So what happens next?

One has to wonder why the FBI has re-opened the investigation on HRC and the e-mails, especially at this late date. Me personally, I wondered why the investigation was closed in the first place. Given the fact that there were still so many e-mails unaccounted for. And given the fact that so many were given immunity.

The investigation was re-opened with 11 days remaining until the presidential elections. Was the investigation being reopened a distraction from the WikiLeaks dumps? That is one possibility. But, I point out that the MSM was giving little coverage to the WikiLeaks releases anyway. To the MSM the WikiLeaks releases of the Clinton and company e-mails was a distraction from any Trump stories they could dig up. I can assure you, however that if the WikiLeaks releases were about Mr. Trump the MSM would be all over them like flies on feces. It would be wall-to wall 24/7 coverage.

Which brings me to this concerning the MSM. Why is it that the MSM is so much in the tank for the democrats and the socialist liberal progressive agenda? Could it fear, and if it is just exactly is it that the MSM fears? It is plain to see that the MSM does not fear the conservatives. They have nothing to fear from the Trump supporters. They have nothing to fear from the legal and lawful gun owners. They in fact have nothing to fear from Mr. Trump.

America at this time faces a much larger problem than the MSM being in the tank for the socialist liberal progressives and their agenda. America could be facing a national security breach that could prove to be catastrophic. It was reported that HRC’s top advisor and long time friend did not deny the existence of copies of the e-mails on her husbands laptop, she merely stated she did not know how they got there. This leads to yet the possibility of other smart phones, tablets, blackberry’s and laptops that contain the same information which they may find on the laptop in question. Not only is there the possibility of countless devices outside of the government domain having classified information on them there is also the possibility that some, most or all of them could have been hacked.

Think about that for just a minute. Imagine the entire administration could be blackmailed into doing something or not doing something because one person decided on her own to operate outside of normal government security protocols. We will never know what is in the e-mails, but the possibility exists that many(as they are referred to as)bad actors could already have the information contained, all the information, including the yoga schedules, and probably do. Think on this for a minute. “Bad Actors” spend much time and effort trying to hack their way into government websites, they probably spend more time and less effort trying to hack into computers of government employees. There is also the possibility that the former Secretary of State was not the only one in the administration operating a home-brew server for e-mails and government business.

There is no honor among thieves. If it is true as reported that HRC’s top advisor and long time friend did not deny the existence of the e-mails and only offered the defense of she did not know how they found their way to her husbands laptop. There is only one way for an e-mail to end up on a device, in the “in box”, someone had to send it. One thief can not trust another thief.

This re-opened investigation will in most likelihood go on well past the presidential election. The outcome of the election will most likely determine the outcome of the investigation. If HRC wins the election and is inaugurated I doubt very much that we will have a repeat of Nixon.

If Trump wins and is inaugurated prior to the conclusion of the re-opened investigation and there is an indictment of HRC, there will in all likelihood be no presidential pardon. There will instead be a trial, a very ugly trial. She will not go down by herself. BHO and the democrats can not take that risk. If Trump wins and there is a presidential pardon given BHO will have to do that prior to his leaving office. Concerning presidential pardons, Nixon did not pardon himself, Ford gave Nixon his pardon. Had Nixon pardoned himself, or been able to do so, America would have at that moment become a “Banana Republic”. Remember Nixon was not indicted, he was merely exposed and caught up in lies. He resigned in disgrace. He was not even impeached. His pardon settled the issue of him being corrupt. It did not expose the corruption in the rest of the government. The pardon saved a trial and all that could have come with it. If HRC loses and is pardoned by BHO it only settles the matter of her. The pardon will do away with the need for a trial, the corruption and how far it stretches into the government will remain hidden, just as it did with Nixon.

It’s only 8 days until the election and any thing can happen between now and then. If nothing changes there will be only one outcome, by this time or slightly later next Tuesday either Trump or Clinton will be the president-elect. For the sake of this Republic I pray that Mr. Trump is the president-elect.

Something to think on

In last nights debate HRC brought up the fact that Mr. Trump began his business with a loan from his father. She claims it was $14 million he says it was $1 million. The amount does not matter, though I believe him over her. Look at what he has done with a $1 million dollar loan, he has turned a $1 million dollar loan into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. That is one hell of a return on $1 million.

Think on this, the politicians in D.C. have no such record. They have squandered the trillions of dollars they have taken from the tax-paying citizens, and somehow managed to borrow and spend another $20 trillion. If Donald J. Trump could turn a borrowed $1 million into billions imagine what he could have done with $20 trillion.

Speaking of taxes and the tax-paying public, HRC brought up the fact that Mr. Trump has paid nothing in income taxes. She and others claim that Mr. Trump uses the tax codes to avoid paying taxes. Mr. Trump is only using the tax codes to his advantage. It is very doubtful that Mr. Trump wrote any of the tax codes, those were written by politicians. It was the politicians who provided the tools for Mr. Trump to avoid paying taxes, I might point out that Mr. Trump is not the only one using the tax codes to his advantage. Name me one instance during HRC’s time in the Senate that she sought to change the tax codes.

That brings me to this. I get pretty tired of the politicians, democrat and republican claiming that the rich do not pay their fair share. Yet none of them has ever said or put in writing how much would be a “fair share”. Name me one politician who has introduced legislation that would change the tax code, or introduced legislation that would require the rich to pay their fair share. Politicians go out of their way to protect the wealthy, large corporations, investment banks and basically anyone or anything that has money. Why, you ask? Political contributions.

Speaking of political contributions. The way to clean-up politics and get the corruption out of government is to take out the money. There was an old saying that went something like, Money is the root of all evil. Money is not the problem, it is an inanimate object, no emotion and no will of its own. Money does have the power to corrupt, so does the lack of money. Mankind is the corruptible one in this equation. Two of the things that can corrupt mankind are money and power. All men are not corrupted by money and/or power, that seems to be not the case in most politicians.

Take the money out of politics and you will take the politicians out of politics. Two things that should never make a person rich are politics and welfare, they are also the same two things that should be a career. Money in politics have turned public service into self-service.

Corruption in voting. It seems, to me, that voter ID laws should be the law of the land. This one simple act would be the surest way to verify the voter’s identity, and that he or she was entitled to vote and were indeed who they claimed to be. The democrats seem to think that requiring a photo ID places an undue financial hardship on the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable in the population. But, the poorest, weakest and most vulnerable must produce a photo ID to purchase beer, wine, alcohol and cigarettes. Think on this, how many times one must prove their identity during the course of the day?

One last thing, Ethics. It seems odd to me that we keep sending politicians to Washington, D.C. that seem to be short on ethics. There could be no other explanation, if they have an “ethics committee”. Imagine a committee to tell a person when they are acting in an unethical manner or doing an unethical act. Here is the kicker, the ethics committee is made up of other politicians. Sounds like trusting the fox to watch over the hens. Is there an ethics committee in your home or do you just know right from wrong? Ethics can best be summed up with this, Ethics are doing the right thing even when no body is watching.