from 1871 through 1919. The Third Reich was the German Fascist State under the Nazis from 1933 through 1945.
Is the fourth unfolding? The Fourth Reich will not be about Germany, it will not even be in Europe.

The Third Reich came into existence for several reasons and to correct the failures of the previous two. The first reason was to protect national identity and establish it as the master identity, master race. The government under the leadership of Adolf Hitler and with the aid of his “henchmen” set about a campaign of propaganda, lies and fear-mongering to convince the “master race” that they were “victims” and oppressed in their home country by foreigners, “inferior races” and “inferior people” or “groups of Peoples”. Once the hatred of those deemed by the government, Reich, as “inferior” was established separation and segregation began. The next thing needed for the execution of the plan to protect the “master race” was enforcement. What had begun as the “Brown Shirts” that would later graduate and elevate to the level of the “Black Shirts”, the SS. Full implementation of the plan to protect the “master race” would require the occurrence of a “triggering event”, the “Enabling Act”. The “Enabling Act” was established in the Constitution of the Weimar Republic and would be triggered and set in motion by an event seen and deemed by the government as a threat to national security. The Enabling Act would remove all legislative processes and powers from the Legislature and placed them in the hands of the Führer and the Cabinet, aka bureaucrats. The triggering event was a fire at the Reichstag, which was not only a threat to national security but a direct attack on the government. Once the Father Land was secured, why not spread the Reich to the neighboring countries that had high populations of the “master race”, through annexation. The annexation of neighboring countries not only brought more of the “master race” but it also brought excess baggage, large numbers of “inferiors”. Elimination of all opposition and those seen and deemed as “inferior” began. Round-up and Containment of “inferiors” in “Ghettos” lead to the establishment of “concentration camps”.

As to the establishment of a Fourth Reich, what would it entail? What would be required of a Constitutional Republic to let itself deteriorate to the state of such a Reich.
First, a leader using “charisma” just like Hitler used in the establishment of the Third Reich to establish the Fourth. One that could give speeches to a “targeted audience” to stir up feelings and emotions, especially the “you are victims approach”. One that would use any opportunity or event to stir-up discontent, and use the administration to do the same. A leader who could use rhetoric to divide the population into ever smaller groups, and then give targeted speeches to the targeted audience to elicit a targeted response. A leader would be needed that would capitalize on the over-reach of those that previously held his office, and be willing to engage in even more over-reach. A leader would be needed that was willing to use the Cabinet to punish anyone who is seen as opposition.
Second, a completely obedient Legislative branch of government to abdicate its responsibility to the “charismatic” leader, the current administration, cabinet and bureaucrats. A legislature that would voluntarily give more and more power to the leader, but at the same time complain about the power grab of the leader. A Legislature would be needed that would appoint “radicals” to cabinet level and judicial positions. A Legislature that would in a moment of insanity pass legislation that would give the leader ultimate power in the event of a triggering event.
Third, a completely obedient press, one which totally abdicated the principles of “freedom of the press”. A Press that protects the Leader and his minions while attacking any opposition.
Fifth, a population that blindly believes what they are told. A population or a segment of the population that has become completely dependent on government for their existence. A population that willingly allows itself to be divided and “pitted” against the remainder of the population. A segment of the population that is constantly told that they are victims of the remaining population. A population that willingly trades, no gives up, something for value for something little value and at times for things of no value. A population or a segment of the population that will not stay informed, or think for themselves. A segment of the population that has totally abdicated the principles of self-determination and self-reliance, totally government dependent.

Will the Fourth Reich be different from the previous three? Yes, definitely.
One distinguishing characteristic about the Holy Roman Empire was that a conquered people were expected to assimilate and become citizens of the Empire with the rights and protections afforded with citizenship.
The Fourth Reich will have no expectations of assimilation nor will it be demanded of any new citizen in order to garner the privileges or benefits of assimilation into the population. The Fourth Reich will be a direct contradiction of the First Reich in the matter of assimilation. As a matter of fact non-assimilation will be rewarded. The new citizens will become hyphenated citizens, with their origin first and the new country last. Amazingly some of the population that had existed before will be encouraged to do the same, become hyphenated, a form of division. The government will even ensure that some segments of the population will be and remain hyphenated on government forms. The Press will even be complicit in this hyphenation. The Cabinet will even be complicit in this, branches of the cabinet will ensure that one segment is afforded special protections. The Legislature will even be a part in passing legislation that offers protections for one against another. This will all be one-sided.
The distinguishing characteristic of the Third Reich was to establish a master race.
The Fourth Reich will not attempt to establish a “master race”, as a matter of fact the exact opposite will be the goal. The country that will be the Home of the Fourth Reich does not believe in the principles of a master race. In this country there is a dominate population and by dominate I do not mean superior, I mean the majority population. The Fourth Reich will instead seek to relegate the majority population irrelevant. This will be accomplished by allowing illegal immigration and forced relocation. The establishment of Ghettos will not be needed, instead the idea of social engineering will be used. It will be the intent of the government to remain in power. The best way to accomplish this task would be to disperse the non-assimilating citizenry into areas that are seen as opposition by the government and giving them the right to vote. By knowing that the non-assimilating will vote a particular way and by social engineering and strategic relocation it is easy to relegate the majority to a minority.
One other characteristic of the Third Reich was National Pride. National Pride will be discouraged in the Fourth Reich. The Leader will assure this by constantly denying the exceptionalism of the country. Not only will the leader do this in his own country, to a targeted audience, he will make these announcements around the world and anytime he addresses the world. He will use any unfortunate yet isolated event to make his case that government interventions are the solution. He will interject himself into local events especially if that event serves to further his agenda, even if it causes more trouble and deepens the divides. He will seek to eliminate any resemblance of national pride. The symbols usually associated will begin to disappear as the government begins telling the population that the symbols of nationalism are the cause of evil in the world. The lie will be repeated over and over and the uninformed of the population begin to believe the lies and propaganda, soon the population will demand the removal of national symbols as they are signs of oppression. The leader would claim that the country is a country of immigrants, therefore all immigrants should be welcomed. The leader would begin the education, no indoctrination, of the citizens first in public schools with a curriculum that would be common in all schools around the country. Later education in colleges would be provided free of charge, but only if the student was to meet specific requirements. The government would set the requirements. The people of the Fourth Reich would soon learn that there is nothing that is free, but it will have to be learned the hard way.
There are many tactics employed in the previous three that would be of great use to a tyrannical despotic ruler. One tactic and tool a tyrannical despotic ruler could use was a Nationalized Police Force, sort of like the Gestapo. Another would be a “secret police force”, where one citizen would spy on another citizen and report back on any activity the government thought to be anti-what ever the case may be that day. The most useful tool would be a “national registry”, where all citizens are required to produce their “papers” at the request of some bureaucrat or nationalized police.
The national registry could be established in many ways, but the easiest is mandatory voting. If everyone that is eligible to vote has to vote, everyone must register. But, even this draconian measure would only net a portion of the population. It would only be a partial list, registry, as only those eligible to vote would be registered, but this would be a huge start. But how to finish the registry? That would be easy in a tyrannical despotic empire. All that would be required is for some bureaucrat in an agency that oversees travel to come up with a requirement for in-country travel papers, an in-country passport. That would only require a triggering event, such as a terrorist attack, even if it were staged. It would then be required for safety and security. The government would say they are only looking for suspected terrorists, and the terrorists would not have an in-country passport. If you are not in possession of one you must be a terrorist.

The Fourth Reich is coming, of that you can be sure. Maybe it is already in existence, though yet early in its founding. When it is fully formed for the world to see it will be given a more sanitized name than the Fourth Reich. There is probably some bureaucrat sitting in an office in the Department of Slogans that is busy working on a sanitized name, while another bureaucrat in the Department of Scams is busy working out the final details of it implementation. The whole thing will come under the control of the Department of Misery, formerly known as the Department of Fairness and Equality.

Like I stated earlier it will not be in Germany, and not in Europe. Where will it be you ask? To that I say stay informed.

Is it Time?

Is it time for a new breed of public servant? Yes it is. What America is in need of is elected leaders who understand that they hold Constitutional offices and not political offices, at all levels. America needs elected leaders that will operate within the limits and confines of the Constitution and perform the duties of the branch they serve in as stated in the Constitution.

Is it time for a new political party? One that honestly represents conservatism? The GOP says no, absolutely not. The Dem’s do not care if one springs up and puts forth a serious challenge. Why is it that the Dem’s do not care and the GOP starts foaming at the mouth when the three party system idea surfaces? If there was a third national political party the Dem’s would see little migration to the new party. The GOP on the other hand would see mass migration to the new party. But, why is that? The biggest reason is principles. Principles that are run on and the same principles are demonstrated in the execution of the office. The Democrats are Progressive Liberals and they run on progressive principles as progressive liberals and they act as progressive liberals when elected. The Republicans are conservatives and run on conservative principles, but sadly many do not demonstrate conservative principles in the execution of their office when elected, they act as progressives. The Conservative voters will vote for a conservative, even if it means voting for a third-party. Liberal progressive voters will vote for a liberal progressive, and that means a democrat. The GOP loses. Why? The candidate representing the GOP is not a conservative. The GOP has lost its way, both parties have lost their way, but it only costs the GOP.

There is one glaring thing that I have noticed about all of the scandals caused by and surrounding BHO and his administration and it speaks volumes about America. There are no more Americans demanding answers and accountability than there were at the beginning of the scandals, none. This alone makes no sense. The sheer numbers of scandals and failures should swell the numbers demanding answers and accountability, sadly this has not happened. Worse, I fear the numbers will not swell, no more will demand answers and accountability tomorrow than today. On the other hand the numbers of those who either will not or refuse to demand answers or hold anyone accountable will swell. This is best demonstrated by two groups of people. The first group is the young adults. Most do not even know where Benghazi is on a map, never heard of the BLM standoff at Bunkerville. The list goes on and on, most are not even aware of current events and have little recollection of yesterday much less yesteryear. The problem with the young adults is that they are a “me” generation, if it does not affect me it is not my problem. The second group is the “New Americans” the ones who will be granted “executive amnesty” and the ones arriving here from the Middle East as refugees. The “new Americans” called dreamers broke the law by coming here illegally and will be allowed to remain here, illegally. The refugees will most certainly be granted privileges they do not deserve. The second group illegals and refugees will most definitely not demand answers or accountability. They most certainly will join with the progressives, by doing so they will be rewarded.
True enough the scandals are far removed from the lives of everyday America and have little effect on the individual, that is until it finally does effect you. But they do effect you whether you see it or not.

Progressives, at least to me, seem to be confused about Rights and Choices. Progressives are a complete contradiction. Progressives espouse that we as Americans must be tolerant of others, at times to the point of denying our identity. Yet progressives are the most intolerant of all, to the point of attaching labels to anyone with a different view. Progressives claim to be pro-choice yet, progressives attempt to limit or eliminate choice, and do in fact deny rights and choice to others. Progressives even believe it is their right to limit or eliminate rights and choices. This may come from the progressives tendency to voluntarily give their rights even if it means giving up free choice, sacrificing Liberty for Security. No only are they happy do this they actually expect, no demand, that all Americans do the same. Progressives believe that all rights are bestowed upon them by government, if that were true government could deny rights on a whim.
Progressives have a “herd mentality”, simply following the leader no matter where they are led, even if it means going over a cliff. Free thinking is not part of their “scheme”, they just plod along, all on the same path to the same destination. Adopted for no other purpose than garnering votes. Progressives give no thought to what dangers await them on the path much less what lies at the end. Progressives live and exist on the principle of hope. Progressives hope that the utopia they so desperately seek is at the end of the path. Progressives hope that total destruction is not what waits for them at the end of their path. Masses moving together just like the Lemmings during mass migration with no idea what lies ahead and with little care, just playing follow the leader. Hoping for the best.
Progressives have no hard and fast set of principles, they are constantly evolving, constantly broadening. I find it hard to believe that anyone that has no hard and fast set of principles could ever be trusted. I find it especially hard to believe that this type of person could be elected or appointed to any position in government. The un-trustworthy being trusted to govern.
Groups that feel that they are discriminated against or have been disenfranchised only have to keep voting for progressives, because it has been proven time and time again a progressive will evolve and perhaps adopt that group into its fold.
You will notice in the above paragraph the only term used was Progressive, this was intentional. The why is simple, there are many progressives that call themselves republicans. Actually progressive is liberal and liberal is associated with the left, meaning democrats. If you wish to attach labels, start with yourself and label yourself correctly. Identity politics. Pandering politicians.

This part of this post is not to start an argument over which is or was better the Articles of Confederation or the U.S. Constitution, if it does so be it, though I do like the phrase Free and Independent States mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. The Articles of Confederation was replaced by the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence is where the phrase Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are found, not in the Constitution.
The U.S. Constitution is so short as in the numbers of pages for a reason. The Constitution spells out the duties of the three branches of government and is a limit on government power. The Constitution was not designed to limit the power of the people, as a matter of fact it starts with these words “We the People”. The Constitution even guarantees a republican form of government. It even guarantees the powers not granted to the government or prohibited to the states would remain with the states and the people respectively.
Our rights do not come from government, they instead come from the Creator of the universe. The U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights goes hand in hand with the Declaration of Independence. The Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Arms should also be considered as a part of the founding documents. Yes even the Federalist Papers. Several key words and phrases from the Declaration of Independence. The first is Self-Evident meaning without need of proof or explanation. The second is Unalienable Rights, Un means Not, Alienable means Capable of being alienated or transferred to a new owner, meaning they “Your Rights” can not be transferred to a new owner. Certain when used in the context of the structured sentence in the Declaration of Independence does not limit the Rights to a list it means Fixed or Indisputable.
The Declaration of Independence is about the people not the government, it expressly states the conditions that the people would not and could not live or exist under. The Constitution is an agreement by the people concerning the type government under which they were willing to be governed.

The Constitution, the first three articles deal with the three branches, independent branches, of government. No where in the Constitution does it allow for a fourth branch of government. Each of the three has specific duties and responsibilities. Each was designed to keep the others in check, under control.
The one that I wish to discuss is the first listed, and it is listed first for a reason. The first is the most important. The Legislative Branch is responsible to introduce or propose legislation that is wholesome and good. The Constitution states that ALL legislation begins with the legislative branch. No other branch was granted legislative powers.
Yet, we in America find ourselves ruled and governed by the fourth branch of government which was not addressed in the Constitution, government agencies. The government agencies have no legislative authority. The government agencies rule over us, not govern us, by rules and decrees. The government agencies are headed by hacks who see he agenda of the president and the political party as their marching orders. As mentioned in a previous post, these vile government bureaucrats are the worst as they switch sides with each successive administration.
The legislative branch has abdicated their duties and responsibilities to the Executive branch and the government agencies and their bureaucratic heads.
There is even perhaps a fifth branch of government. That would be the special interest groups, along with lobbyists and political donors. All three branches, no all four branches, of government seem to pander to the fifth branch with special appointments and privileges. This issue was directly addressed in the Declaration of Independence.

Back to the question of is it time for a third national political party. The answer is both yes and no. The reason America is in such a mess now is that there was at one time a third political party. Ironically it was started by a liberal progressive masquerading as a republican. None other than Theodore Roosevelt, with his “bull moose party”. Though it only lasted a short time the damage was done. The bull moose party succeeded in dividing the republicans. The republicans never reunited.
No, we do not need a third political party. It will only divide the republicans, when I say republicans I mean conservatives, further. As a matter of fact America does not need either of the other political parties, rather than representing the agenda of the political party the ones elected to govern should be representing the values and principles of either a republican or a democrat. That would be difficult for a democrat or a republican who is also a progressive, as progressives have no firm or fixed set of principles and thus is not likely to have any values.

The people elect men and women to Constitutional office to govern the country. Notice the usage of the word govern, I did not say rule. I also did not say fly around the country giving political speeches. If you are flying around the country you are campaigning not doing the job you were entrusted with. Do what you were entrusted to do. You were not elected to campaign, do that on your time and dime not the country’s time or dime.

The results of the election of last November were no accident. The republicans were swept into office for no other reason than the conservatives came out to vote. Why? They turned out in force because the republicans, some of them anyway, started sounding like conservatives and would at last represent conservative values and principles. Again sadly, time has proven that most not all have proven themselves to be progressives and some of those have proven themselves to be progressive liberals masquerading as conservatives. This will be remembered and many conservatives will stay home next election.
As for me, I will not stay home on election day and never will as long as I can move and get around. What I will do is look at the ballot and vote for the one who represents conservative values and principles. If none are listed and there is a space for a write-in I will use that space to cast a vote for one who represents conservative value and principles. If there is not one it gets skipped and move to the next section, no voting for the lesser of the evils, evil is evil. There are those who will say, not voting for a republican is the same as voting for a democrat. To those I say a better candidate should have been put forth. After all the only difference between a progressive republican and a progressive democrat is the R or D behind the name. Neither can be trusted.

As for the current field of GOP hopefuls, give me a break. Some are so progressive they could switch political parties and no one would even notice. Others will get through the political party, they would be too hard to control. For those is it the candidate or the political party? Guess. The progressives should label themselves as such and be honest for a change.

The more things change the more things actually remain the same

Here is some “food for thought”. Government is all about power and control with an interest in its continued existence and growth. Did the “political landscape” in Washington, D.C. really change all that much after the elections of this past November? A few new “congress critters” moved into the capital building and a few political appointees departed the administration. There was no line of moving company trucks lining the highways out of D.C. With few exceptions none of the defeated and vanquished left D.C. Lobbyist Boulevard provided a large part of new staffers and the majority of the former staffers took up residence on Lobbyist Boulevard, exchanging offices and waiting for the next election. Even the politicians engage in this activity, changing offices but remaining in town. This happens with each election, staying on scene to continue pushing an agenda, shameful and unethical activity but not necessarily criminal. Maybe this would be an idea for a new law, lose an election pack up and leave, go back and live with the constituents you ignored or screwed over for so long. Wave good-bye to the money and power. Would there be any congress critter be brave enough to introduce such legislation? Would be one brave enough to co-sponsor such legislation? Would such legislation ever come to vote on the floor of either legislative body? Would any president be brave enough to sign the legislation into law if it were to appear on his or her desk? The answer would be NO in each case. Government has no plans to do to themselves what the seem to do with what their impedes their agenda, comprehensive reform.

Making small effective changes is not the policy of government. The policy of government is to institute large ineffective changes, without regard to cause of harm. Pushing the agenda and fulfilling political party objectives.

This post is not about the politicians and their staffers, it is about those that remain forever in government, Bureaucrats. These are the people in the various governmental agencies, the alphabet agencies, BLM, IRS, BATFE, DOE, EPA and all the others. These same individuals remain in government employment regardless of performance. They are not elected they are appointed or hired and have no legislative authority yet they enact rules and regulations that the population of the country must live and exist under. Like the politicians the agencies always leave themselves an “out”.

Think about this, the same IRS that targeted opposition party groups will still exist under the next administration and the political party agenda. The same ATF that seeks to ban one kind of rifle ammunition will still exist no matter who is president. The same EPA that seeks to ban lead bullets based on being a toxic substance will still exist. The agencies will still exist with the same bureaucrats occupying the office space. There will be some department head changes and the secretaries of each department will be changed, but the bureaucrats will remain.

What bothers me most about bureaucrats, not all but the vast majority, is the apparent lack of personal traits and core values, morals, honor and ethics. There was a time when government employees were called civil servants or public servants and that was how the job was viewed. It should be an honor to serve the public, but the public must be served honorably. The bureaucrats of today and even yesterday at the very least are self-serving or at the very worst are serving your master, and your master is government and the political agenda of whoever is at the helm. You no longer serve the public or public trust. You do what is necessary to save your job and rely on government employee unions to prevent firing for inefficiency or breaking the public trust. You will not quit in protest of destructive polices, you just go with the flow. The rules you place on us are the agenda of the current political party in power.

This part is for the ones who finally leave and then write your memoirs. I would not read your book for the following reason. You did not speak up or out while you held your government job. You waited until you separated yourself from the administration to say anything. You did nothing to jeopardize your precious job and would not offend the master.