Imagine This

A War is being waged, not just any War but a Civil War, bot just any Civil War but a Political Civil War. A Civil War between political factions, within the same country. A country that is divided along political lines. Two opposing “armies” readying for battle. Two countries within a single country, like parasites, so I shall call them parasites. Each trying to remake(reconstruct)the host nation in the image of the parasite. For simplicity I will call one parasite RNC and the other parasite DNC. Each parasite has its own president or dictator. Each parasite has its own mascot. The mascot for the parasite RNC is an elephant(pachyderm). The mascot for the parasite DNC is a donkey(jack ass). Each parasite has a notional color. RNC is Red. DNC is Blue. Each parasite has a National Flag which also serves as its Battle Flag. RNC has a Red Flag. DNC has a Blue Flag. For simplicity for the Remainder of this post, unless special circumstances arise, I will refer to them as Red Forces and Blue Forces.

For many years the Red and Blue Forces have been locked in a struggle, political struggle, for total and absolute control for the Republic known as the United States of America. In years past the Red and Blue Forces took to the field in July preceding the November elections. That was then this is now. These days the political “season” never ends. The elected members of Congress spend more time campaigning and fund-raising than they do in governing this Republic. They simply have found it easier and more beneficial for and to them to Govern less and Rule more. The map of this republic during the election season represents the political parties. It does not represent the Freedoms and Liberties that the Continental Army fought so hard for. The political battles of the past and those of the present have caused this Republic to become a nation of “Untied” States. Sadly, this Republic is no longer United in Cause or Vision. The common bonds that held this Republic together are becoming strained, and in some cases non-existent. Much like a rubber band stretched to the point of breaking, at some point it will snap if the tension remains high.

History does repeat itself and each time it does it becomes increasingly expensive. Take a look back in history and see the root cause of almost all “Civil Wars”. You will find Politics and political factions have caused almost all civil wars. The rest was caused by Despotic Tyrannical Governments.

Now, back to the Political Civil War. Picture this in your mind. The Red and Blue Forces are preparing to meet each other again.
The president/dictator(Chair) of RNC has placed the Red Forces on full alert. The Generals are putting on their uniforms and alerting all subordinate units. Big Business is activated. The Special Interest Groups are activated. Donors are contacted as funding for the battle will be needed.
The president/dictator(Chair)of DNC has placed the Blue Forces on full alert. The Generals are putting on their uniforms and alerting all subordinate units. The main stream media outlets are activated. The colleges and universities are activated. They may have a hard time activating the ones who are in their safe-spaces. Special Interest groups are activated. Rioters disguised as protesters are activated. Donors are contacted as funding for the battle will be needed.

Now you are really going to work hard to even visualize this part, a true stretch of the imagination. Picture this.
General Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, standing there in his uniform. Rallying the Red Forces in the House. He is the one chosen to lead them into battle.
General Mitch McConnell, Senate Majority Leader, standing there in his uniform. Rallying the Red Forces in the Senate. He is the one chosen to lead them into battle.
General Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, standing there in her uniform. Rallying the Blue Forces in the House. She is the one chosen to lead them into battle.
General Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader, standing there in his uniform. Rallying the Blue Forces in the Senate. He is the one chosen to lead them into battle.
(Almost fell out of my chair typing that part, what with laughing so hard.)
Each of their Lieutenants doing their part to rally all of the subordinate and supporting units.

That is damned hard to imagine ain’t it? Would you really follow those clowns anywhere or for any reason. Look at the members of Congress. Would you really be foolish enough to let them lead you anywhere? Hell, I would not even follow them down a hallway. I mean really, just look at them.(ROTFLMFAO)

This is the scene that plays out everyday in “The Swamp”(Washington D.C.). The Red Forces fighting for total and absolute control of everything in and about this Republic. The Blue Forces doing the same thing. Both the Red and Blue forces have the same goal in mind, they only argue about which path to take.

When all the seats in Congress are filled, there are a total of 535 combatants. They never suffer, the only time they become a casualty is when they either lose an election or get caught with their hand(s) in the “cookie jar”. By far the greatest number of casualties in this Political Civil War come from the citizens of the Republic, most often those in the middle-class. The political parties may from time to time suffer a minor setback, but they rebound. The Republic however, may not rebound from all the set backs caused by this continuing Political Civil War.

Each passing day proves my ancestors were correct.



Ain’t gonna take it no more no more

When the 115th Congress gets back to “work” tomorrow it will not be “business as usual”. The status quo is no more and not just because Donald J. Trump is president. The election of President Trump should have been your “wake-up call”. 94% of you in this Congress were in the last Congress. 100% of you are accountable to the tax payers, when the tax payers finally start holding you accountable will be another great event.

I have heard little if anything from you in regards to your plan for America under a new administration, a republican administration. I have heard much from some of you both republican and democrat on your plans to oppose a president Trump administration. You offer nothing better, you apparently will settle for the role of an obstructionist.

At least the President has a vision for America and what he thinks is good for America, sadly it appears that you do not. It appears that you place you and your party before your country. Perhaps the worst insult to the citizenry is the fact that you make excuses.

Let me remind you of this. Obamacare was forced down the throats of America. Total support from the democrats, and total opposition by the republicans. Thing is nobody even bothered to read the damn bill that became law. The former Speaker even said you have to pass it to find what is in it.

The republican leadership, at that time, said they could do nothing as the minority party, an excuse. The next election cycle gave control of the House of Representatives to the republicans and still nothing. The republican leadership, at that time said they could do little if anything without control of the Senate. You gained control of the Senate, retained control of the House and still nothing, another excuse. The republican leadership, at that time said they cold do more if they had the White House. Okay now you have control of the Senate, the House and the White House. It is now time to sh*t or get off the pot. Do not fail us. Now you have no excuse.

You claim to have no power when you are in the minority. The democrats seem to have all the power in the world when they are the minority. Could it be that you are actually one party?

I have a sneaking feeling that the laws you write do not always apply to you. I suspect that if Obamacare applied equally to you, there might have been more opposition. I also suspect if anyone bothered to read it, it would have had even more opposition. The same goes for Social Security and Medicare, you do participate in those mandatory programs, right?

Therefore and just to keep everything on the up and up it is probably time to amend the Constitution. This is only necessary because you apparently have neither morals, scruples, honor or integrity.

The Amendment should be entitled; Amendment 28-Legislation Clarified.
1. No legislation shall be forwarded to the President without first being read in its entirety by each member voting on such Legislation.
2. Each member will attest to having read the legislation in its entirety by placing his or her signature on the signature page.
3. Each member will attach a statement clarifying his or her support or opposition to the legislation.
4. Amendments or additions to the proposed Legislation shall face the same rules as the original Legislation.
5. Congress shall propose no Legislation that exempts any member of the Government, Elected or Appointed.
6. Congress shall not propose any Legislation that rewards or protects any one group or classification of citizens.
7. If the proposed legislation requires federal funds it must be clear in the legislation, amendment or additions exactly where the money came from and how it is to be funded.
8. No legislation will be submitted if is to be funded with borrowed money.
9. No Legislation will be submitted that is funded by future savings.
10. There will be no subsidized private programs or industries.
11. There shall be no further Legislation, Regulations or Rules at the Federal level that encroach on or abridge the Rights entitled to the States and the Citizens.
12. All haste will be made to repeal all Laws, Regulations and Rules at the Federal level currently in force that are Reserved to the States and the Citizens.

Now we come to a serious matter that does require the attention of the congress critters. While the previous administrations have embarked on a path of nation building, with your support America has been neglected. Much national treasure has been wasted in nations that have made little if any progress America has made no progress. Much treasure has been wasted at the U.N. with almost nothing to show for it. Few if any are better off for the wasted effort and this Republic is worse off. Some of America’s finest have been wasted or maimed in the name of politics, only to be injured again by neglect. This last presidential election from the primaries up to the general election was the people speaking out and someone finally was willing to listen.

Some have said this past election was about the forgotten, the forgotten men and women. While I agree with that, it also made a statement. The statement was “We ain’t gonna take it no more no more. We ain’t gonna be forgotten no more. We ain’t gonna take the insults and injuries no more. No more, damn it.

I would like to remind the congress critters that America is made up of 50 States and 1 District. This is especially important when it comes to funding the infrastructure projects. Do not repeat the failures of the past. There is more to America than the North East, the Upper Mid-West and the West Coast. You would do well to remember the South and the Heart Land.

As a matter of fact it would probably be all the better if the federal government stayed out of the infrastructure projects altogether and let the localities and states along with private enterprise handle it. The reason I say that is this; Why should I in Florida be forced to pay for improvements in another state?(more on this in a later post)

God Bless President Donald J. Trump our 45th President, the First Lady and the First Family. God Bless this Republic.

Lastly I would like to say this. God Bless Dixie and God Bless the Heart Land. The South and the Heart Land may be just what saved this Republic.(more on this in a later post, as well)

Out with the Old, In with the New, Problem is that they are the Same

The 114th Congress will be no different from the 113th. Leadership positions and appointments to committees will be based on party loyalty. Adherence to party platforms and party loyalty are the key to success to politicians. If a congressional member is seen as a problem to the leadership or to the party they can forget high-profile committees and will find themselves safely tucked into corner. Where they remain unknown and obscure, until they come around to the leaderships and parties way of thinking. Back-rooms are where committee memberships and leadership positions are assigned after an understanding is reached. The leadership protects itself from rivalry and in-fighting by insuring the minor leaders will not stray. Arm-twisting and coercion, a sort of political blackmail. The outside will never be allowed inside.

Political corruption runs much deeper than just the politicians and their respective parties. Is it really the leadership that names who to the committees? What role does the political party have in committee appointments? The political parties control the politicians, but who or what controls the political parties? Political parties survive on money, donations. The donations to the political parties come from lobbyists, PACs, and special interest groups. The donors see their donations as investments and want to see a positive return on their investment, no positive return, no more investment. So, who really controls appointments to committees and leadership. With-out the appointment to the right committee the politician is never introduced to the right people. So, which politician will sell him or herself out to get on the right committee to meet the right people?

The Republicans were handed a huge victory in November, yet they acted as though they had lost. Rather than a continuing resolution to fund the government until February, they pushed through a massive 1.1 Trillion dollar omnibus bill to fully fund the government, except one obscure section of DHS, until the end of the fiscal year. There are only two reasons for this to happen. 1. You establishment Republicans could not trust that the new members of Congress would continue doing business as usual, they may cause a wave upsetting your apple cart. 2. The 113th Congress were all of the same party. Not to mention the fact that not only did the omnibus bill pass before the new Congress convened none of you bothered to read it, but you each made sure that your donors were amply rewarded.

I can do math, your vain attempt, in the House at passing the Keystone XL pipeline bill and sending it to the Senate hoping that it would pass and go forward to BHO was for what purpose. This was another back-room deal, but it back-fired and died in the Senate, missed by 1 vote. Now you will try again, even if it is a clean bill, which I doubt, BHO will veto it. You do not have enough votes to override a Veto, and you know it. In order for BHO not to veto you will have to give him a lot. This is more likely, you know the veto pen will come out on the pipeline, and the crying begins anew. When the republicans gained the house, nothing got done and more crying ensued. The republicans controlled the House but need the senate to get anything done. The veto by BHO will lead to more crying we need the White house too. This bull-shit crying began in 2010 and has not stopped, nor will it. Excuses will be given for why the Congress failed to do anything and BHO did everything either by executive order or memorandum. News for you, you had the House, the Senate and the White House at one time and nothing but spending occurred and the government grew then as it grows now.

In all actuality you have no desire to stop BHO, you have no desire to stop the amnesty by executive order and you have no desire to stop Obamacare. This is best illustrated by your passing the omnibus spending bill before the new Congress. Some of the new members may have been serious about their campaign promises, even if you were not. The fact that it passed without being read speaks volumes about your character and you ineptness. The speed at which it was done only serves to prove that you, the establishment republicans could not and can not trust the new members of Congress.

This is why you will not stop BHO. The establishment politicians have been patiently awaiting his arrival, it did not have to be BHO but one like him. You have been patiently waiting for things to come together. Some career politicians waited so long they died in office.

The three separate branches of government were never meant to work together, the original intent was to keep the others in check. The Congress was sent to work for the people and the states not to work with the president.

It is beginning to look like America may have hitched the wagon to the wrong team

I have said it before, I will say it again and I will keep saying it. America in general and the American People have no representation in Washington D.C. The only things that are Represented in Washington D.C. are, and they are in this order, The Political Parties, The Lobbyists, and The Special Interest Groups. The Candidate is not on the ballot, the Political Party is. This is easily proven by the order of name political party affiliation and the state, check for yourself. The political party is placed before the state, so just where do you think the constituents are in the pecking order. The constituents are dead last, if they make it even that far up the chain of giving a damn for a politician or their respective party. The politicians holding Constitutional Offices, now referred to as political office represents the party and the party platform and will vote accordingly, and along party lines. There are a few exceptions when it comes to voting along party lines, if there was not then the opposing candidate could say of the incumbent, you voted 100 percent of the time with the president. The political parties frown on politicians going against the party platform too many times, and may just primary the incumbent out in the next cycle.

There are those that say and claim that BHO was on the ballot, or a least his policies or agenda was, this past November. BHO himself even said it to be so. That alone should have been enough for anyone with any sense not to believe it, after all he would never tell anything that could be proven untrue now would be. He said it and the Main Stream Media and the Talking Heads ran with it. My ballot did not have BHO or his policies or agenda on it anywhere. This is how this lie gets started and perpetuates itself in every election, the opposing candidate usually says this, the incumbent voted with the president 90 whatever percent of the time, BHO even used it against his opponent in the his first election. Check the video archives and see for yourself. The only way possible for a person to vote nearly all the time with another is if they have the same agenda, same beliefs, same morals, think alike or belong to the same political party. It has been said that “If every one is thinking alike then someone is not thinking”.

The President is the President, Commander-in-Chief and the Head of his Political Party, but not necessarily in that order, I am of the belief that the political party is placed ahead and above all else, no matter who sits behind the “big desk”.

This is what I said and what I believe BHO and his policies were not on the ballot, what was on the ballot was the direction that America was going in. I can not speak for all but I can speak for myself, more than that I can think for myself. More voters wanted a change of direction from the one America was on, than those who wanted to stay the course, it really is that simple. Democrats and the Democratic Party were voted out in many locals and Republicans and the Republican Party were voted in. One was on the wrong path and the other promised a new course.

And this non-sense about the Congress and it’s leadership, if it can be called that, stating that they are willing to work “with” the President serves to prove my point. By the Congressional leadership openly saying that they will work with the President, they are actually saying that they will support the President. The only opposition offered against the president thus far has been lip service. They by default have given the president the upper hand. Maybe it is time for Congress, the President and the Courts to read the Constitution, and I mean read it in the Spirit and Context that it was written. It is also about time that they all realize or at least remember that they are all elected to Constitutional Offices and not Political offices. Maybe then they will realize why our government is divided into three branches. They each swore by oath of affirmation that they would uphold the Constitution, the entire Constitution, not just the part that covered their branch or the parts they agreed with. Neither of the three branches were intended to work with the other, the intention was for them to work together to ensure the success of America.

America is on a course towards self-destruction. If America continues on the same path, self-destruction will come as predicted in the past, “If America is to be destroyed it will be from with-in”.

The Republicans and the Republican Party won the last election big time, and as I said it was not for them to work with the president, it was for them to act sensibly and responsibly. I can not speak for the rest of the American voters but as said above I can speak for myself and think for myself. Personally I think every last one in Congress should have been replaced. I am of the opinion that the only reason the republicans won anything is because Congress had become known as the “do nothing” Congress. But it was not really a do nothing congress, the Democratic controlled Senate had been doing one thing and that was protecting BHO. If a bill were to be sent to his desk and it contained good legislation, but it went against his agenda and he vetoed it then he would have to explain why he did not sign into law legislation that was “wholesome and good”. If it never reached the desk BHO did not have to do anything, but it did provide a scapegoat. Come January when the Republicans take control of the Senate and have even more seats in the House do something, introduce legislation that is “wholesome and good”, and please keep it simple and short, send it to BHO to either sign into law or veto and let him explain his actions. Not only send it to BHO but post it for all Americans to see. Who knows, he may actually do his job if you force him too. Congress can continue being a part of the problem or become part of the solution. You can be voted out the same as you were voted in. I am thinking you will continue doing the same old thing as your predecessors did and put your party first, and out you shall go.

Truths about Politicians, Political Parties and government in general. Government either elected or appointed has one goal in mind, Power and Control. The more Power government has, takes or acquires the more Control it can exercise over the populace. It is now how it has been in the past one side seeks to grow the federal government and one side promises to shrink government, but in honesty when was the last time the government gave the power back to the people, name one. Politicians and the Political Parties rely on the voters that would rather be Dependent than Independent. Being Dependent on government frees a person from being Independent. For some, and I believe now for many it is as it has always been, they would rather a few or in some case one make the decisions for them. When a person has to make decisions for themselves they may be forced to choose, with choice comes sacrifice and prioritization. The basic priorities of life are the same now as they have always been, and they are Food, Clothing and Shelter.
An Independent person is Self-Reliant, practices Self-Sufficiency and understands the principles of Prioritization and Sacrifice. This type of person also understands that they are entitled to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness and nothing else, these are the only entitlement programs in America. These are the people politicians fear, therefore the politicians do not represent these types of people.
The Dependent person is not Self-Reliant, rarely if ever practices Self-Sufficiency and understands nothing of prioritization or Sacrifice. This person also has come to realize that they can vote themselves money from the Treasury by voting for a politician who will continue to call Welfare programs Entitlements. Welfare programs are not Entitlements. Welfare programs are Bribes on one hand and out right Theft on the other. Theft and Bribery are the best words I can think of to describe Welfare Programs. Taking by force or the threat of force, Theft, from one to be used as a Bribe to buy votes of another. This person has been bought and paid for by government and the social welfare programs, more importantly this type of person demonstrates that they can be bought. These are the people politicians do not fear, therefore the politicians represent these types of people.
The only fear politicians have is that the money will run out.

Now, we come to the point where I prove or a least try to prove that America may have hitched the wagon to the wrong team. The republicans in congress have been railing against BHO for his power grabs and his utter disregard for the Constitution and abuse of powers. Yet, BHO has been given even more power by Congress, but was the power given to BHO or was the additional power given to the Office of the President. BHO will be the immediate receiver of this power gift, but the effects will be long-lasting, in fact the true recipient will be succeeding presidents and will at some point lead to Imperial Rule. As pointed out above no politician has ever given back any powers gained, no matter the means in which they were gained, for that matter nor has any government office. The more they get the more the want and demand, spoiled children, not an adult in the room.
The establishment republicans either will not or do not understand why they have been entrusted by the People to right this nation. The election of November past was not a referendum on anything but partisan politics.
The wagon was unhitched from a team of blue asses and hitched to a team of red asses dressed as pachyderms. The only real change was the color. Doing this only delayed the inevitable.
As stated above the republicans and especially the establishment republicans are not that upset over the power grab by the executive branch, they are only upset that the executive branch is controlled by a democrat. If a republican was at the helm and sitting behind the big desk they would be okay with presidential overreach. I come to this conclusion and make this statement based on my own observations and deductive reasoning. The claims of presidential overreach and abuses of power must be okay with congress based on this if it was so upsetting and un-nerving why did they just increase the power granted to the executive branch and even fund the government through the end of the fiscal year. The budget, more accurately, the omnibus spending bill will now carry the government through the 30th of September 2015, but what else happens in 2015. The never-ending election cycle begins, there will be elections held in November 2016. The newly elected members of the House will instead of focusing on ways to trim government spending will instead have to focus on taking steps to be re-elected. Maybe it was all planned this way. Also the long-lasting effects of additional powers granted to or assumed by the executive branch will be handed down through successive administrations. BHO may be the beneficiary for now but the establishment republicans are counting on gaining the White House in 2016 and the new republican president will have all the power bestowed upon him or her by the previous administration and will enjoy the new powers bestowed by a benevolent congress.

What is needed in America is for people to seek, gain and hold Constitutional Offices based on the Spirit and Context of the Constitution, but this will require Statesmen and not Politicians.

In reading a recent post on another site concerning Thomas Paine and his contributions to American Independence, the author asked if there were any like Thomas Paine in America today. The answer is yes, there are and there has always been, you must only look for them. They will be where you least expect them, and their occupation may surprise you. The best two examples that come to mind are a Comedian and a Teacher. The comedian I refer to is Red Skelton, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and the teacher I refer to is the Teacher Red Skelton refers to in his recital of the Pledge of Allegiance. It is on YouTube, I encourage you to watch it and if you have seen it watch it again and show it to the young, especially the young.
There are places where a Thomas Paine will never be found, namely in Washington, D.C.

What America needs now is to evict the politicians, political parties, lobbyists and special interest groups from government and send Statesmen to represent the People, the States and the Country. We need good Stewards of the country, not what we have now which is and are pitiful stewards of their political parties.

It starts again, already

I admit that I was more than happy that the Republicans will control the Senate and still retain control of the House when the next Congress convenes in January. At last count there were still three Senate races that were not settled, AK, LA, and VA.

On the early morning news channels it started with the Talking Heads, Pollsters, Strategists and Political has-been making their rounds on the morning news shows dissecting every contest and vote offering their opinion as to why the Electorate voted as they did, and has been going on all day, and will likely continue for days. The weekend news programs will only offer more of the same. The answer is actually quite simple, the Electorate either voted for or against something or someone.

The hard-core base of each political party went to the polls to vote for their respective political party, regardless of the person. The uninformed and misinformed voters went to the polls and cast their ballot for a candidate or an initiative based on fear-mongering, race-baiting or brow-beating all the while not knowing or understanding the issues, much less who or what they were voting for or against. The informed voters went to the polls to cast their ballots based on an understanding of the issues. As for me, when I go to the polls to cast my ballot for a candidate I vote for the one who more closely matches my values regardless of party affiliation. As to the Florida governors race I believe that Florida is heading in the right direction and voted accordingly, what is best and right for Florida may or may not be what is best for me.

The most dangerous elements of the Election process in America are the hard-core base voters, the uninformed/misinformed voters and the political parties themselves.
The hard-core base voters are dangerous because they may stay home and skip an entire election cycle if the candidate on their party’s ticket does not measure up to the party platform. I guess this is their way of showing them. The politician is forced to pander to them to get them to vote, both parties do it.
The uninformed/misinformed voters are dangerous to the process because they do nothing to educate themselves about the candidates or the issues. In this day and age there is no excuse for anyone to make an uninformed choice. The world is at your fingertips, yet you do not take advantage. There is a world of information available, you may have to sort through it to get the truth. Maybe this is the reason you remain uninformed, just to lazy to sort out the truth. If the uninformed remain uninformed the door opens for them to be misinformed. Politicians, Pundits, Talking Heads and other people who are in reality no more relevant than a gnat will tell you what they want you to believe. If you are told the same thing enough times you will accept it as fact, even if it is a lie. But because you would not find out the truth for yourself you accept lies as truth. Fear-Mongering, Race-Baiting and Brow-Beating are your diet, and you are fed daily, if you appear hungry they come again and again with another dose.
The Political Parties are dangerous because of money. Not just money, but the way the money is used and the “pecking order” on how the money is doled out. The RNC and the DNC do the same things, if the candidate is an incumbent and faces little opposition he or she receives less campaign money than a hotly contested race. Conversely if a candidate does not stand a snow ball in hell’s chance of winning he or she receives little if any campaign money. The candidates who stand little, if any chance of winning must rely on state or county campaign committees for campaign money or donations from friends and supporters.

In an election there is a winner and a loser, just think of all the millions if not billions of dollars that were wasted on the loser of every election. New records in the amount of money spent were set on this Senate election, and makes no sense. Who was the benefactor in this free-for-all in spending? How many millions did the Newspaper and Magazine publishing companies and owners receive for advertisements? How many millions did the Radio and Television conglomerates receive for political advertisements? How many tons of electioneering material ended up in the Mail Boxes of America? Who paid the postage on the mailed material? How many e-mails and news letters were sent?

As mentioned in previous posts spending millions to get a job that pays thousands is insanity. The only way to clean up American politics is to remove the money. Furthermore the PACs and Super PACs should be done away with, they only serve one purpose with one goal, and that is the interests of the group or person who founded it and their agenda. The only people who receive money from the PACs are the ones who fit their idea for a perfect candidate.

The original intent of the Senate was to represent the State and the States interests, they were selected by the State Legislature. Now we have a popular election to send 2 Senators to represent the Political Party, the states no longer have any representation in Washington, D.C. Repealing the 17th Amendment alone would save millions upon millions of dollars.

Campaign Finance Reform is and has been a joke, but what was one to expect politicians wrote it. Here is an idea for real reform of campaign finance, all you can spend in seeking Constitutional Office is the amount equal to one years pay. This will hold down the negative attack advertisements, you will need your limited resources to sell yourself to the voters. If you must attack your opponent, attack his or her voting record, not how many times he or she voted with the president. Donors should be limited to the amount equal to 1 hours wages, after taxes of course. U.S. Government equipment is for Official Business Only, not for personal use or use while campaigning.

Politicians are members of political parties and they vote with the party, it is not a crime to vote along party lines. If you want to eliminate political party voting eliminate the political party. A politician can not go against the party to many times before the politician is sent to the wilderness. If you do not believe that the politician represents the political party look behind their name for a letter D, R or I. The president also represents the political party first, and since he is the president he is the head of his party, not too many in the party oppose and not many times.

The President is supposed to represent America, the Senate is supposed to represent the State, the House of Representatives are supposed to represent the constituents in his or her district, politicians represent the political party. All are supposed to uphold the Constitution of the U.S., not the party platform. What do we have in Washington, D.C.?

As mentioned in the beginning the republicans will control the Senate next Congressional Session. I mention this for two important reasons, 1 vacancies in the Courts and the Cabinet, there are already enough activists filling some of the positions, the vacancies can only be filled with advice and consent of the Senate, that is unless of course BHO fills them during recess. 2 Maybe, at least now something will get done by the Senate, and BHO will be presented bills for signature or veto, his buffer to responsibility will be gone.

What I meant by the title. There was no electioneering crap cluttering up my mailbox today but I did receive e-mails and news letters seeking donations and contributions in preparation for 2016. Give me a freaking break this election is not settled yet and still you ask for money, hard-earned I might add. This on top of the fact that the new Congress has not even been sworn in as yet, add this to the fact they have not done anything yet, talking and speeches do not get it done. Show me some action and meaningful legislation that is good for America. If you want donations and contributions from me do something that increases the bottom line of Americans. You wont like the donation I send to you, if I choose to, using my idea concerning donations from individuals, one hours wages after taxes is not much, but I make do. No, on second thought I will make no donations or contributions because you did not see the congressional race in my district as important, well it was important at least to me.