Some do, some dont

Some get it, some dont and probably never will.

The latest mass killing(murdering)occurred in a Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. This was not the only shooting(murdering)that has occurred in a Christian House of Worship. Before the one in Texas there was one in Tennessee. Before the one in Tennessee there was one in South Carolina.

The one in Tennessee and the one in Texas have one thing in common. A concerned citizen brought the carnage to a halt. If I recall correctly the murdering at the Antioch Baptist Church was stopped by an Usher who wrestled the attacker to the ground. Again if I recall correctly the attacker(murderous savage)was shot in the leg. The murdering at the First Baptist Church was also brought to a halt by a concerned citizen. In this attack the concerned citizen exchanged fire with the attacker, as reported the attacker(again a murderous savage)was shot during the exchange. In the one in South Carolina the attacker(and again a murderous savage)was able to flee the scene, only to be captured a short time later. The murderous savage in Texas was not only shot, but when he attempted to flee was subsequently chased down by two townsfolk, including the one who had exchanged fire with and wounded the murderous savage.

This needs to be said and understood by all. In each of these instances the murderous savage knew he would face little if any resistance. They basically had the upper hand, the advantage if you will. They are brave when they have the advantage, not so much when they encounter resistance. None of the three murderous savages had planned on any meeting any real resistance.

I would like to point this out about society in this Republic today. The concerned citizen in Texas who grabbed his rifle and brought the savagery to an end is more the exception than the rule. Most in our society would have chosen not to get involved, if they did get involved it would have only been to the extent of grabbing their cellphone and making a video. This man chose to get involved, he grabbed his rifle(not a cellphone)and placing himself in great danger engaged the threat. He placed himself in great peril to defend the defenseless. To me that is the definition of a true Hero. This man exemplifies the meaning of the American Spirit, heroic and decisive action in the face of great peril. The other man, the driver of the truck also chose to get involved. This man also demonstrated great courage during the chase, determined to not let the murderous savage escape. Both of these men are exemplary and courageous in deed and character.

Now lets move on to those who dont get it and probably never will. This would be the gun control crowd, actually it should be called the “cult of gun control”. I call it a cult because to them it is a religion, but it is a cult. It is a false religion based on a false premise. It is based on the premise that what they call “gun crime” can be eliminated by placing further restrictions on law-abiding citizens. Passing laws and even more laws have no effect on those that choose to ignore or break the laws. If the rights of the citizens are infringed the only effect that would have would to be to provide even more victims of those who use a gun to commit a crime. I call the gun control a cult for another reason, they have Profits, false Profits. They follow a Profit who calls for more gun control while at the same time they are surrounded by armed security. They have guns to protect them while they seek to disarm others. The false “religion” of gun control headed by a false Profit, that makes it a cult.

Now we have a republican Senator from Texas siding with and reaching out to the democrats on gun control. This is a democrat windfall. It sounds as simple as writing legislation to enforce and strengthen laws on the books, but it is not that simple. It will not stop with legislation to fix existing legislation, it will lead to “comprehensive reform”. Currently the Air Force is being blamed for the failure on its part in reporting the conviction of the murderous savage in Texas. To me it is just another example of the government being above the law. When the government makes a mistake they just say “oops”. What happens to the rest of us if we make a similar mistake?

Now let’s go to those that get it. Once again a bad guy with a gun was stopped by a good guy with a gun. We have a sheriff here in Florida that has come out to say, “if you have a permit and a gun take your gun with you”. He gets it and so should you. I agree with what he has said.

You are your own “first line of defense”. Everyone who owns a gun should be proficient, range time and holster drills. I would like to say this, carrying a firearm comes with great responsibility. If you are not willing to accept that responsibility them for God’s sake do not carry. Let me point this out, the gun in your holster is not a “good luck charm”. Just because you have a concealed weapon and a permit is no guarantee that nothing bad will ever happen. Be proficient. If you want to carry a “good luck charm” get a rabbit’s foot, but then ask yourself what happen to the rest of the rabbit?

Now this is going to bring us to the subject of guns in Church. This is a subject that most congregations are unwilling to discuss. But it must be discussed. Before beginning with this I would like to point out this. We should be walking about this Republic everyday without a care in the world. We should be safe in our schools, offices, parks and everywhere we go, but things are different now.

There are many places that one would believe they were absolutely safe, but for today I will address only two. We should feel absolute safety in these two places, the sanctuary of the womb and the Sanctuary of the Church. Taking a little side road for just a minute. Let me go back to the “cult of gun control” for just a minute. The same people who favor gun control are the same people who favor abortion on demand. I find this to be more than ironic, they are perfectly willing to support abortion, which is not a Constitutional Right but oppose the private ownership of guns which is a Constitutional Right. Since 1973 it has been estimated that over 53 million babies have been murdered in the mother’s womb. The pro-choice “abortion cult” has their false Profits, the same as the “gun control cult”. The ones who push abortion have children and grand children. Those that support abortion only do so because their mothers chose life.

Now let’s go back to guns in the Church. This is going to cause angst in some Churches. I am of the opinion that every Church in this Republic have some sort of Church Protection Plan. I am also of the opinion that every male in the congregation carry his own personal firearm, that is, if he is trained, proficient and holds a permit if required and most importantly will to take on that responsibility. Some Pastors are going to be against guns in the Church. Some of the Congregation like is going to be opposed to guns in the Church. But I remind you of this you are your own and best first line of defense. As I have said before when a wolf comes it is best to have some wolf repellant.

There are those who claim that a handgun is not match for a rifle. Well that is true, but something is better than nothing. For a handgun to be effective against a rifle, the distance must be closed, either by the defender or the murderous savage. I am not for turning every Church in this Republic into a bristling fortress, but Churches like all “soft” targets must be “hardened”. We want people to come to Church and come to Jesus. We could lock our doors, but locks only keep honest people honest.

Above when I said “This man exemplifies the meaning of the American Spirit heroic and decisive”, that was and is true but it exemplified more than just the American Spirit. He exemplified the Christian Spirit. Willing to lay down his life for a friend. The Christian American Spirit.


How on earth did America reach this low point?

Perhaps a better question would be, How low will America sink? I’m not even talking about the presidential primaries or the conventions, though that seems to be the subject of the times. what I am talking about is America in general and the American citizens in particular.

Is it the state(condition) of America dragging down the citizens or is it the state(condition) of the citizens dragging America down? The answer to this question is that one feeds off of the other in what appears to be a never-ending cycle.

The current state(condition)of America.
If America were a person in the Emergency Room what level of care would be needed? America is by no means in a condition of being placed on Life Support, but the Vital Signs are not good and treatment is required to prevent a further deterioration in Vital Signs. Much like a person America could only end up in the Emergency Room for Illness or Injury or both. Triage would reveal the reason and course of treatment. The triage would reveal that there is both an Illness and an Injury that has caused the continued decay and decline in America. But there is a Cure.

The decline of America and the American citizens began with the birth or more aptly the creation of Generation E. The American government created the E Generation, and the created Generation E has given birth to millions who are a part of Generation E. To answer the question, What is Generation E? Generation E is the Entitlement Generation, the Generation that believes that they are Entitled to anything and everything. Not only are the good and decent citizens forced to contend with and support the Entitlement Generation, we are forced to contend with Generation O and Generation D. In case you are wondering, Generation O is the Offended(by any and everything)Generation, and Generation D is the Dependent(on government for any and everything)Generation.

In the not to distant past there was one constant that kept America safe and strong and that was the citizens. When Japan attacked at Pearl Harbor it was done so to deal a death-blow to the U.S Military and especially the U.S. Navy in the Pacific. Japan did not attack or attempt an invasion on America for one simple reason, an outright invasion of America would have come at an extremely high price and the price was unaffordable to Japan. Had Japan mounted an outright invasion of America, Japan would have faced a heavily armed population. Not only were the citizens armed but they were a hardy and hardened lot. It was famously said by one Japanese “There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass”. The Japanese were ambitious not crazy. It is my opinion that no country on earth would attack America for the very same reason.

In 1941 there were many veterans of WW 1 still among the citizenry and still relatively young and able-bodied hardened by war and further hardened by the Great Depression. Many of the population still lived in rural areas on farms and ranches. They too were hardened by the Great Depression. The people in the rural areas had to make do with what they had and make the best of it. These people had skills, farming skills, raising their own food and hunting skills(actually going into the woods and mountains and taking game)to feed their families. If things were needed that they could not afford they made up for the lack of cash by trading and bartering. They made do without government handouts. They endured the hardships and pressed on. That was then.

This is now. Look around the general public today, you will see many(to many)that are lazy and fat. You see many that will not do for themselves, they expect and even demand that the government do and provide for them. These are the same ones that do nothing to better themselves. These are the ones that feel that they are entitled to something, everything and anything even though they have never earned it. They feel Entitled and are Offended if someone insist that they provide for themselves and have become Dependent on government. They have been Conditioned to believe that the government provides Free Services(Welfare), the government does provide Welfare, but it is not Free, for the government to Give to one it must first be Taken from another. Does anyone really believe that these people know what a true hardship is? They will stand in line for hours upon hours or even camp-out in front of a store just to be the first or among the first to buy the latest electronic gadget or game or to see a movie. But they will not stand in line to do their civic duty and vote. If they do vote and have to wait in line they claim that is not fair or places an undue hardship on them and demand that the government do something. They readily show photo ID to by beer and liquor but cry foul if they must show ID to vote. The only hardship these people know is if they can not acquire the latest electronic gadget or if there reality show gets cancelled. This is the Illness.

The preceding paragraph was not written for every citizen, if it does not apply to you then you will recognize that fact. At the same time those that it does apply to will not recognize that it was written for and about them. Would anybody really expect these people to come to the defense of this country? Would they be willing to lay down their gadgets and pick up a rifle and get behind a blade of grass? I submit that they would not. They would rather submit to an enemy than Offend the same enemy.

Sadly there are not any veterans of WW1 among us now they have all since passed. However, we are fortunate to still have among us some veterans of WW 2, Korea and Viet Nam these too are hardy and hardened men and women. But sadly they are growing old and they too will pass from us in the not to distant future. Additionally we still have among us the veterans of Desert Storm, of which I am one and we too are aging and undoubtedly will also pass from existence. As will the ones who follow.

One undeniable fact is that the Entitled, Offended and Dependent Generations exist in every generation from the Depression era to the present.

Governments role in the decline of America. Where should I start?
Should I start with Tariffs? Tariffs are no more than a tax. A tax placed on goods imported that is paid wholly by the consumer. The tax is not paid by the overseas manufacturer. The tax is not paid by the exporting country. The tax is paid by the consumer in the importing nation to the government of the importing country.
Should I start with Subsidies? Subsidies are no more than corporate welfare. They are used to prop up businesses or industries that the government says provides a benefit. The only one that benefits is the business or industry. Subsidies are paid for with tax dollars. The consumer pays the subsidy(if they pay taxes)and still pays for the product. Buying one thing twice.
Should I start with the other subsidy, Welfare? Yes welfare is a subsidy. The tax payers are forced to subsidize the lifestyles of others that will not or choose not to finance their lifestyles for themselves. There are many welfare cases that are generational. A reward for bad behavior and bad decisions.
Should I start with Income Taxes? Income taxes are at this point a penalty for producing. Welfare is a reward for not producing.
Should I start with the National Debt? Nearing 20 trillion dollars in debt, money spent buying votes and friends. Please explain to me how everything that was taken in was spent or wasted and why you had to borrow an additional 20 trillion dollars to continue spending or wasting.
The list goes on and on. This is the Injury.

Taxes at the outset were intended for the Welfare(Well-Being)of the Nation. They were intended to fund the needful functions of Government, they were not intended to subsidize the less fortunate and especially not the lazy and slothful. There was warning from long-ago that went something like this; The Republic is in danger of failure when the populace discovers they can and then begin voting themselves money from the national treasury. They discovered it, they do it and the Republic is in great peril.

If you need proof that America is in decline you need to look no further that this. Some men that claim to feel like a woman demand to use facilities for women. The state says no, men use men’s rooms and women use women’s rooms. Then some federal government knucklehead says that might be discrimination based on sex. Some men feel Entitled to use women’s rooms based on how they feel and are Offended that they can’t and are Dependent on government to force the women to comply and allow men in the women’s rooms. College students that seek counseling because they were traumatized by someone writing in chalk “Trump” on a sidewalk.

There is another aspect to “Making America Great Again”, other than bringing back jobs and money from overseas, though that would be nice. What is needed to make America great again is for the American citizens to make themselves great again. The citizens need a revival of the American Spirit. American citizens need to become hardy and hardened. American citizens need to return to the practice of Self-Reliance and become Self-Dependent. Rely and Depend on ones own self. Stop being lazy and slothful. Learn to live with-in one’s own means. Learn to make do. Become the one behind the blade of grass. This is the cure so to speak.

America is great, always has been, always will be. The government and some of the citizens are dragging her down. Every time I hear a political clown claiming that he or she will shrink the “size and scope” of government I just bust out laughing. No politician has any intention of shrinking the federal government, I especially get a kick out of one claiming to abolish the IRS. Just how does one abolish a federal government agency? No politician will shrink the federal government in size or scope. If the federal government were to be shrunk, that would in theory return power to either the state or to the people. Do you really think the federal government would empower the states much less the people? Government at all levels is about power and control. What we the people should be concerned with is, when will the government gain absolute power and total control? If and when government gains absolute power and total control over the people it will be because the citizens allowed it to happen.

All of the Kings, Tyrants and Dictators of the world have always feared one thing and one thing only, and that is a nation of Free People. America was founded as a Free Nation(at that time Free and Independent States)inhabited by a Free People Governed by Consent. It is my opinion, If the nation continues down the current path the nation will no longer be a Free Nation inhabited by a Free People governed by Consent, it will become a Nation Ruled by Force with no free inhabitants.

So I now ask what is it that keeps our enemies from our shores? I can assure you that it is not the Entitled, Offended or Dependent Generations. The answer simply put is that there are still enough Hardy and Hardened Americans to make the cost to high to bear. The downside to this is that time and laziness has taken a terrible toll on the Hardy and Hardened.

To answer the Question, How low will America sink? To the very bottom if the people do not wake up and start acting like the Americans and if the government does not start governing as the Founding Fathers envisioned. Both must happen. So which are you ? Part of the Illness? Part of the Injury? Are you willing to be part of the Cure.

Inviting Disaster

My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families in the wake of the horrendous terrorist attack in Paris on 11/13/15, a terrorist attack carried out by radical Islamic extremists.

Given what happened in Paris on 11/13/15 I have to wonder why the refugees are still being allowed entrance into the countries of Europe and especially wonder why in God’s name are the refugees from Syria and Iraq being allowed admittance into the U.S. This is especially troubling since some in our own government have openly stated that terrorist are most likely blending in with the refugees.

Is the U.S. government taking, not just taking but accepting the risk that a few radical Islamic extremists may infiltrate the ranks of the refugees? As we saw in Paris on 11/13/15 the actual attack was conducted by just a few radical Islamic extremists. The same as America witnessed on 09/11/01 with the radical Islamist attack, the actual attack was carried out by fewer than twenty. The Paris attack was carried out by fewer that ten. The attack at Ft. Hood was carried out by one. The attack in Chattanooga was carried out by one. How many were involved in the Charlie Hebdo attack, Two? The large-scale and coordinated attacks require planning and logistics with many people operating in the background, the so-called lone wolf attacks do not. The only thing the two have in common is picking the right target. It does not take a lot of radical Islamic extremists to cause great amounts of death and destruction sometimes as few as one is all is that is needed.

My question for the government is what is the acceptable level of risk for your refugee resettlement program? Is the government inviting disaster? Is government willing to risk and accept that 1 out of 100 is a radical Islamic extremist? 1 out of 1000? 1 out of 10,000? Remember what one at Ft. Hood and one in Chattanooga were able to accomplish. When I hear that you will have a “robust vetting process” in place it does little to bolster my confidence. My guess is that you are gambling, playing the odds, with the lives of Americans, hoping for the best. Even one radical Islamic extremist is one too many.

BHO had claimed that ISIL(as he prefers to call them)are contained. Then Paris happened. BHO said that was a minor set-back. BHO may have been correct when he said that ISIL was contained. The policy of “containment” has been a success. ISIL(as BHO prefers to call them), their affiliates and their sympathizers are contained on six out of the seven continents, unless they have an affiliate branch in Antarctica.

For arguments sake, let’s say that by some major miracle the government gets this one right and no radical Islamic extremists arrive with the refugees, the government is still flirting with disaster. The disaster facing America in this case would be a financial disaster. Resettling refugees costs money a lot of money. At present the plan for resettlement is to accept and resettle 10,000, I suspect that many more than 10,000 will be arriving. Since they will be arriving without much in the way of finances or belongings they will be provided with the necessities of life and in many cases the luxuries of life. They will need housing, food and clothing at a minimum. All of that costs money as said a lot of money. The money to pay for the refugee resettlement must come from somewhere. The somewhere is actually somebody, and that somebody is the American taxpayer.

I have to wonder where and when the “robust vetting process” will take place. I suspect that the vetting will be conducted upon arrival in America. My question at this point is this. What would be done when a known radical Islamic extremist is found amongst the refugees? Would he or she be sent back to their home country? Would he or she be tried and imprisoned or simply held in the prison system?

It seems that the terrorists operating outside of the Middle-East and North Africa seem to have a tendency to pick “Soft Targets”. The best definition of a “Soft Target” is one in which the terrorist will face the least resistance, meaning an unarmed civilian population. An area where the only protection comes in the form of government forces, whether it be Law-Enforcement of the Military. France itself is not a “soft target”, but the people are as is most of the civilian population of Europe as well as the places they frequent. Most any place the people of Europe frequent is a “soft target”.

Getting to the question of would or could America face the same kind of attack experienced by Paris for a moment, and the answer of it is not a matter of if but when. This is my feeling on that issue. The same thing that was credited with keeping the Japanese from invading may be the same thing keeping the radical Islamic extremists at bay. And that is a citizenry with the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Whether or not the right is exercised it does place a feeling of doubt in the mind of criminals as well as terrorists. Make no mistake the radical Islamic extremists are here, waiting, and more may be arriving with each batch of refugees and they too may wait. But waiting for what. Could they be waiting for sufficient numbers to wage a large-scale operation? I already pointed out that very few or even one can cause large-scale death and/or destruction. Could they be waiting until the gun control groups finally achieve their goal of a totally disarmed civilian population? I think the latter, just waiting for a “soft target”. At this point America itself is not a “soft target” and neither is the population. Just imagine, if the gun control groups and the politicians got their way and somehow managed to disarm the civilian population, what would happen. First off America is a large land mass, if the population was disarmed either voluntarily or by force there is no way that the federal, state and local law-enforcement agencies could patrol the entire country and provide safety for the population. Even if the military was included it would not be enough. Government, Law-enforcement and the Military would be occupied just protecting large cities and critical infrastructure and would barely be able to do that, those of us in the rural areas would be on our own and at the mercy of the terrorists. The rural areas would be given up as most would migrate to the large cities just for some protection. The cities would not be capable of supporting the entire population of this country. America would be a “soft target” from coast to coast.

If the situation were reversed and America found itself in the same position as the middle-east where could the Americans flee too? It is highly unlikely that the countries of the middle-east would accept American refugees. There would be no refugee activists waiting with open arms to welcome anybody. It would be best and even considered wise to close the borders. America must consider America first and stop taking un-necessary risks. There is nothing wrong with helping others but you must take care of yourself. No one has ever been helped by the helpless.

The possibility of even on radical Islamic extremist making it to America is not worth the risk of taking in refugees. The government must stop inviting disaster. As I mentioned America and the American people are not soft targets but there are many soft targets in America.

A Little Common Sense Would Be In Order. Part 1 Firearms

Perhaps it would help if the “distinguished” elected representatives(politicians) were to stop by the Library of Congress and do a little reading. Some suggestions would be The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, The Declaration of Arms, The Federalist Papers, The Anti-Federalist Papers, The Writings and Opinions of the Founding Fathers, the Articles of Confederation, also I might suggest Common Sense and The American Crisis by Thomas Paine. The previous list is only a partial list, but it would be a good start. One would think with all of the great literature available in the Library of Congress some of the “distinguished” elected representatives(politicians)would spend some time there, apparently that is not the case.

Common Sense is a term thrown about by the politicians, but politicians demonstrate at every opportunity that they truly lack any idea as to what Common Sense means or how to use it. Their actions go against the very notion of using “common sense” in their statements and actions.

On gun control, gun safety or whatever they call it now.
BHO, the Liberal Progressives and the Social Progressives somehow think it makes common sense to regulate law-abiding citizens. To them this is logical. They suggest laws and rules that serve to encumber only the law-abiding public. Rules, regulations and laws have been passed at the state and local levels that seek to limit the amount of ammunition that can be loaded in one magazine. High capacity magazines have been banned, there have been attempts to ban certain types of ammunition and certain types of firearms. There have been attempts to place a special tax on firearms and ammunition. There have been attempts to ban the sale of firearms between citizens unless there is a firearms dealer involved along with the appropriate government paperwork. These and all the other what you call “common sense” proposals, only serve to place an undue burden on the good and decent law-abiding citizens while not causing a drop of inconvenience on the criminal element.
Conservative “common sense” and logic should and would dictate that the good and decent law-abiding public not be deprived of a single thing that would or could quite possibly enhance their safety in an unsafe world. No person should have to prove or show need a need if he or she wants a high-capacity magazine, or a certain type of firearm, the same as no person should prove or show need when buying a house or a car. Free trade, sales and bartering, between good and decent law-abiding citizens concerning firearms should not be impeded anymore than the sale of homes and cars between citizens. If it is crime you wish to lessen then pass and enforce laws that affect the criminal element and none that impede the good and decent law-abiding citizen.

Perhaps, it is time for the Liberal Progressives, Social Progressives, BHO and the entire Democratic Party to come forward and tell the good and decent law-abiding public of America what it is that they truly want, seek and desire. Gun Control is not your final objective, it is but a “bench-mark” on your way to your final objective.

Here is what I think, feel free to correct me if I am wrong. Your final and ultimate objective is a totally disarmed population. Let me correct that, Your final and ultimate objective is a totally disarmed good and decent law-abiding population. The criminal element of the population will not be disarmed.

If it is true, and I suspect that it is, your final and ultimate objective is a totally unarmed good and decent law-abiding population you must have some sort of plan in place to achieve it. There must be other bench-marks along the way, that is unless you are brave enough to just outlaw private ownership of firearms. You did nothing to further your agenda when you had complete and total control of the Congress, both the House and the Senate, and the Presidency. I suspect you did nothing because you did not have control of the Judicial branch at that time. The Judicial Branch would have most likely “struck-down” any law that infringed on the Second Amendment, if that happened you would have been exposed for what you really are. That would have ended the progressive movement, you were not willing to run that risk.

What you would gain from a totally disarmed good and decent law-abiding population would be a population totally dependent on government for their safety. Without a definitive means of self-defense, one that was at least equal and perhaps superior to that of the criminals, they would have to call on the government to provide for them what they at one time could provide for themselves. You would also gain a totally compliant population, but only to the extent of a good and decent law-abiding population.

What the criminals would gain from a totally disarmed good and decent law-abiding public would be many more victims. Victims with no means to defend themselves.

What the good and decent law-abiding public would lose by being totally disarmed, everything.

You will not admit that the “Gun Free Zones” are a total and abject failure. What do you do? You only try to make more and more gun free zones. Gun free zones have not, nor will they ever provide for safety. They only provide victims. If you get your wish and make the whole of America a gun free zone, America will become a nation of victims from coast to coast and from border to border. They will be victims of either the criminals or the government.

This is why I say your “common sense” gun control measures and gun laws make no sense, common or otherwise.
There are only two segments of the American population The Good and Decent Law-Abiding Citizens and The Criminal Element, if the politicians are counted they are either a third segment or will fit into one of the first two groups. No the politicians are a separate segment, they could and should be considered the third segment. You should be focusing your laws on the second element, but instead you focus of the first. You appear to have failed in eliminating the criminal element, to make-up for your failures in eliminating the criminals you seek to eliminate the good and decent law-abiding population. You take out your wrath on the good and decent law-abiding population. What ever the politicians do to the first segment will not apply to them as most act as if they are above the law anyway. Your gun control measures will apply to only the good and decent law-abiding population, you will keep for yourself what you would deny others and the criminal element does not care about your laws.

Maybe you should read the writings of Thomas Paine, Common Sense and The American Crisis. You already have the Good and Decent Law-Abiding public behind you, yet you seek to punish them.

Coexistence part 2 Guns

Can the people who are pro-gun and the people who are anti-gun coexist? The answer is YES. People “coexist” each and every day with differing points of view. The reason they can do this is because they make a choice to exercise their right to own a gun or not.
as for me, I am in the pro-gun “camp”. Owning and carrying concealed weapons is my right and I choose to exercise that right. There is however a high level of responsibility that accompanies the exercise of this right as with exercising any right. A responsibility that I willingly accept.

My responsibilities as a gun owner and a concealed weapons permit holder.
I am responsible to know and understand my weapon its capabilities as well as its limitations. Not only must I know my firearm, I must know the ammunition that is associated with a particular firearm.
I am responsible to secure my weapon and ammunition to prevent unauthorized use. I would do this even if there was no law, much the same as I would never drink from a toilet. Just like the law making a person secure weapons and ammunition, someone somewhere thought it was a good idea to post a sign behind a toilet telling the user it was unsafe to drink.
I am responsible to know and understand firearms safety and how to safely handle a firearm.
I am responsible to know and understand the laws of my state concerning firearms and concealed carry.
When traveling I am responsible to know the laws of the states concerning firearms and concealed carry that I will or could possibly travel through as well as the laws concerning firearms and concealed carry of the state that I intended to visit for a spell. In some cases it gets even more involved than that, sometimes the local laws must be known and understood.
My list of responsibilities goes on and own, if you have got the picture by now you are definitely not in the same camp I am in, you are in the anti-gun camp.

Do those in the anti-gun camp have responsibilities? Yes, they do. As a matter of fact those in the anti-gun camp have many of the same responsibilities as those in the pro-gun camp, though hey do differ from the above list. The first and foremost is the protection, safety and well-being of yourself and your family, and this list goes on and on.

As to the matter of self-defense, just because a person is anti-gun does not necessarily mean that they are against self-defense. They may just choose to defend themselves when required to do so in a different manner. Whether it be a knife, a bat, a stick or just calling for help from someone with a gun.

There are many reasons that could land a person in the anti-gun camp, religious reasons, strong moral convictions and again the list could be long. Below are just some of my own observations.
One thing that I have noticed for so many in the anti-gun camp is that some people have a fear and/or misunderstanding of firearms. This instance of fear was addressed in a previous post, titled The problem is the reason. Another reason is the total lack of respect of a firearm. Education is another reason, it seems that “fear” in the main educating point concerning firearms by the anti-gun culture, teaching about firearms was also addressed in a previous post, titled Teach them young teach them correctly. Another reason is the lack of exposure. How many in the anti-gun camp have ever been to a public firing range? The answer is relatively few.

To make an informed statement about firearms or any other subject it is my opinion that one must educate themselves and not rely on others who are just speaking to be heard. You know, the ones who do not even have a proper understanding of the subject and use data skewered towards their position whether the data is true or not, most often not. The truth matters not to these people, just the furtherance of their agenda.

After you have educated yourself and have had at least some exposure you can make an informed statement and possibly argue your point based on fact not propaganda. If after education and exposure you still remain in the anti-gun camp I will support your choice and decision, even though I disagree.
But, if you refuse to educate yourself or even be exposed to firearms, religious and moral convictions excluded, then you are not in the anti-gun camp, you are in the gun-control camp and you will be addressed shortly.

Do I believe that everyone should own a firearm? Absolutely not, there are some who should never be trusted to have a firearm and there are those who have lost that right by engaging in criminal activity. Much the same as there are some politicians holding a Constitutional office that should never be trusted to hold office any office especially if it gives or bestows upon them power over another.

Now to address the most heinous group of all, those in the gun control camp. I call you the most heinous group for this, you are not about gun-control you are about rights control and deprivation. You seek to use the power and force of government to deny or deprive me my right to own firearms. You use each tragic event where a firearm was used to further restrict my rights concerning firearms, and you have a powerful ally in the media. You report on tragedy but fail to report the lawful use of firearms to protect life and limb. You focus on criminal activity and neglect lawful activity. You are fools if you think you can reduce the swords into plowshares and still exist. Two quick points for you.
First, it was men using firearms that won America’s independence from a tyrannical king. If it were not for the use of firearms to gain independence, America would still be under the control of the British Throne. Is that where you would be? Living under tyranny. The King of England sought to keep America subjugated with firearms. The Colonials used firearms to win Independence.
Second, it was Americans that used firearms to save the world in two World Wars. Tyrants and Dictators sought to overrun and rule the world using firearms. The good and righteous saved the world using firearms.

Now, you in the anti-gun and gun-control camps think that I have just made your case for you and will attempt to use my words against me. You are wrong and nothing could be farther from the truth. I have instead made my point and case for owning firearms clearer.
Think on this. Prior to the advent of firearms Kings and other evil tyrants used any means and weapons available to subjugate other countries and indeed their populations, whether it was the jaw bone of an ass or a rock. Good and righteous men using the same weapons freed themselves from tyranny and oppression.

Firearms are not the problem. The problem is evil and tyranny. As long as there is evil and tyranny in the world, and it has existed since Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden of Eden. Good and righteous men and women will use the same weapons to defend themselves and to throw off the yoke of tyranny and oppression as the tyrants of the world use to place them under tyranny and oppression. The evil tyrants use at this moment firearms in an attempt to place the yoke of tyranny and oppression around the necks of entire countries and the populations, some times even entire continents. The good and righteous at this moment will use firearms to prevent the placement of the yoke around their necks and in some cases to remove the same yoke.

For those not in the pro-gun camp think on this. It was the good and righteous through the use of firearms that made it possible for you to say and in some cases do or attempt to do stupid things.

There are only two ways to bring people to agree with your opinion or position, Reason and Force.
To the anti-gun camp I will attempt to get you to remove your tent from the campground you presently occupy and place it in the pro-gun camp. But the difference is that I will only attempt to use reason, never force. If I am unsuccessful in my attempt to convince you to move to my camp through reason you should remain in your camp if you remain anti-gun. If you are only anti-gun and remain as such but do not seek to limit the rights of others you are welcome to move to the pro-gun camp, because it is about more than being pro-gun it is about the preservation of rights. All of them. But if you are really gun-control which equates to rights control or elimination you should really be in the gun-control campground, where you belong.
To the gun-control camp, come out of the closet and state you true intention, which is to attempt to restrict or eliminate my rights. I see you for what you really are, you may as well admit it. You failed to bring me to you camp through reason, now you attempt to use the force of government to make me move. You will use government in an attempt to deny me the right self-defense.

Can the pro-gun camps and the gun-control camps coexist? Absolutely not, in my opinion. I am about freedom and liberty and the freedom to exercise my rights. They in my opinion are about tyranny and oppression by limiting or eliminating rights.

Do you really think that you still have the bill of rights or any rights at all because the government has your best interests at heart?

Look at other countries around the world, I mean really look with your eyes open. Take special note of the countries who deny the population a means to defend themselves, if it is not the government it is the terrorists who have placed the yoke of tyranny and oppression around the necks of the population. At present they have no recourse but to wear the yoke. But soon some brave soul may find and take up the jawbone of an ass or a rock and begin the process of removing the yoke. But how many will die before the same weapons that were used to place the yoke are used to remove the yoke.

Are you really sure that you only want to trust the government with weapons?

Marksmanship Part 2 getting to know your rifle

The best and most expensive rifle will not make a poor shooter a better shooter, but even a mediocre rifle in the hands of a person who knows and understands his or her rifle can produce amazing results. The next step to becoming a marksman requires you to do your homework, go to your local store, get some range time and avoid the urge to hasten the process. You bought your rifle because you liked it, now you must find out what your rifle likes. First I must clear this up, this post is intended for hunting rifles and not the modern sporting rifles, you know the ones that are often referred to as “assault rifles”. They are not assault rifles they are modern sporting rifles, most of the blame for the misnomer is the fault of the manufacturers, but I digress. As stated before I am a hunter and I can not eat it if I miss it.

To find out what your rifle likes you will need the following:

1. Ammunition with different bullet (projectile) weights but take only one weight with you.
2. Targets, good sturdy targets mounted on a backing board, I avoid the use of “bleeding” targets as they tend to cause the shooter to adjust the point of aim.
3. one inch stick-on dots.
4. A magnifying glass.
5. Notebook and pen, not a pencil.
6. A ruler.
7. A timer.

The first issue to address is the clean cold bore (ccb). The first shot from a rifle is considered to be a throw away shot by some but not by me. If I know where the bullet will impact I will know where to aim to achieve the desired result, you may only have one chance. There is no clean bore, some are cleaner than others but it should be cold. Run a clean lint free patch or two through the barrel to remove dust and any remaining oil and solvent used in cleaning, this will lessen the effects of a clean cold bore on the first shot.

Target placement and set-up. The first target placed no further than 50 yards away, I start at 25 yards. On the first place 2 one inch stick on dots, I use orange, one in the center of the target and one-off center half way between the outer edge and center. The reason for two dots is simple, it is to find out how the clean cold bore effects the flight of the projectile on the first shot. The off-center dot should be your point of aim for the first shot only. The center dot should be the point of aim for the remaining shots. Keep your point of aim the same, sight alignment and sight picture. There should be no less than 30 seconds between shots, but not enough time to allow the barrel to cool completely. If the shots are fired to close together the barrel will heat and have an effect on bullet trajectory. Retrieve your target and mark it with the weight of the projectile and which hand you used right of left. Place another target at the same yardage and use the other hand, remember you should be able to use both effectively. If enough time has elapsed for the barrel to cool repeat the process with two dots, run a patch or two through the barrel to remove loose fouling. Time permitting and if you choose try different distances, I prefer to take it one step at a time, but continue using bullets of the same weight. At the completion of this stage the work really begins. You can do the following steps at home or while still at the range, remember other shooters as this is very time-consuming. Now is where you will need the ruler, the magnifying glass, notebook and pen. First measure the distance from the point of aim to the point of impact of the clean cold bore shot, then measure the remaining impact points to determine the minute of angle, look for anything 2 inches or less. Using the magnifying glass look at each hole in the target to determine if the bullet was climbing or descending on impact, the tears in the paper will tell you what the bullet was doing. Record all of this in the notebook.

On the next trip to the range use the same weight bullet at a different distance and repeat the entire process. As I stated this is a time consuming process but the results are well worth the investment in time and money.

You will notice that no mention was made about adjusting anything, that is because this is not the time to adjust anything, not sights and certainly not a scope if one is mounted. It might just be that your rifle does not like that weight bullet.

On subsequent trips to the range try a different weight bullet and repeat the above process. Note any differences in feeding and extracting as they may help identifying what your rifle likes. Once you have found the weight bullet your rifle prefers that is the time to make any needed adjustments for accuracy. But what to do with the left over ammunition of the weight your rifle liked least? Save them for a rainy day, you already have notes on how they will perform. Practice with the same weight as your hunt with.

Good hunting, shoot straight, kill clean.

Marksmanship part 1 the one behind the trigger

This is a continuation of teach them young teach them correctly. The process of taking a novice shooter to the level of a marksman is a long and arduous process. There are many that will disagree with my suggestions for various reasons running from that will never work to all that I write on this matter is pure B.S., to those who disagree, I say open your Mind and your Eyes and give what I suggest a try.

The majority of my marksmanship skills have come from years of hunting. The majority of my bad habits came from my time in the U.S. Army. Being right-handed and right eye dominate the Army only taught me to shoot right-handed, never with my left and to use only my right eye never my left. At that time in the Army they would break any bad habits the country boys brought with them. The first thing my drill sergeant said when weapons were issued was “that ain’t your hunting rifle”. It took years to drop the bad habits and retrain myself to be a true marksman.

Being a hunter and with knowledge of the outdoors and reading sign in the woods has taught proper placement of a portable tree stand to ensure success. The problem is that animals do not always place themselves in front of me and my rifle. If the animal cooperated and placed itself anywhere from my fight front quadrant to my extreme left it would provide meat for me and my family. However if the animal failed to cooperate and was any where beyond my right front quadrant to my extreme right side it was safe. I was hunting the same way I had been retrained to shoot right-handed only and had been doing it for years. I thought I had only two choices, 1 wait for the animal to move to a spot where I could shoot or 2 move around in the tree stand and that choice could have two possible outcomes 1 scare the animal away or 2 risk falling to certain injury, neither was acceptable. I had another choice and that was the course I took, I retrained my self to shoot equally well with either hand.

Not only had I lost the skill to shoot with either hand I had also developed the habit of squinting the non-dominate eye, I only realized that fact when I first tried to shoot left-handed, I could not see the sight, my eye was closed. I had not realized that I was missing half of the world all those years, sitting there with one eye closed behind the rifle.

Now I shoot with both eyes open and with either hand again, but I do at times catch myself squinting, but at least I recognize it and correct it now.

Whether or not you are a hunter these skills are important. If you already possess and use the skills and are passing them down, good on you. If you do not remember and pass this along, if you have two hands use them equally well and if you have two eyes keep them both open there is a world on both sides and it is not always friendly.