The coming of the Fourth Reich?

The world has already witnessed three Reichs. A Reich is no more than a government, which is best defined as to put in order, set straight. The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire and is regarded as the First German Empire. The Second Reich was the German Empire from 1871 through 1919. The Third Reich was the German Fascist State under the Nazis from 1933 through 1945.
Is the fourth unfolding? The Fourth Reich will not be about Germany, it will not even be in Europe.

The Third Reich came into existence for several reasons and to correct the failures of the previous two. The first reason was to protect national identity and establish it as the master identity, master race. The government under the leadership of Adolf Hitler and with the aid of his “henchmen” set about a campaign of propaganda, lies and fear-mongering to convince the “master race” that they were “victims” and oppressed in their home country by foreigners, “inferior races” and “inferior people” or “groups of Peoples”. Once the hatred of those deemed by the government, Reich, as “inferior” was established separation and segregation began. The next thing needed for the execution of the plan to protect the “master race” was enforcement. What had begun as the “Brown Shirts” that would later graduate and elevate to the level of the “Black Shirts”, the SS. Full implementation of the plan to protect the “master race” would require the occurrence of a “triggering event”, the “Enabling Act”. The “Enabling Act” was established in the Constitution of the Weimar Republic and would be triggered and set in motion by an event seen and deemed by the government as a threat to national security. The Enabling Act would remove all legislative processes and powers from the Legislature and placed them in the hands of the Führer and the Cabinet, aka bureaucrats. The triggering event was a fire at the Reichstag, which was not only a threat to national security but a direct attack on the government. Once the Father Land was secured, why not spread the Reich to the neighboring countries that had high populations of the “master race”, through annexation. The annexation of neighboring countries not only brought more of the “master race” but it also brought excess baggage, large numbers of “inferiors”. Elimination of all opposition and those seen and deemed as “inferior” began. Round-up and Containment of “inferiors” in “Ghettos” lead to the establishment of “concentration camps”.

As to the establishment of a Fourth Reich, what would it entail? What would be required of a Constitutional Republic to let itself deteriorate to the state of such a Reich.
First, a leader using “charisma” just like Hitler used in the establishment of the Third Reich to establish the Fourth. One that could give speeches to a “targeted audience” to stir up feelings and emotions, especially the “you are victims approach”. One that would use any opportunity or event to stir-up discontent, and use the administration to do the same. A leader who could use rhetoric to divide the population into ever smaller groups, and then give targeted speeches to the targeted audience to elicit a targeted response. A leader would be needed that would capitalize on the over-reach of those that previously held his office, and be willing to engage in even more over-reach. A leader would be needed that was willing to use the Cabinet to punish anyone who is seen as opposition.
Second, a completely obedient Legislative branch of government to abdicate its responsibility to the “charismatic” leader, the current administration, cabinet and bureaucrats. A legislature that would voluntarily give more and more power to the leader, but at the same time complain about the power grab of the leader. A Legislature would be needed that would appoint “radicals” to cabinet level and judicial positions. A Legislature that would in a moment of insanity pass legislation that would give the leader ultimate power in the event of a triggering event.
Third, a completely obedient press, one which totally abdicated the principles of “freedom of the press”. A Press that protects the Leader and his minions while attacking any opposition.
Fifth, a population that blindly believes what they are told. A population or a segment of the population that has become completely dependent on government for their existence. A population that willingly allows itself to be divided and “pitted” against the remainder of the population. A segment of the population that is constantly told that they are victims of the remaining population. A population that willingly trades, no gives up, something for value for something little value and at times for things of no value. A population or a segment of the population that will not stay informed, or think for themselves. A segment of the population that has totally abdicated the principles of self-determination and self-reliance, totally government dependent.

Will the Fourth Reich be different from the previous three? Yes, definitely.
One distinguishing characteristic about the Holy Roman Empire was that a conquered people were expected to assimilate and become citizens of the Empire with the rights and protections afforded with citizenship.
The Fourth Reich will have no expectations of assimilation nor will it be demanded of any new citizen in order to garner the privileges or benefits of assimilation into the population. The Fourth Reich will be a direct contradiction of the First Reich in the matter of assimilation. As a matter of fact non-assimilation will be rewarded. The new citizens will become hyphenated citizens, with their origin first and the new country last. Amazingly some of the population that had existed before will be encouraged to do the same, become hyphenated, a form of division. The government will even ensure that some segments of the population will be and remain hyphenated on government forms. The Press will even be complicit in this hyphenation. The Cabinet will even be complicit in this, branches of the cabinet will ensure that one segment is afforded special protections. The Legislature will even be a part in passing legislation that offers protections for one against another. This will all be one-sided.
The distinguishing characteristic of the Third Reich was to establish a master race.
The Fourth Reich will not attempt to establish a “master race”, as a matter of fact the exact opposite will be the goal. The country that will be the Home of the Fourth Reich does not believe in the principles of a master race. In this country there is a dominate population and by dominate I do not mean superior, I mean the majority population. The Fourth Reich will instead seek to relegate the majority population irrelevant. This will be accomplished by allowing illegal immigration and forced relocation. The establishment of Ghettos will not be needed, instead the idea of social engineering will be used. It will be the intent of the government to remain in power. The best way to accomplish this task would be to disperse the non-assimilating citizenry into areas that are seen as opposition by the government and giving them the right to vote. By knowing that the non-assimilating will vote a particular way and by social engineering and strategic relocation it is easy to relegate the majority to a minority.
One other characteristic of the Third Reich was National Pride. National Pride will be discouraged in the Fourth Reich. The Leader will assure this by constantly denying the exceptionalism of the country. Not only will the leader do this in his own country, to a targeted audience, he will make these announcements around the world and anytime he addresses the world. He will use any unfortunate yet isolated event to make his case that government interventions are the solution. He will interject himself into local events especially if that event serves to further his agenda, even if it causes more trouble and deepens the divides. He will seek to eliminate any resemblance of national pride. The symbols usually associated will begin to disappear as the government begins telling the population that the symbols of nationalism are the cause of evil in the world. The lie will be repeated over and over and the uninformed of the population begin to believe the lies and propaganda, soon the population will demand the removal of national symbols as they are signs of oppression. The leader would claim that the country is a country of immigrants, therefore all immigrants should be welcomed. The leader would begin the education, no indoctrination, of the citizens first in public schools with a curriculum that would be common in all schools around the country. Later education in colleges would be provided free of charge, but only if the student was to meet specific requirements. The government would set the requirements. The people of the Fourth Reich would soon learn that there is nothing that is free, but it will have to be learned the hard way.
There are many tactics employed in the previous three that would be of great use to a tyrannical despotic ruler. One tactic and tool a tyrannical despotic ruler could use was a Nationalized Police Force, sort of like the Gestapo. Another would be a “secret police force”, where one citizen would spy on another citizen and report back on any activity the government thought to be anti-what ever the case may be that day. The most useful tool would be a “national registry”, where all citizens are required to produce their “papers” at the request of some bureaucrat or nationalized police.
The national registry could be established in many ways, but the easiest is mandatory voting. If everyone that is eligible to vote has to vote, everyone must register. But, even this draconian measure would only net a portion of the population. It would only be a partial list, registry, as only those eligible to vote would be registered, but this would be a huge start. But how to finish the registry? That would be easy in a tyrannical despotic empire. All that would be required is for some bureaucrat in an agency that oversees travel to come up with a requirement for in-country travel papers, an in-country passport. That would only require a triggering event, such as a terrorist attack, even if it were staged. It would then be required for safety and security. The government would say they are only looking for suspected terrorists, and the terrorists would not have an in-country passport. If you are not in possession of one you must be a terrorist.

The Fourth Reich is coming, of that you can be sure. Maybe it is already in existence, though yet early in its founding. When it is fully formed for the world to see it will be given a more sanitized name than the Fourth Reich. There is probably some bureaucrat sitting in an office in the Department of Slogans that is busy working on a sanitized name, while another bureaucrat in the Department of Scams is busy working out the final details of it implementation. The whole thing will come under the control of the Department of Misery, formerly known as the Department of Fairness and Equality.

Like I stated earlier it will not be in Germany, and not in Europe. Where will it be you ask? To that I say stay informed.


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