Refugees, Illegal Immigration, Sneak Attack, Capitulation and Community Organizing

Think about this, the government may soon cause what no other nation is or was capable of accomplishing, the defeat and occupation of the United States of America. Prior to the atomic age there was no nation on earth that could deal a death-blow to the U.S.A. Even when the atomic age was ushered in only the superpowers had nuclear weapons, none used them because of what was known as MAD, mutually assured destruction.

The Japanese attack on Hawaii was not intended to defeat America or to crush the American military. The attack was intended take the U.S. Navy out of the equation of war. There was at that time no way for Japan to reach America directly and the same goes in reverse. A strong navy was required to go to war if the warring nations were separated by an ocean, especially an ocean as vast as the Pacific. The goal I feel was for America to seek peace with Japan. Japan lacked the power and resources to defeat America and simply sought to eliminate the possibility of America using the Navy to take the war to Japan.

Japan did not follow-up the sneak attack on Hawaii with an invasion of mainland America for two reasons.
The first was it would have been logistically impossible to resupply an invading force that was an ocean away. An invading force has two options resupply yourself or forage for supplies. It is not only supplies that would be needed, the invaders would still need replacement soldiers. The replacements would still need to cross an ocean. Without resupply and replacements the invasion would fail.
The second was the American people themselves. The American citizens have at their disposal something that few other citizens of other countries enjoy, and that is the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. The Japanese knew that even if they did mount and invasion and gain a foothold they would still have to face an armed population. The price for invasion was not one that the Japanese were willing to pay. Even if the sneak attack in Hawaii had been successful and the U.S. Navy was destroyed or reduced to a level that would prevent its use in war, Japan would still not have invaded America.

Two things have kept America relatively safe against aggression through the years.
The First is geographic isolation. Mainland America has only three neighboring countries, Canada to the north. Mexico to the south of Texas. Cuba to the south of Florida. Of the three only two are directly connected Canada and Mexico. Mainland America has no neighboring countries to the East or West only large bodies of water, the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The 49th state Alaska is bordered with Canada and has Russia to the west separated by the Bering Straight. The 50th state Hawaii is an island with no immediate neighbors.
The second is an armed civilian population. A nation where the people enjoy the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Geographic isolation disappeared with the advent of the Advent of the atomic age. Rouge nations now have at their disposal nuclear weapons to attack far way and distant lands. Other rogue nations will soon have at their disposal nuclear weapons. The rogue nations do not give a damn about mutually assured destruction, for them there is no price to high to pay to attack America or an ally of America. Technology, trade and travel have eliminated geographic isolation.

The citizens in some countries have voluntarily given up their personal firearms. The citizens in those countries not only gave up their personal firearms, they also gave up the ability to defend themselves against invasion or a tyrannical government or against criminals. Which may or may not be the same. They have voluntarily given their safety and protection to the government, military and law enforcement in total and complete. The citizens in some countries have never enjoyed the Right to Keep and Bear Arms and therefore have never had the ability to defend themselves or to protect their countries against invasion. Many if not most of these countries never enjoyed the benefits of geographical isolation, when it was possible.

There is now and has been for sometime an effort to disarm the American citizens. The politicians and activist groups know full well that the American population will never disarm voluntarily. They know it must be done by force(more on this in a later post). This is particularly disturbing given the fact that one of the reasons for Japan not to invade America was an armed population.

This is why I say that the federal government is freely giving those who hate America what geography had denied them in the past. They are and have been given free and unhindered access. To be fair it did not just start with the current administration. But, under the current administration it certainly is gaining momentum. There is no border control thus, there is no immigration control. Not only is there a constant flow of illegals arriving from and through Mexico there is now a new wave of people coming to America. We now are experiencing a wave of refugees from the Middle-East. I might also add that none are being vetted, they are just coming in. They bring nothing and offer nothing. There is no assimilation in to American society. There is no way of telling if they come for a better life, to live off of government handouts or if they come as terrorists. I suspect that the largest portion of those arriving come for the latter two.

As to the matter of the refugees fleeing the Middle-East, why now? The Syrian civil war has been going on for near four years. Now the Syrian refugees are fleeing and arriving in Europe by what ever means available. They bring nothing, they offer nothing and they demand everything. It is worth mentioning that the outflow of refugees begins now given the fact that the Syrian civil war is in its fourth year. It is also worth mentioning that many of the refugees are men, men that appear to be relatively healthy. This leaves me to wonder why these same capable and able-bodied men are not remaining in their country to fight Islamic extremists. I can only see two possibilities as to why the men are fleeing their country. The first is that they could not decide which side to fight for, the government forces or the Islamic extremists, so they just run away leaving everything including family. The second is that they are fighters, Islamic extremist fighters, who have mixed with the refugees to gain a foothold in Europe and will soon arrive in America. Only time will reveal the answer, but I suspect the latter.

Suppose that it was America that was undergoing some sort of “spring” and another nation, an “outside force”, decided that the government of America was oppressive and denying rights to the population. Suppose that same “outside force” decided that the long-established system of government caused strife among the population and it would be best for all if the established form of government should be abandoned. Now suppose that the established and elected government of America stood fast and did not give in to the demands of the outside forces and influences. This would really agitate the outside force and they would have to take action against the established government to see that their visions for how life in America should be. Not only life but government, a government of their choosing not the people’s. But how to accomplish the goal of regime change in America? Direct military action is an option, it is always an option, but it would be the last option. Direct military action against America would be a fool-hardy move, the only outside forces that would consider that move would be one that only sought the destruction of America no matter the cost. There are several that fit that category and more loom on the horizon. At this point America does have some allies who could possibility assist in time of need against an Overt military action. Then again, the outside forces could possibly use the same tactics against America that the BHO administration is using against Assad in Syria. They could use Covert operations, even though these Covert operations are being conducted Overtly. Some faction in America that wanted change could be armed and trained to fight against the established government. This same faction could be identified as a “moderate” group. This faction would not be a military in the truest sense of the word. They would not be soldiers and thus they would not be expected to conduct themselves as soldiers, not on the field of battle and certainly not against the civilian population, no accountability for actions. There would be no Geneva Convention, the rules of how warfare is conducted, and no law, the law would be made as they went along, basically no law. They would only be a “well-trained and armed civilian force, one that is just as well-trained and equipped as military”.(Someone in high political office did say at one time something to the effect of “We need a civilian force just as well-trained and armed as our military”, I wonder if he meant Law-enforcement).

If America found itself in the state Syria is in, what would you do?
Would you pick a side and join? Would join with the government, one that the “world” says you despise? Would you join with the “moderates” to fight against the government, the one the “world” claims you despise, even while knowing that what is coming is even worse?
Would you flee, becoming a refugee? Where would you go? As mentioned above America has only two countries with land borders. Going south from Texas to Mexico is out. The people from Mexico and points south are illegally coming to America to escape their countries. Would you go north to Canada? How many could Canada accept? Would you make your way to Alaska and try to walk or swim to Russia, depending on the season? Would you make your way to Florida down to Key West and try to swim the 90 miles to Cuba? I have not heard of many Americans migrating legally or illegally to other countries of the world, especially Mexico, Cuba or Russia. Canada, Mexico, Russia and Cuba are the closest, the rest of the world is an ocean or two away. Would you be willing to leave everything, family included? If you did become a refugee, and if you were welcomed in a foreign country would you assimilate or would you demand that the country you arrived in give-in to you demands according to the life you had? Good luck with that if you end up in a Muslim country especially if you are not a Muslim or if you are a homosexual.

What is going on a present in Syria is akin to Community Organizing. Community organizers are basically Radical Activists. The radical activists seek change and stir-up the community to achieve their goal. Remember that it is the goal of the activists, militant activists, and not necessarily the goal of the people. The goal is to remove Assad from power in Syria. The activists are the moderates and there partners in radical activism are ISIL/ISIS/IS and any other Radical Islamic Extremist group available. The organizers care only about the goal they do not ever consider what happens because there goal was achieved. If you do not believe that look at Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. There are many other fine examples of community organizing throughout the Middle-East and northern Africa. The goals were achieved and the after effects speak for themselves. The pot was stirred and look what came to the top.

There is a new organizer at work in Syria. Syria has a friend, Russia. Russia has friends and their friends have friends. Russia is going in on the side of Assad, while the U.S.A. supports the one that are called “moderates”. China will pick a side sooner or later if they have not already. And do not forget Iran, and there will be other players in this for sure. Syria may well turn into the new Viet Nam. Assad could be the new Ho Chi Minh. The countries of the Middle-East that are at present enjoying a relative peace better buckle up and hold on, they may find themselves caught-up in this the same as Laos, Cambodia and Thailand were. Regional conflicts tend to grow. NATO and the Warsaw Pact may at last get their long sought after showdown.

As stated above no country in its right mind would use or attempt to use military might to destroy America. America does enjoy a tremendous supply of tools to deter an attack or to retaliate against any attack conventional or unconventional attack, nuclear, chemical or biological. America has Allies, friends and trading partners, right. America has few allies thanks to years of failed foreign policy of this administration and the previous and even before that. The only friends we have are the ones we feel we have to buy. The bought friends will be friends only as long as the money lasts. Friends you have to buy are not worth having.
America even pays its enemies, and gives financial support to those that chant death to America and have vowed to destroy some American allies, Israel.

There is more than one way to bring a country to its knees. Could America be attacked financially? Time will tell. If America is attacked financially the outcome will not be pretty.

You have got to be kidding!!!!!

The “empty suit” we have for a President says “The NSA is vital to National Security”. The NSA will continue to monitor, but, the Telecommunications Companies will join in the effort to “curb abuses”. What is this man so afraid of? Why does he use the NSA to spy on our(what few we have left) allies? Could it be that he fears being upstaged by an ally taking an action that he refuses to? He even had the nerve to drag Paul Revere’s name into his shameful program.
Now, onto why I’m Here today.
Easing the sanctions on Iran is “now” probably the most disastrous foreign policy decision he has made. But, at least this will get the rest of his poor decisions and actions out of the light(perhaps, this is by design). The Iranian government has no fear of us. They have already tested our National and Military resolve in 1979 by seizing our Embassy and holding our people for 444 days. Then it was President Jimmy Carter, he tried only once militarily to rescue the hostages. He didn’t want to risk any “collateral damage” and used the wrong aircraft and put them in an untenable situation. But, with that half-hearted effort he could say “I tried”. Then he started negotiating with terrorists, a process that continues to this day. Now, President Obama thinks he and Secretary of State Kerry can negotiate with a corrupt and overbearing Regime(guess it takes one to know one). With a 6 month period to ensure that Iran is playing by the rules(they wanted)and then to negotiate a final solution.
Could you imagine a President in 1944 wanting to be “politically correct” and not wanting to cause any “collateral damage”? We were at war, and our Nation and Military took the fight to them with a “vengeance”. War is supposed to be Brutal, Ugly and Decisive. We do not declare “War” on anyone anymore, the new sanitized term is “A Use of Force Resolution”. Why is it we don’t declare “War” anymore? The answer is simple “money”. The Geneva Convention spells out the rules of War. Civilians are prohibited from participating, if they are caught(notice I did not say captured)on the Battlefield they are summarily executed. Go to Europe and ask any surviving Partisan Fighter. Another interesting fact, the pilots ferrying military aircraft in World War 2(men and women)were in uniform, even the Merchant Marine were uniformed. Now, we “capture” terrorists on the field of battle and give them protections under the Geneva Convention even though they wear no uniform(another requirement) and have actively participated in operations wounding or killing our military men and women and sabotage(planting roadside bombs). The current Administration has even tried some in the judicial system, where they were afforded Constitutional safeguards. Since the founding of the United Nations, we have not declared War, we have had Police Actions, Use of Force Resolutions and any other “politically correct” or “sanitized” term they could dream up. There are many civilians actively participating in Afghanistan as we speak and they are paid more than our Military personnel.
We abandoned Iraq because our President and his pompous Cabinet could not even negotiate a Status Of Forces Agreement(SOFA). The same fate awaits Afghanistan, we already have a withdrawal date. Disengaging from the enemy and pulling out of a fight before victory is achieved is an admission that your policy and resolve are weak. The word “negotiate” is starting to “tick” me off. This country wields great power(at least it used to), when you negotiate with any one you have just given up the upper hand. Basically, the current Administration’s Foreign Policy strategy is non-existent, and is only appeasing and emboldening our enemies. America will probably survive a continued bumbling foreign policy(or lack thereof). But, only if Iran doesn’t go nuclear, Egypt continues holding off the Muslim Brotherhood, Syria holds out against every terrorist group that has joined the fight and the rest of the Middle East doesn’t self destruct. And lets not forget about Africa. The Middle East might now have a different and better landscape now, if President Carter had acted with a stronger response demonstrating a stronger National resolve.
President Obama had his chance too. When the Iranian students were demonstrating and rioting our Government did nothing and stood by while they were crushed. Iran was weak(financially)and the regime could have been toppled(guess this was during the Arab Winter, and we were not available until spring). Then came Egypt, Mubarak was no saint, but he kept the Muslim Brotherhood at bay. Not to mention he was an ally of ours and a friend of Israel. Then came Libya, Who we had no quarrel with. Obama used our military might to bomb the country and topple Qaddafi. Then Low and Behold the Brotherhood showed up. This brought us to Benghazi, and the death of 4 Americans. The Syrian civil war was raging along splendidly, then Obama drew a red line in the sand. If Assad used chemical weapons, the U.S. would act. It was okay to shoot as many of them as possible, just don’t “gas” them. Chemical weapons were deployed, Obama threatened to act, but wanted approval from Congress, Obama drew his red line without the approval of Congress. The list of Foreign Policy failures continues and I am sure it will only get longer. Now, on to Senator John McCain, this dim wit says “I know who the good guys are”. News for you Senator,all of them are terrorists, they are there to get some experience and waiting for someone like you to give them some cool “toys”. One day I fear, in the near future our brave men and women in the military will have to face the same terrorists using our weapons and tactics(after all we are them training to fight like us).I can only hope that, that fight is on foreign soil and not here. Then you go and stick your nose in the affairs of the former U.S.S.R. Why is it that the politicians are so eager to meddle in other countries political processes, yet will use every Government agency here at home to terrorize or intimidate the good citizens of America? While you politicians in Washington were contemplating arming terrorist groups with fully automatic weapons. State and local politicians were seeking and passing laws restricting personal firearms and magazines of Law Abiding Citizens of America.
Another interesting fact, under the Geneva Convention, only “military ball”(full metal jacket) ammunition can be used on the battlefield. Why is it that our Federal Government bought up so much “hollow point” ammunition? Again I ask, What are these people afraid of? After all “hollow points” can not be used on the battlefield.
One last point, about the President being upstaged. It was Canada that got our people out of Iran, that were not taken hostage at the Embassy in Tehran in 1979. Shame on Jimmy Carter.