Merry Christmas

Many millions across this Republic, and many millions more around the world are celebrating Christmas. Families sat around the Christmas Tree opening gifts, singing Christmas Carols and all of the other traditional things people do on this day. Many went to visit with family and friends and exchange gifts and to wish each a Merry Christmas. Many went to Church, many more stayed home.

Tens of thousands of American service members are celebrating Christmas today, for some it was yesterday. They will, or did, open gifts, sing carols and have a Christmas Meal, there may, or was, even be a Christmas Tree they could sit around. They even visited friends and family to exchange gifts. There is a big difference when you are deployed your friends are your family. Most went to church. There is one thing about attending Church when you are deployed, Church is held where and when the Chaplain finds you. Do keep them in your prayers.

Let us not forget what we are supposed to be celebrating. We are celebrating the birth of the One who came to save the world. We are celebrating the birth of the One who is the Way and the Light. It is by His Grace that we are saved. We are Celebrating the Birth of Jesus, the Son of God and Mary. Happy Birthday Jesus. In your precious name I pray. Amen.


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