The Republican Party and the “Talking Heads”

I was going to use Webster’s and the other research tools available to go after the Republican party and the “talking heads” whether they be in television, print or radio, but I have decided not to go that route, that post will not be published by me and will remain a draft. I have decided to be constructive instead of destructive. Identify problems and offer solutions. There will be statements and opinions in this post that may appear negative, but that which appears negative will have a positive solution. This post will tie into the previous post 10-80-10. So here we go.

First I need to go back to the previous post and address two issues. The first issue is popularity and the polls. At present Mr. Trump is ahead in the early polls and his numbers appear to be continuing upward. His numbers continue to go up despite what is perceived by some as attempts by the GOP establishment to derail him. Not only is Mr. Trump gaining in popularity but so are Ms. Carly Fiorina and Dr. Ben Carson. These three candidates are rising in popularity because they are not part of the establishment, the reason is not despite being an outsider. The three of them appeal to the center 80%. Look at the crowds they draw, please do not say they are bused in, every candidate brings supporters everybody wants a friendly crowd. There are probably people in the crowd who would never show for an establishment politician. Senator Ted Cruz is at present also enjoying rising poll numbers, for much the same reason, he is becoming an outsider as well, a political outsider, but an outsider none-the-less. The second issue is the 80% themselves. I used the example of “misfits” in the previous post and how they were discovered by Rudolph and company. It is not that the 80% are misfits, it is that up until now no one has cared about them or the issues they feel are important. The 80% finally have candidates who speak directly to them and address their issues and concerns. The Democrat Party has been catering to the whims and wishes of their 10% and the Republican party has been catering to the whims and wishes of their 10% and neither gave a hoot nor a holler about the 80% in the center. Times may be changing.

Now to the present post. It should be evident by now that the people in the center are pretty much fed-up with the political system in Washington, D.C. The people in the center have a voice and it will be heard one way or another. What needs to happen is a revival in the Grand Old Party, and it needs to happen soon, real soon. It would be better if it were to happen today.

Revival. The GOP needs a “get that old-time religion” moment. To do this the GOP needs to take a step back and look at itself to see if the GOP represents the principles of Republicanism. The Republican party needs to decide and the state which principles of Capitalism it is that they are in favor of and support. Do they support Crony-Capitalism or Free Market Capitalism? The GOP needs to remember that the United States of America is a Republic, a Constitutional Republic. Does the GOP now see and treat the United States of America as a Democracy? I say that the GOP does see and treat America as a Democracy, this needs to change not real soon, but right now. A Constitutional Republic and a Democracy are not one and the same. In a Constitutional Republic laws are passed and enacted that are good and wholesome for the entire population and the laws do not favor one group over another. In a Constitutional Republic the laws that are passed apply to all equally. The same applies to rules and regulations they apply to all and do not favor one group over another, nor do they place undue burden on one group and not all groups. Not only is a Constitutional Republic not the same as a Democracy they at times are the exact opposite. In a Democracy the laws that are passed and enacted are to benefit the majority. Rules and regulation place undue burdens on one group while benefiting another. This should define the differences clearly. In a Constitutional Republic the citizens are governed by consent. In a Democracy the citizens are ruled by the majority. Note that, governed by one and ruled by the other.

There are also some reforms needed relating to the GOP.

Reform. This is for the Republican politicians. If you at present hold an elected Constitutional office and you seek a higher or different Constitutional office you should resign your current office. The vacancy created by your departure will be filled by whatever system your state has in place. You must remember that when you were elected you in fact were hired by the people and it is the people who pay your salary. You were hired to do a job and you receive ample compensation. You were not elected to campaign. You were hired to govern by consent of the people. There is no way you can campaign and tend to the business of the people, especially since the primaries and the general election are so far distant. Is your “day” suffering because of your political aspirations? Or have you simply quit your “day” job but still expect to get paid anyway? In lieu of your resignation how about you only campaign while on vacation, after all you have more than enough time off. One or the other, choose one. Use your time not the people’s, at least make it appear that they are getting their moneys worth. How many of the current field would be running for president if before they could run they had to give-up their “day” job?

Reform. This for the Republican National Committee and the Republican party. It is not your place to pick the Republican nominee, not only not your place it is not your job and certainly not your responsibility. It is the place, job and responsibility of the voters in the primary process. It is your place, job and responsibility to provide the resources and support to who ever the people choose to represent them in the general election. Do your part and let the voters do theirs.

Reform. This for the “talking heads” for the Republican side. Quit bashing the candidates or trying to have a “gotcha moment”. This applies to all whether you are in television, radio or print. If you call yourself a “Republican strategist” then please do tell what the Republican strategy is. If you call yourself a “Republican strategist” you are most likely part of the Republican establishment. Again it is not your place, job or responsibility to pick the nominee, that honor belongs to the voters in the primary process. The odds are that you have already made your choice as to who you want for the nominee, if this is true quit your day job and join their campaign.

In the third paragraph I mentioned that one way or another the voice of the 80% in the center would be heard. One way that their voice will be heard is if the GOP has some revival and get themselves back on track and start living up to the principles and ideals of Republicanism. Short of the revival there are two options for the voters to choose from, Democratic-Socialist or Republican-Socialist.

The other way, in one way or another, would be a third-party, not the TEA Party, it was absorbed by the GOP or dismissed. I am not talking about a new or Independent party. I am talking about a party from the past. A political party from the past that would bring the entire center 80% and a goodly portion of both ends along. Break out the dictionary.

I am talking about the old Democratic-Republican party. The Democratic-Republican party in simple explanation, it favored strict interpretation of the Constitution to restrict the powers of the federal government and emphasized states rights. In short Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. I could go for that. Pull some teeth from the mouth of the federal government.

Unless something changed today, Mr. Trump is still the only one that would not say, he would not run as an independent candidate. However, he did say that he would not run as an Independent if he was the Republican nominee. If nothing else you have to admire the “brass” in that statement.
All that aside the first primaries or caucuses are upcoming and that should narrow the field down a bit. But, that is both good and bad. The good is that the field will get smaller and give the candidates a better opportunity to make their case as to why the people should trust them and entrust them. The bad is that the “money men” will start offering donations for favors. After all, remember what Mr. Trump said about his donations and why he made them. Got to appreciate honesty.

I had intended to address the vast sums of money in politics but have decided to save that one for later.

Anyway looking forward to doing my part in the primary process. Also looking forward to the meeting in the “revival tent”.


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