The problem with establishment politicians

This goes for politicians at all levels federal, state and local they just plain do not get it. What they just do not get is the fact that the citizens are getting fed up with their greed, corruption and partisan politics.

This is especially true for the GOP. The republican party has disappointed the voters constantly. Making then breaking promises to the voters. It seems that many conservatives in name only say what the voters want to hear then do what ever they or the establishment want as soon as they take office. Well GOP, like it or not the voters are fed up with you, your lies and your politics as usual. I should not be taking such “liberties” with my interpretation with what is happening in the GOP primary process, so from this moment on I will stick with my opinion and stop trying to interpret the action of others.

You will notice above that I called them Conservative In Name Only(CINO) and not Republican In Name Only(RINO), that is because they do not understand the principles of Conservatism. If one does not know or understand the principles of conservatism, how can one claim to be a conservative? As a reminder to the ones who claim the mantle of being a conservative, these are some of the principles of Conservatism; 1: Lower Taxes 2: A Limited Government 3: A Strong National Defense 4: Individual Financial Responsibility. If you can not live up to at least these four principles (these are the easy ones)of conservatism then please stop calling yourself a Conservative.

What the establishment GOP does understand is the principle of big government, which is understandable because the Republican party, yes the party of Lincoln was founded in and on the principles of a big centralized government. The federal government has been growing in size and scope since Lincoln was elected and will continue even after this election.

Another problem with establishment politicians is that they engage in partisan politics. The word partisan takes on a whole new meaning with used in conjunction with politics. The political partisans are nothing like the partisans of WW 2. When someone engages in partisan politics, this is the result, A firm adherent to a party, faction, cause or person; especially one exhibiting blind, prejudiced and unreasoning allegiance. When a politician engages in partisan politics he/she is only concerned with what is best for the party or the person who best represents the best interests of the party, the party supporters(donors) or special interest groups(lobbyists). Little if any concern is given for what is best for the nation as a whole. The motto of the establishment is “Party First, Foremost and Always”.

The federal government will continue to grow until conservatism and the principles of conservatism come back to America as a way of life. The time has come when the GOP establishment must and will take a back-seat to the voters. There must be a reason the two GOP candidates who do not represent the establishment are winning and leading in the delegate count must be doing so for a reason.

Now on to matter that is near and dear to my heart, the Florida primaries are coming up. You can bet your bottom dollar that an establishment candidate will not get my vote. Not only is the primary coming up, we in Marion County have another issue on the ballot. We are expected to vote yes or no to increased sales tax to fund roads and public safety. A voluntary tax of 1% for four long years. The Marion County Commission has somehow managed to get that on the ballot, typical politicians. There are a present signs going up around Marion County, that read “Road Project Ahead Pending Sales Tax Approval”, these politicians must be kidding. The ones that I have seen are located north of the intersections of CR 25A and CR 329 just before the Lowell Post Office and north of the intersection of CR 315 and CR 316 just before the Ft. McCoy Post Office and I am sure there are more. Making and putting up these signs must have cost money, money that could have been put to better use, maybe road maintenance, but no it was wasted making stupid signs. These signs in my opinion are to put a “guilt trip” on the voters. Go out and see for yourselves, shining examples of waste, fraud and abuse at the county level. This ballot initiative will get a big fat NO from me. If you can waste tax money-making signs, what else have you wasted money on? You waste money and you want me to give you more, “fat chance”. Not only do you want the voters to voluntarily pay more taxes, you will raise the millage rates on property taxes. You want the people to give more and then you will take more. I guess the Marion County Commission calls that a “little give and take”.

Some of my Conservative brothers and sisters are calling for more like Ronald Reagan, I personally am calling for more like Thomas Jefferson. Short of a Jefferson or a Reagan I will settle for a Trump or a Cruz.