Just saying

It would seem that many, if not most people here in this Republic have forgotten just what today is about. Today is Memorial Day, not the “unofficial first day of Summer”. It is also not a “sales marketing event”. Today we honor the fallen, the fallen in service to this Republic, the war dead, the Fallen Warriors.

Perhaps it would aid some to put today in perspective if they would just learn or know the name of just one Fallen Warrior, his or her story. Where he or she hailed from. The date of the fallen warriors birth. The date of the fallen warriors death. The country where the fallen warrior died, or if the fallen warrior was lost at sea. The name of the Battle that claimed the life of the fallen warrior. The name of the Church the fallen warrior attended. The name of the Schools the fallen warrior attended. What the fallen warrior wanted to be, and would have been if things had turned out different. The name of the Cemetery, or in which body of Water where the fallen warrior now lies. Most importantly the family of the fallen warrior. Think of the families of the fallen warrior for just a moment. Think what must be going through their minds. Think of the loss they feel each and every day, the part of their life that is missing. That loss will be forevermore. The people of today who have never put one thing on the line have no consideration of the families of the fallen.

On your way to the “Memorial Day Sale” stop by a cemetery and say a word of thanks to a Fallen Warrior. There is no need to thank the Store for having the sale. It was not the Store that brought you the savings. It is and was the Fallen Warrior who made it possible for you to go to the “Memorial Day Sales”. You reap the rewards for the sacrifices of others. You get the savings. What does the fallen Warrior get in return for his or her sacrifice? At your “Memorial Day” barbeque today, set a place for at least one Fallen Warrior. You barbeque was made possible by the sacrifice of a Fallen Warrior.

When you get some “down time” later today or even tonight take a moment to ask yourself this question. If the Fallen Warrior were to look down on what his or her sacrifice has become, he or she may ask the question; Was it worth it?

5 thoughts on “Just saying

  1. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    I also celebrate Memorial Day on June 2nd, to honor those Americans who gave their lives in the Civil War, in opposition to the Union, because they too, deserve to be honored for their sacrifice.

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