Do you really have a choice?

Every state has somewhat of a say in who becomes President with the Electoral College. However not every state has a say in who is the nominee of the party.

The way it is now the contenders focus on the early states with few or no campaign stops in the later deciding states. Why? Because the later deciding states do not matter. They are not important, yet.

The democrats are always crying about how unfair everything is, they want a level playing field. But they themselves enjoy the “unlevel” playing field of the primaries. By the time the last state holding it’s primary votes the voters only have a choice in what is left of the once crowded field. The person they vote for may not be the one they preferred, they just get to choose from left overs. The only states having a real choice are the states holding their primaries early. By the end of Super Tuesday the field could be narrowed down to two or three. Now is that really fair?

It is time, past time, for “comprehensive” election reforms. Here are some proposals to consider.

The Primary.
1. The primary would be settled in the same manner as the presidential election. All states vote on one day, every contender gets considered in every state, no more leftovers. The contenders would have to convince the entire nation that they are the best candidate, not just a few voters in the early states.
2. There is to be no early voting, as this leads to speculation by the media as to how people have voted and who holds the lead.
3. No exit polling, None.
4. Absentee voting would be handled in the same manner as the presidential election, however to vote absentee would require a better reason than being too damned lazy to go to the polling station.
5. And to further enhance a level playing field every state would begin and end voting at the same time regardless of time zone(explained in the next section).

This would take politics out of the hands of the political parties and place it squarely in the hands of the people.

The Presidential election.
1. Every state will begin and end voting at the same time regardless of time zone. How many times has the presidential election, or even the primary, hinged on the results of Alaska or Hawaii?. This is what I was referring to when I used the word somewhat in the opening line. By the time the election is called the polling stations are still open in those states, their vote rarely matters just “icing” on the cake. This alone would make the 4 Hawaii electoral college votes and 3 Alaska electoral college votes as important as the states with double digit votes. As an additional benefit more people would vote. How many voters are disenfranchised by the current voting schedule? Why vote if the election is over before the results of your state come in.
2. No early voting, get to your polling station on election day.
3. Absentee voting would require a better reason(excuse)than being to lazy too vote in person.
4. No exit polling. None.

On a side note. A hat tip to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard for calling out your party for what it has become. Refreshing to say the least.