What would be the Price, Cost, Value and Worth?

The question in the title of this post is in reference to the God-given and Constitutional rights each American is free to enjoy and exercise or not as they see fit. Another series of questions that goes along with this post is the following; Could a person be convinced to sell their God-given and Constitutional rights? Could a person be convinced to trade or exchange their God-given and Constitutional rights?

There has been much of late on the internet about a possible gun grab by the federal government. It is my, as well as others, belief that a gun-grab by the federal government would have dire consequences. Of all I have read regarding the gun-grab and the plans to do so whether by executive order or by legislative means I have neither seen or heard about the following possibility.

Could it be possible to tie the free exercise of the Second Amendment to money, money from the federal government. No, I am not talking about a gun buy back plan or program. What I am talking about is tying gun ownership to receiving government monies. Think about this for a moment. How many households across America receive checks, federal government checks, every month retirement pensions, social security, disability checks or welfare, food stamps, wic and the rest of the long list of what are now called “government entitlements”.

I do not think that the federal government would or could implement and carry out a gun grab. But the federal government could tie gun ownership to government payments. The federal government would not be necessarily infringing on the right to keep and bear arms per se. Gun ownership or the lack of gun ownership could just be a pre-condition to receiving federal checks or federal benefits. It could be as simple as if a person was not willing to give up the right to keep and bear arms he or she would be ineligible for government money of any type. If a person wanted to continue receiving federal government he or she would only need to “voluntarily” give-up the right to keep and bear arms. In this instance the federal government did not deny the person their right to keep and bear arms, the right was exchanged for money, sold so to speak.

Think about this for a moment, the “experts” estimate that 47% of the households in America are on at least one form of government assistance. Could these households go a month without the checks that they rely upon for their very existence? Probably not. Add to this the numbers of retirees from the military and the federal government, they also receive pension checks from guess who? Don’t forget about the number of persons on social security old age or disability, that check also comes from guess who? Also don’t forget about the number of persons getting VA benefits, again a government check. Most of America could and would be disarmed with this simple maneuver, tying gun ownership to money. The government would not be grabbing your gun you would be giving it up freely.

Voluntarily disarming could also be a pre-condition to being hired by the federal government. Simple you want a government job, disarm. Gun=No government job. The only gun you could carry would be a government issued gun and then only if the position required it, and only as long as the tour of duty.

This would be only the beginning, not only would you “voluntarily” give up your right to keep and bear arms, you would also most likely be placed on a prohibited person list. You would be prohibited from purchasing a firearm the same as a common criminal, though you committed no crime. You could not buy guns or ammunition. There would most likely be a form that you would be required to sign explaining all of this to you.

Hold on it gets worse. Now that the right to keep and bear arms has been freely exchanged for a continuation of government checks, and the person placed on the prohibited persons list, there now must be a system to ensure compliance. To ensure the person is in full compliance with the “exchange program” there must be a system of checks and balances, so to speak. The government would be authorized to conduct unannounced and warrantless searches for guns and ammunition. The way the system is now if a search warrant is issued for a 65 inch flat screen TV, no area can be legally searched where a 65 inch flat screen TV could not be hidden. There would be no excluded areas for search if they were searching for a single bullet.

If one is found with a prohibited item I am sure there would be confiscation, fines and a loss of benefits along with a lengthy prison term. No telling what could or would be found looking for a single bullet. So in fact you sold your Second Amendment right, and lost your Fourth Amendment protection. They get a two for one deal. The question is this; How much will you sell your rights for, and what others would you lose?

Oh, and keep this in mind, even a draconian measure like this would not effect a single criminal.


6 thoughts on “What would be the Price, Cost, Value and Worth?

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  2. People on social security contributed into the fund. That establishes a breach and has merit to be presented in federal court. The government can payout every penny to those denied, plus interest at prevailing APR over the years effected. That would be fair. It would also crush the system.
    Obama and his voteing block of idiots still don’t get it; Freedom they enjoy is due to a combat infantryman, somewhere at sometime, who ponied-up the courage, some to the point of losing their own lives. The disrespect somehow (Karma?) will come around and land on their heads, as they earned the lumps.

    • Sorry about the delay in replying, you, me and many like us understand that a promise is a promise and a man’s word is his bond, but then we are honorable, there should be more like us especially when it comes to holding a Constitutional office

      • In the past, I was approached by political parties for minor elected office, by first the Democrats, then the Republicans, then the Democrats, again. I felt that somebody could possibly do a better job than myself and did not avail myself to running for political office within NYC.
        Most recently, I tried to get support to run for County Sheriff, as I am a registered Conservative, but was told that they had their own guy and there was no interest to support my election efforts. As everyone knows, I am staunchly pro-2A. Locally, that makes me an immediate underdog as liberals and Democrats run the Town and County for the past three decades.
        Something that most people have no understanding of, is when in discussion locally, I say that my Oath, had no expiration. I am still obligated to protect and defend our nation, and the same with the streets. People believe that once the uniform is shed for civilian attire, all bets are off, and the few times when I assisted county police and state police, making an arrest (one man patrol cars) and help them overcome a resist and assault, that I was crazy. I cannot change what is in my heart, and truly hope January of 2017 arrives quickly so that hope of a better president will ebb threats by Obama against America and halt any concerns of a need for revolution.

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