To what ends?

It has been said that “the ends justify the means”. There was also a statement to the effect of “fundamentally changing America”, which should have been to the effect of “radically changing America”. America has certainly been “fundamentally changed” by “radicals” in government, from the executive branch to the judicial branch including the legislative branch. The legislative branch has willingly abdicated its powers and responsibilities to the executive branch and in some instances to the judicial branch. The judicial branch has usurped powers from the states and nullified the voices(votes) of the people. The executive branch, well.

The SCOTUS has usurped the power and assumed authority to legalize same-sex marriages in all fifty states and the District of Columbia. Regardless of state laws and without regard to the will of the people. The judicial branch has apparently assumed the role of legislating from the bench. Apparently the States have no rights and the people have no say.

Same-sex marriage was a “social issue”, and what was once a social issue was taken up by the courts and is now law. There are dangers when social issues are taken up by the courts, and especially dangerous when they become law. They are enacted without the legislative process. There was no bill from congress, passed by congress then sent to the president for signature that would allow same-sex marriage throughout the land. Ask yourself why? The answer is this, the politicians would have committed political suicide if they passed such a bill. They relied on the courts to decide that one, again abdicating their powers and responsibilities. Much the same way they decided to “deal with Obamacare”, they let the courts decide that one too.

Breaking down the saying “the ends justify the means”. The “ends” refers to the finishing of or arriving at the goal. The means refers to the route taken or the object or method used.

Now that the SCOTUS has legalized same-sex marriages, all the same-sex couple has to do is to pay a fee to obtain a marriage license and find a place to “tie the knot”. There are many options available but I will only discuss three.
1. Go to the Justice of the Peace. This avenue will garner a few but it does not make a “statement”.
2. Go to a Mosque. This avenue will garner none, in the muslim world homosexuality is punishable by death. No Iman will perform a wedding ceremony for homosexuals and no one will force a muslim to perform the ceremony. Political Correctness, you know, fear of offending the muslims. Homosexuality is against their religion.
3. Go to a Christian Church. This avenue will garner the most activity. Why you ask? Because it makes a “statement”. The homosexual community will go to a Christian Church and demand to be married in the church, knowing it is against their religion. The government will step in and force the church to perform the ceremony. There is no fear of offending a Christian. Besides the government has the power through the IRS to cause financial hardships on the Church by revoking the tax exempt status.

So, with the above in mind consider this. If the “ends” were to destroy Christianity in America the “means” to do so is legalizing same-sex marriages. If a Pastor of a local Church is approached to perform a same-sex marriage he has two choices.
1. Deny the request only to be forced by the government to do so.
2. Perform the ceremony, which violates the basic tenants on which Christianity is founded, marriage is between a man and a woman. If the Pastor performs the ceremony the people who attend church will leave the church as the basic tenants of Christianity are no longer followed by the Church. Darned if you do, darned if you don’t. No way to win. How many Churches will remain if no one attends? NONE.

The Church could voluntarily give up the tax exempt status and avoid pressure by the IRS. But you still have the DOJ to contend with, namely in the form of the civil rights division. Legalizing same-sex marriages has by default made it a right, a civil right, and we know how the current administration views denying someone their civil rights. The LBGT community probably has their own version of the reverend waiting in the shadows ready to visit at a moments notice.

The above references to the Christian Church refer only to the physical building, not the religion or to the real “church”. The building is only a place to gather for worship and fellowship. The Pastor is the leader, the authority figure. If the Pastor is ill or cannot make it to “Church” there is another who can lead the service. The Christian religion lives in the heart of the Christian. The Church is the Christian.

The legalizing of same-sex marriage will not destroy Christianity in America. It may cause “Churches”(buildings) to close, but the Religion and the real Church(the Christian) will endure and flourish. It may even cause Christianity to go “underground” for a time. Christians may be persecuted, but that is nothing new. Neither one is.

Legalizing same-sex marriages was just another vain attempt by man to think he knows better than God. We as man are but ashes and dust temporarily inhabiting a body, and to ashes and dust we shall return when our time on earth is finished. God has always been and will always be.

The attempt to destroy Christianity in America may just be a point along the way to the ultimate “ends” the total and utter destruction of America itself. Most houses undergo destruction or demolition from the roof down. Even though the house is destroyed the foundation remains. A new house can be built on the existing foundation, providing the foundation was strong enough to withstand the demolition of the house. To erase all signs of the original house the foundation must also be destroyed.

The United States was built on a strong and solid foundation. The United States was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, that is our foundation. The founding documents make a reference to the Creator of the Universe. There is also reference to the Laws of Nature and of nature’s God. There is also a reference to being endowed by their Creator.

Christianity has long been under attack and assault by the liberal progressives. Not just Christianity it is the symbols of the Christian religion. What the liberal progressives and at times the SCOTUS are engaged in is the chipping away at the foundation of the house in an attempt to bring down the house and remove all signs that it once existed. The House that was and is America. There is a more powerful force in this universe than the liberal progressives. You have weakened the house but the house still stands.

Two passages came to mind when I heard the decision by the SCOTUS.
1. Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do. Then I thought, yes they do they are vain and stupid.
2. Jesus wept. Then I thought He probably did.

What the Left, and sadly, some Conservatives just do not grasp

Well said.

The Daley Gator

Many people think they understand the South, but many simply do not. The Left loathes the South, and always will. Many Northeastern Republicans look down their noses at the South. Some folks just sadly believe the idiotic stereotypes. Me? Well I grew up here, and have lived my whole life here. And, in fact, generations of my family have been here spread across Dixie for hundreds of years. I grew up worshiping my grandfather, who was born in Georgia, and was a hard worker, generous, and every bit a Southerner. He had many friends, of all races, and he treated others with respect, and kindness. From him, my grandmother and my parents, I learned that people were people. I learned how to treat people from them. And, I learned, by their example, how skin color really was not important. That people should be seen and judged by their actions, not their…

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It is long overdue

The current field of potential candidates who have “thrown their hats in the ring” by announcing their campaign to become President of the U.S.A. offers some interesting possibilities. We as usual have a cast of characters from the establishment, but we also have new choices. We have one that is a renowned surgeon, one that is the former head of a large corporation and one that is what would be called a tycoon. This post only concerns the Republican field of contenders.

The questions to ask oneself is this concerning the establishment politicians are these. Have they made it this far because they are career politicians? Have they made it this far because of the system?
For the one’s currently holding elected Constitution offices these are the questions to ask. Do you represent and serve the electorate or the political party? Do you serve the people’s or the money and the agenda associated with the money? Are you fulfilling your oath to uphold the Constitution? Were you elected on character or did the political party buy you the Constitutional office that you now occupy?
For the ones not holding a current Constitutional office? Will you represent the people or the political party? This question answers itself, just after your name will be your political party affiliation.

For the three outsiders, never holding public office before, did you make it to where you are because of, or in spite of the system?

Just the possibility that an outsider could actually win the nomination process and then actually get elected to the office of the President of the United States of America set me to thinking. This event would “shake the political landscape to its core”. Washington D.C. and politics would be changed for evermore.

Then I got to thinking how else could Washington D.C. be changed? Then I starting thinking of ways to shrink the government, getting government out of the personal lives of Americans and saving money and in the process saving America.

First thing an immediate government hiring freeze, no new employees and vacant positions would remain vacant. No one fired YET!!!!!!.

Now the FUN begins and the SHAKEUP starts.
Each newly elected President names his cabinet and his staff.
Political appointees, political hacks, political operatives and bureaucrats get to D.C. and never leave, that would change because they would find no employment and would be forced to return home.
1. No more damned Tsars, they all go and no more appointed.
2. The White House chef, no more overpaid cook. The president is the Commander-in Chief of the Military. Pull the White House cook staff from the ranks of the military. If the food they prepare is good enough for the rank and file it should be good enough for the Commander, the same food eat what they eat. They are already being paid by for the tax payers. Why pay two people to do one job? Already saving money.
3. Personal assistants, really, if you need assistance with everyday activities you belong in a long-term nursing facility not in the White House, this goes for you and your family. Walk your own dog. Saving more money.

Some thought on Cabinet members.
Secretary of Defense. No more bureaucrats, find a retired Sergeant Major, First Sergeant or preferably a Platoon Sergeant or even a private. They understand the plight of the everyday soldier and most excel in the common sense arena.
Secretary of State. As above any one of those could get the job done, their way of negotiating is I win you lose.
Secretary of the Treasury. Find the wife of any Military service member, they understand the value of a dollar. As matter of fact this would be a good choice to appoint in any money handling or budgetary office.
Secretary of Health and Human Services. No more bureaucrats, find a competent real life doctor, a skilled doctor not one who does plastic surgery, one who actually saves lives and values life.
Secretary of Transportation. Find a Fleet Manager of a large trucking company they understand the roads and could even help with logistics.
Home Land Security. Since we are stuck with this department we may as well have a qualified Secretary. Choose from one of the Sheriffs around the country, one comes to mind. Border Patrol and ICE need good leadership as well. Again choose from the sheriffs, two more good candidates come to mind.
The rest of the cabinet should be filled in the same manner, the person holding the post should at least have experience in that field. Politicians have political experience, and since most are career politicians that is all the experience they have political and no real-world experience.
Education goes back to the States.
Some departments simply go away, especially those that are redundant.

The Surgeon General should come from the ranks of the military and especially consider a Flight Surgeon.

The one heading up the V.A. should be one that has needed the V.A.

The political landscape in America is long overdue for a shakeup and finally the swamp should be drained, or clean out the septic tank which ever expression you prefer.

I do not wish to hear “but they have no experience”.
No one said that about BHO and look at where we are now both domestically and foreign. You were happy letting a liberal with no experience run things, why not give a conservative the same opportunity?
Nor do I want to hear “but they don’t have a college education”.
Look at where we are now with all the geniuses we have at present running things. Going to and graduating college does not make you smart the same as sitting in a garage does not make you a car. The difference between a box of rocks and what the so-called geniuses in Washington D.C. have between their ears is the box.

Yes, It is long overdue. The politicians seek to do a comprehensive reform of the immigration laws, I say it is time to comprehensively reform American politics. At this point I am so fed up with the so-called conservative republicans who in all actuality are no more than progressive liberals I am to the point of supporting and seeking a third option. A true conservative who wants to restore America to greatness, the status before social liberalism and political correctness.

Possibilities and a twist

Lately there has been much on JADE HELM and the possibilities of the military exercise being used as a prelude or practice for Martial Law and a round-up and extraction of citizens for either placement in FEMA Camps or outright elimination.

First let’s take up the possibility of Martial Law.
Martial Law by definition is 1: the law applied in occupied territory by the military of the occupying power 2: the law administered by military forces that is invoked by a government in an emergency when the civilian law enforcement agencies are unable to maintain order and safety.
Let’s break these down.
Martial Law under definition 1 would require of two one of two possibilities.

1 America invaded, defeated and occupied by a foreign power. This is highly unlikely, unless prearranged for political expediency. Even then the foreign power would have to face the American people. Even Japan after the successful sneak attack on the U.S. Military at Pearl Harbor did not dare to attempt an attack on mainland America. Japan and it’s military did not at that time fear or respect the U.S. Government or the Military, if they had they would have never attacked. What they did fear was the American people and their capabilities, the same as any person with half of a brain would do.

2. The American government to declare war on the American people, this is the most unlikely of all. It is the American people who pay for government, the government dries up and ceases to exist and the people are still here. Even if this were to happen ALL civilian(non-military)personnel would be removed from office to be replaced by the military, either in the effected areas or the nation as a whole, this would not serve politicians well. Remember Martial Law is administered by the Military. That is unless they appointed themselves as Generals and Admirals.
Martial Law under definition 2 is the problem and has almost an endless array of possibilities of coming into existence. Let’s take a look at some of these possibilities.

First a large-scale terrorist attack. Let’s not forget the events on September the eleventh of 2001. 9/11 solidified the American people like no time since the Japanese attack on December seventh 1941. Differences were set aside and the Americans became one voice. Public order and safety remained intact. Another would do the same.

Second a natural disaster. Hurricane Katrina comes to mind and the events that unfolded along the gulf coast especially those in New Orleans. Law, order and public safety deteriorated rapidly. Local law enforcement agencies were over whelmed and the active and guard units of the military were called to assist. This event met the criteria for definition 2. Not meaning to downplay the loss of life, property and damage inflicted by Katrina but it was a localized event. Though the area of destruction and damage was large it was small in comparison to the size of America. Therefore if Martial Law was declared it would have been for a relatively small area in America and would have ceased upon restoration of order and public safety.

Third societal breakdown. Much like witnessed in Missouri, Maryland, New York and the other localities where riots broke out after the death of a person, and every time a minority, at the hands of law enforcement. These were too a localized event that law enforcement was capable of handling to restore order and public safety.

Fourth a total financial collapse. This event would trigger civil unrest like almost no other. Government would have no funds to pay the bills, this would not trigger the unrest. The unrest would commence as soon as the government checks stopped coming. Those that have become dependent on government, and in some cases generational, for their every need and in some cases wants would find themselves penniless with no prospects. The amount of crime that would arise would soon overwhelm local law enforcement, the military could even be overwhelmed.

Fifth a total power failure. It would not matter if it was caused by the forces of nature or manmade the result would be the same. Possibilities three and four would follow in short order. The “grand daddy” of them all.

Sixth a small-scale terrorist attack. Not meaning to downplay the loss of life, pain or suffering but the Boston Marathon bombing comes to mind. Again the country came together. But, the Boston Marathon bombing provided something the 9/11 attacks did not. The bombing provided two live terrorists on the loose in a major U.S. city, Boston. The man hunt for the two suspects caused the “lock-down” of a city and provided law enforcement the opportunity to conduct warrantless searches of people’s homes in search of the two suspects in the name of public safety, of course.

Of the six possibilities listed above, and there are many more, only the second can not be arranged, the other five can be engineered or allowed to happen. However government is not above “capitalizing” on natural disasters.

Just as the Boston Marathon bombing provided opportunities for placing a city on “lockdown” and warrantless searches which proved to be valuable training, Hurricane Katrina provided opportunities as well. Warrantless searches of homes for stranded people and most important of all forced relocation of citizens. Were there any complaints? It was all done in the name of public safety. Much was revealed about the people and how much freedom and liberty they would surrender in the name of security. 9/11 brought air travel in America to a stand still and ushered in an even larger government. Travelers must now endure the intrusions of the TSA just to travel by air, again more freedom and liberty were surrendered for security. Not to mention one glaringly important fact. People, at least some of them, will obey government and follow directions without question.

Now to the matter of round-ups and extractions. This type of operation would require an effort on such a large-scale it is almost unmanageable. So much must tale place before such an effort could be undertaken. All forms of communication would most certainly have to be shut down. There would need to be a MSM blackout, no news. No television, radio, cell phones, internet and the list just goes on and on, but the population remains mobile. Shut all of this down at once, see possibility number three. Not to mention every one selected for round-up would have to be tracked 24 hours a day to ascertain their exact location prior to commencement of the round-ups not to mention the extraction method would need to be close at hand. Even if selected people were placed on color coded priority lists the logistics are mind-boggling.
There is a way however, to get the intended quarry to come to you. No need to find them if you know where they will be, a kind of arranged meeting. More on this in a subsequent paragraph.

One more note on Martial Law, where it has been implemented the people had no way to fight back and were the losers in an armed contest. A military government was established soon replaced by a provisional government and eventually a stable permanent form of government if all went according to plan. In recent conflicts the martial law part was never implemented, it instead went straight to a provisional government that became permanent even if it was corrupt. Politically Expedient.

Disarming a nation. There are those who will say there are only two ways to get a person to agree with you. Reason and Force. In other words get them to voluntarily disarm or take them by force. Taking them by force could come at a heavy cost. Voluntarily disarming is the cheapest way. But what if there was a third way? Let them keep them but give them no reason to resist, it is for your own good and safety, or show them resistance is futile at best.

As to JADE HELM 15 I am not saying that it is or is not a prelude or practice for the implementation of Martial Law or being used as a cover for round-up and forced relocations. It may be to demonstrate the over whelming force that could be deployed against resistance, but it could be used to demonstrate the force and reaction a terror group would be facing. What I do find odd about the exercise is the publicity, though that may be the intention. Advertising a show of force is a pretty effective deterrent. The duration is tiring an taxing on a person participating. The training in, near and around populated areas. Most military accidents occur during training. Or maybe just an excuse to pre-position needed equipment and personnel.

Above I only listed six possibilities. What if there was a seventh? An “accidental” release causing a potentially extremely deadly biological event real or imagined.

Here is the twist. This goes back to arranging a meeting, bringing your quarry to you. Why now the news of the “accidental” shipments of live anthrax so close to an announced realistic military training exercise? News comes out everyday of more shipments. If it is live and ends up in the hands of some incompetent lab assistant that “accidentally” opens Pandora’s Box, what then. This would be the “news flash”. An accidental release has occurred all persons should report to wherever for testing. The Quarry comes in voluntarily and “tests positive” and must be relocated for treatment to prevent further spread. There you have it turned yourself in and willing got on the bus to receive “treatment”.

Or maybe JADE HELM 15 is to bring distrust upon the Military, after all they are the most trusted part of the government. Events are being used to bring distrust for law enforcement.