Words and numbers got us to where we are today, if applied corectly words and numbers get us out of this mess

Two words have gotten us to where we are today, Electability and Likeability, these two words should be stricken from the American language. Numbers have also played a major role is getting us to where we are the numbers I refer to are Poll Numbers and are constantly touted by the media. The only polls that matter are the elections and the results. Government is a necessary evil and no politician should ever be elected based on popularity, it is not a popularity contest it is only a necessary evil.

Words that should matter and get this country righted are illustrated in the following:

Core Values. Core values begin to form from birth and continue through adulthood and become what you hold near and dear. They do not continue to develop till death, long before you die your core values are set, set in stone. They are what you believe to be true, right and just and never waver. There are not many, if any, politicians who have the same core values that I have. I make my selection based on their core values and how near they match mine and vote accordingly not by political party affiliation.

Accountability and Responsibility. Accepting responsibility for your actions as well as those you have entrusted by delegating them some of the tasks or functions they may be better suited for than you. Delegate responsibility but accept the blame. It is not accept the responsibility(unless there happens to be someone standing nearby that you can pin that on) but delegate the blame as is illustrated by the current administration. BHO seems to accept neither the responsibility or the blame, that is about detached as one can get and still get paid.

Disclosure. And by this I mean full disclosure, upon deciding to enter public service there is no room for secrets of any kind. Upon announcement of your potential candidacy for public office you must be ready disclose and reveal your life, college and university records including subjects studied, test scores and any affiliation with any group or fraternity, voting records if any public office was held prior to your seeking of a new office, tax records, real estate records, birth certificate, passport, arrest record, military service record if you served and any other document the public has an interest in examining or scrutinizing. The people will determine if you are qualified to hold public office and vote accordingly. We as American citizens have a duty, right and obligation to know who and what you are and about before entrusting you with any public service or political office. Upon taking office the disclosure must continue, visitor logs are a must if you want two fine, one for official visitors and the other for unofficial visitors, if you combine the two that is also fine. Not a shadow should cross the threshold without being in the log. They must be ready to present on request at any time, no one should have to sue for information that is not a matter of national security. Protest the request under national security if you must, but explain why a visitor is a matter of national security. Upon leaving office you must disclose your personal wealth and the manner it was acquired. Your visitors log or logs must be surrendered for audit. Your voting record must be revealed for scrutiny. Your personal wealth will be matched to your visitor log or logs and voting record. If you voted for or introduced any legislation that became law that increased your personal wealth or protected you in any shape, manner or fashion without being of the same benefit of the public at the same time the money any interest it would have accumulated would be forfeited and placed in the national treasury as well as facing possible criminal charges. Lobbyists must petition Congress as a whole not on a one on one basis. As to the matter of bills that are introduced make them simple and addressing only one issue at a time, stop hiding pet projects or other issues in the legislation and post the bill as written for the public to read if they so choose, many of us have an interest in politics and the future of America but have no interest in becoming a politician. There should never have been a time when these words were uttered “you have to pass it to find out what is in it”, but there was and those words should never be heard again.

There are many more words that could be applied, Moral Courage, Moral Character, Honesty, Loyalty, Allegiance, Faithful, Integrity, Trust are just some examples of the many traits that so many of the politicians of today lack, but that is the fault of us the American voter who keep electing and then re-electing them.

If you wonder why so few on the right and almost none on the left stand up to and against BHO, the answer is simple they have waited their entire political careers for him or someone like him to arrive, some waited so long that they died of old age in office. You may have noticed some on the right have just starting to stand up to challenge BHO and are doing so only because of public opinion and for no other reason. The proof is this if they truly objected they would have raised objection and took action when it started. What took so long BHO did not just start doing what BHO does? Face it, they were swayed by public opinion and public opinion alone.

If a politician has constant rising or falling poll numbers he or she does not hold true and faithful, they are merely changing with the wind and trying to be all things to all people at different times. If a politician is capable of lying to themselves what makes you think they will ever be truthful to the people. Poll numbers are a matter of opinion formed before the facts come in, opinions change with the facts, facts do not change because of opinion. Todays politicians are more concerned with what is popular than what is right and just or factual. Power is what they crave and will change to whatever is needed at the time to keep it and will even change right back if their old position becomes popular again.

Numbers that I really like:

One. The number of vacations taken during the year. The average American working a full-time job usually earns 2 weeks paid vacation a year, some more, some less. Very few Americans are given a vacation at company expense, that would be like being paid 54 weeks for 52 weeks work, most pay for their own vacation. That is the idea behind a paid vacation receiving 52 weeks pay for 50 weeks work, the extra two weeks pay is intended to help pay for your vacation. Some politicians seem to be on a permanent vacation stopping by the office occasionally. There is no such thing as a working vacation, working is not a vacation. Company cars, the average employee that has that perk is given just one not a fleet of them and it is for company business only not pleasure, vacations, fund-raising or just to get away from it all, if it is used for pleasure or personal business the employee is responsible for expenses. This is a good plan for the following reason, the politicians are sent to congress and yes even the presidency to do the will of the people, what is best for the country or state as a whole, representing the people and should not be treated or demand more than the average citizen. The politicians claim to be looking out for the middle class try living like them.

Ten. The first 10 amendments to the Constitution, known as The Bill of Rights are strictly off-limits to any form of limitation or restrictions by the Federal Government and no person should be harassed or intimidated in any way while lawfully exercising their rights.

Sixteen. Repeal the 16th amendment to the Constitution and effectively abolish the IRS. A flat rate tax is an option, come up with a percentage each person pays into the Treasury, no deductions no exemptions, but this is a tax placed on legal and lawful income. A better option would be to implement a consumption based tax, this taxation would cause all people to pay into the treasury no matter how they came by their money legal or otherwise.

Seventeen. Repeal the 17th amendment to the Constitution. Return the appointments to the Senate to the States and remove them from the political parties. The States would be able to recall and replace any Senator who failed to represent the State and its interests.

Twenty Eight. Introduce and ratify the 28th amendment to the Constitution allowing for the recall and of Representatives that have wavered from the intent of the citizens who sent them to Congress. This alone would return the House of Representatives to its original intent and purpose, which was to represent the interest of the people and mot the political party or their own special interests.

Fifty. The number of States to recall and replace any Senator if he or she places political party affiliation or their own personal ego and interests above the States interests.

One Hundred. The percentage of people who each law that is passed applies to, no exemptions or exceptions.

Politicians and Government Agency Employee Pay. This will be determined by the citizens in your Hometown, District or State. The formula is simple; Take the highest and lowest hourly wage earned, then add the two together and divide that number by two that will determine your hourly wage multiply that number by 40 and that will determine your weekly pay. Any overtime must be approved, if you can not get your job done in 40 hours see numbers 17, 28 and 50. I like this part best, since you are a public servant and are supposed to be looking out for the people for every person who loses their job because of laws and regulations you passed or enacted will be fined one cent per hour to be paid into the treasury to help fund the programs that you voted for. The way you have managed the government and the country will soon have your sorry butts paying just to have your office. Raising the minimum wage will not help you, while one person may make more money per hour, others may lose their jobs, the best you can hope for is a net gain of zero. The only way you can hope to lessen the fines you will pay and quite possibly increase your hourly pay is to create and environment that spurs more people to work and possibly increase their hourly pay. We win you win, we lose you lose. This is perhaps the best part if you sponsor, introduce or regulate any measure that causes a person to lose their job you must pay their unemployment checks directly out of your personal wealth, the unemployed become a personal leech on you and not on America. Not only must you pay the unemployment checks you must pay for all the social programs they will qualify for and receive, food stamps and the rest. Why should American citizens pay for your choices and blunders. By the way, abandon your retirement system and join the one that you forced us into. Good luck in your golden years, you will need it. If you can not or will not join the one we are forced into then at least give the common folks an opportunity to join yours or do you consider yourselves better than the common folks. By the way, can we join your healthcare plan the one you designed and forced on America really sucks?

Let’s just say the Founding Fathers got the Constitution right and quit trying to interpret what they meant. They meant exactly what they wrote. Read the preamble they did not try to create the perfect government, only a more perfect one. We can only imagine the kind of tyranny, abuse and hardships that were endured in Colonial America, and may God prevent us living here today having to endure such a life as the Colonials. But, I say this, if the American voters do not change their voting patterns and habits there may come a time when a man or woman is elected as president that will view themselves as above the law and can change the laws on a whim and view themselves as a king or queen.