Questions and Answers Part 1

We as citizens of America need to start asking questions, a lot of questions. Who, What, Where, Why, When and How should be applied to every decision or statement that comes from the administration and congress. It would seem that Why would be the most important. We must look for a Motive, just like the police do in crime solving. Nobody does something for nothing, there is always a reason. Gather the evidence, investigate and find the motive, pretty simple when you think about it. Means, Motive and Opportunity.

Recently BHO had said of Mr. Donald Trump, that he was unfit and woefully unprepared to be president. At the same time he said something to the effect of, he would have been disappointed if McCain or Romney had defeated him. He also said he had confidence in both of them. So I asked myself why did he not say that both McCain and Romney were unfit and woefully unprepared to be president while they were running? At the beginning of the republican primaries there were 17 vying for the nomination, Mr. Trump, Dr. Carson, Mrs. Fiorina and 14 career politicians. Would BHO claim that Dr. Carson or Mrs. Fiorina would have been unfit and woefully unprepared if either one of them had been the republican nominee? We will never know the answer, but I suspect he would have. Would BHO have said that any of the career(professional)politicians were unfit and woefully unprepared to be president? We too will never know the answer, but I suspect he would NOT have. Why not? Glad you asked.

You see Gov. Bush, Sen. Cruz, Gov. Kasich, Sen. Rubio and the 10 others were and are professional(career)politicians, in the truest sense of the word, and are well-connected in the political world. Mr. Donald Trump is not a politician. According to Webster’s, politician 2 a: a person engaged in party politics as a profession 2 b: a person interested in political office for selfish or other usu. short-sighted reasons. If any of those 14 had went on to become the nominee it would have been a politician facing a politician. BHO would prefer HRC to win but if she lost, at least she would lose to another politician. What do you mean? Again, glad you asked.

When a politician wins America loses. Politicians do not have the best interests of America or Her citizens at heart. The professional(career)politicians have their own best interests at heart. They want to be re-elected and do what ever is necessary to accomplish that goal. If they lose they are satisfied that another politician wins. Even if it means or meant destroying this Republic. The career(professional)politicians do not want any outsiders in their midst. They have nothing to gain by letting the populace see what is behind the curtain. If you need proof of this look no further than the video of the statement made by the Senator from NV, minority leader Reid saying, Just give Trump a false briefing he won’t know the difference. Just make something up. They do seem to great lengths to keep us in the dark, and then brag about it. Actually encouraging the ones giving the briefing to lie to the man who could very well be our next president. Kind of makes one wonder what else they could be hiding from us, the citizens of this Republic. Why is it so important to keep the outsiders out? Glad you asked.

They have everything to lose. As long as they control, or think they control, who gets a seat at the table they have nothing to fear. As long as they control the table they control the game, not only controlling the game but making the rules as they go. They have everything to fear when they are exposed to scrutiny. They the establishment and the established politicians are all about power and control. The establishment has now realized that they are losing control, if they lose control they will lose power. To stay in power they must regain control. What they are losing control over are the voters, we made the choice this time in our nominee, the establish had no control. The establishment not only lost control of the voters but they lost control of the republican party. How will the establishment regain control? Can the establishment regain control?

Good questions. Those answers will come in Part 2.


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