Rising from the ashes

If the rioters(calling themselves protesters)would just stop rioting, sit and have a cup of coffee(decaf if necessary)and think they may come to understand what great impact a Trump presidency will have on their lives. This is especially true of the citizens living in the large Liberal Socialist Progressive controlled cities and states. I mean face it after years of Liberal Socialist Progressives control towns, cities and states are a broken and rundown. The Republic itself was heading towards being broken and rundown as well.

Things could be better across this Republic, a lot better. For a Nation that is some $20 trillion in debt one would think that this Republic would be in stellar condition. Sadly this is not the case. I could go on about debts and deficits, wasteful spending, outright fraud and corruption but most of the people reading this post understand all of that. So I will just say that this Republic is so far in debt because our elected government, you know the Liberal Socialist Progressives, stopped placing America and America’s interests first. When the government stopped putting America and America’s interests first it also stopped putting the interests of the citizens first. What was best for America and the American citizens was the last thing on the mind of the Liberal Socialist Progressives.

Things will be better across this Republic, a lot better. The $20 trillion debt will have to be paid. But, I have a feeling that from Noon on the 20th of January 2017 forward any money spent will be spent wisely. No more nation building, except for rebuilding America. No more bad trade deals, you know the ones that hurt American workers. No more harmful and burdensome government regulations that drive industries to foreign and distant lands. No more ill-thought and ill-planned regime changes in foreign and distant lands.

At last America will come first, whether you call is Nationalism or Americanism does not matter, what does matter is that it is not Globalism. Americanism is not such a bad thing, placing America first. Taking care of oneself first just makes good common sense. Look at it this way, if your neighbor is financially embarrassed(broke)and you have just enough to take care of you and yours, are you going to give him anything?

It is time to knock off the non-sense. Quit tearing stuff up, burning stuff down and assaulting other American citizens.

President-elect Trump wants to rebuild cities, towns, infrastructure and this Republic. The time has come to get busy. Look around at your towns and cities. Are you happy with what you see? Are you happy with the Liberal Socialist Progressive agenda, the same agenda that has turned some of the greatest cities in this Republic to slums. Slums with no future, no jobs and little if any opportunity.

We the citizens of this Republic really start need to start asking why. I for one would like to ask, just what are you protesting, and how did your protests turn into riots? Could it be that is what was intended? How long will you continue?

There could be much rising from the ashes. Would you not like to see the once great cities of this Republic rise from the ashes? Does anybody remember the American city that at one time had the highest standard of living in the country? Look at it now.

I would like to ask the residents of Detroit, how does your standard of living compare to the Liberal Socialist Progressives that run your fair city. The same question could be asked of the residents of the “Rust Belt”, the residents of “Coal Country” and so many other places across this land.

I personally am looking forward to the day and time January 20th 2017 at noon when the American government begins to rise from the ashes.

The way I see it there were 2 people running for president.
One was promising to give you free stuff and spewing the usual Liberal socialist Progressive crap.
The other was promising you the opportunity to get a job and earn your stuff.
Apparently the ones who are rioting wanted the one who was promising free stuff while spewing the usual Liberal Socialist Progressive crap.

JFK is credited with saying, Ask not what your country can do for you, but rather ask what you can do for your country. One thing you can do for your country is to stop tearing it up. We do live here too you know.

If you promised to leave, please do so. You are like a crooked politician, making promises and failing to carry them out. Do what you say or say nothing.


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