Grasping for Straws

It would seem that desperation is setting in on the Liberal Leftist Socialist Progressives(LLSP). Their efforts to derail the election process by suing for recounts has failed. Now some of the state delegates, electoral college, want a security briefing concerning computer hacking by the Russians. One has to wonder what is next and how far are they willing to go.

All this “drama” on the part of the LLSP is a direct result of the democratic nominee getting her butt handed to her in the presidential election. Actually all this drama is typical of the LLSP par for the course, so to speak, “playing the blame game”. The LLSP has a habit, a very bad habit, of blaming others for their failures. They have to blame others they never blame themselves. When everything goes their way they have no complaints, they complain to the high-heavens if things do not go their way. When their plans and schemes fail they say they did no go “far enough”.

The “hot” subject now is the claim that Russians, specifically the Russian government, had hacked into election computers. First our intelligence agencies have to somehow prove that the Russian government had hacked their way into the system. Once they do that, they then have to somehow prove that the Russian hacking had influenced the election, by changing Clinton voted to Trump votes. If votes were not changed then all of these allegations are a moot point.

I doubt very much that if HRC had won the election any of this would have ever come up. Not the recounts, nor the LLSP wanting to do away with the Electoral College, in favor of a popular vote. And certainly none of the LLSP would be blaming Russia, or Russian hacking for a HRC victory. I doubt very much it would have ever come up, much less looked into. And most certainly “fake news” would have never seen the light of day.

There are very few days until Donald J. Trump is sworn as the nation’s 45 president, 36 to be specific. There are only 4 days until the Electoral College meets in their respective State Capitols to cast their votes.

I wonder what is next. How far are they willing to go?


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