Purposeful Change

I am not opposed to change, purposeful change, one that is beneficial, purposeful and productive. Since starting this Blog in January 2014 I have been all over the map. My intention now is to focus my time and energy. The plan is to cover current events as well as past events and to tie them into historical events as best I can. I want this Blog to have purpose and direction. I have to add this disclaimer, I’m still unlearning what I was taught. Planning also to include a personal story from time to time.

2 thoughts on “Purposeful Change

  1. I think, we are all, too, over the map. Freedom has battles on many fronts, in many locations. I truly hope our nation prospers with this presidential election cycle. I am blogging since 2008; on WP since 2009. I am tired. I would love to walk away from the keyboard, do some gardening, and take a nap under a shade tree. But the fight, is here, and we who fight (in the form of blogging), in my opinion, reach many people who know that we, all of us, are a reliable source of newsworthy items, and the paid MSM, remains, purchased and manipulated.
    I am still locked out of my dashboard at my regular blog [Brittius]. I would like to walk away from this blog after the election, if America gets pulled out of the nosedive. This old man, is tired.

    • I intend to keep up the fight, no intention of quitting. There is much work to do. Any fight worth fighting is worth winning. If we do not fight we can not win. Fighting does not always mean winning. Not fighting guarantees a loss. The next post should reveal my efforts for the future.

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