Realist or Visionary? Left or Right? Democrat or Republican? Why all of the labels? Part 1

The Country, and quite possibly, the World in which we live is in constant peril of destruction by suicide, either by our own hands or allowing others to help us “walk towards the light”. The Visionary side leads to a Utopian society. The only problem is that Utopia does not exist. Utopia is a scheme, existing only in the imagination and can not be achieved. A Realist side leads to the acceptance of facts, rejecting of anything impractical or visionary.
On Terrorism:
The Visionary, believes that it stems from poverty and un-equality in the world. The Visionary spends their day wondering why don’t they like us(America). Then, somehow they reach this conclusion, we(America) have so much and they have so little. If we just give them more money, build more schools, roads and improve their standard of living they will come to love us and the world will be at peace.
The Realist, believes it stems from laziness, after all it is easier to destroy than to build. After all Osama bin Laden was no poor man by any stretch of the imagination. We(America)have so much because we got up off our butts and set a course to prosperity. If money is given to them, they will only buy more guns and equipment to continue their struggle against prosperity and doesn’t care why they don’t like us(America).
On Gun Control:
The Visionary, believes we(America)need to curb gun violence. They want to enact more laws to keep the children safe. They are in favor of registering all guns and gun owners. They are in favor of making and enforcing “gun free zones” and then posting them as such. The more extreme want to do away with the Second Amendment to The Constitution, have all weapons turned in or confiscated. They will then want all that are non-compliant arrested and thrown prison. The Only problem with this, the criminal element did not follow the law in the first place. What makes you think they will follow the next one? The law abiding citizens are not the problem.
The Realist, believes(knows) guns are not violent. This is a fact, you can load any gun to its fullest capacity, cock(if it is so designed)and then lay it on a desk,table or where ever and it will lay there until the end of time and never commit a violent act. If you don’t believe me , give it a try. A gun, simply is not capable of violence. For a gun to become violent, it takes a person to pull the trigger. What better target than a posted “gun free zone”? Registration leads to confiscation. Confiscation leads to tyranny. The Second Amendment is what guarantees that you will have any rights at all. If you do not believe this, then you do not read or believe in history, and deserve to have it revisited on your Utopian butt.
On the Death Penalty:
The Visionary believes, it is un-necessary, because in a Utopian world there is no crime and all is peaceful.
The Realist believes, We are a nation of laws because we are a good and decent society, but, there are unlawful acts committed upon good and law abiding citizens. If you take another persons life in an unlawful manner, you forfeit your right to life. At the latest successful execution there seemed to be some concern for the pain that may or may not have been felt by the condemned. So what, the condemned had no feeling for the pain his victim felt. The death penalty would be a more effective deterrent if it were visited upon the condemned in a more timely manner. If it helps the Liberals, they can think of it as a “late term” abortion.
On Education:
The Visionary believes, and now unfortunately teaches that are no winners or losers, everyone is equal. The “playing field ” must be level, everyone must have an equal chance.
The Realist believes, everyone has a chance and a choice, you win or lose, by your efforts and merits. You only get what you earn, not by what you or someone else thinks you deserve. You do not deserve what a person, through effort and struggle has earned and is truly entitled to.
If I must be Labeled something I choose “Realist”. To borrow a line from the past, “Let these Truths be Self-Evident”. I will not be Disarmed, I will not be Intimidated and I will not be a Victim. Walk toward the light if you must. I will not join you, but I do wish you god speed and happy trails.

What’s next????

The U.S. Senate is debating an extension of unemployment benefits. I guess 99 weeks isn’t enough. I understand that times are hard, but we keep electing the same people and expecting different results.

Amnesty is next. If the government can’t ease the regulations to let businesses grow to employ Americans, how pray tell will all the new “citizens” ever find work? Could this be a scheme by the Democrats to buy votes and therefore never give up power?

The country of Iraq is about to fall into the hands of al-Qaeda, and Dear Leader employed a hands-off approach to dealing with that. He’s giving them drones and missiles. This country expended the lives of young men and women and vast sums treasure to save that “poor country”. Why did we try to make them a free people? They didn’t want to be free. If they had, they would have done as the Colonists did here in America. But, alas, the majority of the peoples in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya live in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries and are not ready for Freedom. We didn’t get fed up with Great Britain until The eighteenth century. Those unfortunate souls have another 400 to 500 years of oppression to contend with. When they have finally gotten to where we were, then they will want freedom, but Freedom comes with a heavy price.

The heavy price to be paid for Freedom is Responsibility and Accountability.



Wake up!!!

2013 is finally over and gives us a chance to reclaim and return this great Nation to what the Founding Fathers intended. What we need to do is simple. This is only the beginning.

1. Vote. I do not mean voting yourself more money from the treasury. Nowhere in the Constitution are you entitled to anything I or any one else has worked for. The very people that are giving you other people’s earnings are only enslaving you, and creating a culture of dependence. All you are entitled to is Life, Liberty and the Pursuit( meaning you must get up and catch it) of happiness.
2. Accountability. I do not mean blaming others for your station in life. This is America. The only limits placed on you, are the ones you place on yourself. If you do not like your current position, reach down, and pull yourself up by your boot laces.
3.Take care of your own. I do not mean father as many offspring as you can, father as many as YOU can support.
4. Read and understand The Constitution the first 10 Amendments (you know the Bill of Rights) and the rest of them (11 through 27 ).
5. Read Common Sense by Thomas Paine.

2013 was a poor year in American History. The failure of Obama Care, millions of healthcare insurance policies (most of which are family policies, and those Clowns in Washington, D.C. claim to care about children)are being cancelled. The non-stop scandals of the Obama administration. A President that could not care less about the plight of the American citizens, and could not be truthful and would not know the truth if it bit him on his butt.
All that is wrong now is the fault of Democrats, Republicans and Independents. The blame for this lies at the feet of the voters. People constantly scream for term limits. We already have term limits it is called Election Day. We have the chance this year to right the wrong that has become America, tough choices have to be made. Do not complain about other peoples elected representatives until you look at yours. Educate yourself and remember that the radio talk shows and the non-news portions of the news channels are only infotainment. Study the issues, vote your core values and hold the politicians accountable. My representative was one big mistake and must be fired, if his replacement is no better the same fate awaits. Freedom and Liberty are at stake in this Country. In short you have a choice. Choose right and America wins. Choose wrong and you will live in a country according to the rules laid upon you by a Tyrannical Government (rules they are exempt from following), and your children and grandchildren will never know The America that was.
This is my first attempt at a Blog. I finally had enough of the lies and political correctness. Enough is enough.
Freedom is not free.
GOD Bless America