Just wondering

With all or most of the democrat hopefuls signing onto the green new deal, I was just wondering if they will be taking the train to their campaign events. No why not? Aint one of the plans in this farce to do away with air travel? I mean after all the leader of this environmental cult said that we only have 12 years to save the planet. We must take radical steps now or it will be too late, she says. If it was all that important they should step up now, lead by example. Oh yeah leave your car behind, as another part of this is to get cars off the road. Ride the train, when you get to a passenger terminal get off the train and walk the rest of the way to your event. Show the rest of us how much you want to commit to stop using fossil fuels.

No these people are not going to take the train, they will instead continue to use jets to continue their campaigning. Nor will they give up travel by car. No they will instead keep using fossil fuels while preaching to the rest of us we must give up the use of fossil fuels. Sort of like the last group of environmental wackos preaching to us that we were destroying the planet, while going to their environmental summits in passenger jets or in some cases private jets. Yep, they too were preaching that we have to change our habits.

If you take the White House on the promise of this green new deal will you commit right now to getting rid of the fleet of Presidential Aircraft? Will you commit right now to getting rid of all the aircraft used by diplomats, agency heads and the rest right now if you win?

I did not think so.

So just when does this 12 year doomsday clock start ticking? 2020? 2032? Maybe never? They gave up on their 10 and 5 year clocks. Back when I was in elementary school(1960’s)they said that a new ice age was coming. The new ice age never arrived.

As for this high-speed rail system, it is over a one hour drive for me just to get to the nearest Amtrak station. If I even wanted to take a train, which I do not, I would have to walk for hours if not days if I were deprived of my truck. I might also point out that much of the land here in North Central Florida and indeed this Republic is not suitable for train tracks of any type let alone high-speed rail.

So you want everybody that wants a job to have a good paying government job. Looks like your plan blasts right through socialism and goes to full-blown communism. For every one to have a government job then the government would have to control everything, the means of production all the way to the means of distribution. You also want them to be union jobs. Why union jobs? Could that be a part of you plan because you green new deal will cost a lot of union jobs? Much of the auto manufacturing industry as well as the airline industry are good union dues paying members. You still must protect the unions.

Okay so you want to save the planet. Could you please tell me what providing a free college education to all has to do with saving the planet? Like wise could you tell me what free health care(Medicare for all)has to do with saving the planet? This guaranteed wage thing needs also to be explained.

Someone once said “Green is the new Red”. Some one also said “A communist is just an impatient socialist”.

Some, if not most, on your side claim that President Trump and the GOP are out of touch with the citizens of this nation and the values of this Republic. You, I dare say, are out of touch with reality.

Again I ask this, Is it too late for a divorce.


6 thoughts on “Just wondering

  1. I always believe the same ….. children on the streets protesting climate change and back home lights on, computers on and very little done about rubbish due to a strike in the U.K. piles up and people moan but didividing it up and taking it to the tip doesn’t come to mind. As you say l must visit the climate change conference but l will use a short haul jet using much more fuel for landing and takeoff ….. It starts with doing your bit in you life and if everyone cared about the planet daily and it became a habit ….. wow now that would be great .

    • I for one believe mankind was given dominion over the earth, by that I man we are supposed to be “good stewards” of what we have been given. Perhaps if more good stewardship had been practiced in the years gone by we would not be at this point. We are to care for what we have however that caring must not become a religion or pretention of giving a care a means to become extremely wealthy or as an excuse to bring about the total downfall of a country and certainly not mankind.

      • You harken my word perfectly and l too believe that dominion and stewardship need to be utilised to give respect to the creation of God not by man made religion or changing the word of God into whatever makes a profit before people but to share and care.
        And thus bring about change that will be everlasting and on this earth.
        I was once asked by someone when l applied for a job as a carer why l put my reason for taking up a job in a care home ……I said to provide love from the ❤️ to all the people in need.
        The person said we do not understand these were disabled people interviewing me … I said care is love and it should be given from the ❤️ daily. The day people no longer ask is the day they will truly find peace in their ❤️’s then and only then can we build a world that God the Father, the Son and God the Holy Spirit truly wants and a 1000-yrs of peace can reign.

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