This is how it starts

For a camel to enter the tent it must first get its nose in.

It seems that the socialists are at it again, some of the socialist enclaves are now going to allow anybody to have a say so in the education(indoctrination)process in the government schools, legal citizen or not. People in this country illegally will get to vote in school board elections. It will not end with just illegals voting for school board members, this is just the first step.

Way back when, same-sex marriages began with something as harmless as civil unions. But was that harmless? It culminated with an opinion of the majority of the Supreme Court making same-sex marriage the “law of the land”. Civil unions just opened the door. What door will be opened by allowing illegals to vote in school board elections?

Again I ask, What was it that helped bring about the demise of the Roman Empire? Was it giving citizenship rights and privileges to all?

How do you eat an Elephant?

The race is on.