Here it come folks GRA (Government Retirement Accounts).

The President has “tipped his mitt” and totally “flipped” his lid. His new government(tax payer)backed retirement program (MyRA) will leave the poor “saps” he claims to be looking out for, with even less disposable income if they fall for this lie. MyRA is no kind of retirement plan, it simply takes after tax dollars and uses them to buy treasury notes that only currently pay 1.47% interest. We already have a mandatory retirement plan Social Security(unless you are a sitting elected Representative for the people)that we are forced to contribute straight from our paycheck. The combined forced deductions for Social Security and Medicare are 7.65% and your employer is forced to match that amount. Social Security is in trouble, between the unemployment and waste(using the Social Security Trust Fund to fund pet projects)the money will simply run out. To prevent “money exhaustion” the Government will simply ask the lower-income crowd to simply and voluntarily give them more under the pretense of planning for their retirement. If they can’t get enough participation in their latest scheme, they will simply pass a law or through Executive Order mandating employers to offer matching IRAs. Then will come a plea, for all Americans to contact their elected representatives and demand equality in retirement for all Americans. After all, no one wants un-equality or the elderly and vulnerable to suffer. Then will come the ultimate goal of this Socialist regime that has been installed in Washington D.C., Government Retirement Accounts. Just think, everything you have worked and saved for, all your life, will be seized to fund a Government sponsored fund in the name of equality and fairness. I don’t know about you but, I didn’t eat a lot of soup just so someone else could have steak and potatoes. I ate a lot of soup when I was younger, so I could have steak and potatoes whenever I wanted.
Problem is, the Government has been in charge of Social Security since the beginning, and now is heading towards insolvency. If the Government can’t even demonstrate competency with that task, how can you expect or even trust them to over see another retirement system? And just which of our “trustworthy and honest” Government agencies will oversee this new system, that is doomed to fail? They will do the same as they always have done, they will lie, cheat and steal. A Government Retirement Account could be a new and powerful weapon to use against any perceived enemies, just like the IRS. After all then the Government would be able to set the programs retirement age and amount of monthly payments friends get more earlier, enemies get less later. Maybe, a new Government department should be created to oversee the program, The Department of Equality and Fairness. That would create a new cabinet level position and another chance to nominate another person that probably cheated on their taxes.
Why is it that everything needs a “comprehensive” reform but Social Security? Could it be that all the money is missing? If the Social Security Administration was audited and the books opened to scrutiny, what would be found? If all of the money is “missing” how could it be replaced? The answer is simple, seize all private retirement accounts(it just takes an Executive Order) before the disclosure, and to hide that crime move the money around playing a shell game until another crisis or scandal(real or made-up)could distract the people. If all of the money is still there, why all the noise and fear mongering?
The Politicians and economists claim that people aren’t saving because they don’t have enough money to save. To this I say “Bovine Feces”. People don’t save because they have never learned the value of a dollar. They are only following the example that you set. When I Make my weekly trip to town for groceries I am appalled at the numbers of people(large people)standing in line with the EBT and SNAP cards, talking on the latest smart phone, purchasing better quality food with tax payer dollars than my family can eat. Some people will stand in line for hours or even days, to purchase the newest video game console, video game or smart phone(they always have money for these)but can never have a dime to save.
This is for the Politicians. You have taught them well, they have never learned to be responsible, just live for today and never worry about tomorrow and budgets, we don’t need budgets. The next time you go to your home district just look around, what you see is your legacy. You have done America a great disservice by your service. You have cast upon this Nation a generation, and in some cases generations, of citizens with no sense of self-reliance that are totally dependent on Government assistance for every aspect of their daily lives. Next comes the Government planning for their retirement and life afterwards. When will you tend to the affairs as spelled out in the constitution and quit meddling in the daily lives of the responsible Americans? Maybe if you would set a better example and became good stewards of this Nation, then maybe, just maybe the dependent would be independent. The truly needy do need help, the lazy do not.
In my home everyone knows the value of a dollar, and to insure no waste, a name is attached to every dollar and it is treated as a friend. No one worth their “salt” will squander a friendship.
But, if you really want to learn about equality and fairness do the following. Research your home district or state, see what the pay is in your hometown highest to lowest, pick the middle number, take that much money with you and try living on it. Don’t forget to save some for retirement. Sure hope you like soup.