Some years ago I heard something while listening to talk-radio that stuck with me and recent events have brought that statement back to the forefront. I heard this on the Jerry Doyle Show, what Mr. Doyle said was that the 10% on the left and the 10% on the right controlled the 80% in the middle. The remainder of this post is based on my interpretation of Mr. Doyle’s 10-80-10 statement and recent events.

The 10% on the left are the hardline party-line voters of the Democratic party and will always show-up to vote for the Democratic nominee, they are dependable and reliable. No matter what they will vote party-lines. Never voting for a Republican no matter what.
The 10% on the right are the hardline party-line voters of the Republican party and will always show-up to vote for the Republican nominee. No matter what they will vote party-lines. Never voting for a Democrat no matter what.

You probably noticed that I did not say that the 10% on the right were dependable and reliable. That is because they are not. What they are is dependable and reliable up to a point. They are dependable and reliable only if the Republican nominee is an establishment Republican that is dependable and reliable to vote along party lines. In other words if the Republican nominee is not dependable and reliable to the party, the dependable and reliable republican voters will not vote. For some unexplainable reason the Republican Party thinks that they need that 10% to win elections, thereby they forget about the other 80%. Both parties want their 10% and then fight it out for the other 80%.

This is how the whole thing breaks down, the 10% on the left are the extreme left, the far left and the 10% on the right are the extreme right, the far right. This creates a problem there is never a nominee who is to far left, but there can be a nominee who is to far to the right. No matter how far the left goes they will still get their 10%. No matter how far to the right goes they get their 10%. If at this point you are asking, What is the problem, they both secured their respective bases? You too are forgetting are forgetting the 80%.

Think on it this way, the party loyal providing they show up only cancel the other guys vote. Like I said the left will always show-up, the right not necessarily so. The extremes are there to cancel the votes of the opposing side.

The 80% are the ones who decide elections. The 80% breakdown like this center left, center and center right, some of the talking heads will say left of center, center and right of center. I like my way better they are the center. How the center breaks-down I have no idea, but let us use 20% center left, 40% center and 20% center right. If both parties secure their bases and get the one in the center that are leaning their way that still only gives each party 30%. 30+30+60, leaving 40% to fight over. 40% is a lot to leave on the table. Now it comes down to the 40% deciding the election. What has the republican party done or proposed that would cause any of the 80% to vote republican? Will you place party politics above America again?

How many times has just one issue settled and election. Let’s use the issue of Abortion, pro-life and pro-choice. It comes up in every debate cycle, and is regurgitated party politics. The left is pro-choice and the right is pro-life, with very few deviations. As with any other party plank or platform deviation from party-line politics will have consequences. Check committee appointments, how many that go out side party-lines are committee chairs? How many of the 40% will come to the right based on this one issue? Another way to ask the same question is, How many of the 40% will run the other way based on this one issue?

The easy way to answer the abortion question is this. Again I have to give Mr. Doyle credit, what he said was ” I’m glad my mother did not have one”. I would take it a step further and responded with ” I am glad my mother did not have one, and you. Make them wear the question. My stance on abortion is just that, I am glad my mother did not have one.

So my stance on abortion makes me part of the 80%. I am only a registered Republican because I happen to live in a “closed primary” state, which means if I want a voice in the primaries I must be in one of the parties to have a say. My stance on abortion also does one other thing, it eliminates the possibility of me ever seeking any Constitutional Office, which is probably a good thing. One other thing I do not walk the party line, I am a free-thinker and no political party or any man will ever be able to tell me what to think or do. Damn, just destroyed my political career again.

Let’s focus on the 80% for a minute and the importance of them in the primaries and the national elections on the Republican ticket. While we are at it let’s discuss the unimportance of the 10%. At present there is only one candidate that has already realized the unimportance of the 10% that would be Mr. Donald Trump. He realizes that he will not get those on the extreme right, he is an outsider, not part of the establishment. He has given up on the 10% to focus on the 80%, pretty smart, but then he is a businessman and understands numbers. I am not sure that Dr. Ben Carson or Ms. Carly Fiorina have discovered that yet. At present there is only Sen. Ted Cruz that has demonstrated that he will challenge the Republican party, and the leadership, by criticizing and stepping outside party-lines. I believe Sen. Cruz will not get the party loyalists and he realizes that and will instead focus on the 80%. 80 beats the hell out of 10, every time.

The 80% are getting or are already fed-up with party politics. The political parties want things to continue as they are and do not want the apple cart upset, and will use whatever tactics to insure a party loyalist is the nominee. Look at the list of candidates and ask yourself this, how many represent the political party and the 10%?

I will use Mr. Trump as the basis for the rest of this post. The talking heads are confused as to how Mr. Trump has such high poll numbers. I do not understand the confusion at all. He says what he says and has no “political correctness” filter. Very refreshing indeed. He even said one thing that got him uninvited from a political event hosted by Red State. Mr. Trump would not be allowed to play in the “Republican games”, he was now a “misfit”. His numbers still went up and this confused the talking heads even more.

Misfits are not so bad there is even a beloved Christmas song and a popular Christmas cartoon about the most famous misfit of all time, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Rudolph was different, tried to hide it and when he was found out he became a misfit. Rudolph was not the only “misfit” there were others, you know the story. The important thing and I guess the moral of the story was that even though Rudolph was a misfit and was not allowed to play in the Reindeer games, he grew when others expected him to fade away. One other thing about Rudolph, he found the Island of Misfits. One more thing his red nose became a guiding light. One last thing the misfits on the island were no longer misfits.

I am not saying that Mr. Trump will be the Rudolph of the 80%. The 80% do need a Rudolph, and at last someone has found the “misfits”, the 80%.

One last mention of Mr. Jerry Doyle. While discussing the current events around America, I remarked to a friend “Have you seen my country lately”, then I remembered that was the title of a book written by Mr. Doyle. The book is not at present in my library but soon will be. The book must be worth reading if the title sticks with me this long.


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