That is over

President Trump was acquitted in the Senate yesterday. Pretty much along party lines, one republican sided with the democrats on article 1, party line votes on article 2.

So round 2 is in the books, and the democrats lose again in their effort to undermine the President. Round 1 was the Russian collusion investigation. That episode proved nothing except that no American had colluded with the Russians to influence or change the outcome of the 2016 election. On a side note to this, there has never been any proof brought forward that even one vote of one person was influenced one way or another by the actions of the Russians.

For three long years America has been suffering the wrath of the disgruntled democrats. Impeachment murmurings began after the 2016 election and never abated. He was called an illegitimate President. According to the democrats and some republicans he was unfit to serve as President. It is clear that they hate President Trump, perhaps now more than ever. The only question is do they hate him more than they hate the ones who elected him? I mean after all, he is only President because he was elected.

I am quite sure that the democrats are working on their third attempt. They will not stop. Was it not said, The investigations will continue? Was it also not said “He is impeached forever”? They have yet to accept the results of the 2016 election and will not accept the finding of not guilty.

In my opinion the only thing the democrats have done is to assure the re-election of President Trump this coming November. His support is solid, nothing they have done up to this point has chased away any support, not for lack of trying. While they have been on their quest to bring down the President their Presidential candidates have been bringing down their entire political party with their far left(socialist)agenda.

Before we take an early victory lap there is something that must be addressed. The President will not be re-elected if you don’t vote.

I don’t know how many times I have encountered people that bitch, moan and complain about how things are going that did not even bother to vote. I only know that they did not vote because I asked them. Not only do they not vote, they are not even registered to vote. Again I know this because I asked them. Many of them say that they have not registered to vote because they may get selected for Jury Duty. I know because I ask.

Get off your butt and register to vote, yes even if it means you might get selected for Jury Duty. Then go vote.

Elections have consequences. Not voting also has consequences.