Lies, Deceit and Hypocrisy

First my thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families after the latest shooting in Oregon.
The Liberal Left and the Progressive Liberals are at it again doing their best to politicize another tragedy. A tragedy caused by the policies they support and in most cases have instituted. BHO has politicized every event that supported his as well as the progressive agenda, however this time he came out and said it, he is politicizing this tragedy and will keep politicizing it. I did notice one thing different in his approach this time he has stopped using the term “gun control” and has instead gone with the term “gun safety”.

The sudden change in wording set me to thinking, “What are they up to now”? The change from “control” to “safety” is a change in strategy, but has no effect on the ultimate goal. Think about this, safety and the usage of the word. Motor vehicles are much safer today than they were years ago. That would lead one to believe that fewer people die on the roads and highways of America. Seat belts save lives, so we have a law requiring motorists to wear seat belts, again to decrease the number of motor vehicle deaths each year. Safety seats are used in motor vehicles to make the children safer in the event of an accident. There are countless “safety” laws, rule and regulations in place to make the work place “safer”. Safety glasses have reduced the number and severity of eye injuries. Safety equipment used in and around the work place have reduced the numbers of deaths and injuries. There are even safety items in and around the home to lessen the likelihood of falls and injuries. This would all lead one to assume that safety in all aspects of life is an overall good thing.

Even with the fact that motor vehicle manufacturers making motor vehicles safer, many thousands of people die each year in motor vehicle accidents. Children still die or are seriously injured while in a car seat. People still die or are seriously injured while wearing seat belts. People are still injured or die around the workplace. Many people still die or are seriously injured in accidents around the home.

It would be my guess that some time in the very near future there will a government study. A study on safety, showing the benefits of safety versus reckless behavior. It will also show how government intervention in the name of safety has decreased the number of serious injuries and deaths based on safety laws, rules and regulations. The “facts and figures” will of course show the desired results of the study, even if they have to be skewered. The truth means nothing, the agenda means everything.

This is why gun control laws and measures do not work, nor will they ever. There has yet to be a law, rule or regulation that has stopped a criminal doing what a criminal does, which is to disobey or break the law. Maybe a law should be passed making it illegal to break the law, rule or regulation, that one might convince the criminals to stop their criminal behavior. No that will not work, it would cause the politicians to become law-abiding citizens. That is unless they could somehow see themselves as above the law. Oh silly me, the criminals and politicians already have that view and act accordingly.

With the exception of inserting the word “safety” where “control” is usually used the liberal left and the liberal progressives talking points remain the same. “We must protect the children”.” People need a safe environment to study, learn and grow”. “For the sake of the children”. And so it goes, the talking points never change.

Let’s examine for a moment the utter hypocrisy of the liberal left and the liberal progressives. So you want to provide a safe place for children, do you? The safest place for any child is supposed to be the mother’s womb. Yet you deny the child that safety, you support and fund organizations that go into the womb and take the life of a child, literally ripping them from safety and security. Some of you are even okay with going into the womb and taking the life of a child up to the moment of birth. You want a safe place for children to learn and grow as long as it is not in the womb. Rather than control yourself and not engage in activity that history has proven leads to pregnancy, you choose abortion.
How about them school buses? Are the seats any safer now than the were when I rode them in the 1960’s? Do they have seat belts yet? Oh, that’s right safety costs money. If school buses were safer they would cost more money. Are you letting children’s safety slide for monetary reasons.

As for control there are at present only two types of control the liberal left and the liberal progressives care about, and they are gun control and birth control. A world where abortions are on demand and free of guns.

Just stop claiming it is for the children when you seek gun control, or the new term gun safety your actions have already proven you do not have a concern for the children. Abortion is the number one cause of the death of children. Tell the nation the truth what is your true agenda concerning personal firearms. Stop lying, if you can, and just say what your ultimate goal is.

You claim to want to make a safer environment, yet you seek to deny me and those like me with the most important tool that make the safer environment. The tool that provides a deterrent. No sign announcing a gun-free zone has ever deterred a single mass shooter. How many have been encouraged by or drawn to a place to do evil by the simple sign announcing there will be no resistance. What does the absence of the sign provide? Doubt in the mind of the criminal.

While on the subject, since your intent is to provide for a safer environment for your children. Assuming that they made it out of the womb alive, and you see firearms as evil, and Lord knows that you must protect the children from evil. I have a quick question for you. Have you placed that gun-free zone sign in front of your house yet? No, why not? Could it be that you already know that the gun-free zone sign only invites trouble?


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