Must-Read Essay Explains REAL FREEDOM To Liberals

Reclaim Our Republic

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Writing for his Tumblr blog, Sufficient Reason, Tea Party conservative Jeremy N. Choate explained to liberals exactly what real freedom looks and sounds like:

Lately, I must admit that my hostility towards your political ilk has ramped up, pretty dramatically. No, it’s not because we, at this point in my life, have a half-black president in the White House, and I’m some closet racist who is becoming increasingly frustrated at the prospects of the White Man’s power slipping through my fingers. I know that you’ve accused our side of such nonsense, and the thought keeps you warm at night, but I can assure you that it is a comfortable fiction of which you should probably divest yourself.

Translation: We loathe Obama not because of his race, but because he genuinely sucks as a so-called “leader.”

Now before I waste too much of your time, let’s establish who…

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