A fresh idea

First off I take that what is going on in this Republic very serious. Especially what has happened and is happening in the school system. The senseless killings and violence must come to a halt. But as I said in a previous post what we have is a people problem and not a gun problem.

Since the liberal leftist socialist progressives(LLSP)simply refuse to entertain the idea of training and arming staff to respond to potential threat to stop the senseless violence, I offer you this solution.

Run the public school system like it were a prison. Think about it. Prisons are safe right.

First. Have a fence around the entire school grounds, possibly a double fence complete with an alarm system, twelve or so feet high with razor wire. Have armed staff patrolling the road around the school.

Second. Have a controlled entry and exit point for teachers, staff and visitors, a control room so to speak. There would be a metal detector that they must clear prior to gaining admittance. Their personal belongings would be searched bags, briefcases and whatever else they had and they themselves would be pat searched. This would prevent the introduction of prohibited items, items that may be harmful. Have a list of prohibited items prominently displayed for all entering to read. No students would be allowed to enter or exit through this controlled point. You would need some sort of security personnel to perform the searches, something like the TSA.

Third. Have a controlled entry point for all vehicles. These vehicles would be thoroughly searched to ensure there were no harmful or prohibited items in them. This would include school buses transporting the students. The bus driver would have a face sheet for each and every student they were transporting, for identification purposes and to prevent unauthorized entry or exit. The face sheet must match the students identification. The bus driver would also have his identification prominently displayed on his person. The students would be unloaded in a secure location, their possessions gone through and then strip-searched and clear a metal detector, to make sure they were not in possession of unauthorized or harmful objects. The students should be in some kind of uniform to distinguish them from staff and visitors. Mind you given the size of some schools it would take many controlled entry points. The parents who elect to take their children to school in their privately owned vehicles would have to go through the same process as the bus. Their children would go through the same process as if they had ridden the bus. The same process would be repeated at the end of the school day. Again you would need some sort of security personnel to conduct the searches, TSA anybody.

Set the classrooms up like prison dormitories. Each classroom would have its own control room. No one could just enter the building, they would have to be granted access. No one could leave the building without someone opening a locked door. Again you need security personnel.

Anyone inside is authorized to be there or they would not have been granted access. No weapons could be present because everyone and everything would have been searched. The idea presented would work. Other than a few minor inconveniences it could go off as planned. It would definitely eliminate school shootings.

How is this for an idea? Totally absurd is it not. I can just hear it now. These are students not criminals. You have no right to invade their privacy. And on and on you will go. But you do have to admit it would keep the schools safe. But what about the times when they are not at school? How will you keep them safe? Problems at school do have a way of coming home.

This fresh idea is almost as absurd as you believing that you can stop school shootings by placing further restrictions on the legal and lawful gun owning public. There is not one shooting that has been prevented with any of your so-called gun violence prevention schemes.

You do not want your children treated like criminals based on the actions of a very few. Do you? So why do you treat all gun owners like criminals, based on the actions of a very few?

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