Good grief

Here we are some 18 days after the presidential election. Some 17 days after HRC conceded the election to President-elect Trump. Some 55 days until BHO is out of the Oval Office. Now the leftist Green party candidate wants a recount in some of the “battleground states” and sure enough the DNC piles on.

Nothing will change, Clinton will still have lost and Trump will still be the President-elect. The Green party will still have only about 1% of the vote and no electoral college votes. The rest will still have what they had. I guess the Green Party candidate is worried about voter fraud. No that can’t be it if she were really worried about voter fraud she would sue to have all 50 states do a recount.

I can think of only two reasons for this recount to even take place, given that it is in so few states.

The first is to give legitimacy to the “he’s not my president” crowd. You can rest assured that President-elect Donald Trump is going to be your President, regardless of what you write on your forehead. The Electoral College is why, and with it all states get a say in who the next president is. The presidential election is not a nation wide popularity contest. It is a statewide popularity contest. If a candidate gets the majority of the popular vote in a state, then that candidate is awarded the Electoral College votes for that state. The candidate is not awarded the popular vote for that state. The goal is to win enough states to attain 270 Electoral College votes. The goal is not to win 50% of the popular vote plus 1. Look at it this way, if HRC had gotten every popular vote in every state she won she would have seen no increase in Electoral College votes. So yes, snowflake Donald Trump will be your president because he attained enough Electoral College votes. So now some of your ilk want to do away with the Electoral College, you want a president elected by a nation wide popular vote. You only want to do away with the Electoral College because your candidate lost.

The other is to provide a distraction. Another shiny object to look at. The political elite is not a happy lot, neither are the global elitists. This recount was announced after many started complaining about President-elect Trump’s Cabinet and staff picks. It was not announced after the election. So keep your eyes and ears open.

I understand that some on the left are not very happy with the results of the election. I have been displeased with the results of many elections, I did resist the urge to write on my forehead with a Sharpie in protest. I also resisted the urge to engage in riotous behavior, tearing up stuff and burning stuff down. Actually I had no inclination to do either.

Now I understand that some of you are so displeased you actually want to secede from the United States. You must not have studied history. My ancestors did that many years ago. Darn near succeeded. But do tell us how this works out for you, you know just in case.


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