Just wondering when

I am just wondering when the push back will start. I, for one, am getting more and more skeptical by the day. No, I am not talking about the election and the results. I am talking about this whole Wuhan novel corona virus ordeal and the petty tyrants it has spawned.

Everyday I read where Governors and other elected officials around the country are planning a new series of crackdowns because of the continual rise of infections, hospitalizations and deaths due to the virus.

Which brings me to these questions. If this virus is so deadly then why the hell are they planning more crackdowns in the future and not implementing those measures immediately? Why are gatherings being limited to a certain number and not just outright forbidden? Why is there such a variance in the ages of children when they must wear a mask? Some states decree age two while others decree age five. Instead of listing all of my questions as you read along you may come up with your own questions.

Thanksgiving is just two days away and some of you will be having your Thanksgiving alone as you are forbidden to gather in groups of varying size, some of you will be forced outdoors, and some of you will have only an allotted time to celebrate with family or friends and you will be mandated to wear a mask. Some of you have been threatened with rather hefty fines and even jail time if you fail to comply with these decrees.. All this brought about by petty tyrants, mad on power.

Took a little time this evening to check the Covid19 numbers and to check the several States decrees, in force and those planned. I checked the list of States with a mask mandate and also checked the number of infections and deaths. I also checked the States without a mask mandate number of infections and deaths. I then had to wonder why people in states with mask mandates were still experiencing high infection rates.

We will never be told the truth about how many became infected even though they wore the mask, practiced social distancing, and did frequent hand washing. After all they never told us the truth about mask wearing in the beginning. Or did they? They did say that wearing a mask was not necessary. I seem to remember someone saying, “Seriously stop buying masks”.

Then I remembered something from long ago. “If the disease doesn’t kill you the cure might”. Remember back to the grand and glorious plan to flatten the curve. Talk began about shutting down the economy. The choice of words was purely political, it was more than shutting down the economy it was shutting down the country. It was not a national shutdown, it came from the State and Local level. The result was the same. Someone mentioned that the cure could be worse than the disease.

Then something more recent came to me. There was a gentleman testifying before Congress about the effectiveness of masks. He said, something to the effect of, masks were the most important tool in stopping the spread of the virus, even more effective than a vaccine. In the video this gentleman could not even wear a mask properly and he is a doctor. Then I went back to the old, If the disease doesn’t kill you the cure might”.

This brought me to those damned masks. Could the masks be the reason people are still getting infected and hospitalized? The only way we would ever know that answer would be if somebody had the courage to step forward and tell us and not be censored.

Now comes this. The same organization the gentleman testifying before Congress that could not even wear the mask correctly has now changed their story on how long one should quarantine. They now say instead of 14 days one should quarantine for 7 to 10 days. Well which is it 7 or 10? Pick one, obviously 14 was wrong. Read the whole article. It also explains whose fault it is that the 14 day quarantine was ineffective.

Perhaps these so-called experts have been wrong about everything all along.

If the current legal challenges over the election fall short we will get a new president in January. Will the new administration decree a national mask mandate? Probably not. They will instead use the old tried and proven route. Coercion. The administration or some agency in the administration will make a strong suggestion to the Governors of the remaining States without a mask mandate to implement one. You know how this works. I ( the federal government) cant make you but I (the federal government) can make you wish you did. Federal funding.

Now I have to wonder which of the remaining States will be the last to be forced into issuing a mask mandate. I think it will be either Florida or South Dakota, my money is on my Home State of Florida. If you do not think the federal government would stoop so low then you do not know history. Historically speaking Rhode Island wanted no part of joining the Union. Find out why and how they were forced to join a “voluntary” union.

When they, the federal government, finally has everyone wearing a mask, what some have taken to calling a face diaper, people will find out that the incoming administration has no plan to deal with this virus.

What you will find is this. The rate of infections will suddenly drop. As will hospitalizations from the virus. As well as deaths from the virus. Citizens of this country will once again die from heart attacks, cancer, complications from diabetes, strokes and all the things they had died from before. It will be a miracle. They will claim it is because everybody is wearing a mask.

Is it really about a virus with a 94% chance of survival? Or is it about control of the population through behavior modification?

We really should question everything.

And yes, so you will not be surprised. You will still see elected officials and bureaucrats violating their own edicts. When caught they will still offer some excuse about what they should have done or blame someone for ambushing them. Bad optics, they call it. But then again their edicts are for you and me, not them as they are the privileged elite.

Who is John Galt?


How will they pay for it?

A question often asked and seldom if ever answered when it comes to government spending.

They may however have revealed how they plan to finance this next shutdown, and yes another is coming. Hide and Watch.

Below are two links for your reading enjoyment and perhaps provide a little enlightenment. I encourage you to read these two articles.

What I write about them is my interpretation of the contents. You may come to a different conclusion than I do, and that is perfectly fine.

I will focus on just one paragraph in the first linked article, that will be the second paragraph. The paragraph will be broken into two parts. The “plan” will be in italics my interpretation will be in standard block letters.


When you look at the personal savings rate in this country, it’s now gone from about 8 percent to over 22 percent. We have a big pool of money out there that we could borrow.

Good grief. If my interpretation is correct the “plan” is to make the citizens, you and me, pay for this shutdown. Not with the tax dollars taken from us but with the savings we have accumulated. You will notice the use of the words personal savings indicates that this is only about the citizens, you and me.

And oh, are they drooling. You can do a quick search and find the estimated amount in personal savings held in America. You can almost see the drool coming down his chin as he says “We have a big pool of money out there we could borrow”. The word borrow was used. One can only borrow something from another if they are willing to lend it. There is no intention to borrow the money, there is only the intention for them to take it.

The historic low interest rates by the federal government, we could pay for a package right now to cover all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers, for our losses to small companies to medium sized companies, for city, states, county governments. We could do all of that.

The above part of this article is absolutely fascinating and covers quite a lot. First. If they do only intend to borrow the money, they the borrower get to determine the interest rate they will pay. He says the interest rates are at a historic low. So I have to ask since when did the borrower set the interest rate and not the lender? Second, and I find this to be a hoot. Pay all of the wages, lost wages for individual workers. Under this plan, it seems to me that, you will get a paycheck just as you had been receiving but you will be being paid with money they had “borrowed” from you. What you get for a paycheck was already your money. Is your normal paycheck taxed? The money being paid to you by you will be taxed by the government just the same as it always was. Third, and you will have to stick with me on this one. I have to wonder just what is meant when he uses the word “our” when he says “our losses to small companies to medium sized companies”. Would “our” losses have anything to do with the government, the federal government, not getting their taxes. Oh, wait a minute that question is answered in the next sentence in the article. A prolonged shutdown would have an effect on cash flowing into the city, county and state governments. They too will get some of that “borrowed” money. You can sure bet that you and me are not part of that “our” in our losses.

Now to the second linked article. And again the “plan” will be in italics and my part will be block letters. I will focus on the last three sentences.


We need FDR moments right now. We need fireside chats. We need somebody to tell America, “this is what in the hell is going to happen.”

If you will do the research on FDR, the New Deal and what was done to those holding “significant” amounts of gold coinage you will find that the last thing the American citizens need is another FDR moment.

If your savings are indeed “borrowed” you will never be repaid. It will just be added to the national debt, and we will be told to the penny how much of that debt we the citizens are responsible for.

After the saving are borrowed and spent what will they come for next? You know, for the public good and just to get us through this crisis.

Those with nothing to lose will cheer for this plan. The “polling numbers” will show how popular this “plan” is, the numbers will show that. The rest of us will end up in the “poor house” right along with them. Misery does love company.

If I am wrong in my interpretation it will be like a friend says of me when he says, “You tend to overthink things.”

If I am right in my interpretation, God help us.

So, I will close with this. Who is John Galt?

Well here we are

Six days after Election Day and still votes are being counted with no clear winner and no clear loser, though one has been projected to be the winner. Like the 2000 presidential election this one is headed to the Courts. Again we find ourselves in the position of having men and women in black robes deciding the outcome of the election.

Imagine that. A branch of government deciding who runs the government. But what the heck, government already gets to determine how much power and control the government has. Government decides the power of government.

While it is true that the news media outlets do not get to declare who wins and loses. Victory and concession speeches have for many years been given on their predictions. Therefore when I hear one side or the other lamenting about the media calling the election I have to wonder why this was never an issue before especially when you were declared the winner by the media. This has been going on for so long that many if not most of the voters in this country believe they, the media, actually have the authority to declare winners and losers. Political parties also accepted the projections of the media for years, at least up until the 2000 elections in Florida. The count was taken the winner declared, the margin was close enough to trigger an automatic recount. The recount was done with the same results, that was not good enough. A concession speech was given and then withdrawn. Then the drama unfolded before our eyes. The election was settled in the Courts. For the next Four years President George W. Bush was viewed as an illegitimate president by the left.

This legal challenge will be vastly different than the legal challenge mounted in 2000. This is not going to be about hanging chads, dimpled chads or even voter intent. This legal challenge is about fraud, voter fraud and indeed election fraud. Allegations have been made (back to this in just a minute).

Let me address allegations for a minute. President Trump, his legal team and the RNC among others have made allegations of voter fraud. The left including the media and some in the republican party are doing their best to get these allegations dismissed as they have been made without a shred of proof. This is the same lot that have been accepting every allegation made against President Trump during his entire presidency and the during the republican primaries as fact, yet not a shred of proof ever emerged supporting the allegations.

Just a bonus in this not a shred of evidence category. Many in the media are running articles in which this person or that person is encouraging President Trump to concede. From anonymous sources of course and not a shred of proof and no possible way to verify, yet they report it as fact. I thought that the media, mainstream and social, were all into facts and fact checking.

Back to the legal challenge being mounted. The allegation of fraud is serious. Here is just some of what I have heard. I am not saying it is true or untrue, this is not my department.

There is reported to be in excess of a half million votes cast for President but with no other marks on the ballot. This seems a bit odd as there was much for the voter to decide on the ballot. Besides if the vote for president was the only vote cast on the ballot why is no one screaming about under votes and voter intent. In the past most would continue down the ballot voting for their particular political party, hence under votes and possible intent. Some members of Congress lost either their bid for election or re-election because only a vote for President was cast, yet no one mentions that. They instead blame the use of words like socialist and socialism.

It was also reported that observers were barred from observing the counting process. If you have nothing to hide and observers are permitted or required why are they being denied?

It has also been reported that some voting precincts exceeded 100%. How can one get more than all of something or anything? 100% is all after all.

These legal challenges to the election process are a two edged sword.

First. Is these allegations are true more than fraud will have occurred. If they are on a scale as reported there comes a new problem. That new problem is, conspiracy to commit fraud. If a conspiracy comes to light it will have to be investigated to see how far it goes. I do not think a few rouge individuals engaged in this activity will go over this time. Some pretty powerful people could find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Second. If these allegations are just ignored many voters will believe they have been cheated and that could lead to some very dark and dangerous places. Oddly enough if they be true we again may well find ourselves in a very dark and dangerous place.

I may as well toss this in. If it comes down too this election was won by fraud, many in this land will wonder how the hell this happened. Many election officials have already admitted that some fraud may have occurred, but only a small amount. Quick question, How much fraud is permissible in an election?

Could it be that if this election is indeed fraudulent could it have come about by and courtesy of the biggest hoax ever pulled on this nation? Covid19.

Credibility, whether lost or thrown away, is at best hard to regain and at worst impossible to regain. When it comes to the Wuhan novel corona virus, Covid19 or whatever it is called the scientists and so-called experts have lost all credibility with me. Not just because of the overinflated numbers(that in itself is bad enough)but because of what they call super spreader events. They are quick to call Churches and associated Church events super spreader events. They were quick to label a motorcycle event as also a super spreader event. They are just as quick to label common everyday events in life as super spreader events. They warn us not to gather with family. All this and they have yet to link the first positive test result associated with the riots of this past summer and in some areas continuing to this day. Not the first positive test will be associated with the victory celebrations of this past weekend. They have yet to issue a warning to the participants to avoid the crowds. I do have to wonder if they would be just as silent if it had gone the other way. If it had gone the other way how many positive cases would be associated with the celebrations?

The so-called pandemic is what ushered in mass mail-in voting. This is only an intermediate stop along the way. Much like the ACA aka Obamacare was only an intermediate stop on the way to single-payer.

The way this election was handled the true results may never be known. If it turns out the whole thing was a fraud can the damage done ever be undone?

Like I said this mass mail-in voting was just a step closer to the objective. The objective is online voting. If you do not see this coming then you have eyes but can not see.

The American electoral system’s credibility took a big hit with early voting. It took an even bigger hit with this years mass mail-in voting. Online voting will destroy all credibility. The election of 2016 may have been the last fair and honest(as honest as can be had)election.

Stalin may have been right about who and what counts.

The stage is set

Well here we are 2 weeks and 1 day until the 2020 election. Early voting has already begun. Mail in ballots are in the hands of the voters with some already being sent in. It is reported that millions of votes have already been cast.

November the Third will come and go with no declared winner. All we will know on the Fourth is who is currently in the lead. As the days pass, we will be told how much the lead has grown, shrunk, or if it changed hands. This election will make the 2000 election look like a walk in the park.

The only way the election will be settled on the Third is if there is such a blowout there can be no reason for the loser not to concede. Neither will concede if the election is close. Even if and or when one of the candidates concede near half of the population (I did not say voters) will be “unhappy” with the concession. As to the level of “unhappiness”, it will depend on who loses.

There has been much talk and speculation on what will happen on the Fourth. Not much if anything will happen on the Fourth. However, as the days drag on the level of “anxiety” will grow.

Thanks to the Wuhan novel corona virus many States are doing mail in ballots. It has been reported that more mail in ballots will be cast than in person voting. This is in part to the MSM and so-called experts scaring the crap out of the voters.

Most of the “worry” around this election is for President. Must I remind you that there is more than the Presidency involved in this election. There are some Senate seats on the ballot as well as all the House seats. There may be Governors on some ballots as well as other Statewide offices. There may be Local government elections (Mayors, Commissioners, School Board, and the like) along with County based initiatives. Here in Florida we have some Constitutional amendments to consider and vote on. It is going to take some time for all those mail in ballots to be checked. Some may be thrown out for voter errors. When I say thrown out, I do not mean discarded I mean set aside in case this election like the 2000 election winds up in court with some lawyers arguing over voter intent. It is going to take just as long to find out who won the School Board seat as it will to find out who is President. More on these mail in ballots in a moment.

The stage is set for this coming election to be the most contested election in history. Contested at all levels. It is even possible that we may never know the actual results of this election. It could be so botched that plan B comes into play at the Federal level.

There has been some speculation that this election for President could wind up being settled by Congress. This opens a can of worms. If my recollection is correct the last time Congress elected a President was in 1974. Stick with me for just a minute, I will make this brief. Gerald Ford became Vice President when Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned as Vice President in 1973. He became Vice President by a vote in Congress (House and Senate). Along came Watergate and President Richard Nixon resigned in 1974. Vice President Ford became President Ford. He became President without the Electoral College. Nelson Rockefeller became Vice President, elected by Congress. So there you have it we had a President and Vice President in office who had never received the first Electoral College vote, both in office courtesy of Congress. A series of events or an accident?

It happened then it could happen now. However, now there is a proverbial fly in the ointment.

As I said above I believe this is going to be a hotly contested election at all levels.

Now would be the time to revisit the discarded (set aside) mail in ballots. Some ballots may be thrown out because the signature does not match. Some may be thrown out because they were filled out incorrectly, failure to follow the instructions on how to properly fill out the ballot, the instructions are plainly printed on the ballot. Some may just get “lost” in transit. Some may be post marked to late. Basically for any number of reasons. This is the reason the lawyers will be on call.

Quick question. If a ballot, any ballot, is in question, is the whole ballot in question or just certain portions of the ballot? To my way of thinking if any one part of the ballot is in question, the whole ballot is in question and none of it should be counted until the ordeal is settled.

Let me throw this at you to give you some thought. The new term for congress begins at Noon on January Third. Just suppose the election for Congress (House and Senate) is not settled by then. It is going to take just as long to count the ballots for Congress as it will take to count the ballots for President. Incumbents who lose will surely contest the results as will the challenger if the election is close. There will be millions of mail in ballots and possibly hundreds of thousands that have been thrown out (set aside). In this case it could be quite some time before it is decided who controls which Chamber. It would even be possible that there would not be enough of either Chamber to constitute a quorum for the purpose of electing a President or Vice President. The word Quorum appears in the Twelfth Amendment but not in the Twentieth Amendment. So, when would Congress act if it becomes apparent that we the people could not, or did not decide? How many would be required in each Chamber? It would have to be before the Third. The current term of this Congress ends at noon on the Third of January including all House members and all Class 2 Senators (twelve democrats and twenty one republicans) as well as two Class Three Senators in a Special Election (both republicans). The term of the current President ends at Noon on the 20th of January.

Not long ago the current Speaker of the House did say that if the right of choice should devolve to them, they would act.

Like I said earlier this will drag on unless there is an absolute blowout on the Third for one or the other of the candidates. But even then, there will be charges of voter fraud, voter suppression, voter intimidation and the like by the loser. Neither will concede on the Third even with a blowout. As a bonus the other candidates of the other parties for President will most likely not concede either.

Go back for a minute to the 2000 election in Florida. Look at how long it took to finally declare a winner in that election in just one State. Now multiply that by as many as Fifty. This could drag out for Months in the Courts. Then add in the peculiarities in some States where the winner must get more than Fifty percent of the vote or face a runoff election.

The clock could run out and the Constitution kick in. Imagine the irony of the Country being done in or undone by the very Constitution held in such reverence by conservatives and such disdain by liberal progressives. A series of events, by accident or accidently on purpose?

No matter the outcome of this election for President the losing side will view the President as Illegitimate and everything he does will be viewed the same. President George W. Bush faced that in 2000 and President Donald Trump has faced that since his election in 2016.

I will close with this. If you have already voted good for you. If you did a mail in ballot and have already sent it in, I do hope and pray that you double checked to make sure your ballot was filled in correctly. If you plan to vote by mail in ballot, please take time and make sure you follow the instructions. Do all you can to avoid the lawyers analyzing your ballot. If you did the absentee ballot (as originally intended) good for you, make sure it is done correctly. If you plan to vote in person as I do on election day enjoy the day do not get mad about waiting in line you have probably waited in line for much more meaningless events without complaint. Lastly, I do not care who you vote for I only care that you voted. When this is over, and the dust has settled, we as a Nation will deal with the aftermath of whatever comes along.

What were you looking for?

The events in Louisville, Ky give the indication that things did not go as some wanted. What were you looking for, Justice or Revenge?

When I see your signs stating “Justice for (fill in the blank)), Does not everyone deserve justice? I have to wonder what is your definition of Justice?

In your world is one presumed innocent until proven guilty? Or is one guilty until proven innocent?

In your court are findings of guilt based on facts or emotions? Is your Court the court of public opinion or a court of law?

And just how fair of a trial will one receive in your court? Will you claim that justice was served only if the verdict reached is the verdict you wanted? Anything else, to you, is a case of justice denied.

When I see your signs proclaiming “No Justice No Peace”, I have to wonder if this is some attempt at extortion.  Are you saying that peace will only come if the Justice you wanted was the outcome?

Your actions seem to support this. The Grand Jury did not bring forth an indictment you thought was deserved. You did not get what you wanted and thus began a new series of riots.

Tonight, as in nights past, riots will occur. You can bet that the leaders of those cities saw the events unfold in Louisville when the mob was not satisfied.

There is one thing worse than “mob rule” and that is “mob justice.”

I have a feeling that the only justice you will accept is the justice you want.

Oh you have got to read this

Politicians and bureaucrats not long ago found it in their power to decide what was and was not an essential activity or business. They even found the power to decide what some of you could or could not purchase.

The article below has the “pecking” order for the Wuhan novel corona virus vaccine when one becomes available. I want you, as you are reading the article, to notice who is deemed “necessary”, just in case you thought highly of yourself. Just for the record I have no desire or intention to be vaccinated.


That was a good illustration

By now most people have seen the video of the couple in St. Louis. The MSM has absolutely brutalized this couple. The democrat controlled city government is going to investigate them. One would expect this kind of behavior from the MSM and the democrat controlled city government. What I have found, and did not expect, is that some of the “gun culture” channels on YouTube have joined the “pile on” of this couple. Granted I have not seen every YouTube video about this but at least one as much as said this couple are morons and should not own firearms. I think this individual misses the point, entirely.

This couple found themselves in a situation they had never thought would happen. They found themselves confronted by, as reported, 500 “protesters” on their street and on their property. I think you lost your standing as protesters when you began destroying private property and again when you became trespassers. Things obviously went sideways real fast and the couple retrieved their firearms.

The firearms community has grown since this Wuhan corona virus pandemic and shutdown occurred. There are now many more firearms owners. It is also good possibility that there will be more citizens making that first purchase because of the event in St. Louis. Let’s face it, we live is some “interesting” times. A time in which things can get real bad real fast. Things can get bad faster than law-enforcement can show up, perhaps even before you can call for help.

What about the possibility of no help being available? The protests of late quickly devolve into riots. Law-enforcement might just have their hands full dealing with riots and they just cant get to you, no matter how much they want too. Then add in the “priorities” of some State and Local elected officials, they may just place a higher priority on mask wearing and social distancing enforcement than on calls for service. Then you have the efforts of late going on to defund and/or abolish the police. Not to mention angry mobs refusing to allow law-enforcement access to a given area. Then there was this, a lady called 911 for service and she was told to contact City Hall with her complaint as what she was experiencing was the by-product of a sanctioned event.

Many are awakening to the fact that they are their first and best defense. So for those YouTubers out there that have joined the “pile on”, I have this to say to you; Instead of going on about, what you point out, as their “apparent” lack of training with firearms you should be commending them for at least showing up. One other thing before moving on, I would rather have these two beside me in times of trouble than you, they had guts.

Some, most, people are not willing to idly sit and have their lives be threatened or have their property destroyed. People will reach a point where they have had enough and will stand up. If nothing else the event in St. Louis should drive this point home.

Getting what you deserve

Someone long ago said, “The government you have is exactly the government you deserve”. Wow, pretty harsh words. So, I ask you, Is the government you have the government you deserve?

In the interest of “fairness” and “equality” in this post when a masculine term is used it applies equally to the feminine as well. That seems fair, does it not?

These few words of wisdom come from a speech by Patrick Henry 07June1788. What this speech was about is quite different from what we are living through at this time, but it fits.
And, Sir, would not all the world, from the Eastern to the Western hemisphere, blame our distracted folly in resting our rights upon the contingency of our rulers being good or bad. Shew me that age and country where the rights and liberties of the people were placed on the sole chance of their rulers being good men, without a consequent loss of liberty? I say that the loss of that dearest privilege has ever followed with absolute certainty, every such mad attempt.

We have come far since the days of Patrick Henry. Or have we? We no longer hope to elect good men. In our day we just elect the lesser of the two evils. The lesser evil is still evil. The democrats call the republicans evil because they are in the pockets of the NRA and so forth. The republicans call the democrats evil because they are in the pockets of the Labor Unions and so forth. Our focus has shifted to electability, we vote for who is electable and damn the consequences. And about being in the pockets, do politicians deny being in somebody’s pockets?

Which one is good and which one is bad? How can one tell? Unfortunately there is no way to tell before hand. You will only realize good or bad after the fact. There is a sure fire way to know if you made the right choice or not by answering a simple question. How are your “rights” and “liberties” fairing at this point? If the answer is not so well, you got a bad one.

Before continuing, I may as well get this out of the way. Elections have consequences. Not voting(staying home, skipping the election, sitting this one out or whatever the excuse)also has consequences. If you did not exercise your “right” to vote you have exactly the government you deserve. As far as I am concerned you have no “right” to bitch and moan(petition the government for a redress of grievances)period.

Some citizens of some of the several States are protesting the policies and executive orders of Governors. One of those Governors said something to the effect of the protestors were wearing Trump hats. It was also said that Confederate Flags and Nazi paraphernalia were showing up at the protests. And gasp, some protestors were armed. Even went so far as to say that the protestors would cause the “stay at home orders” to be extended. In other words, if you resist you will get more(sit down and shut up).

Some of you are feeling quite oppressed and growing impatient with your elected leaders perhaps even wondering when or if the “oppression” will end. Again we will check in on Patrick Henry, from a speech given 05June1788. And again this speech was addressing a subject different than our current situation, but again the words fit.
Will the oppressor let go the oppressed? Was there ever an instance? Can the annals of mankind exhibit one single example, where rulers overcharged with power, willingly let go the oppressed, though solicited and requested most earnestly?

But there is good news. States and Localities are beginning to reopen. The citizens in those areas are slowly getting their rights and liberty back. Are the rulers overcharged with power willing to let go the oppressed? Was Mr. Henry wrong?

And there is bad news. According to a news article I came across, States relax rules, but some could return to stay-at-home orders if coronavirus cases surge. No, it looks like Mr. Henry was spot on. What we are seeing could be described as the “old carrot and stick” routine. They dangle your liberty and your rights in front of you(the carrot)and then beat you with the stick, I know they pull the carrot back using the stick, I like my wording better.

Reversal of roles. Civil servants have become our lords and masters. Never let a crisis go to waste. This crisis, State of Emergency(Federal, State and Local), has certainly not been wasted by some tiny tyrants.

As bad as things have become they could certainly be a lot worse. Think about this for a minute. The democrats were wanting a national strategy for reopening. In other words they wanted the Federal government to be the one deciding when a State or the States could begin reopening instead of the Governors. The closest that came to fruition was the CDC guidelines for reopening. When they, the democrats, say they want a national strategy for reopening, they wanted a national strategy for both, the shutdown and the reopening. I would imagine there were more than a few republicans in favor of that as well. The Federal government would have been the sole decider. States Rights, what few the States still enjoy, would have become nonexistent. What Mr. Lincoln began they could have finished.

How different would things be now if the 2016 election had gone the other way?

I will end this for now and pick up on the next post.