Just saying

Decisions and action may have immediate benefits, but it does have consequences and there are almost always unintended consequences.

Let’s take same-sex marriage. The SCOTUS just up and decided to make a Constitutional issue out of an issue that was not a Constitutional matter. Marriage is based on religion. One could say that the SCOTUS is supposed to uphold the Constitution on all matters constitutional. But leaving that aside, if marriage at least in their eyes and opinion has become a Constitutional issue what about divorce. Is divorce now also a Constitutional issue?
Let’s face it some marriages do end in divorce, some of which turn into bitter court battles. Marriages end in divorce for many reasons infidelity, financial reasons and so many more. But above all Marriage is the leading cause of Divorce.
I can’t wait to hear about these same-sex marriages ending up in divorce court. Some people spend thousands of dollars or even tens of thousands of dollars to get married and much more is spent terminating the marriage. Lawyer fees, court costs and the like. How will the judge decide who pays child support or alimony? As to the matter of alimony in traditional marriage that was pretty easy. As to child support, unless the same-sex couple adopted a child one of them came into the marriage with children. Really I can hardly wait. Will the judge make one pay for the others child or will the judge say the child is your responsibility. Oh, the possibilities. Same-sex divorce could even spawn a new reality show.
Who knows the SCOTUS may have just taken an action that would turn the economy around, lord knows the administration has not. Lawyers will certainly benefit. Revenue will increase in the issuance of marriage licenses, government profits.

We now have this from the administration and the DOD, we are warned to avoid large gatherings this Independence Day, now referred to as the 4th of July. If the threats are credible why not just cancel the events? The events are not cancelled, but mass attendance is discouraged. Why? Could this be a further attempt to chip away at the foundation of America?

I was just wondering if there are any Gay Pride events scheduled, after all they just got the right to get hitched. If there are, was mass attendance discouraged?

Will BHO be American proud and illuminate the White House Red, White and Blue for Independence Day?

BHO and his administration still negotiate with countries where homosexuality is punishable by death, yet lit up the White House in gay pride colors. The other side of this equation is that those who execute homosexuals are willing to negotiate with BHO after his open support of homosexuality. Some people in government have no morals or principles.

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