The more things change the more things actually remain the same

Here is some “food for thought”. Government is all about power and control with an interest in its continued existence and growth. Did the “political landscape” in Washington, D.C. really change all that much after the elections of this past November? A few new “congress critters” moved into the capital building and a few political appointees departed the administration. There was no line of moving company trucks lining the highways out of D.C. With few exceptions none of the defeated and vanquished left D.C. Lobbyist Boulevard provided a large part of new staffers and the majority of the former staffers took up residence on Lobbyist Boulevard, exchanging offices and waiting for the next election. Even the politicians engage in this activity, changing offices but remaining in town. This happens with each election, staying on scene to continue pushing an agenda, shameful and unethical activity but not necessarily criminal. Maybe this would be an idea for a new law, lose an election pack up and leave, go back and live with the constituents you ignored or screwed over for so long. Wave good-bye to the money and power. Would there be any congress critter be brave enough to introduce such legislation? Would be one brave enough to co-sponsor such legislation? Would such legislation ever come to vote on the floor of either legislative body? Would any president be brave enough to sign the legislation into law if it were to appear on his or her desk? The answer would be NO in each case. Government has no plans to do to themselves what the seem to do with what their impedes their agenda, comprehensive reform.

Making small effective changes is not the policy of government. The policy of government is to institute large ineffective changes, without regard to cause of harm. Pushing the agenda and fulfilling political party objectives.

This post is not about the politicians and their staffers, it is about those that remain forever in government, Bureaucrats. These are the people in the various governmental agencies, the alphabet agencies, BLM, IRS, BATFE, DOE, EPA and all the others. These same individuals remain in government employment regardless of performance. They are not elected they are appointed or hired and have no legislative authority yet they enact rules and regulations that the population of the country must live and exist under. Like the politicians the agencies always leave themselves an “out”.

Think about this, the same IRS that targeted opposition party groups will still exist under the next administration and the political party agenda. The same ATF that seeks to ban one kind of rifle ammunition will still exist no matter who is president. The same EPA that seeks to ban lead bullets based on being a toxic substance will still exist. The agencies will still exist with the same bureaucrats occupying the office space. There will be some department head changes and the secretaries of each department will be changed, but the bureaucrats will remain.

What bothers me most about bureaucrats, not all but the vast majority, is the apparent lack of personal traits and core values, morals, honor and ethics. There was a time when government employees were called civil servants or public servants and that was how the job was viewed. It should be an honor to serve the public, but the public must be served honorably. The bureaucrats of today and even yesterday at the very least are self-serving or at the very worst are serving your master, and your master is government and the political agenda of whoever is at the helm. You no longer serve the public or public trust. You do what is necessary to save your job and rely on government employee unions to prevent firing for inefficiency or breaking the public trust. You will not quit in protest of destructive polices, you just go with the flow. The rules you place on us are the agenda of the current political party in power.

This part is for the ones who finally leave and then write your memoirs. I would not read your book for the following reason. You did not speak up or out while you held your government job. You waited until you separated yourself from the administration to say anything. You did nothing to jeopardize your precious job and would not offend the master.


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