Memorial Day

Today was the second Memorial Day that I have observed this year. The first was back in April, Confederate Memorial Day observed during Confederate History Month.

Went down the road a piece today to pay my respects, a well-kept green field(cemetery)filled with simple white stone markers, Crosses or Stars of David, Name, Rank, Branch of Service, Birth and Death Dates, a small U.S. flag waving in a gentle breeze at each headstone. The men and women lying in the cemeteries did not go shopping today, nor did they go on a picnic or a family outing or a barbecue. Their futures were sacrificed in lands far from home to help guarantee a safe and secure future here at home. There are also many thousands that were lost at sea and they have no headstone only the cold depths of the oceans of the world as a grave, many thousands died on remote islands and were never buried they simply disappeared into the ground, some lie there to this day. The days between the birth and death dates are the memories of family and friends. The date of their death are the memories of friends who survived and they remember the last words said, or they died alone with their last words lost in time, or the end was so violent that there were no last words.

As you went shopping today, did you pass a cemetery with small American flags waving gently in the breeze? Did you stop for a minute just to say thank you? Did you even notice? If you went to the beach today, did you look out to sea for a moment and give thanks? As you swam in the warm waters you will notice the coolness as you go deeper into the water, imagine how cold it is at the very bottom.

Due to the lateness of the hour many have by now returned home from what ever you did today. I do hope that you enjoyed this day. I would also hope that somewhere in the course of the day you did offer a thank you. It not it still is not too late. As you sit down to supper tonight you set and extra place, you know in memory.

Pause for just a second and ask yourself if you have been a good steward, jealously guarding what you have because of their sacrifice.

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