Is it Time?

Is it time for a new breed of public servant? Yes it is. What America is in need of is elected leaders who understand that they hold Constitutional offices and not political offices, at all levels. America needs elected leaders that will operate within the limits and confines of the Constitution and perform the duties of the branch they serve in as stated in the Constitution.

Is it time for a new political party? One that honestly represents conservatism? The GOP says no, absolutely not. The Dem’s do not care if one springs up and puts forth a serious challenge. Why is it that the Dem’s do not care and the GOP starts foaming at the mouth when the three party system idea surfaces? If there was a third national political party the Dem’s would see little migration to the new party. The GOP on the other hand would see mass migration to the new party. But, why is that? The biggest reason is principles. Principles that are run on and the same principles are demonstrated in the execution of the office. The Democrats are Progressive Liberals and they run on progressive principles as progressive liberals and they act as progressive liberals when elected. The Republicans are conservatives and run on conservative principles, but sadly many do not demonstrate conservative principles in the execution of their office when elected, they act as progressives. The Conservative voters will vote for a conservative, even if it means voting for a third-party. Liberal progressive voters will vote for a liberal progressive, and that means a democrat. The GOP loses. Why? The candidate representing the GOP is not a conservative. The GOP has lost its way, both parties have lost their way, but it only costs the GOP.

There is one glaring thing that I have noticed about all of the scandals caused by and surrounding BHO and his administration and it speaks volumes about America. There are no more Americans demanding answers and accountability than there were at the beginning of the scandals, none. This alone makes no sense. The sheer numbers of scandals and failures should swell the numbers demanding answers and accountability, sadly this has not happened. Worse, I fear the numbers will not swell, no more will demand answers and accountability tomorrow than today. On the other hand the numbers of those who either will not or refuse to demand answers or hold anyone accountable will swell. This is best demonstrated by two groups of people. The first group is the young adults. Most do not even know where Benghazi is on a map, never heard of the BLM standoff at Bunkerville. The list goes on and on, most are not even aware of current events and have little recollection of yesterday much less yesteryear. The problem with the young adults is that they are a “me” generation, if it does not affect me it is not my problem. The second group is the “New Americans” the ones who will be granted “executive amnesty” and the ones arriving here from the Middle East as refugees. The “new Americans” called dreamers broke the law by coming here illegally and will be allowed to remain here, illegally. The refugees will most certainly be granted privileges they do not deserve. The second group illegals and refugees will most definitely not demand answers or accountability. They most certainly will join with the progressives, by doing so they will be rewarded.
True enough the scandals are far removed from the lives of everyday America and have little effect on the individual, that is until it finally does effect you. But they do effect you whether you see it or not.

Progressives, at least to me, seem to be confused about Rights and Choices. Progressives are a complete contradiction. Progressives espouse that we as Americans must be tolerant of others, at times to the point of denying our identity. Yet progressives are the most intolerant of all, to the point of attaching labels to anyone with a different view. Progressives claim to be pro-choice yet, progressives attempt to limit or eliminate choice, and do in fact deny rights and choice to others. Progressives even believe it is their right to limit or eliminate rights and choices. This may come from the progressives tendency to voluntarily give their rights even if it means giving up free choice, sacrificing Liberty for Security. No only are they happy do this they actually expect, no demand, that all Americans do the same. Progressives believe that all rights are bestowed upon them by government, if that were true government could deny rights on a whim.
Progressives have a “herd mentality”, simply following the leader no matter where they are led, even if it means going over a cliff. Free thinking is not part of their “scheme”, they just plod along, all on the same path to the same destination. Adopted for no other purpose than garnering votes. Progressives give no thought to what dangers await them on the path much less what lies at the end. Progressives live and exist on the principle of hope. Progressives hope that the utopia they so desperately seek is at the end of the path. Progressives hope that total destruction is not what waits for them at the end of their path. Masses moving together just like the Lemmings during mass migration with no idea what lies ahead and with little care, just playing follow the leader. Hoping for the best.
Progressives have no hard and fast set of principles, they are constantly evolving, constantly broadening. I find it hard to believe that anyone that has no hard and fast set of principles could ever be trusted. I find it especially hard to believe that this type of person could be elected or appointed to any position in government. The un-trustworthy being trusted to govern.
Groups that feel that they are discriminated against or have been disenfranchised only have to keep voting for progressives, because it has been proven time and time again a progressive will evolve and perhaps adopt that group into its fold.
You will notice in the above paragraph the only term used was Progressive, this was intentional. The why is simple, there are many progressives that call themselves republicans. Actually progressive is liberal and liberal is associated with the left, meaning democrats. If you wish to attach labels, start with yourself and label yourself correctly. Identity politics. Pandering politicians.

This part of this post is not to start an argument over which is or was better the Articles of Confederation or the U.S. Constitution, if it does so be it, though I do like the phrase Free and Independent States mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. The Articles of Confederation was replaced by the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence is where the phrase Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are found, not in the Constitution.
The U.S. Constitution is so short as in the numbers of pages for a reason. The Constitution spells out the duties of the three branches of government and is a limit on government power. The Constitution was not designed to limit the power of the people, as a matter of fact it starts with these words “We the People”. The Constitution even guarantees a republican form of government. It even guarantees the powers not granted to the government or prohibited to the states would remain with the states and the people respectively.
Our rights do not come from government, they instead come from the Creator of the universe. The U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights goes hand in hand with the Declaration of Independence. The Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Arms should also be considered as a part of the founding documents. Yes even the Federalist Papers. Several key words and phrases from the Declaration of Independence. The first is Self-Evident meaning without need of proof or explanation. The second is Unalienable Rights, Un means Not, Alienable means Capable of being alienated or transferred to a new owner, meaning they “Your Rights” can not be transferred to a new owner. Certain when used in the context of the structured sentence in the Declaration of Independence does not limit the Rights to a list it means Fixed or Indisputable.
The Declaration of Independence is about the people not the government, it expressly states the conditions that the people would not and could not live or exist under. The Constitution is an agreement by the people concerning the type government under which they were willing to be governed.

The Constitution, the first three articles deal with the three branches, independent branches, of government. No where in the Constitution does it allow for a fourth branch of government. Each of the three has specific duties and responsibilities. Each was designed to keep the others in check, under control.
The one that I wish to discuss is the first listed, and it is listed first for a reason. The first is the most important. The Legislative Branch is responsible to introduce or propose legislation that is wholesome and good. The Constitution states that ALL legislation begins with the legislative branch. No other branch was granted legislative powers.
Yet, we in America find ourselves ruled and governed by the fourth branch of government which was not addressed in the Constitution, government agencies. The government agencies have no legislative authority. The government agencies rule over us, not govern us, by rules and decrees. The government agencies are headed by hacks who see he agenda of the president and the political party as their marching orders. As mentioned in a previous post, these vile government bureaucrats are the worst as they switch sides with each successive administration.
The legislative branch has abdicated their duties and responsibilities to the Executive branch and the government agencies and their bureaucratic heads.
There is even perhaps a fifth branch of government. That would be the special interest groups, along with lobbyists and political donors. All three branches, no all four branches, of government seem to pander to the fifth branch with special appointments and privileges. This issue was directly addressed in the Declaration of Independence.

Back to the question of is it time for a third national political party. The answer is both yes and no. The reason America is in such a mess now is that there was at one time a third political party. Ironically it was started by a liberal progressive masquerading as a republican. None other than Theodore Roosevelt, with his “bull moose party”. Though it only lasted a short time the damage was done. The bull moose party succeeded in dividing the republicans. The republicans never reunited.
No, we do not need a third political party. It will only divide the republicans, when I say republicans I mean conservatives, further. As a matter of fact America does not need either of the other political parties, rather than representing the agenda of the political party the ones elected to govern should be representing the values and principles of either a republican or a democrat. That would be difficult for a democrat or a republican who is also a progressive, as progressives have no firm or fixed set of principles and thus is not likely to have any values.

The people elect men and women to Constitutional office to govern the country. Notice the usage of the word govern, I did not say rule. I also did not say fly around the country giving political speeches. If you are flying around the country you are campaigning not doing the job you were entrusted with. Do what you were entrusted to do. You were not elected to campaign, do that on your time and dime not the country’s time or dime.

The results of the election of last November were no accident. The republicans were swept into office for no other reason than the conservatives came out to vote. Why? They turned out in force because the republicans, some of them anyway, started sounding like conservatives and would at last represent conservative values and principles. Again sadly, time has proven that most not all have proven themselves to be progressives and some of those have proven themselves to be progressive liberals masquerading as conservatives. This will be remembered and many conservatives will stay home next election.
As for me, I will not stay home on election day and never will as long as I can move and get around. What I will do is look at the ballot and vote for the one who represents conservative values and principles. If none are listed and there is a space for a write-in I will use that space to cast a vote for one who represents conservative value and principles. If there is not one it gets skipped and move to the next section, no voting for the lesser of the evils, evil is evil. There are those who will say, not voting for a republican is the same as voting for a democrat. To those I say a better candidate should have been put forth. After all the only difference between a progressive republican and a progressive democrat is the R or D behind the name. Neither can be trusted.

As for the current field of GOP hopefuls, give me a break. Some are so progressive they could switch political parties and no one would even notice. Others will get through the political party, they would be too hard to control. For those is it the candidate or the political party? Guess. The progressives should label themselves as such and be honest for a change.

Once, Twice, Three Times

Will the third time be a charm? The U.S. Military will be headed to the lovely country of Iraq for a third time. BHO made it clear in his own way that they will only be advisors and not engaging in combat roles, and we all know that we can trust every thing he says. He never lies to the people, right. We already did the advisors only once and that cost us over ten years and over 50,000 killed in action and nearly destroyed America will internal strife, rioting and protests. Our Military won all of the battles but the politicians managed to lose the war. Ten years of blood and sacrifice was for what, nothing was gained and every thing was lost. Returning soldiers were spat on and called baby killers. Who was to blame? Politicians and the news media. From the beginning of that there was no clear plan to win. LBJ came up with the policy of Vietnamization of the war, letting them defend their own country, and the drawdown began, we saw how that came out in May of 1975, this country left behind many friends who had to live through, the few that did, the onslaught of the North Vietnamese and the Viet Cong. The U.S. involvement in Vietnam began as far back as WW 1 by political and foreign policies and were set in concrete at the conclusion of WW 2. But the matter of Vietnam is for another post and another time. This post is About Iraq and our involvement there and the failure of politicians and failed foreign policies, and most importantly the political expediency that has our Military facing a foe for the third time.

The first military action against Iraq, in recent history, was brought about by the attack on, defeat of the Kuwaiti military and the occupation of Kuwait in August of 1990, by Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi military. The U.S. military was deployed to Saudi Arabia to defend that country from invasion by Iraq. The U.S. Military sat in Saudi Arabia training and preparing for war while waiting on the politicians and the U.N. to form a coalition of the willing to fight Saddam Hussein’s military. We were perfectly capable of defeating Iraq without any help, and it would have been better for the world if we had gone it alone. The coalition was formed, the U.N. set the rules and terms for disengagement and an attack was launched against Iraq. It all began with an air attack aimed at weakening and destroying Iraqi air defenses and ground equipment, then the ground war began. The Iraqi military was soundly defeated on the battlefield in pretty short order, we thought we were in it to win it and we set our sights on Baghdad. An early morning briefing was set for another day to face the enemy and objectives. A crisp and shiny officer came to the briefing an said that it was over, we thought Iraq had surrendered. We learned a short time later that Iraq had not surrendered that had only in fact met the requirements set by the U.N. and were leaving Kuwait. The army of Iraq was only to leave Kuwait and return to their own borders and remain in their own country. To make it short and simple Saddam Hussein got a sweetheart deal after leaving Kuwait. Not only did Saddam Hussein get to remain in power he was able to maintain what was left of his Military including aircraft. A senior commander was also dismayed by the terms set by the U.N. and simply said, we would be back in ten years, he was wrong about that it took, 12 years. Once again the American military won all the battles and the politicians ended up losing the war. The fact that Saddam Hussein remained in power and still had fighting assets, led to airstrikes on Iraq once again when he deployed his assets against The Kurds in repayment for their being disloyal to him. More airstrikes and still no complete victory and still he remained in power. The coalition of the willing was to satisfy or pacify the Arab world not to win a war. Failed policies, political correctness, politicians and political expedience will doom the civilized world.

The next military action against Iraq in 2003 was over alleged weapons of mass destruction and Congress approved the use of force resolution. Once the bombs starting falling and the U.S. military crossed the border the existence or absence of WMD’s no longer mattered the U.S. had invaded another country. The intention of this invasion was to remove Saddam Hussein from power and destroy his weapons. If the U.N. had kept their nose out of the first military action in Iraq and if the administration at the time had been less concerned about the feelings of the Arab world Iraq would have been totally beaten and forced to surrender and Hussein would have no longer been a problem to Iraq or the world, problem solved. The war with Iraq from 1990-1991 was for what purpose, it settled nothing and failing to finish that one led, to but did not cause the next one in 2003. The 2003 war with Iraq came to a close in 2011, fulfilling a campaign promise. The American military had once again won all of the battles, and again the politicians with their own agendas and promises once again failed to win the war. America had faced and beaten the same enemy twice and still nothing was finished.

Military Leaders and Kings of long ago had a saying, it went something like, One should not make war with the same people too many times, they will learn your tactics and use them against you.

As to Iraq the failures of 1991 led to the failures of 2011 and are leading us to repeat it all in 2014 all in the name of what, political correctness, political expedience and political agendas. The administrations abandoned the Kurds in 1991 and 2011, yet they still trust us. They suffered under Saddam Hussein and are now threatened by ISIS.

The failures of 1991 were not the direct cause of 2003, but the failures of 2011 are the direct cause of events in Iraq in 2014

As to the matter of the Iraqi Kurds, maybe the time has come to recognize who would be a friend and ally, and treat them as such. The Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites, will one day be a friend and ally once they overcome their religious differences and not until, and should be treated as such.

Now The U.S. prepares to send troops to Iraq for a third time, even if they are only advisors they are still American Military sent back to a country that had already been beaten twice. If you ask why, the answer is because of politicians, political correctness, political expedience and failed political policies just like all the other times in history. Politicians, political policies, political correctness and political expedience will doom the civilized world.

Kings and military commanders of times long ago recognized the dangers of fighting an enemy too often, they would adopt and use your tactics against you. In today’s world the presidents or prime ministers are the military commanders, or they are labeled as such though most if not all have no military experience. Our present administration may have committed the biggest possible military “sin”, not only is our military fighting the same enemy too often they are training them with our tactics and equipping them with our equipment.

If the U.S. is forced into another ground war in Iraq against the ISIS fighters the military will be facing an enemy using the same tactics and weapons, a little hard to win. Our military may be forced into finding out just how good our training and equipment is. With both sides using the same equipment and maneuvering in the same manner, many lives may be lost to “friendly fire” incidents.

BHO like LBJ previously, is sending out an aircraft with a pilot on board to bomb a truck. Many jets and pilots were lost looking to bomb ox carts in Vietnam. ISIS will acquire surface-to-air missiles and deploy them, again history may repeat itself, men and equipment lost looking to bomb trucks, not an army or a legitimate military target. BHO like LBJ previously, set about of forming a policy of Iraqization of the war. The war was started by the U.S. and should have been finished by the U.S.

The reason Kings and Military Commanders of long ago avoided fighting the same enemy too many times is that they went with their men into battle, and sooner or later they too would be killed by an enemy using the same tactics that were used to defeat him. The victor taught his enemy to be the victor, and soon the victor became the vanquished. It is real hard to beat yourself at anything.

Todays world is quite different Kings, Presidents, Presidents who see themselves as Kings and Military Commanders sit in a war room far removed from the battle make the rules and some even pick the targets for military action. They lead from the rear and never experience the dangers they order others to face. Few of the Leaders of the world have had any military experience and their children are too privileged to go into combat.

In my unit in Iraq in 1991 there were several Vietnam veterans, Warrant Officers and Non-Commissioned Officers, I looked up to those men. I came to a realization they had twice in one lifetime and in one military career, they had won all the battles but were denied victory, a victory they had fought for and seen many of their friends dying trying to achieve.

Some of the advisors now going to Iraq may have never seen combat, but some of them that will be going may have been there in 1991 and many times from 2003-2011 and like all previous they too have won all the battles and never achieved total victory.

It is time for the politicians to either pony up and go or give the Generals the order and then get the hell out-of-the-way and shut-up.

Saddam Hussein remained in power with what remained of his military in tact just by meeting the U.N. resolution and withdrawing and returning to his country. Imagine a world if the U.N. was in existence in WW 2 and only demanded Germany, Japan and Italy to go home and stop fighting and the war would end. While in their own country with the leaders still in power still developing weapons and then breaking out and being set loose on the world once again. What is your favorite foreign language? It doesn’t matter because it would be English as one of the three aforementioned would be your primary language. Wars must be fought to a conclusion, there must be a victor and a vanquished or you will meet again in battle. If this non-sense of a draw or a truce continues the shoe may be on the other foot, as they say.

Inheritance, ownership, responsibility and denial

You would think that after nearly 6 years the liberals would quit blaming the former President and his administration for all that is wrong in America, the government and the world, sadly this is not the case.

BHO did not inherit the office of President of The United States of America. He actively campaigned for the office, he wanted to be president no one made him take the job and it was not forced upon him. He wanted to be president for the perks and rewards, but wants and accepts none of the responsibility. The liberal media refuses to lay the failures at his feet and by this, they have aided him in his role as a president who can not be held accountable, and therefore none of his administration is accountable. Everything rolls right off of them much like water rolls off a ducks back. BHO became president of a nation engaged in 2 wars, wars being waged in the open not in secret, he knew they were ongoing while campaigning for president. The VA has been having troubles for years, everyone knew that, everyone promises to fix the VA, but no one does. BHO was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after becoming president of a nation at war, based on what, promising to end the wars. A war that was won in Iraq was lost, and that nation has erupted in violence. Libya was attacked without provocation and that nation has erupted into violence that mat escalate into a civil war. Four Americans were killed in Benghazi, that would be Libya, the very same Libya that was attacked without provocation and destabilized. Syria was threatened with military action for the alleged use of chemical weapons, the threats were thwarted by the intervention of Russia and the fact no allies would join in. The liberal media occasionally reports on the renewed violence Iraq and Libya but will not lay the blame at the feet of those responsible for the failures in foreign policy and will certainly not say the truth, that there is no foreign policy in this administration. Complete ownership of Libya and Syria is with the BHO administration, but since there was no one to “inherit” these two disasters from there is no one to blame.

In addition to having total ownership of Libya, Benghazi and Syria, BHO and his administration has complete ownership of Fast and Furious, NSA spying, Obamacare, the use of the IRS to target the opposition, the BLM land grabs and the VA secret waiting list, these and many more have happened on the watch of the BHO administration and still no one accepts the responsibility or has been blamed for the failures and the liberal media remains silent. Why, the same as before there was no one to “inherit” these disasters from and therefore there can be no blame or responsibility. Although there have been liberals that blame the VA scandal on the waging of two illegal wars. Soon there may even be some “buffoon” who will blame the VA patients themselves for being wounded. Bureaucrats at the IRS and the VA have received bonuses for poor or no service. How can one receive bonuses for poor service unless that was a requirement to receive the bonus in the first place. Were the bonuses at the IRS dependent on how many of the opposition you could silence? Were the bonuses at the VA dependent on how many veterans you could deny services or lie about how much service was given?

The failed foreign policy, or better the lack of a foreign policy of this administration has cost more than the loss of Iraq, the impending loss of Afghanistan, the destabilization of Libya and the latest, the crisis in the Ukraine, it may well cause the collapse of NATO. Iraq was lost and Afghanistan will be lost for the same reasons, the failure of this administration to negotiate a Status of Forces Agreement(SOFA) with either country. How could this happen? BHO has no experience and is unwilling to negotiate, look at his record of negotiating with the republicans in congress where his policy is my way or the highway. Now we come to the latest foreign policy blunder, Russia, the Ukraine and the Crimea. Still no blame for BHO. Now BHO wants to clarify his foreign policy, frankly I do not see how the non-existent can be any clearer.

Think on this if you will. At a will reading you learn that you have been given a house, the same house that you always wanted and now you have it. You have just been given ownership of a house, the previous owner is no longer responsible for the house you are. It is a nice looking house so you decide to move in. Shortly after moving in and getting settled in your new home it begins to rain, as the rain becomes a downpour you discover that the roof leaks. You gather buckets, pots, pans and anything you can to catch the water to minimize the water damage. After the rain subsides you dispose of the captured water and climb on the roof for a look. You discover that the roof is corrupted and must be either repaired or replaced. You are angry about the condition of the roof, you forget for a moment that the corrupted roof is your roof, you begin to complain that the house you “inherited” has a corrupted roof and demand that the previous owner be held accountable. After all it is not your fault, all of your “friends” agree with you and together all blame the former owner. Then you remember that the corrupted roof is your roof and the former owner is not responsible for the roof you are. Then you make a really bad decision, even you have no roofing experience you decide to do it yourself. The harder you try the worse you make it, you are in over your head. The small corruption that was is now big corruption and the clouds are gathering. You again began to complain about the roof which had only a small leak will now have a big leak, all your “friends” agree that the leak is going to be bigger, because there was a small leak to begin with and the small leak was not your fault. Your “friends” will not tell you that it was you who made it worse than it was. You begin to gather buckets, pots and pans to catch the impending rain, but you discover that you do not have enough to catch the rain, your “friends” give you their buckets, pots and pans to catch the water to minimize the water damage. This process will continue on and on until you have completely corrupted the roof and nothing will keep the rain out, there will not be enough buckets, pots or pans in the world that can save the house from ruin. And still you and your “friends” will blame the former owner for the original leak, and you will even claim that the leak was getting worse anyway and your attempting to fix it without experience had nothing to do with it growing and ruining the house. What you needed from the start, when the leak was small and could be contained was a friend that did not always agree with you and would tell you the truth even if your feelings were hurt. He may even have said, hey you are no roofer you need a professional roofer, you will only make it worse. Your true friend would have also told you that your house is deeply in debt and that the whole house was your responsibility, the good and the bad. But you do not now or have you ever had such a friend as this. You will instead sit in the rain with no roof over your head and blame others for the rain, the water damage and the fact that you now have no roof, in a constant state of denial with all of your “friends”. Give the jet a rest and find a friend that will tell you the truth, your roof still leaks, your house is deep in debt, many of your neighbors are unemployed and the clouds are gathering.


Dangerous times ahead

The old adage, The ends justify the means, may come into play as the VA scandal unfolds. The secret waiting lists at the various VA Centers and Hospitals could have been purposeful. It was not all that long-ago that some liberal members of Congress openly stated “anyone who served in the military needed their heads examined”. The deaths that occurred while waiting for treatment at the VA will be divided into two groups, 1 those that died while awaiting medical treatment or procedures, 2 those that committed suicide while waiting for psychological counseling or treatment. Then the numbers will come into play. The numbers of veterans seeking medical treatment will be higher than veterans seeking psychological treatment, therefore the percentage of deaths by suicide will be greater. The numbers will be adjusted to raise the percentage, 1% of 100 is 1%, 1% of 10 is 10%, this is easily done, using smoke an mirrors, using these numbers a 10% suicide rate among veterans waiting for psychological help must be addressed. The various ways a person chooses to end their life will not be broken down into separate groups. Do you see where this is going yet? Yet another arm of the administration of BHO is going to be enabled by the Congress to make law. Congress will make no law requiring a psychological screening of veterans using VA psychological services, the VA will do it in the name of care. If a veteran fails the psychological screening, or refuses to submit to psychological screening, he or she could be placed on a list prohibiting the purchase or possession of firearms until such time the screening was passed. This requirement could be easily expanded to require all VA patients to undergo psychological screening. Would anyone pass? There may be a decline in the number of suicides by firearms, but the suicide rate would remain the same. The liberal politicians and the media would tout the success of mental health identification and restriction of firearm possession as a key element in reducing suicide by firearm. The NRA even said it is not a gun problem it is a mental health problem. Why the VA you ask? As a percent of the total population veterans are a very small part and our numbers drop daily. Where next would this lead? Do not think this can not happen.

Veterans are highly trained, motivated, skilled, disciplined and have a very strong sense of right and wrong. Think on this, many veterans are law enforcement officers or security personnel and are required to qualify with and carry firearms. They are required to do so to ensure continued employment. Could any of them pass an impassable test? I and many others do not use the VA, but I am sure they are working on that matter. The VA may even use the DOD to force us into coming to the VA for a screening, after all, the retirees are still subject to recall to duty up to a certain age. All the information they need to locate and identify retired veterans is available from the IRS, by way of a 1099R. The other veterans are also easy enough to find.

This is not about mental health, it is about gun control using a tactic straight out of Nazi Germany and the Enabling Act, attacking the smallest group first, then moving to the next. The VA could be used to disarm all of the veterans starting with the patients at the VA. All in the name of mental health. Why the veterans you ask?

I see many types of people at the local public shooting range, shooting all types of rifles and handguns, the veterans stand out. The shooters with military training as mentioned above are highly trained, motivated, skilled and disciplined and it shows in their shooting ability and accuracy. The shooters who have no military training empty the magazine as fast as they possibly can rarely hitting the target, and can barely control the gun. We refer to them as “spray and pray”.

There are many stories in history of a small group of highly trained, determined and motivated men and/or women bringing a much larger force to a complete halt on the battlefield. There are even stories of a single person stopping a much larger force in their tracks.

Now I will answer the question of why disarm the veterans first. The government is arming and preparing for who knows what. But if they are up to no good who would they rather face well-trained, highly motivated and determined or “spray and pray”.

Another old adage goes, “You can’t see the forest for the trees”. If the trees are everywhere you are in the forest. Let’s not lose sight of the “big picture”. This administration deserves to be watched like a hawk. Don’t be so focused on one scandal that we miss the real plan. I am still skeptical of the timing of all these revelations coming out of and about this administration.

Selective enforcement

A terrible door was opened when BHO began on his own, without Congress, delaying aspects of Obamacare and allowing waivers for certain groups. Congress took no action to stop him then, and now can take no action to stop the liberal agenda. The actions of BHO and the inactions of Congress have now ushered in the era of selective enforcement. If the trend of inaction by Congress continues they will give BHO and his administration complete and total control of the government and the people. It will be here, as it was in Nazi Germany when the Enabling Act was made law. The Congress, Parliament as it was known, had no authority to pass legislation, Hitler and his henchmen made and enforced all laws, the Constitution was null and void. The Weimar Constitution was never repealed, it was simply nullified by the Enabling Act. The biggest problem with selective enforcement is that it begins with selecting who the laws are enforced upon and who is exempt from enforcement, as one group is helpless the next group is chosen for enforcement, eventually eliminating all opposition. Think that can not happen here.

The IRS singling out the Tea Party groups was the use of an arm of the administration for enforcement of tax laws and codes. The Tea Party groups had to meet different standards than liberal groups. The silencing of the opposition began with this. Was this action taken by the administration on its own or did congress authorize it? Who will be silenced by the actions of the administration, and the inaction of Congress next? It may even be revealed that some members of Congress approved and encouraged the IRS actions, yes both parties. Added to this the IRS does not pursue tax cheats with the same aggression, some are not pursued at all and even given administration posts, while others are constantly hounded.

The sudden aggression by the BLM, in Bunkerville, has yet to be explained or justified by government.

Then there is this, the training, arming and equipping the law enforcement agencies and agencies in the administration just as well if not better than the military. For what purpose? Is there an external threat being faced in America that the population is unaware of? Is there an internal threat caused by selective enforcement of the borders? Or does the government fear the people? For a liberal administration, with liberal supporters that are so opposed to guns, none have even let out a whimper about the governments acquisition of ammunition, weapons and explosives. Are they really okay with the government having all the guns and power? As pointed out in previous posts the money used to fund the social welfare programs are a constant and unnecessary drain on the national treasure. The public, that is tax, money may be running out, the only money left soon may be personal wealth.

If enforcement of immigration laws is silly, why do we even have and pay for border patrol. If you do not enforce these laws why maintain an agency that is supposed to enforce the laws? What is their purpose? Could they be used to keep the people in that wish to escape persecution? No one is being kept out. The Border Patrol Agents are told to run away and seek cover if an illegal throws rocks at them. Will they have the same orders when people try to escape?

The time for Americans to unite is upon us, we can not let government separate us. What matters to you may not matter to me, and what matters to me may not matter to you, however we must stand for each other. If any group is silenced and falls by the wayside there will be fewer people to defend you, when your time comes, and it will.

What will happen when dawn breaks over Washington , District of Criminals?

Monday morning should prove to be an interesting time in Washington, D.C. to say the very least. BHO who was probably planning a golf outing, Friday’s revelations may have upset his plans. Maybe this is his “humpty dumpty” moment, but again he has had since Friday to prepare for Monday. He is going to need a really big distraction to avoid what is surely coming. But, who or what will provide cover? Which one of his minions will “fall on the sword” for this one, if needed? Something on a grand scale will be needed to draw the media attention away, no you won’t need to draw the media away they support you enthusiastically and even help spread your lies. You will need a way or reason to delay or prevent the congressional hearings in the House of Representatives that may already be planned. What event could cause America, the ones that want and demand answers, to become so distracted as to lose interest. Could one of you “friends” take it upon him or herself to cause a distraction for you? Could an event be staged that would place Washington, D.C. on lockdown? Yep, that would buy you another day or two, but would be obvious as hell. Could the daily press conference be cancelled or postponed? Yep, your mouthpiece could even call in sick, again obvious as hell. Could your “big money” friends cause a big sell-off on Wall Street in turn causing a run on the Banks? Oh yeah, now that would buy you a lot of time, again obvious as hell, the stock market was doing splendidly. Could Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 all of a sudden turn up in a satellite photo in a country that is hostile towards the West, being loaded with a nuclear weapon or any weapon of mass destruction, and ready for flight? Now that would require some serious explaining. You could announce that the nuclear waste dump was on fire and would have to evacuate many thousands of square miles of the west. Nope already had that one, wasted it. The BLM could descend on Bunkerville again, with different rules of engagement, after all some of the people who Harry claimed to be “domestic terrorists” are still in the area. That would require a lot of explaining also. There are endless possibilities that could provide a distraction and buy time, but eventually, as your favorite reverend said, “the chickens have come home to roost”. My advice, “man-up” tell the truth about Benghazi and all the rest, then “just let the chips fall where they may”, you do it don’t send a mouthpiece. I’ll be getting up early regardless.

Proving grounds, their uses and lessons learned

The World and even America has turned from modernization and civilization to becoming the proving ground for ideas.

The Ukraine has provided the latest proving ground of ideas. But why, was it intended to test ideas to be used here in America? The Ukraine as a “democracy” has had a very short life since the collapse of the U.S.S.R. The protests against an abusive and corrupt government, began as just that a protest. How did a protest turn so violent so fast? The same as it has always been done, agitators were introduced. What was the “final straw” by the government against the people? We will never know that answer. What was the original intent of the protests? We will never know that answer, either? The reason we will never know the answers is simple, they no longer matter and were never reported on earnestly. But they do matter and should be reported on. The protests in The Ukraine did not begin with the burning of buildings. One thing for certain, is that if they had originally intend to overthrow the government, they had no plan for what comes next. The federal government missed one important thing, The Crimea, they never even thought that a country would voluntarily rejoin with Russia as a subject country. This one thing changed the whole “game”, The Ukraine is so destabilized it also too may be lost to Russia. Now The Ukraine has an “interim” government. Where did they come from and how did they get appointed? Were they appointed by the people or were they selected by outside influences? Are the people satisfied with the new government? By the reaction of the people I would say that they are not. The Russian Pro-Separatists as they have been labeled are the catalyst provided by intervention. But who are they? They were first claimed to be Russian soldiers, turned out they were not Russian at all. Now the violence has spread throughout the country and will surely spread to neighboring countries. At what point will the “interim” government be forced to declare “martial Law” and who will decide for them? Time will tell. This proving ground is still providing lessons and those may prove to be catastrophic for America and the World. At some point Russia will step in either because they chose to or were left no choice.

While the “Crisis in The Ukraine” was developing and receiving 24 hour coverage, what similar event was unfolding here in America? Federal government over-reach, Bunkerville and The BLM. What was the reason for the sudden aggressive action by the BLM, the case has been in court and ongoing for years? What was the intent of the BLM, after all they are an arm of the federal government? Does the federal government have the answers to the questions above concerning the Ukraine? You bet they do. Was Bunkerville a test? You bet it was. Did the federal government get what they wanted? Yes and No. They now know that some in America will “stand their ground”. Did they set off a string of protests where instigators could be used to escalate the protest into violence? No. Will the federal government try something else? Definitely. What will they try next? That depends on the proving grounds. Is the media complicit in this? You bet they are. They have turned regional news stories into national news, if it fits their true agenda. This is best illustrated by the number of national news stories about firearms being used in citizen on citizen acts of violence. Is there a sudden increase in shootings, or just an increase in reporting? There may be the occasional report of a knife or similar implement being used if there are enough victims or if the act is brutal enough. The firearm use will be reported on if even there was only one victim. The use of a firearm in the act of self-defense will never make national news, and only get a short, if any, mention in regional news. People are murdered everyday around the world with many items other than with firearms, some are even murdered with hammers and other common items used in daily life but these acts will never make the headlines. One has to ask why, the answer is simple, their true agenda, they pick and choose.

The federal government has been “provided” with, and have even “provided” themselves with many other proving grounds to test their ideas and theories.

Libya was handed to BHO compliments of the E.U., our government had no “beef” with Libya or it’s dictator, yet we attacked. The rebels and insurgents were armed to fight against the government forces of the dictator. The dictator was overthrown and killed, a temporary government of sorts was put in power, again by who. Who are these people are they Libyans or are they some convenient surrogate? The federal government even established diplomatic relations with the new temporary government, even set up a diplomatic mission and embassy. Then the Ambassador and three other Americans were murdered. The administration and even BHO claimed it started as a protest over an internet video, knowing that it was a terrorist attack. The lie and the cover-up of the lie are just now coming into light, but I know that this will only serve to reveal all of the other ugly truths about the lies and will expose what else BHO and the administration are hiding. What was promised to the Libyan temporary government? What did the Libyan government promise in exchange for help? Other than weapons, what were they given? The lesson learned from this proving ground is the following. You can take a country from it citizens and give it to whom ever you choose.

Syria is a great proving ground. The masses attempting to overthrow an evil dictator, even better it is a dynasty, passed down from generation to generation, much like North Korea. The protests began peaceful enough the people making demands on government, then for some reason or because of outside influences the protests became violent. The rebels, insurgents or what ever you want to call them have been battling with government forces for over two years, and even come close yet. When the news broke that chemical weapons had been used in Syria, which incidentally was the “red line” that BHO had drawn in the sand the insurgents expected an immediate response from BHO. My position on the use of chemical weapons, the correct term when a weapon is used by the military is deployed, was that the insurgents were getting their “asses” handed to them , they deployed the weapons and blamed the government forces. This was the beginning of BHO using the expression “there will be consequences”. BHO could have done in Syria the same as he did in Libya as just ordered an attack, but he wanted help or a promise of help from the E.U. in return for his actions in Libya, the E.U. said no. BHO was stuck, he went to congress for approval. Then Putin and Russia stepped up in defense of Syria after all Russia has a Naval base in Syria. This proving ground provide the following lesson. Do not try to intimidate a country that has a big and powerful ally. Have you noticed lately the increasing trend of “pissing off” our friends and allies. Is BHO trying to alienate us and leave us alone with no friends to help should we have difficulties? Think about it.

Egypt is by far the best proving ground to date. The Arab Spring gave the world Egypt. The protests started like all others peaceful, then because of some event or outside influences they turned violent. The President of Egypt, think of him as you may, was a good ally helping to keep peace and order in the Middle-East. BHO said that the people have spoken and Mubarak had to go for the good of Egypt, a country that had been stable for years and held the Muslim Brotherhood at bay. Mubarak gave up power and the force his government held at bay for years was unleashed on Egypt. The brotherhood made life in Egypt unbearable on the Egyptians, the Egyptian military told the newly elected president, who as it happens was a muslim brotherhood leader, to get things right and gave him a time limit to get it done. Morsi the elected President, and leader of the muslim brotherhood, did not heed the warning. The Egyptian military arrested Morsi, removed him from office and took control of the Egyptian government. BHO and his administration went “nuts” demanding that Morsi be restored to power and the rightful and duly elected Egyptian government be re-instated. Lesson learned from this proving ground. Do not let the Military be large enough to remove you from power. Did you notice that not long after the Egyptian military removed Morsi from power, BHO and his minions began the plan to reduce the size of the U.S. military. Since the muslim brotherhood was rounded-up, contained and tried for crimes against Egypt and sentenced to death, all of them, BHO and his minions have said very little in regards to Egypt. Egypt may even realign with Russia, lost another friend and ally. What was the brotherhood promised by BHO for him to be such a steadfast supporter? What did the brotherhood offer to BHO for his friendship? We may soon find out.

Afghanistan though began as a noble effort turned into a proving ground for advanced weaponry. Who or what countries now possess those weapons? Who or what are their intended targets? Who got sold out?