A sickness crosses the Land

More of a decay than a sickness. The decay is from rot and corruption, and it is spreading at a fever pitch. There is an old adage that goes; America can never be destroyed from the outside, if America is to be destroyed it must come from the inside. Truer words could never have been said, but those words were said long ago. That was the America that was.

This is the America that is. America is being destroyed by the rot and corruption that exists on the inside. If that were not enough rot and corruption are being brought inside from the outside. Much like a piece of lumber under attack from termites and exposure the elements. Both eating away, both causing irreversible damage.

There is another old adage that goes; An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This country at one time had all the tools necessary to prevent rot and corruption. That was then this is now.

The Reverse Revolution was mentioned in the last post. Just a refresher: A revolution, like the American Revolution, was waged to throw off the yoke of tyranny and oppression inflicted on the colonials and the country by an unjust government. A Reverse Revolution, like the one being waged against the American people, is being waged to put the yoke of tyranny and oppression on the people and the country by an unjust government.

The sad part is that the government is using one of this countries most cherished founding documents to do it. The government is using none other than The U.S. Constitution in an attempt to place the yoke of tyranny and oppression upon the neck of America. The equal protection clause is at this time is their favorite weapon in this war. The equal protection clause was to protect the people not their causes or lifestyles. But even the usage of the equal protection clause is not used equally. It is used only if it benefits government and the politicians who occupy Constitutional Office and helps to fulfill their agenda.

If any do not believe that the Constitution is being used to place the yoke of tyranny and oppression around the neck of America, I suggest that you read the following; The Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Arms. Check the list of offenses the British Crown committed against the Colonies and the Colonials. One that stands out is the arbitrary nullifying of Laws. Case in point, the State of Florida, as did many others, had until recently a law on the books banning same-sex marriage. The people voted on it and it passed and became Law in Florida and many other states. That was then this is now. The SCOTUS ruled, no legislative process they just ruled, and the country was forced to recognize same-sex marriage in all 50 states and the District of Columbia as being a right. Laws were over-turned and the peoples voice was silenced. The same goes for abortion, that too was legalized by SCOTUS, now it has been revealed that this great nation has been reduced to allowing the sale of body parts and organs of the unborn, and giving millions to the agency responsible. What other horrors has the SCOTUS unwittingly un-leashed on America? Only time will tell. There will probably be many and they too will be horrendous.

The other day I was visiting various blogs, one of the many that I frequent, It was a “prepper” blog. Yep, I read opinion, politics, history, prepper and conspiracy theory sites. The part that caught my attention in the post I was reading was about the Constitution. The author was writing about a prepper community and if they survived the event someone would have to rebuild America, he suggested that every one in the community have a copy of the Constitution as a guide to rebuilding America. I do not think the author realized that even though the Constitution was written by good and decent men, it is being used now as the instrument for the destruction of America.
On a side note: Conspiracy theories are only theories until that theory becomes fact.
The preppers are nothing like the reality show. How do I know? Guess. The preppers are not some fringe group. If prepping is a fringe activity, explain this. The Federal government has a fully staffed and equipped prepper agency, FEMA, paid for with your tax dollars. If it is okay for the government, why is it only a fringe activity if the citizens do it? The preppers use their own money.

Back to the Constitution, as I said it was written by good and decent men. It is only worth the paper it is written on if good and decent men meant it when they take the oath to uphold it. You would be hard pressed to find good and decent men among career politicians.

The rot and corruption that is destroying America must be stopped. It can be stopped by electing good and decent men to Constitutional office. We do not need more politicians we need more statesmen. We need statesmen who will pledge their lives, their sacred honor and their fortunes. We do not need politicians who intend to make a fortune while holding office. It can also be stopped by a Press that fulfills its obligation to the people, by holding the government accountable. It can be stopped by a citizenry that understands that if they wish to reap the benefits of living in America they must bear the burden of supporting it.


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