Questions and Answers Part 2

We as citizens of America need to start asking questions, a lot of questions. Who, What, Where, Why, When and How should be applied to every decision or statement that comes from the administration and congress. It would seem that Why would be the most important. We must look for a Motive, just like the police do in crime solving. Nobody does something for nothing, there is always a reason. Gather the evidence, investigate and find the motive, pretty simple when you think about it. Means, Motive and Opportunity.

This part of the series, as did the last, has to do with the assertion made by BHO and others that Donald Trump in their opinion is unfit and woefully unprepared to be president. In the last post I left off with; How will the establishment regain control? Can the establishment regain control?

They, the political elite, actually believe that the primaries were about Trump. True enough Trump won the nomination, but the primaries were about America and the American citizens. America was the message and Trump was the messenger. Even if Trump loses to Clinton there is no guarantee that the establishment will ever regain control of the Republican party. But it is certain that if Trump wins the establishment will never regain control of the party. The only way the establishment can regain control, in their mind and thought process, is for Trump to lose. The party elite and their donors as well as their surrogates in the media worked tirelessly throughout the primaries, at the convention and still work today to rid themselves of Mr. Trump.

Make no mistake they want the party back under their control. Will or can the party elite regain control of the party is not the important question. The real question, the important question, is how far are they willing to go to regain control? There is another thing to consider, regaining control does not guarantee the you will retain control. If you regain something that is no guarantee that you will retain control. Regaining and retaining are two entirely different things. So which is the most important? When you work out a way to retain control, you have in essence guaranteed that once control is regained it will never be lost again. This creates a new question. How far are the party elite willing to go to regain and retain control of the party. And remember that it is not only the party elite it goes all the way down to the politicians. It is all about power and control, if there is no control there can be no power. They will not stand for losing neither.

Now this is starting to get complicated and not to mention that it opens the door for some very interesting theories. One does not even have to use their imagination to figure out how far they are willing to go in their quest to regain control and then to retain that same control.

I will say this, the best and most horrific example of how far a politician will go to regain and retain control of something that had “slipped” away is what is called the “Civil War”. Abraham Lincoln declared war on the States of the Southern U.S. who had seceded. The Reconstruction period was the way to retain the Union. The “Civil War” is laid square at the feet of Abraham Lincoln. The Reconstruction period can be laid square at the feet of the politicians succeeding him. Both have been proven to be totally unnecessary. The Southern States were seen as disloyal to the Union. The “Civil War” was the instrument used to get the Southern States to return to the Union. The Reconstruction period was the instrument used to punish them for leaving the Union. More on this later.

I am not saying that the party elite are going to declare a “civil war” against those that they view as disloyal or have a reconstruction period after their victory. Some say that the civil war was waged to save America. You claim that Trump is destroying the party. I just wonder how far you are willing to go to “save” your precious party.

The next post will highlight some of the steps that you have already taken to “save” your precious party.

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